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    Accessories Are A Girls Best Friend
    Tuesday April 25, 2017 Post a comment

    Accessories Are a Girl's Best Friend

    Most women know that accessories make an outfit, and if you didn't know- well, we are

    telling you now! Accessories can really make an outfit, and you, stand out. Which is why

    we have brought back Jewelry to NewYorkDress. But we couldn't just bring any

    accessories into our page, we wanted to select unique jewelry pieces that can really add

    a personal touch to your style. We are excited to introduce the timeless collection of CZ

    by Kenneth Jay Lane.

    Kenneth Jay Lane, is a famous custom jewelry designer whose pieces have been worn

    by some of the most famous and royal fashion icons. From the timeless classics like

    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana, Princess of Wales, to the modern

    day fashion icons such as Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the Queen of Pop,

    Madonna...and now YOU! Accessories can really vamp up your evening dresses, and

    add a little extra spice to your Prom dress, and even a special touch to your special

    Wedding dress. Below we have picked a few of our favorites, we hope you love and enjoy

    our picks as much as we do!

    Friday July 29, 2016 1 Comment
    title image

    SOYOU X NewYorkDress

    Here at NewYorkDress we take style seriously! So we've teamed up with SOYOU to

    bring our fabulous fans free fashion advice! It's super simple, just sign up for the

    SOYOU service, fill out a style survey, and Voila free styling options each week tailored

    exclusively to you! Based on your profile they'll show you Evening Dresses, Cocktail

    Dresses, Prom Dresses...Whatever you like! We're loving all the amazing accessory

    offerings and adore how the service creates looks that fit my style.

    What are you waiting for?

    Go Sign up!

    Holiday Hair
    Tuesday November 25, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Holiday Hair

    Whether you're home for Thanksgiving or attending a Christmas

    event, you need a fabulous 'do to accompany your new holiday dress!

    These holiday hairdos are no muss, no fuss looks that are easy and

    worthy of accessories. You can try a ballerina bun, which is simple and

    elegant; or a braid crown for a lovely look that keeps your hair pulled

    back. If you're feeling lazy, go for a low, messy pony with some sort

    of sparkle. Visit our accessories section for more ideas!

    Dreamy Hair Decor
    Wednesday August 06, 2014 Post a comment
    title image

    Dreamy Hair Decor

    Each one of these dreamy hair accessories is different from the next. We've

    got a variety of options and today's post features pieces that are perfect

    for an up-do on your wedding day. The intricate flower details make each

    accessory enchantingly unique. The flowers glitter and glisten at every

    turn; and our beautiful model shows off the different ways to wear these

    lovely headpieces. Pick an accessory of your own and try your hand at

    the different ways to wear it!

    Head Over Heels
    Friday March 21, 2014 Post a comment

    Head Over Heels

    We're falling head over heels for these gorgeous shoes! Once you find

    your perfect dress, the next step is accessories and shoes are the most

    important kind. Pair these lovely dresses with one-of-a-kind heels that

    will keep you dancing all night long.

    Holiday Nail Art
    Monday December 16, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Holiday Nail Art

    What better time to get festive with your nails? Pair these gorgeous

    holiday dresses with nail art that Christmas dreams are made of. 'Tis

    the season for glittery fun and we've got you covered in every seasonable

    color. Rock on with your fabulous dress and gorgeous holiday nails!

    Runway Beauty: Lela Rose
    Thursday September 19, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Runway Beauty: Lela Rose

    The runway beauty for Lela Rose S/S 2014 was especially unique. Created

    by pro makeup artist Romy Soleimani, this modern look incorporated electric

    color and sassy pink lips. The model's eyelids were illuminated with a lovely,

    bright shade of green and the hair, created by Ted Gibson, was gelled with two

    low, teased-out buns to form a faux bob. The best part of the styling was the

    gold flecks individually placed in each section of hair. It was not only

    beautiful, but incredibly interesting!

    To achieve this look, some of the products used were Stila color pigments in

    Light Show, eye shadow in Cha Cha, convertible color in Camellia, Glamour

    eyes mascara, Stila color balm in Betsey, convertible color in Fuchsia,

    Gibson Beautiful Hold Hairspray and Fix It Gel.

    Runway Beauty: Tadashi Shoji
    Friday September 13, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Runway Beauty: Tadashi Shoji

    The beauty at this season's Tadashi runway show was dreamy, romantic and utterly

    lovely. Rodney Cutler, Redken Expert and Celebrity Runway Stylist, was on point

    with every look. He made sure that the hair was gorgeously cohesive and that

    each model was runway ready. Lisa Houghton, lead makeup artist, told Makeup

    For Life that she was inspired, "by the faded fresco paintings found in Tuscan

    Italy…pastels and watercolors, soft and ethereal." This definitely came across

    on the runway! Katie Jane Hughes, Butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador

    chimed in that they wanted the nails, "to mimic the gorgeous organza fabrics

    seen throughout Tadashi’s collection." We think she succeeded! The nails were

    subtle and classy, just like the collection.

    To get the look, pick up a few of the products they used which includes Face and

    Body foundation, Have a Lovely Day! Causal Colour, Uninterrupted Pro Longwear

    Eyeshadow, MAC Pro Fleshpost Lipstick, LONDON Nail Lacquer in Yummy

    Mummy and LONDON Nail Lacquer in Hen Party.

    Wedding Hair Decor
    Thursday September 05, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Wedding Hair Decor

    Whether you go simple or extravagant, there are an array of accessories to

    adorn your hair with this wedding season. We're partial to sparkle, but you

    can also go boho with flowers in your hair or create a floral crown. It's

    your special day so why not go a little further in terms of hair decor? It

    adds a little something extra to any wedding dress you might have in mind.

    Savannah Lathem's DIY Floral Crown Tutorial
    Wednesday July 24, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Savannah Lathem's DIY Floral

    Crown Tutorial

    The items you will need to make your DIY Floral Crown:

    1/2 inch elastic band (the length of band should wrap around your head)

    Flowers (real or artificial)

    Hot glue gun

    Glue sticks


      There are 5 easy steps to making a DIY Floral Crown.. are you ready girls? Load

    your glue guns and let's get started!!


      Step 1

    Measure the elastic band around the circumference of your head. You will want

    a a comfortable fit around you forehead leaving a little bit of extra length

    so it's not too tight (1/2 inch or less). Remember the elastic band should fit

    comfortably without sliding or cutting off your circulation.


    Step 2

    Use scissors to cut the elastic band

    Step 3

    Place the elastic band on your head and adjust to get the correct placement and

    fit. Take the band off and glue the two ends of the elastic together. Make sure

    you get about half an inch of glue on both ends of the elastic so it is sealed

    tightly. Then place the band on a level surface and allow to dry.

    Step 4

    Start the placement of your flowers by using your glue gun to secure each flower

    to the elastic band. In this particular tutorial, we used artificial flowers

    that were initially attached to stems. My friends Cassidy, Kiki and I each cut

    our flowers between the base of the the flower and the top of the stem. We then

    glued the bottoms of the flowers to the elastic bands. We continued placing the

    flowers on the elastic band until the flowers were placed all the way around in

    an orderly fashion. Whether orderly or random, the design is up to you!

    Step 5

    Once you're done gluing the flowers, just wait for the glue to dry and bam, 

    you're done! All you have to do is place your floral crown on the top of your

    head. Place it above your forehead or wear it around your head for an easy,

    Boho chic look. Personally, I like wearing mine both ways!

    Here are a few extra floral crown tips:

    -It gets a little messy, doesn't it? Haha! I got some glue stuck on my fingers, 

    but no easily comes off just by washing your hands. 

    -You can purchase all the supplies you need items at your local craft store

    or any major stores with an Arts and Craft department. My friends and I went

    to the Walmart Shopping Center Crafts Department and chose an array of flowers

    so we would have different color schemes for each crown.

