Allure Evening A308
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Allure Evening A308

Strapless Print Evening Gown by Allure Evening

4.9 (69)

Go for delicate beauty in this Allure A308 Evening formal dress. Strapless, this gown has a pronounced sweetheart neckline and pleating at the bust. The waist is highlighted with a band of jewels and the sweeping skirt adds a unique edge to this gown as accordion-style pleating creates fabulous texture. A cheery floral print paints this formal dress, making it the perfect prom pick for your big night this spring.


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Allure Evening A308 Reviews

Maysa from United Arab Emirates on June 9

Amazing Dress And Very Nice Fabric

Nice dress
Tery from Italy on May 4

I order this dress for my friend... It is beautiful...

Bbrown from Canada on August 20

Most gorgeous dress ive seen !

Best Dress
Codie from Australia on March 27

This is the most Gorgeous Dress i have ever layed my eyes on, i brough it today i could not help myself :) just wish i didnt live so far away (Australia) so i could receive it sooner.. but i ma so very excited for it to arrive

Abby from United States on February 23

The Print Is So Eye Catching And I Love The Sweetheart Neckline

Mimo from Sweden on February 5

The Dress Is Woooow.. I Love Long Dresses

Olivia from United States on January 22

I lovee this dress. It is beautiful.

Lowisa from Sweden on December 20


Victoria from Canada on November 13

This dress, whether it be the short or full gown is beautiful. The pleated skirts and colors are breathtaking.

Victoria from Canada on September 28

Love this dress. No dress compares to this one in my opinion. Prom dress 2012 :)

Jenna from United States on September 16

This is the most beautiful dress! The colors are stunning!

Frances from Australia on September 12

Most beautiful dress. Perfect for a summer event or ball and the colours are perfect for that time of year!

Love it!
Liana from United States on July 5

I just Love this dress. Summer colors, and the opening makes this dress just gorgeous.

Jess from United States on June 2

What a vibrant, flirty dress! Love it!

Lngittrobinson from United States on May 31


Rara from Ireland on May 26

Lovely Bright Colours

Prom Dress
Alasia from United States on May 20

This dress is absoluely gorgeous. and i have to have it!

Barbara from United States on May 4

This Dress Is Really Beautiful, The Colors Full Of Happiness Plus It Is A Very Classy Model And Sophisticated !

Prom Dress
Allison from United States on May 3

This is the prettiest dress i have ever seen and it just so happens to be my prom dress this spring of 2011 :)

Joan from United States on April 16

This dress is so outgoing and fun! Plus the flare of the dress is so adorable!

Sabrinawallace from Ireland on April 5

This Is A Beautiful Dress Love The Colours

Albamarina from United States on March 31

This Is A Beautiful Dress

Mariana from United States on March 17

This Dress Is Absolutely Stunning!

Nakiyah from United States on March 13

This dress is sooo beautiful!

I really Love this dress
Ashley from United States on March 9

I really love this dress!!

Love It!
Salma from Canada on February 22

Im In Love With This Dress. Its Just So Beautiful

Absolutely Stunning!
Jenny from United States on February 22

The Color Is So Summery And The Neckline Is Fabulous

Chloe from Australia on February 18

Nothing Short Of Amazing! The Amounts Of Compliments I Received About The Dress Were Unbelieveable!

Louise from Ireland on February 10

Dis Dress Is Fab.

Sofia from United States on February 1

Love The Colors Of This Dress For Summer And Spring 2011

Darci from Canada on January 26

This dress is amazing ! awesome for prom

Liv from United States on January 23

I love this this dress! its to die for!

Georgiana from Romania on January 22


Liz from United States on December 29

I've been looking at this dress for awhile, practically every time I get on the internet... I absoluttely LOVE it!

Katie from Canada on December 12

Its Beautiful

Terri from United States on November 12

Grand daughter fell in love with this dress as soon as she saw it. Can't wait to see her in it!

Eimy from Brazil on November 9

I Love Print Dress
I Want This One!!

Anisa from Canada on October 30

The Colours Are So Perfect And You Can Wear It At Any Summer Wedding...Perfect

Megan from Canada on October 18

This Is A Great Modern Twist On A Hippie Look. I Love It!

Cedria from United States on October 17

I Love This Dress The Print All The Way Down 2 The Dress Its Just Gorgeous

Harpreet from Canada on October 14

This Is The Dress Want For Prom! Totally In Love With It

Pretty In Print
Lexis from Canada on September 25

Fun But Elegant At The Same Time !

Kylie from Australia on September 18

I love this one - and the short version. Definitely a requirment in the wardrobe this summer

What a Stunner
Donna from Australia on September 15

Wow .... Imagine walikng into the room in this simply stunning gown - a real head-turner !

Sarah from Canada on September 11

I Love This Dress Its Excellent For Something Formal But Not To Out There.

Gleny from United States on September 9

Love The Colors!!!!

Sarah from Italy on September 8

E Un Bellissimo Vestito...E Sembtra Veramente Comododo E Morbido Sulla Pelle Nel Vederlo!!!!!!!!

Florentina from Romania on August 23

A Beautifful Dress

Becka from Ireland on August 17

This dress is unique, as well as being colourful its fashioable and seems to fit very well

Simone from Australia on July 3

I just LOVE this dress absolutley stunning

Lisa from Ireland on July 3

This Dress Is Perfect! I Love Everything About It!! I Want It So Bad!!

Just stunning!!
Carolyne from Australia on May 21

Playful & flirty!

Simply Perfect
Alexandra from Romania on May 17

Uau!!! That's All I Can Say!!!! Uau!!!

Camille from United States on May 4

The detail is fabulous. it is the perfect dress.

Awsome Dress by Allure
Traneka from United States on May 2

I love this dress its so beautiful. Especially if you love lots of color!!

Carla from United States on April 27

I feel in love with this dress and im getting it for prom!!!!!

Alanna from Canada on April 8

The Colours On This Absolutely Got My Attention! Sooo Gorgeous!

Tomi from United States on April 5

I Love This Dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What More Can I Say?
It Is The Dress For Me....
I Have Been Searching And I Can Not Find One Any Better!!!
Love Love Love Love It(:

Harpreet from Canada on April 4

This Dress Is Defintiely Beautiful & Unique. Beautiful For The Summer Time.

Love It!!!
Hannah from United States on March 29

I Am Buying This Dress For Prom!!!

Awesome dress!!!!
Hannah from United States on March 28

I Fell In Love With This Dress The Moment I Saw It!

Love This Dress!!
Alyssa from United States on March 22

I love everything about this dress! I love the STYLE. I love the PRINT. I love the EMBELLISHMENTS. I love the COLORS. I LOVE IT ALL!!

Ashley from United States on March 21

I'm Buying This Dress For Prom. Ive Looked At So Many And This Is My Favorite Omggg :)

Amazing Dress
Ayla from Canada on March 21

I Love The Colors Of This Dress

Meg from United States on March 19

I Feel Bad For Every Other At My Prom Cause All Their Dresses Together Couldn't Amount To This Dress Once I Have It On. Love It! Perfect For My Senior Prom, :)

Emily from United States on March 10

I saw this dress and I fell in love with it. It is so gorgeous.

My Prom Dress
Sasha from United States on February 20

Omg This Is My Prom Dress..Yes I Love It So Much Perfect

Erin from Canada on January 22

This dress is beautiful. Im a unique, not plain jane girl and for prom i want a dress to suit it. This dress is thee only dress i have wanted all this year for prom. From the colours to the beading, any girl would be lucky to have this dress for prom!

Very Unique!
Mack from United States on January 15

Love It For Spring

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