Aidan Mattox Dresses

Our Aidan Mattox collection features sweet, chic, trendy and sophisticated prom dresses, evening gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

Lovely embellishments and silhouettes give a flair and distinction to each dress. Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom magazines have highlighted Niteline adding to the collections already well-received reputation. Stars are shining overhead, you can feel the cool night air on your skin, and you're looking ravishing in your new gown from Aidan Mattox. Sound farfetched? It doesn't have to be. Just have a look through the collection of gowns and cocktail dresses this designer has presented in their latest collection to find reality in the dream of glamour and sophistication.

Aidan Mattox dresses offer new twists on old classics, such as their Awake and Alive Asymmetrical Fringe Cocktail Dress. This beautiful strapless number has hems that fall just above the knee, with fringe that billows down in layers from the bust. The overall effect is youthful and relaxed, with a sort of bohemian grace. If that's not quite the style you're looking for, there are also sweeping, classic floor-length gowns in fashionable colors, with complicated halter necks and long streaming skirts that play on high waists and loads of fabric. If you're not feeling the sugar, why not go for something a little spicier, such as the Welcome Love Evening Gown in vibrant red, with tight fitting bodice and hips that slowly flow down toward the ground around an elegantly revealing thigh-high slit in the front of the skirt.

Play up a bust line with the On Your Mark cocktail dress, or try something with a little more subtlety with the Nice Night Out cocktail dress' discrete v-neck. Both of these beautiful cocktail pieces have satin waistbands and hems that fall just above the knee, making them revealing without looking over the top. Both are available in a number of colors, although for drama there's nothing better than black and red. Purple is a trend-setting shade this season, and Aidan Mattox dresses feature this color over and over again. Strapless gowns for warm weather skim the floor while the Instant Impact Fringe Cocktail Dress and Ignite a Flame Evening Gown will help you walk into a room and insist everyone take notice of your arrival. Inventive necklines that twist around the throat then open for a peek-a-boo bust will let you show a little more skin with a little more subtlety. Speaking of skin and subtlety - or a lack of it - the next dress on the docket is a wash of blue with skin-tone cutaways, the Impeccable You Strapless Cocktail Dress, which also comes in two colors. Then it's back to more classic, less revealing looks like the It Had To Be You Evening Gown and The Night Is Young Bandage-Style Cocktail Dress. Both these pieces look ravishing and classic, and are highly appropriate for women of any age, for almost any occasion.

Aidan Mattox does a great job in highlighting the beauty of the female form with dresses that hark back to the 1920s and 30s, nodding at fashion history while looking forward at new ways of combining themselves into even more desirable shapes and colors. Whether you want something made of layers and layers of fabric, or just a lot of pleats and ruffles (like the Come Hither Cocktail Dress), you'll find something from him which will set your heart a-flutter. If it's simplicity you're after, there are dresses in this collection which couldn't be simpler - and couldn't be put together in better taste or better style. The Simply Love Spaghetti Strap dress and similar Night Fever Spaghetti Strap dress are modest and playful, perfect for a girl who wants to head out on the town and dance up a storm.

One of the strongest points about this collection is how these dresses are so versatile, one moment recalling a gala benefit ball and the next bringing to mind being sat in a corner booth at one of the trendiest cocktail spots in the city. The attention to detail on each piece, whether in regards to the delicate ruffles and flaps or the careful draping and styling of fabrics, makes these standout pieces truly admirable. Do you have a school event, a cocktail party, an engagement 'do, or a wedding to attend? Never fear,we've got you covered. Unlike many designers whose pieces aren't suitable for wearing in certain circumstances, he has pieces so classy they can be worn anywhere from work to a night out on the town, with most being elegant enough to transition right into a formal occasion! Given this versatility, is it any wonder his dresses are regarded as a bargain by shoppers in the know, around the globe? So go anywhere you need to be with your gorgeous dress, because once you get there you'll be turning heads and stopping traffic.

Another strength of this designer is that the variety of cuts and styles available means almost any woman will find a flattering piece in this collection. There are dresses which suit the tall and coltish, the busty and brilliant, and girls with a few more gorgeous curves than most. These dresses are so flattering they'll have you jumping up and down with glee the moment they arrive in the mail, and you'll be stunned by how gorgeous you look once you try the dress you've selected on. Don't wait any longer - place your order today!

Aidan Mattox for Niteline

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201446
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201446

    Glamorous one-shoulder gown with ruffle by Aidan Mattox MD1E201446
    Color: Dark Teal

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201416
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201416

    Shimmery slip dress with diagonal sections by Aidan Mattox MD1E201416
    Color: Gun Metal

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201414
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201414

    Fresh 3-D halter dress with layers by Aidan Mattox MD1E201414
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201624
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201624

    Strapless asymmetric gown with showy bow by Aidan Mattox MD1E201624
    Color: Pacific Blue

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201717
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201717

    Flattering halter-style gown with sheer inset by Aidan Mattox MD1E201717
    Color: Twilight

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201522
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201522

    Savvy short dress with long sleeves by Aidan Mattox MD1E201522
    Color: Twilight

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201458
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201458

    Elegant short formal with corset-style details by Aidan Mattox MD1E201458
    Color: Wine

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201452
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201452

    Posh sleeveless gown with sheer shoulders by Aidan Mattox MD1E201452
    Color: Twilight

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201483
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201483

    Sleeveless short shift with waterfall fringe by Aidan Mattox MD1E201483
    Color: Gun Metal/Black

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201396
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201396

    Starstruck sleeveless dress with layered effect by Aidan Mattox MD1E201396
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox MN1E201320
    Aidan Mattox MN1E201320

    Sumptuous halter-style gown with bloused bodice by Aidan Mattox MN1E201320
    Color: Purple Multi

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201467
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201467

    Dazzling off-the-shoulder dress with bell sleeves by Aidan Mattox MD1E201467
    Color: Gun Metal/Black

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201228
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201228

    Steamy halter gown with exposed seams by Aidan Mattox MD1E201228
    Available in 3 colors

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201455
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201455

    Layered sleeveless gown with diagonal trim by Aidan Mattox MD1E201455
    Color: Navy

  • Aidan Mattox MN1E200410
    Aidan Mattox MN1E200410

    Fringy flapper-style dress with layered lace by Aidan Mattox MN1E200410
    Color: Black Nude

  • Aidan Mattox MN1E201914
    Aidan Mattox MN1E201914

    Crisscross sleeveless dress with cute cutout by Aidan Mattox MN1E201914
    Color: Red

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201876
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201876

    Short sleeveless sheath with floral adornments by Aidan Mattox MD1E201876
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201660
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201660

    Sleeveless evening gown with cascading ruffles by Aidan Mattox MD1E201660
    Available in 3 colors

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201661
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201661

    Vibrant sleeveless evening gown with ruffles by Aidan Mattox MD1E201661
    Available in 2 colors

  • Aidan Mattox 462730
    Aidan Mattox 462730

    Ruffled Evening Gown by Aidan Mattox 462730
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox A14140
    Aidan Mattox A14140

    Hourglass Lace Luxury Evening Dress by Aidan Mattox A14140
    Available in 2 colors

  • Aidan Mattox A91170
    Aidan Mattox A91170

    Metallic Shimmering Party Dress by Aidan Mattox A91170
    Color: Gold

  • Aidan Mattox A91420
    Aidan Mattox A91420

    Sleeveless babydoll with accented bodice from Aidan Mattox A91420
    Color: Champagne


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