    -Floral crowns can be used for any occasion! Whether you choose to use

    artificial or fresh flowers is totally up to you. A lot of people choose fresh

    flowers for evening events and artificial flowers for events that last more

    than a few hours. This is so the flowers do not wilt over time. My friends and

    I chose artificial flowers because we want to be able to wear them now and to

    special occasions in the future. We love that our DIY floral crowns will last

    as long as the great memories we had designing them!

    We hope you give it a try and have just as much fun as we did creating these



    Savannah Lathem

    Summer Hairspiration
    Tuesday July 16, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Summer Hairspiration


      As the days heat up and we indulge in summertime activities, we tend to wear

    our hair up and off our neck. It's the perfect time for braids! Whether you

    go for a braided crown or a lovely side braid, this summer hairstyle is great

    for picnics, BBQs and even upscale events! Enjoy our list of hairspiration

    and a few favorite tutorials we found!


    Colorful Summer Jewels
    Friday May 17, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Colorful Summer Jewels

    We're for sparkles any time of the year, but spring and summer is the time to

    break out the color! This collection of jewels are perfect for dressing up

    summer dresses or accessorizing for work. The earrings are dramatic enough

    for formal events and the bracelets add sparkle to everyday wear. However you

    wear them, make sure to have fun with your look!

    Hats Off to Kentucky Derby Attendees!
    Wednesday May 08, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Hats Off to Kentucky Derby Attendees!

    Horses? What horses? It was all about the hats at this year's Kentucky Derby!

    Although the weather turned rainy at one point, the hat parade went on as

    expected with gorgeously vibrant hats from ladies like Coco Rocha and Lauren

    Conrad. Take a gander at some of our favorites and be inspired to wear your own

    spring posy of a hat. Who says you need a Kentucky Derby to strut your stuff?

    Savannah Lathem 2013 Prom: It's Your Time To Shine
    Tuesday April 23, 2013 Post a comment

      It's Prom 2013 and our resident celebrity blogger, Savannah Lathem, tells us the

    many fabulous ways to rock a NewYorkDress tiara.


    Yellow Wedding
    Monday December 03, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Mellow Yellow

    If you're looking to plan a yellow themed wedding, we're right on board for this delightfully chipper affair. We love the idea of blending an array of yellows-pastels, whites and nudes for a wedding ceremony. Think creamy, pastel, neon and bright yellows for your nuptials. Yellow doesn't have to be shocking-it can be fresh, fabulous and romantic.


    Shop The Nuptials

    1. Landa AE137, ($198)

    2. Colorifics HB445, ($35)

    3. Mori Lee 4908, ($899)

    4.Purple Collection 73332, ($160)

    5.Kathy Hilton H21067, ($520)

    6. Lela Rose LR125, ($310)

    7. Dyeables SARI, ($61)

    8. Alisha Hill S8004, ($74)

    Jelly Sandals
    Wednesday July 11, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Ready For This Jelly

    Do you think you're ready for this jelly? Of course you are, dears! Chances are, you probably had a pair of jelly sandals as a little girl. There's news gals; jelly sandals have seemed to wash ashore. To be completely honest, we think they're perfectly cute. The kind of shoe you look at and instantly fall in love with again, realizing they are just as cute now as they were when you were a babe. Jelly sandals are meant to be bright and silly, so grab a pair and skip along now.

    Solange Knowles

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Anne Hathaway

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Kim Kardashian

    celebrity style

    Vintage Lovers
    Thursday June 28, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Vintage Lovers

    There's just something special about a true vintage find. Perhaps it's the story behind the object and its previous wearer or the unique quality and tailoring of the item. Whatever the reason, we knew celebrities were hip to vintage finds as well and compiled a list of savvy vintage lovers who love to incorporate their finds into their high end fashion. Now if we could only casually bump into one of them at our favorite thrift store in Brooklyn.

    Alexa Chung starred in Thrift America

    celebrity style

    Ashley Olsen in a vintage polka dot skirt

    celebrity style

    Chloe Sevigny loves a good thrift shop

    celebrity style

    Dita Von Teese is the poster child for vintage chic

    celebrity style

    Drew Barrymore loves vintage dresses

    celebrity style

    Emma Watson loves West Coast vintage shops

    celebrity style

    Rachel Zoe knows how to mix and match vintage finds

    celebrity style

    Ear and Now
    Friday June 22, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Ear and Now

    It's time to turn the focus on the lobe again with a statement earring. If you've never worn anything like a stud or a simple hoop, now's the time to try, doll. Don't worry, it doesn't mean that your ear has to suffer a painfully heavy earring. Statement earrings were all over the runways this year and all over the streets. A good statement earring can be worn beautifully and casually during the day and can be worn at night for a dressed up look. You don't have to spend a fortune on a good statement earring, either. So get out there and make a statement!

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Jason Earrings, $29

    celebrity style

    Wednesday June 20, 2012 1 Comment
    title image

    Back Again: Chokers

    When we think of chokers, an image of plastic black barbed wire chokers come to mind. Sure, we loved chokers in the the 90s, but recently, celebrities like Kristen Wiig, Olivia Wilde and Emmy Rossum have been spotted wearing them. Gone are the days of ill fitting, teenage angst-y chokers and in with updated, chic and intricately stylish chokers. Would you 're-rock' the choker?

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    See through
    Tuesday June 19, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Clear As Day

    Transparent accessories have been popping up on the streets and runways, exposing a bit more of the wearer. We love the peek a boo hint of skin on transparent block shirts, glass heels, clear shoes and see through bags. See through bags expose a mix of secrets and needful things that make up a woman's purse while the clear heel of a shoe that would make any woman feel like Cinderella in her glass slipper.

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Saugus Special, $76

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Look Of The Day
    Tuesday June 19, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Look Of The Day

    Keira Knightley went all period-piece on us in this exquisite Valentino dress. The actress was at the premiere of her movie Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World. Everything about this look was perfect, from the patent leather nude pumps to her berry colored head piece.

    celebrity style

    Iris Apfel
    Tuesday June 19, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Style Maker: Iris Apfel

    When we found out that Iris Apfel held a discussion with teen blogger Tavi Gevinson at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this past Sunday, we were intrigued. The 90 year-old businesswoman, interior design guru and fashion icon has a style all her own. Apfel, who was born and raised in Queens, doesn't let her age play a factor in her fashion sense. In fact, she says her 'adventuresome fashion sense has increased with age.' Apfel was featured in Ari Cohen's book, Advanced Style where she revealed some tidbits of her eclectic and texture rich closet and apartment. Who's afraid of aging again? A look at Apfel's smiling face, rounded glasses and colorful wardrobe makes us hope we can be half as vivacious as she is when we're her age. Like she says kids, 'style is ageless.'

    During a recent interview, the slender Apfel said: "I don't care what people think...I learned a long time ago...I was 19 and had a very traumatic experience...and I learned that I have to go to bed with myself and that I have to please myself...and as long as I don't go out of my way to offend anybody that I love, I'll do my own thing."

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Manicure Finds
    Tuesday June 19, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Manicure Finds

    It seems virtually impossible this day and age to surf the internet without seeing a hundreds of manicure ideas. While women are still visiting their manicurists regularly, there's also a growing community of DIY manicurists out there who create their own nail looks. We narrowed the list down to our top six that we think are perfectly "recreatable." Who knows, maybe you'll put your spin on these ideas and start a new nail trend all on your own.

    Digitally enhanced nails

    celebrity style

    Kadinsky Cool Nails

    celebrity style

    Bubbling Over Nails

    celebrity style

    So Rhinestoned Nails

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Polka Dot & Glitter Nails

    celebrity style

    Rhinestone Jewelry
    Monday June 18, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Just Like Liz

    Our inspiration for this post is the late and great Elizabeth Taylor. While we wait for Lohan to wrap on her E. Taylor movie, we'l look back at the queen of rhinestones. Diamonds may have been Marilyn Monroe's best friend, but when it came to Taylor, the jet black haired, blue eyed beauty always donned rhinestones of some sort. Decades later, classic rhinestones have turned up in brighter, neon colors. Play jewelry has never been more fun.

