Bat Mitzvah Dresses

Bat mitzvah dresses and gowns from us are the perfect way to look utterly gorgeous on your big day!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it's natural to want to look perfect from head to toe. We offer a vast array of stunning gowns and dresses from some of today's most popular designers and brands, including Dave and Johnny, Faviana, La Femme, Rachel Allan and Sherri Hill. No matter what you have in mind, you're sure to find the perfect option for your party.

It is a time to celebrate an important milestone in life, and what better way to do so than with a fun, flirty dress from us? Our lineup of dresses includes a number of lovely cocktail dresses with options for every figure. You'll adore the playful allure of our A-line cocktail dresses, and you'll be swept away by the chic elegance of body-conscious cocktail dress designs. In no time, you'll be able to zero in on a gown or dress that perfectly plays up your best features.

As with so many things in life, it's the small touches that really make our bat mitzvah dresses and gowns shine. You can choose from an array of options, including dresses with exquisitely belted waistlines and bodices with eye-catching keyholes. From classic sweetheart necklines to more cutting-edge touches like illusion sleeves and high-low hems, our lineup of dresses has it all.

Your party is your time to shine, so shouldn't your dress shine too? We carry gorgeous gowns and dresses that are emblazoned with a variety of sparkling, glimmering, shimmering accents. If you have sparkles in mind, you're going to be positively thrilled with what you find in our selection of dresses. Glittering like a star is fun, but these dresses have many other incredible embellishments too, including delicate frills and dreamy baby ruffles.

Once you've zeroed in on the perfect dress or gown from us, all that's left to do is find the right accessories! We carry a wide selection of beautiful accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. Choose your dress first, and then move on to find accessories that play up its best features perfectly. If you choose a fairly simple dress, you can really go all out. If your dress is snazzier, a few simple accessories ought to do. It's all up to you; after all, it's your special day!

Like any girl who's preparing for her party, you're probably eager to find a dress or gown that's perfect from top to bottom. Here you never have to compromise. We have options that are perfect for any look or figure, so pinpointing the perfect one should be a breeze. Find the perfect dress now!

Bat Mitzvah Dresses

  • Sherri Hill 51423
    Sherri Hill 51423

    Foldover off-shoulder fitted cocktail from Sherri Hill 51423
    Available in 5 colors

  • Colors Dress 1548
    Colors Dress 1548

    Sweetly Chic Cinched Cocktail Dress by Colors 1548
    Available in 4 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51540
    Sherri Hill 51540

    Ace sequined halter babydoll from Sherri Hill 51540
    Available in 4 colors

  • Colors Dress 1546
    Colors Dress 1546

    Pristine Pleated Party Cocktail Dress by Colors 1546
    Available in 6 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51397
    Sherri Hill 51397

    Shining strappy heartthrob babydoll from Sherri Hill 51397
    Available in 4 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51425
    Sherri Hill 51425

    Starlight off-shoulder fitted mini from Sherri Hill 51425
    Available in 7 colors

  • Lara 33402
    Lara 33402

    Short sheer illusion style with shirtdress details by Lara 33402
    Color: Nude/Navy

  • Clarisse 3316
    Clarisse 3316

    Classic Contrast Two-Piece Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3316
    Color: Black/White

  • Faviana 8070
    Faviana 8070

    Bella sleeveless short dress with broomstick pleats by Faviana 8070
    Available in 4 colors

  • Colors Dress 1760
    Colors Dress 1760

    Playful Sparkles Plunging Cocktail Dress by Colors 1760
    Color: Purple

  • Dave and Johnny A5957
    Dave and Johnny A5957

    Long-sleeved dress with contrasting skirt by Dave and Johnny A5957
    Color: Print

  • Sherri Hill 51363
    Sherri Hill 51363

    Strappy sequined designer mini from Sherri Hill 51363
    Available in 6 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51296
    Sherri Hill 51296

    Sassy two-piece babydoll dress from Sherri Hill 51296
    Available in 5 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51312
    Sherri Hill 51312

    Vivid sequined ballerina babydoll from Sherri Hill 51312
    Color: Silver

  • Dave and Johnny A5540
    Dave and Johnny A5540

    Two-Piece Lace and Shining Cocktail Dress by Dave and Johnny A5540
    Color: Sapphire

  • Clarisse 3215
    Clarisse 3215

    Sleek Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3215
    Available in 6 colors

  • Clarisse 3214
    Clarisse 3214

    Glittering Beaded Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3214
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse 3213
    Clarisse 3213

    Shimmering Beaded Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3213
    Available in 5 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25300
    Mac Duggal 25300

    Artsy flower-patterned babydoll from Ieena for Mac Duggal 25300
    Color: White Rose

  • La Femme 25099
    La Femme 25099

    Lacy halter babydoll dress from La Femme 25099
    Available in 2 colors

  • Colors Dress 1782
    Colors Dress 1782

    Festive Sweetheart Scrolling Cocktail Dress by Colors 1782
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51518
    Sherri Hill 51518

    Animated strapless sweetheart babydoll from Sherri Hill 51518
    Available in 5 colors

  • Clarisse 3345
    Clarisse 3345

    Opulent Glimmer Bejeweled Princess Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3345
    Color: Navy

  • Clarisse 3313
    Clarisse 3313

    Wrapped Sweetheart Floral Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3313
    Color: Red/Black

  • Clarisse 3363
    Clarisse 3363

    Floral Flutter Two-Piece Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3363
    Color: Champagne/Multi

  • Sherri Hill 51358
    Sherri Hill 51358

    Ornamental beaded babydoll dress from Sherri Hill 51358
    Color: Gold

  • Dave and Johnny A5954
    Dave and Johnny A5954

    Halter-style dress with diaphanous skirt by Dave and Johnny A5954
    Color: Teal

  • Primavera Couture 1921
    Primavera Couture 1921

    Sequined Keyhole Cocktail Dress by Primavera 1921
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse 3335
    Clarisse 3335

    Paisley Lace Perfection Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3335
    Color: Pink

  • Alyce 3730
    Alyce 3730

    Hi-lo embellished vampy cocktail dress from Alyce Paris 3730
    Color: Wine

  • Clarisse 3310
    Clarisse 3310

    Alluring Sweetheart Layered Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3310
    Available in 2 colors

  • Primavera Couture 1946
    Primavera Couture 1946

    Beads and Stones Cocktail Dress by Primavera 1946
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sherri Hill 51387
    Sherri Hill 51387

    Flirty strapless sweetheart mini-dress from Sherri Hill 51387
    Color: Dark Nude

  • Primavera Couture 1924
    Primavera Couture 1924

    Strapless Embellished and Tulle Cocktail Dress by Primavera 1924
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse 3361
    Clarisse 3361

    Deco Draped Flutter Cocktail Dress by Clarisse 3361
    Color: Black

  • Alyce 3743
    Alyce 3743

    Intricate two-toned embroidered babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3743
    Color: Cobalt Print

  • Sherri Hill 51303
    Sherri Hill 51303

    Ritzy artistic halter babydoll from Sherri Hill 51303
    Available in 6 colors

  • Alyce 2645
    Alyce 2645

    Dreamy textured strapless dress from Alyce Paris 2645
    Color: Diamond White

  • Alyce 3709
    Alyce 3709

    Posy strapless printed babydoll dress from Alyce Paris 3709
    Color: Pink Floral

  • Lara 33404
    Lara 33404

    Hearts and flowers sleeveless dress with fluttery skirt by Lara 33404
    Color: Blush


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