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    Allure Quinceanera

    Allure Quinceanera Dresses

    Allure Dresses

    Allure Quinceanera dresses designs are modern, sexy, feminine styles that woman choose to wear when they want to make a statement. These dresses give a unique sophisticated take on evening wear. Intricately placed details such as beading, lace, slits, corset or fabric choice make this designer a top pick when one wants to look like a star for the evening. Anything is possible in an Allure Quinceanera gown.

    The name says it all: Allure dresses are the pinnacle of inviting mystique, offering slick, sleek settings to the jewel that is their wearer. Whether wearing Allure Quinceanera dresses at formal events or at fun night-time parties, you'll feel at home and at the head of the fashion pack in whatever Allure dresses suit your taste.


    striking, strapless, jewel-encrusted, shimmering fabric - these are just some of the features of Allure's collection of dresses. These varied and versatile garments defy one definition or hallmark feature other than their quality and the skillful design aesthetic that went into creating them. With Allure, you can pick from above-the-knee party dresses and body-hugging floor-length gowns that emphasize elegance and taste, rather than quick trends that won't last out a season. Whether looking at mirage-inspired printed silk or sheer halter tops and beaded midriffs, Allure dresses offer the discerning fashionista a way to look great without going over the top. While keeping in line with its reputation for great eveningwear that lasts, Allure also follows all the latest styles by melding them with its signature elegance and grace, creating high-impact looks that offer their wearers the opportunity to stop the show.


    Allure's evening dresses are long, flowing pieces that deck their wearers out from head to toe - or from strapless sleeve to high-cut slits in floor-length skirts. With a variety of bodice styles, like strapless, spaghetti, and halter-neck lines, Allure emphasizes the best aspects of its wearers' figures, making busts, hips, and waists stand out in shining detail. Eye-catching attention to detail in both pattern and fabric make Allure dresses an inviting choice for any woman looking to impress those around her with her taste and style.


    Intricate embellished mini ruffle tiers, jewel-studded busts and waistlines, and gorgeous beaded midriffs stand out in Allure's collection, which also features pieces with rhinestones and delicate lace. These sexy, feminine evening dresses offer great value with their beautiful attention to details which other designers might overlook. Allure empowers their customers by letting them break out the fun side of glamor: making yourself look effortlessly gorgeous thanks to well-conceived creations from a fashion house which clearly delights in emphasizing the looks that women want to be seen wearing.


    Have a fancy ball to go to? How about an evening, family, or other special occasion? Allure's dresses are elegant and formal enough for high-end events, and at the same time they encapsulate such easy and flawless grace that they would be easy to wear to less formal occasions. Allure dresses are also suited to any season, with bright colors standing out for summer and spring while more somber shades of black, blue and purple offer themselves for winter and fall (although they're still great for those late-night gala benefits and balls in high society!). Heading to the Opera or high-end concert? Allure provides dresses which make their wearers want to see and be seen, and promise the benefit of the fashion house's grand design aesthetic in order to make this happen.


    With so many options to choose from, Allure wearers with any skin or hair color will find that they're able to pick a dress which suits their complexion. Many dresses are available in multiple colors, offering a great way to expand your wardrobe should you find a cut that flatters your figure - an instant glam option for anybody with more than one event to attend! Looking for something a little more on the wild side? Allure also has beautiful patterns and metallic options, and these less traditional looks will definitely pull the gaze of more people your way when you enter the room.


    If the above features of Allure haven't quite got you convinced, why not take a few minutes to browse the selection of pieces available from this designer here at They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the beautiful images of Allure dresses give all the designer's features solid advocacy. When viewed in great enough numbers, the allure of Allure becomes overpowering - so don't be surprised if you can't pick just one dress!

    Allure dresses offer elegance, detail, style and beauty for women looking for the perfect evening dress for their upcoming occasion. Look through what's available and pick the Allure dress that's best for you. Since they're available in so many styles and a great range of sizes depending on design, you'll find that after pulling you in with its promise of sophistication and glamor, Allure is a brand and designer that delivers, whether you're a new customer just finding her way to their stylish and elegant creations or someone who already owns a closet full of Allure dresses and is looking to expand her collection!

    Glittering Fantasy Sparkle Gown from Night Moves by Allure 7089
    Color: Orange
    Fantasy Shimmers Corset Gown from Night Moves by Allure 7021
    Color: Coffee
    Majestic Glimmer Sweetheart Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q409
    Available in 4 colors
    Sultry Sheer Asymmetrical Gown from Night Moves by Allure 7017
    Color: Ivory
    Swirling Elegance Enchanting Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q414
    Available in 3 colors
    Dramatic sleeveless formal with lace overlay by Allure Quinceanera Q374
    Available in 4 colors
    Rich strapless formal with full skirt by Allure Quinceanera Q363
    Color: Magenta
    Timeless Beauty Ruched Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q416
    Available in 4 colors
    Glittering Fairytale Twinkling Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q407
    Available in 4 colors
    Sparkling Splendor Embellished Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q400
    Available in 3 colors
    Bejeweled QuinceaƱera Gown by Allure Q259
    Available in 4 colors
    Captivating Crystals Tonal Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q420
    Available in 4 colors
    Eye-Catching Rosette Fantasy Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q421
    Available in 3 colors
    Regal Glamour Shimmering Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q419
    Available in 3 colors
    Resplendent Lace Ruffled Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q401
    Available in 4 colors
    Sparkling Elegance Embellished Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q418
    Available in 4 colors
    Firework Fantasy Dreams Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q402
    Available in 2 colors
    Effervescent Rosette Dream Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q417
    Available in 2 colors
    Ruffled Contrast Amazement Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q403
    Available in 4 colors
    Twinkling Fairytale Lace Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q404
    Available in 3 colors
    Draped Decadence Embellished Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q412
    Available in 2 colors
    Gathered Fantasy Sparkling Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q413
    Available in 4 colors
    Radiant Glimmer Bejeweled Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q405
    Available in 3 colors
    Spotted Elegance Refined Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q411
    Available in 2 colors
    Princess Shimmer Ruched Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q424
    Available in 3 colors
    Embroidered Decadence Ruffle Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q406
    Available in 4 colors
    Ruffled Splendor Bejeweled Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q410
    Available in 4 colors
    Sophisticated Sparkle Bejeweled Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q423
    Available in 4 colors
    Ruched Masterpiece Draped Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q408
    Available in 4 colors
    Festive Florals Embellished Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q422
    Available in 2 colors
    Strapless Swirling Sequins Ball Gown by Allure Quinceanera Q450
    Available in 2 colors
    Posh QuinceaƱera Gown by Allure Q256
    Available in 4 colors
    Phenomenal filigree gown by Allure Quinceanera Q350
    Available in 4 colors
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