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Chandelier Post Earrings, $69

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Going Global
    Monday June 11, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Going Global

    Think of Katy Perry's shirtdress as cartographic chic.Yes, the singer opted for maps when she was in London last week. Perry wore a mini shirtdress by Carven, black opaque tights and black leather creepers to promote her film, Katy Perry: A Part Of Me. We love everything about Perry's amazingly intricate and brightly colored map dress.

    Katy Perry's dress by Carven

    celebrity style

    Lulu Guiness handbag, Anthropologie headband

    celebrity style

    Tea and Cake Map Tee

    celebrity style

    Thursday June 07, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Cute Caftans

    The caftan was first introduced in Persia around 600 B.C. and was known for its beautifully sweeping and ethereal silhouette. The print and material in caftans may have changed throughout the ages, but the flow is still the same. Without further ado, we'd like to reintroduce the caftan. A little caftan goes a long way. These sheer overdresses are perfect on and off the beach. With their long sleeves and loose silhouette, caftans are boho chic to a T. The traditionally one size cover lets you flow freely and allows for air to billow any which way it pleases. The added ventilation that caftans produce during the hot and sticky summer months is much appreciated. Caftans are a no-brainer and an absolute summer must have.

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Perfect Summer Bride Looks
    Wednesday May 16, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Perfect Summer Bride Looks

    Undone Bun and Glam Eyes:

    Work texture into your hair like Amber Heard by twisting it around a curling iron and then pulling it back into a tousled, wispy bun. Pair with smoky eyes done in copper shadows and a peach lip for a look that works at an afternoon or evening ceremony.

    celebrity style

    Center Part Sweep and Rosy Lips

    This look is so simple, yet stunningly gorgeous. Slick your hair half-back (trick: pat on serum for extra shine before flat-ironing) and swiping on a petal pink lipstick that’s just bright enough to draw attention without being too flashy.

    celebrity style

    Sleek Top Knot and Glamorous Lashes

    We're loving Kate Hudson's look here. To get her look: gather hair into a high ponytail and wrap the length around the base, minimizing any frizz with a shot of hairspray. For big, fluttery lashes that last all night, apply a lash primer to build volume before coating on super dark mascara.

    celebrity style

    Cascading Long Waves and Silvery Eyes

    If you want to wear your hair loose, take a cue from Freida Pinto and opt for a soft and feminine look. To get her look: mist on shine spray before blowing hair out with a large round brush, twisting back a section above your ear and pinning in place at the nape. Choose a mercury eye shadow with a hint of sparkle to catch the light. Apply a sheer pink lipstick to compliment your look.

    celebrity style

    Get the Look: Accesories Photo Shoot
    Friday March 30, 2012 Post a comment

    Get the look: Accessories photo shoot

    We hope our “Remixing the Stone” accessories photo shoot inspired you to step outside your style box and bring some sparkle into your life. Now, we’re bringing you the makeup looks that we used on the photo shoot. We’re breaking them down so you can recreate them.

    For Casey, Jonah created a perfectly matte finish with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer. Using these products will provide light coverage for perfect normal skin.
    To highlight her skin, he used Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. To contour Casey’s skin and give her a sun kissed look, Jonah used Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer. Nars’ Orgasm blush adds a perfect natural flush.

    To bring out her eyes, Jonah swept Mac Eye Kohl in Powersurge, (a soft golden brown) as the base. Afterwards, he swept Mac Satin Eye Shadow in Brun through the crease’s outer corer, top and bottom. Mac Velvet Eye Shadow in Smut was applied to darken the top lash line, outer corner and bottom. Mac Fluid Line in Blacktrack was used to create a 50’s cat eye.
    To open up her eyes, Jonah applied a coat of DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Noir. Mac #6 lashes were added on for a full on glamorous look. To create a strong and structured brow, Jonah used Shu Eumura Hard Pencil in Seal Brown.

    Jonah lined her lips with Mac Liner in Subculture and swept Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby.

    For Nashlly, Jonah created an entirely different look. Jonah applied Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus and Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover. To highlight her skin, he applied Mac cream color base in Pearl. To create contour, Jonah applied Mac Powder Blush in Harmony and Dior Rosy Glow Blush in Petal to add a flush of color.

    To create a clean base, Jonah started off an iridescent copper with Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Skorpious. Next, he applied Mac Satin Eyeshadow in Grain on the crease.
    Use Mac Satin Eyeshadow in Club to darken the crease and lower lash line. Mac Frost Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe was applied through the outer corner for and iridescence. Mac Power Kohl in Feline was smudged through the lashline. Apply a single coat of Diorshow Iconic Mascara in Noir on the lashes, let them dry and attach a pair of Mac #2 Lashes. Mac Cream colour base in Pearl is used to highlight the eye. For brows, use Makeup Forever Eyebrow Pencil in #5 Brown Black.

    For the lips, Jonah applied Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #41 Canotier. Mac Cremesheen Glass in Japanese Spring.

    Wear It Again
    Wednesday March 28, 2012 Post a comment

    Wear It Again

    Dress image

    Attention future bridesmaids; long gone are the days of the bridesmaid dress curse. You know, when you’re stuck with a dress you know you’ll never wear after the wedding. We’re looking to change that by handing back the control to you. So after months, maybe even weeks of scrutiny and endless searching, the bride has chosen bridesmaid’s dresses. Our wear it again series will show you how to pull off different looks from one dress. We’ll provide you with ideas on how to be the perfect mix master; blending different accessories, makeup looks and casual pieces to take your bridesmaid dress to new territory. We’re committed to making the magic last beyond the altar. So turn that pout into a cheeky smile and stay tuned for looks that will breathe new life into your bridesmaid dress and prepare to be blown away.

    Tuesday March 20, 2012 Post a comment


    NYD Original Accessories Photo Shoot


    Photo Shoot Image

    9 brooches are better than 1

    Accessories for the faint of heart - leave them at the door. Take the plunge in bold accessories, re-imagined. The possibilities are limitless.

    The Dress: Crush 11694. $378
    Earrings: Jason EA0585, $39
    Bracelets: (left arm) WF Collection CT125, $69; (right arm) Boutique RHN1000, $29 per yard
    Collar: (broaches) Jason B505, $69; Jason B511, $75; Jason B510 (x2), $45; Sophie 30494 (x2), $25; Jason B508 (x2), $69; Sophie 30525, $29


    Photo Shoot Image

    30 pairs 60 X the shine

    A great pair of earrings can really complete a look. But did you know that 30 pairs of earrings can be a complete look?

    Necklace: Boutique RHN1000, $29/yard
    Earrings: Jason KKE009A, $39
    Bracelets: WF Collection CT125, $69 (sets of 3)
    Bodice: (earrings) Sonny AE49R (x8), $25; Jason FE17296 (x10), $29; Jason FE17296A (x10), $29; Sonny E767945 (x2), $39


    Photo Shoot Image

    800+ sparkling stones

    Classic style takes a fashion-forward turn when you pair a simple black dress with a shimmering shield of sparkling stones.

    The Dress: Jovani 4512. $750
    Necklace: Sonny 1420, $79; Purple Collection 70765, $315
    Earrings: Purple Collection 70142, $65
    Bracelets: Purple Collection 70142, $65; Jason XB0279, $45; Jason BG441A, $35
    Ring: Sophie R1090, $25
    Gloves: Jason, $20

    A'wristed' Development

    Photo Shoot Image

    8 Bracelets Lengthen Limbs

    Your wrists are symmetrical, but the bracelets on them don't have to be. Dare to mix your metals and gems. And remember, less can be more, but sometimes more is unforgettable.

    The Dress: Sherri Hill 1404. $550
    Earrings: Purple Collection 74397, $210
    Bracelets: (left) Sonny 81400SO, $39; Sonny 81401, $49; (right) Jason B2, $45
    Ring: Sophie R1090, $25
    Gloves: Jason R301, $29


    Photo Shoot Image

    7 Textures Stacked to Perfection

    First impressions last a lifetime, so make yours memorable. Create a major impact by mixing textures and colors.

    The Dress: Sherri Hill 1458. $378
    Necklace: Jason EA0585
    Bracelets: (sets of 3) WF Collection CT125, CT125A, Ct125B, $69; (fuchsia/Ping, Turq/Brown, Clear/Multi)
    Ring: Sophie R1090, $25


    Photo Shoot Image

    A Thousand Ideas for the Future

    Inspired by yesterday. Creating today. Imagine tomorrow.

    The Dress: Mignon VM766. $498
    Headband: (top and bottom) Sonny B1374 bracelet, $20; (middle) Jason B1334 bracelet, $29
    Choker: Jason J103 earrings, $60
    Bracelets: Purple Collection 70765
    Earring: Jason J544A, $29
    Ring: Jason J102

    Dress Nashlly for her interview with Willem Dafoe
    Tuesday March 13, 2012 Post a comment


    going on now!  

    Kristen Bell's style

    Our wonderful model Nashly is interviewing Willem Dafoe (actor from Spiderman, Finding Nemo, Boondock Saints, The English Patient…) tomorrow night! Even better news… one of you will help pick what style Nashly wears. The winner receives $300 NYD dollars!!!!

    Simply create a look by adding items to your "favorites" on Post your share link underneath one of our contest posts (a video explanation will be posted shortly). Nashly will pick her favorite look tomorrow at 5pm!

    One post per person. We cannot recheck if you have changed items after your first submission.

    Styling the Harrison Morgan Photoshoot
    Friday March 09, 2012 Post a comment

    We recently started carrying a great line of shrugs by Harrison Morgan. When it came to styling these pieces for our photo-shoot last week, we 'shrugged' =). As always, our stylist Jonah came to the rescue. "We need a dress that will complement these shrugs, without overpowering their appeal. We need a dress that is chic, elegant, timeless and above all else, simple", he explained.

    He walked straight over to our Alfred Sung collection and pulled out a gorgeous, vibrant dandelion colored, vintage inspired dress. "No", he said, reassuring us that "she will not look like a bumblebee" (his convictions are strong). Of course, he was right and both looked fantastic on our model Nashly.

    The styling was not finished here. Now it was time to think jewelry, hair and makeup. Jonah reminded us of this by pairing the dress and shrug with simple rhinestone hoop earrings and a cluster ring. He stayed away from bracelets to avoid taking attention away from the sleeves. "No necklaces" he said. "They will detract from the interesting neckline". The makeup was kept simple: light foundation, eye liner, lip gloss and mascara. Nashlly's hair was then pulled up and teased it a bit to create a 50's inspired full pony. "Fabulous!" is the word that came to mind when we saw the completed look.

    As with every shoot we do together, we made sure to take one shot that captured Nashlly and Jonah having fun and showing off their great personalities (see below).

    To check out these wonderfully elegant shrugs, visit our accessories section!

    Behind The Scenes Video with NewYorkDress!
    Thursday March 08, 2012 Post a comment just shot some new pieces from the 2012 jewelry collectio. Check out the behind the scenes video of the team in action! 

    Special thanks to our models Nashlly and Casie!

    Behind the scenes with NewYorkDress
    Tuesday March 06, 2012 Post a comment

    Check out these great behind the scenes photos from our accessories shoot on 3.3.12! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our wonderful model Casie having fun between shots! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Accessories, accessories, accessories! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our stylist Jonah builds a sparkling collar our of brooches. 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our wonderful model Nashly getting strapped in! 

    behind the scenes photo
    "I'm ready for my close up!" 

    behind the scenes photo
    It's all about the details. 

    behind the scenes photo
    Hair change! 

    behind the scenes photo
    Our model Casie is stunning in every pose! 

    behind the scenes photo
    "Models give me wings!" 

    behind the scenes photo
    It's all smiles on the set. 

    behind the scenes photo

    behind the scenes photo
    Final make-up touches. 

    behind the scenes photo
    Special thanks to our talented photographer! 

    Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at Prom Registry 2012 Video!
    Thursday February 02, 2012 4 Comments

    Monday January 27th, 2012

    I'm here in the NYD studio looking over the dresses, accessories, and make-up from last night’s video shoot. We shot on Wall St, in Manhattan and finished around 1:00 am. Celebratory cocktails were of course in order. Now, as I place red lipstick back into Nashlly's (model) make-up case, it reminds me of the sultry vixen character she played, as well as the mark it left on her glass.

    There were two main characters for this shoot. My styling choices were (as they always should be) meant to enhance the characters of our story. For this concept I chose super glam, nude dresses, with a ton of embellishments (BG Haute E01017). I wanted the accessories to compliment the looks and not detract from the beauty of the dresses.

    When I created the story for look one, I was thinking of a girl who loves big bold statement pieces. I started the story with this amazing pop of color, the bright coral bag. Knowing that the dress itself is a statement, I decided to keep the rest of the jewelry and the shoes monotone, with clear stones, just for sparkle.

    LOOK ONE - Bag: Jessica McClintock VA5097A (Coral), Earrings: WF Collection 291 (Silver), Bracelet: Jason J1200 (Gold), Shoes: Allure "Shimmer" (Gold) // LOOK TWO - Earrings: Jason KKE099 (Multi), Bracelet: Jason DB1269 (Multi), Bangle: WF Collection CT115 (Fuschia), Shoes: Alisha Hill S1145

    I approached the second story from the opposite point of view, by getting the pop color from jewelry. The shoes continue the nude feel but shine in multiple iridescent colors, from there I went on to choose jewel tone chandeliers, a delicate colorful bracelet, and a statement bangle that really catches your eye, but doesn't distract. Keeping the clutch simple let the colorful jewelry take center stage, spicing up the look without making too daring a choice.

    I'm already preparing for tomorrow's exclusive studio shoot and I can't wait to give you another look from behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

    And be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!


    Prom Registry 2012
    Thursday February 02, 2012 4 Comments

    It's yours, but is it only YOURS? 

    This NYD original video captures two beautiful girls as they get ready to make their grand entrance at the prom. Just as they enter however, they realize that they have bought the SAME super glam dress! ( BG Haute E01017 )

    Two avoid such a disastrous moment, has created a free Prom Registry. It is a service where high school girls can register their prom dresses (anonymously if desired)—even if they did not purchase them through For added fun, girls can see what others are wearing to prom and get fashion advice from our online stylists.

    A Prom-goer Seeks Fashion Advice from NewYorkDress Stylists!
    Tuesday January 24, 2012 Post a comment supporter Christina wrote in from Egypt to seek the expert advice of our stylist team in hopes of getting dress, hair and make-up suggestions for her prom this year. Standing at a petite 5 feet tall and having a pear shaped body, our stylists recommended Allure Dress 6410N ($338.00) as a top dress choice. The empire waist and short length of the skirt will help create an elongated body illusion.

    Out Stylist’s Suggestion for Christina!

    Our stylists paired this gorgeous dress with Benjamin Walk “Tahiti” shoes ($117.00) because of their delicate simplicity.

    For her hair, the stylists suggested an up-do (pictured above) which will show off the dress’ sweetheart neckline and her shoulders. This will also help create an elongating effect. Finally, for her make-up – our experts recommended a natural smoky eye and a neutral tone for the lips like a sheer coral gloss.

    We think she’ll look gorgeous! To check out these and other styles visit our Prom 2012 dress page or our “As Seen In” section for styles featured in Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom magazines!

    Prom Hairstyles 2012
    Tuesday December 06, 2011 Post a comment
    Match Maker for your style needs

    What hair style will best match your prom 2012 dress? 

    celebrity hairstyles
    celebrity hairstyles
    celebrity hairstyles
    celebrity hairstyles
    celebrity hairstyles

    STYLE THIS Terani 11028H
    Tuesday December 06, 2011 Post a comment
    Match Maker for your style needs

    STYLE THIS Terani 11028H 

    Terani 11028H. Here are two looks that work. Which do you prefer, option 1 or option 2?   Feel free to suggest more!  
    accessories for Terani 11028H

    accessories for Terani 11028H

    LOOK 1:
    Earrings: Yochi EH689
    LOOK 2:
    Earrings:  Yochi EH621
    Evening bag: Boutique 92478
    Ring:  Jason R301

    HAIR: the half up option is a great one. It accentuates the beauty of a woman's neckline and stands out since most girls tend to do complete updo's for formals.  Also, the princess sweetheart neckline is beautiful and you don't want to cover it with too much hair.

    ACCESSORIES: with a strapless dress long, dangling earrings are great. Since the exaggerated fabric rose and leopard print of this dress are complex, a more simple bracelet, shoes, and clutch bag will work best. A cocktail ring would also be fantastic.

    UNDERGARMENTS: There are may different kinds of strapless bras on the market, but make sure to look for a simple one with smooth cups. Lace and other embellishments often leave a crumpled look under a strapless dress.  Push up bras are also great with strapless bras, even if you don't think you need one. They give the most support and have the most weight to help hold your dress up.

    Body shapers are also great to wear with fitted dresses. They also tend to remind us to stand up straight.  Posture is very important in every dress, so keep those shoulders back and your head up! =)

    3 Easy Work-to-Fabulous Holiday Hairstyles
    Thursday December 01, 2011 Post a comment

    3 Easy Work-to-Fabulous Holiday Hairstyles

    Going from work to a party can be hectic, but you don't want to skimp on style just because you're short on time! Check out these 3 super simple hairstyles for the holidays, all courtesy of Lauren Conrad. Whether you're a fan of the ex-reality star or not, you have to admit the gal has simple hairstyles down to a science and always looks pulled together and chic.

    1. The top knot. This is the hairstyle you either love or hate. Conrad loves it and so do we. It's simple and looks great with a fabulous party dress that sparkles or boasts serious lace detail. It's a chic hairstyle that gets your hair out of the way. Plus, if you're the girl that always wears her hair down, pulling it back will make you look different and special for the occasion. Start with dirty hair (yay!), and bring hair to the round of the head, smoothing out any bumps with a brush. If your hair has flyaways or frizzies, you can apply a smoothing cream before bringing the hair up into a ponytail. Brush through the ponytail and split into two sections. Wind one section around the ponytail elastic and pin with tonal (those that match your own hair color) bobby pins. Do the same with the remaining piece of hair. Use a fine tooth comb and hair spray to get those stubborn flyaways after the bun is in place. We love this hairstyle with winged cat liner.

    2. The headband. A sparkly headband looks grownup and fabulous when it's delicate and has subtle shine. You don't want anything with a big bow or mega prints. Stick to a princess-like headband. Conrad chose a gold headband for a book signing, and the look is super simple to pull off and looks fantastic on gals with curly or wavy hair. Enhance your curls or waves with a glossing cream to give them bounce and shine. If your hair is straight, you can set your hair in large rollers or go through it with a curling iron. We're bonkers for this hairstyle because it can be a bit messy and undone and still look great. Part hair where you're comfortable; a deep side part is sassy, while Conrad's middle part is more refined. After parting hair, gather hair loosely at the nape of the neck, roll it, and pin into sections, about 3-4 inches of hair at a time. If it's a bit messy, there's no need to worry. This is a more bohemian look. Add the headband and spray with a soft hold hair spray to avoid the curls from looking too "done." A fun hairstyle like this needs a bright pink lip!

    3. The chic ponytail. A ponytail may sound bland, but check out Conrad's take on this basic hairstyle. If your hair is curly or wavy, you can still wear this hairstyle. No need to bust out the flat iron or blow dryer to attempt to make your hair straight. Work a shine serum through hair because whatever the texture is, shiny hair always wins! Create a deep side part with a fine tooth comb. Bring hair over to the opposite side of the part and gather at the nape of the neck. Secure hair with an elastic. Take a piece of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wind it around the elastic and pin with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail. If the hair isn't smooth and doesn't want to wind easily, curl that piece of hair. The spring effect of the curl will let it wrap the elastic in no time. Finish with hair spray to lock the look in. We love this hairstyle with a strapless dress because it adds a little something extra to bare skin at the top of the dress.

    Walk Like A Runway Model
    Thursday December 01, 2011 Post a comment

    Walk Like A Runway Model

    Fashion models make it look so effortless, but strutting in 4-inch heels is no easy task. Check out this video for some tip on how to making walking in heels less of a feat.

    5 Clutch Must-Haves for the Holidays
    Monday November 28, 2011 Post a comment

    5 Clutch Must-Haves for the Holidays

    A little bag is darling and sweet, but how about cramming that thing with everything you need? Yikes! Between a cell phone and a credit card there's sometimes little room for anything else, as you can see in our collage of clutches that have been spotted at events on celebrities. No matter what size your evening bag is for the holidays, you want to make sure you have these 5 must-haves that are essential to making your night easy and carefree.

    P.S. We're omitting a cell, credit cards and cash because those are a given. Always keep at least a 20 dollar bill on you at all times. You never know when you might need it!

    1. The lip color you're wearing and lip balm. Preferably lip balm in a tube and the same for your lip color. You don't want anything you have to stick your finger in, so pot versions are out. You can touch up your lip color, but if you're wearing bold lips and they just won't stay put, you can always put the balm to create a faux gloss. This gives the lips a sheen and moisturizes, but creates a softer look which fades well if you're air kissing and drinking.

    2. Blot powder. In a pinch blot powder does the trick to reduce shine and work on touch-ups under the eyes. Choose a blot powder in your skin color. Going with one any lighter can result in looking too light once you're in front of a camera. Ditch the cotton pads that come with blot powder and opt for a sponge applicator which will create a more natural finish when the powder's applied to the skin. Do not pack the powder on during a touch-up! Blot only areas that need to diminish shine or coverage.

    3. Tissues. Clean up drippy eye makeup, blot the lips and skin, and even stuff 'em in the bottom of your heels if your shoes start to hurt like mad. Tissues also come in handy for others, making you the belle of the ball for having "everything" in your clutch.

    4. Mints. Not everyone chews gum, and you may not want to in front of people you just met, so stick with mints. A tin of mints takes up zero room in an evening bag and will be a hit when everyone is done with dinner or drinks.

    5. A hair elastic and bobby pins. If you're out with close friends and dancing may be involved, consider taking a hair elastic and bobby pins. You want to use both an elastic and pins that match your hair color. When in doubt, simply pull hair back into a chignon for chic look that pulls you hair off your face and neck and lets you dance the night away.

    Let’s Get Glitzy! Holiday Makeup Tips
    Wednesday November 16, 2011 2 Comments

    Let's Get Glitzy! Holiday Makeup Tips

    The holidays means turning out the glamour for parties and get-togethers. There's nothing wrong with wearing basic makeup, but how about amping it up with shimmering highlighter or a bold lip? Adding an extra step or two to your makeup routine can help turn up the glamour without adding a ton of time to your beauty routine.

    It's getting cold out there, so keep your skin hydrated. In the days leading up to a holiday party, exfoliate your skin to remove that layer of dead skin. Those with oily skin should use a lightweight moisturizer to keep skin balanced, while those with dry skin may need a heavier moisturizer with a cream consistency. Gently pat moisturizer on the skin about 10 minutes before applying your face makeup to create a canvas where makeup is absorbed.

    How do you want to glam it up this holiday season? A dress with mega shine like the glittering gold number Carrie Underwood wore to the recent Country Music Awards steals the show, but that doesn't mean makeup has to take a backseat. Underwood strikes us as a less-is-more girl, so she chose to define her eyes in a subtle way. It isn't a major smoky eye, which could compete with the shining dress.

    Get the look: Use a gel liner to line the top and bottom lash lines. The key is in the brush, so use one with a slight angle. Instead of dragging one line straight across the top or bottom lash line, work in short strokes and then connect those strokes with another layer of liner. Soft shimmering shadow is a gorgeous touch, and we love Underwood's choice of glowing pink cheeks and lips.

    Joy Bryant wears a red lip with ease. Red lipstick doesn't have to be intimidating. Bryant goes easy elsewhere on the face and keeps the focus on the cheeks and lips.

    Get the look: Do your makeup as usual. Use a highlighting powder or cream product and apply it to the highest plane of the cheeks. Blend well. You don't want a disco ball effect, but you do want the glow to be apparent. For the lips, choose a poppy color with a slight cream finish. Bryant's look isn't overdone.

    For all-out glamour look to classic Hollywood revivalist Dita Von Teese. Von Teese works a red lip in a far more striking manner than Bryant. The results? A flawless face focused on a matte red lip accompanied by major makeup.

    Get the look: Look for a satin finish foundation. A light brown shadow can be used to contour the eyes and false lashes are a must. Line the top lash line only with a gel or liquid liner. Contour the cheeks with a soft rose color. Apply a lip primer to the lips before applying a matte red lipstick. Matte formulas have a tendency to dry out lips and lipstick will get into the cracks. Avoid this by moisturizing lips well the night before and using a primer to add staying power to your red pout.

    Jovani Gray Matters
    Friday October 21, 2011 Post a comment

    Color: Part 3
    Picking the Perfect Formal Dress

    There's so many things to consider when picking out a formal dress—where you're going, the mood of the party, and the style you want to create. And let's not forget budget, either, because that usually plays a big role, too. We've put all these things together and picked out a versatile formal dress that you can wear again and again and exude that classy, worldly presence you're known for.

    First up, the label. We picked a dress from Jovani 14528 , sartorial masters known for luxe looks. We're talking fabulous dresses that stand out and make you feel like a million bucks. Their short dresses and minis are amazing, but the brand does gowns like no one else. There are many to choose from, but for those who love something classic yet exciting, this illusion bodice gown with draped taffeta Ball Skirt fits the bill.

    Finally, the finished look. Stick with the regal tone of this Jovani gown by wearing your hair in an updo. If you're going the DIY route, a slicked-back bun is the best way to go. Sport smoky eye makeup implementing a slate or silver shadow and go soft on the lips with a peach or pale pink. In terms of accessories, you can sport chandelier earrings like the model (especially when rocking an updo) or opt for a simple pair of studs and an opulent cuff like this bracelet from Sophie 334 .

    White After Labor Day
    Wednesday October 19, 2011 1 Comment

    Color: Part 2
    What's the deal with no white after Labor Day?

    For centuries wearing white in the summer was simply a way to stay cool, — like changing a dinner menu or drinking white wine -- but today we have air conditioners and halter tops to beat the heat. We also have heaters and cabs to move us through the cold. With all that we can do, can't we wear any color while doing it?

    We've also heard that the origin of the no-white-after–Labor Day is symbolic. Many believe that in the early 20th century, white was a pleasing contrast to drabber urban life- think white linen suits, Panama hats, summer vacations and the "look of leisure." Perhaps once back in the city, many of the fashion elite simply felt they needed a new wardrobe and color scheme? This could be true, but honestly, why are we still following it? Check out how good these celebrity fashion icons look in white, after Labor Day.

    Whatever the reason is that this rule started, it is time to retire it. Let's pay homage to the rebel Coco Chanel who in 1920 brought out the white, year-round staple. Fashion rules are meant to be broken by those who can pull it off and we know that you can! Send us pictures of you in white after Labor Day or post them on Facebook

    Here Now, The Fall Essentials
    Friday September 02, 2011 1 Comment
    Confession. We’ve hit the moment when high summer has fogged up the brain. Our minds relentlessly fast forward to cooler days—when the leaves start to drop, and our jackets button up. Boy, are we ready to settle into some new fashion!

    fall '11 fashion trends

    Thankfully, New York Fashion Week is just around the bend. We can hardly wait to see what’s hot come Spring/Summer 2012 (don’t worry, we’ll bring you all the juicy details!).  But as autumn’s crisp days are calling our names, we need to get on par with fall fashion. So let us rewind back to the A/W 11 – 12 catwalks, and tally up the seasons biggest trends. Here’s a cheat sheet on what’s essential come fall.

    If last spring was stunningly 70s then this fall is marvelously mod—straight up 60s style! This season look for drop-waists, boxy silhouettes and collars galore. Going to a go-go? We adore this cocktail dress by Alexia Admor. Finish off with a wide headband and knee-high boots to become a swinging sensation.

    Prints will continue to make an appearance this fall, particularly the spotted variation. Add some zest to your evening attire with polka dots, but don’t get too caught up with the expected black and white. Think pink in this one-shoulder polka dot column dress by Riva Prom. Bonus points for sporting the thigh-high slit, which is another fall essential.

    Patchwork, a lively cousin to the print family, is showing up big for fall. Pass on your granny classics for a stronger dose of modern cool. You don’t need to be a creative genius to pull off patchwork. Keep it simple. Your accessories should be understated so the patchwork is your statement.

    While the maxi dress is definitely sticking around for fall, the midi dress is treading quickly into trend territory. The below-the-knee hemline popped up allover the A/W 11 – 12 runways. Whether it’s a pencil silhouette, with pleats, or A-line to boot, you must don heels for spot-on perfection. Sashay as if you own the runway in this gorgeous frock by Niteline.

    Both buttoned-up and downright sexy, chokers are making a huge comeback. When Chanel, Pucci and Valentino bauble up to the neck,  you know it’s time to pay attention! Try this choker-style floor sweeper by Alyce to stand out for fall.  

    Ladylike and Loving It
    Wednesday August 31, 2011 Post a comment
    Listen up ladies, this season is dedicated to you! We’re channeling your demure charm with dropped hemlines, nipped-in waists and ultra-feminine details faster than you can say white-gloved beauty.

    ladylike fashion?
    Image source:

    Whether it’s Audrey Hepburn, Charlotte York, or Blair Waldorf that speaks your style, ladylike fashion is coming your way. On the A/W 11 – 12 runways Gucci, Bottega, Veneta, Fendi and Alberta Ferreti amped up the girly appeal with softer fabrics and woman-loving silhouettes. On the red carpet, sexy starlets Jaime King, Carey Mulligan and Eva Mendes chose the ladylike look over its flesh-baring alter ego for a sweet sophistication. And we are loving the results! These ladies showed us how it’s done—a whole lot of proper without too much prim. The new femme fatale, if you will. So to all you ladies in the house, we are stepping out in your honor. Read on to see how we do it.

    Take it down a notch. Similar to the stock market these days, hemlines are going up, then dropping down. Up then down. Right now, in the dress department,  we’re loving a little length. It gives a modernly modest touch that leaves us elegantly refined. Add panache to your ensemble with this ladylike number by Boutique. Pair with t-strap heels and white tights for an entirely feminine feel. 

    Nip it in the bud. A ladylike silhouette often relies on an hourglass figure, but 
    unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with those curves. Our advice? Fake it! Cinch your waist in this party favorite by Alfred Sung. Or hug your hips in this haute number by Jovani. Long gloves and a crisp clutch will bring it home in pure ladylike fashion.

    Tie one on. This season, a feminine detail you won’t want to miss is the bow. Whether it’s imported from the 70s workplace as a bow-blouse, or adorned on an accessory for a 40s flair, we’re adding bows to our outfits like the icing on a cake. For a sleek and sexy way to bring on the bow, step into this ladylike frock by Boutique . All class with a touch of sass! 

    Bathing Beauty To Disco Queen – Here’s How To Do It!
    Monday July 11, 2011 Post a comment
    Hot fun in the summer time? Yes, please! Whether you’re on vacation, a staycation or just looking to shake up your weekend, we’ve got your essential fashion and beauty routine to take you from sandy beaches to rockin’  dance floors. We’re keeping it simple and fuss-free to get the most mileage from our summer time favorites. All you need are a few items, and a can-do attitude. We guarantee a fantastic look that lasts all day. Pop on your shades, lets get started!

    beach beauty
                       Image source:

    Obviously all summer fun must begin with sunscreen. We are huge advocates for slathering on the cream to keep our skin healthy and looking great. No need to reach for any SPF higher than 30 as it only brings more chemicals into the product. 

    Since we’re starting at the beach, a swimsuit is a necessity. We are loving a sexy one piece at the moment. Ruching around the waist is figure flattering and sweetheart necklines work well for most. As a cover-up, choose a printed maxi dress for it’s pure summer appeal. Tie on a cute head scarf to tame your hair from the ocean breeze, then slide on easy sandals to protect your toes from the hot sand.

    Makeup-wise, don’t go overboard. Heavy foundations can melt leaving a caked-on residue. Try a tinted moisturizer, and use waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes. A tinted lip balm with built in SPF will protect your pout and provide shine.

    After the beach it’s time to eat. How about a little al fresco for your dining pleasure? Let your hair down as the sun sets so your head scarf becomes an evening wrap. Now add a stack of bracelets or pendant necklace to transform your daytime beach attire to an evening appropriate ensemble. Don’t forget your wedge sandals to complete the look.

    Calling all sparkle, it’s time to dance! Let’s make a quick, but effective switch from printed maxi to body con sexiness. Must haves? Sassy stilettos, dangly earrings and a chain link purse. Bonus points for a red lip and smoky eye. How is that for day-turned-night drama? 

    Adding Sparkle to Shine
    Friday July 01, 2011 Post a comment
    While solids and little black dresses can look great on their own, at night sometimes you need the right dose of sparkle to really shine. The key is to incorporate the right amount into your look without looking like a disco ball—or competing with those Fourth of July fireworks. The conventional wisdom (CW) that you should always take one accessory off before leaving the house after dressing up should be changed to this: only wear one accessory with sparkle before leaving home. That is, unless you are a diva who lives for being over the top! In a case of what not to do, one fashion victim was recently sighted on the Las Vegas strip wearing a silver sequined top with a gold rhinestone clutch and shoes, along with metallic leggings. She certainly stood out—but for all the wrong reasons. 

    Just one piece of jewelry can be enough to make you sparkle, whether it is a pair of Shooting Star Chandelier earrings  or a glittering tiered cuff bracelet. Another route is to have a sparkly pair of pumps or platforms. You can dance all night in these Alisha Hill gold platforms. Classic rhinestone pumps will never go out of style . Or you could try a blingy bag. (This Nina Trendsetter clutch is the only accessory you need to make a statement with its over-the-top metallic fabric embellished with stones all over. )

    For those of you who want your dress to sparkle, it doesn’t get classier than this gorgeous long gown from BG Haute that will have you going platinum as its embroidered sequins in your personal style hall of fame. A sequined gown may seem relatively pricey due to the work it takes to produce the luxe fabric, but it will never go out of style, holds up forever, and will always give what it takes to make a standout statement at any evening event. For a shorter, flirty take on sparkle, this silvery sequin party dress from Scala will have you covered—wear it with black or solid silver shoes.


    Instead of pairing silver-toned jewelry with a silver dress, which could result in an overly blinged out look, take a look at the newer jewelry trend toward dark stones, as in these black and gray chandeliers. They will still pack an accessories punch while not competing with your dress. Though sequins say sparkle like nothing else, adding just a touch of shine where it will accent your best assets also works. 

    Get Structured with Accessories
    Friday June 17, 2011 Post a comment
    Everyone can use some added structure in her life, and there is no mistaking that structured accessories have been in the spotlight this season. Structured box clutches are taking a page from 50s and 60s fashion, with mod shift dresses being mirrored by chunky, oversized necklaces, cuffs, and clutches. Sturdy platforms are also key to the 70s looks that are still in fashion including the knit maxi dress and broomstick skirt (tie dyed or not). Chunky heels will always have a place in your wardrobe for reasons beyond fashion: in addition to being classics, they are typically more comfortable than thinner heels (unless your platforms are as skyscraper high as Lady Gaga’s).

    This structured octagonal clutch from Whiting & Davis comes in sparkling metal mesh in two evening classic colors, gold and black. It would be a perfect bag for a destination wedding—dressy enough to wear to the reception, while also great with a pair of white jeans and a sexy silk top. It may seem pricy at $335 but it is worth the investment when you consider just how much you can wear it. For a silver metallic option at $145, this structured design will make you shine. It is wedding worthy with shelf life. 

    While the swinging 60s styles back in fashion definitely favor chunky accessories, box clutches have had other more prim incarnations. Imagine the ladies of Mad Men with hobo bags? No—they are working feminine but boxy bags and bold, take-notice accessories.
    These highly structured shoes have a bling-encrusted platform worthy of Louis XIV, who sported quite the fashionable, luxe platform shoes himself when men were on to the trend. They are extremely versatile with a mix of gold stones and silver uppers, with a dash of royal ruby red thrown in for color. Plus, with a supportive and structured chunky heel, you will be able to keep the party going all night.  
    Always remember that clean structured dress lines call for a boxy clutch, substantial cone or wedge heels versus skinny stilettos and chunky statement jewelry—no dainty delicate chains. This bracelet has some seriously stand-out stones in it that will make sure it does not get lost in the crowd and balances out the rest of your structured ensemble. 

    Inside the Suitcase
    Wednesday June 08, 2011 Post a comment
    We’ve got summer on the brain! Here we sit counting the minutes before shimmying off on our next fun getaway. Whether it’s a quick trip to the country, or a sweet sojourn to the shore, we’ve found it’s always best to stick close to the elements. Naturally, we’re referring to the must-have elements that easily pack into our luggage. A big brim hat and trusty sunnies are obviously essential, but what else goes best on the road? 

    Image source:

    For Vogue, The Coveteur catches up with fashion’s favorite editors, photographers and designers to see what they’re packing in their suitcases. Seems a bikini, denim cut-offs and an ipod are essential across the board. Here at NY Dress we think a fabulous frock is a must-have for the bag. Here are a few that shouldn’t get left behind.

    Sitting pretty at the top of the list is the Little White Dress, or simply the LWD. Multi-purposeful and always chic, the LWD creates the perfect ensemble day or night. Whether it’s dining al fresco or bon-firing on the beach, the key to it’s versatility is in the styling. 

    For evening cocktails, a mod mini dress is full of charm, especially when paired with metallic heels and a smart clutch. This wispy halter dress flows easily with the breeze at a seaside BBQ. Add tie-up espadrilles and bangles galore to keep you rolling in summertime fun.

    The ultimate in warm weather attire is the maxi dress—don’t leave home without it! Getting dressed in the maxi is easy as pie. Slip it on, then off you go! Try this abstract print maxi by Mignon. With its turquoise collar, your right on par with what’s hot this summer. Flat sandals slide easily into the suitcase, and a simple cuff with earrings keep the look effortless.

    Lastly, a cute sun dress, preferably with a floral print fits in no matter where your travels take you. Add a fabulous pair of sandals, and you’re ready to hit the town. Or take them off for a barefoot frolic in the sand. As for jewelry, keep it minimal with beaded strands. Summer vacay, here we come!

    We Love Lavender
    Monday May 16, 2011 Post a comment
    lavender on the runway

    Let purple reign: lavender is back in fashion from head to toe this season. Cosmetics companies from Make Up Forever to Aveda are selling shadows and liners featuring this eye-catching color, which flatters brown, blue, green, and hazel eye colors alike. Nail polishes from Opi, Essie, and others are also on the trend, including a shade from Opi’s new Texas collection for 2011 called “It’s Totally Fort Worth It”—a lavender gray that capitalizes on both the lavender and gray nail polish trends. Footwear is also following suit, including faux snakeskin pumps in the shade from makers including Diane Von Furstenberg. Even lavender colored stones in jewelry are in style once again—even trendsetting Vogue editor Anna Wintour can be seen sporting one of her custom-made gemstone necklaces in the shade on a regular basis. 

    While the luscious shade certainly livens things up as an accessory, even fans of the color might wonder how to wear it in a dress without looking like a pageant queen. The solution lies in choosing one lavender accent or statement piece and then keeping the rest of the palette neutral. Take this sexy short number by Baccio the silhouette is racy and the lavender adds an innocent yet flirty touch. Pair it with black or pewter heels or booties and some black crystal jewelry, and you will have an edgy, more fashion-forward look on your hands. Be advised: skip the matching lavender eye shadow or lip gloss when wearing a lavender gown; looking too matchy-matchy is very 1991—too 10 years ago. Instead, go for a smoky black linker or sophisticated cat’s eye look with a dark liquid liner. Blondes in particular should go for a strong eye as not to look washed out. 

    For a completely different take on lavender, check out this prom-worthy long satin design courtesy of La Femme. It will help you stand out among the red, white, and black gowns dominating the dance floor with a retro look. Pair it with soft side-swept waves, a simple rhinestone hair comb, and a pair of silver shoes. Lavender is also a good choice for a spring or summer wedding for the bridal party, as the color is almost universally flattering. Traditionally, however, a lavender bridal gown was reserved in olden times for a bride that was not pure enough to wear white; while times have changed, it could either be a color for the bride-to-be to avoid, or to wittily hint at in her bouquet to allude to the fact she has been living with her groom-to-be for years before tying the knot.

    Bridesmaid Makeup Trends
    Monday April 25, 2011 1 Comment
    There are so many different looks to enhance a bridesmaid dress. You may have your bridesmaids wearing a simple, understated dress and want to keep the look classy and sophisticated. You want the makeup that your bridesmaids wear to reflect the look and feel of the dress. You’ll want the bridesmaids to look fresh-faced and classic without looking plain and boring, which can be achieved by letting the eyes become the focal point of the face. Perhaps wearing a smoky eye with a nude lip, or pairing light eye shadows and heavier mascara with a peachy lip will do the trick. In this case you want your bridesmaids to wear something that does not overpower the dress. Try out this makeup tutorial from MissChievous.

    Or maybe your bridesmaids are wearing an understated dress and you want the makeup to reflect the exact opposite. You want the makeup to scream glam and high fashion. This can be achieved by doing a bold colored lip and sparkling eye shadow with high-powered mascara or false eye lashes. 

    You can even do period makeup to fit the look of your wedding. Try old Hollywood makeup to match this dress from our collection, or you can pair a dress like this one with a 50’s face

    Think about the location, time of day, and season of your wedding to help you pair the perfect bridesmaid dress and makeup together. 

    If you are having a garden wedding think of a look that is earthy and fresh. Play with colors that compliment the dress. If the dress is gold, hues of green eye makeup would look fantastic with a neutral lip color.  

    Time of day:
    If you are having an evening wedding, you may want to opt for brighter and bolder looks for the bridesmaids; think shimmer, glitter, and smoky. Darker eyeliners and shadows will look amazing on your bridesmaids at night. 

    Let’s say your wedding is in the winter. You may want your bridal party to reflect a holiday look of shimmer white eye shadows and eyeliners with a red lip color. Or let’s say wedding is in the spring. Maybe you’ll want to have your bridal party wearing a pink lip color to reflect the spring months with just the right amount of eye makeup. 

    As long as the makeup fits the look of the bridesmaid dress and the feel of the wedding, you are free to explore the endless possibilities of looks to make your bridesmaids feel like a movie star and to make your wedding absolutely perfect. Here are a few makeup trends that are popular for 2011. See if any of these fit your wedding style. 

    Chandelier Earrings at Prom
    Thursday April 14, 2011 Post a comment
    Chandelier earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to your party dress. They brighten and compliment your face, pulling your whole look together. But finding the right pair of chandelier earrings can be a challenge. Because a little bit of dangling bling goes a long, long way.

    Start by looking for a pair of chandelier earrings that doesn’t take the attention away from your dress but draws attention to your face. Pair chandelier earrings with a simple strapless gown. This combo works because the chandelier earrings aren’t competing with embellishments on the dress.  We like this pair in black for a sophisticated spin that’s sure to look dazzling! 

    Another tip is to make sure your hair is either up, swept to the side, or pulled back. You want people to see those dazzling earrings. This pair of clip-ons is absolutely gorgeous, , and we think they’re a perfect match to this yellow and purple print strapless gown.

    One-shoulder gowns also look amazing with chandelier earrings. A great trick is to play up the asymmetry of the gown. Pull your hair into a side up-do or ponytail on the strap side of the dress and wear a pair of dazzling earrings like these. The earrings will draw attention to your bare shoulder with a glamorous sparkle and shine.


    The golden rule is whichever gown you choose be sure that the earrings do not clash with your dress. The goal is to add something to your look without looking overdone and weighed down by your choice of accessories. 

    Spring Makeup Trends
    Friday April 01, 2011 Post a comment
    The beauty of this spring’s makeup trends is that there is a look to suit everyone. Universally flattering for every eye color, purple shadow continues making a comeback, with gorgeous new shades from prestige brands including Nars down to Revlon at your local drugstore. Purple shades of liner, shadow, or mascara (or all three) can add drama or rocker edge to little black dresses at night, or give a white gown an exotic, orchid-like tropical flair. 

    Image source:

    Eyeliner, especially black and colored liquid liners, have been upstaging false lashes and loads of mascara as the dramatic eye statement of choice. For day, a thin line in dark brown or black is classic, but for night, anything goes, with dramatic cat eye shapes that go beyond the natural outline of the eye. For lips, bright shades of vermillion, orange-red, and bright coral make a statement against a natural fresh face with a light dusting of bronzer. 

    Orange tones are definitely the new red for spring 2011. Shove the baby pink lipgloss aside for a dramatic fuschia or bright pink lipstick; a womanly statement with full-on lipstick versus a light gloss is the way to go, especially for evening. 


    Stars like tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D, who has a line at Sephora, are making loads of dramatic makeup, pin-up style, in style, even in sunny Los Angeles. 

    In addition to bronzers, which are big for spring as well as summer, blush is ranging from natural creamy tones in rosy shades that compliment bolder lips to peachy colors that work well with orange-toned lip shades. 

    So how do these looks match up to your wardrobe? An orange or orange-red lipstick shade would look fresh and fashion-forward with this white Jovani column dress at a formal event versus a dark or red lip, or a gloss that might look washed out. Meanwhile, imagine how a swipe of bold purple liquid liner would liven up this sequined minidress from Issue NY

    While these are fantastic looks for night, for day, try one of the taupe or green metallic shadows seen on the runways with a khaki shirtwaist or ecru shift dress. And remember: if all this color overwhelms you, or you are wearing one of spring’s vivid print dresses, you can always rely on basic black liner, mascara, and clear lip balm or gloss.

    How To Wear Your Bridesmaid Dress Again
    Monday March 28, 2011 Post a comment
    It’s so special to be a part of a friend’s special day as a bridesmaid...what an honor! You get to stand alongside one of your best pals on one of the happiest days of her life. And you get to look beautiful in that bridesmaid dress she picked out for you. As most of us know, however, bridesmaids often pay a pretty penny for a dress that will only get worn once.  

    What if we told you that there are a few secrets to wearing that bridesmaid dress again? You can look stylish and fabulous in that gown over and over again with a few minor adjustments. No one will know that the dress you are wearing to a gala, a dinner party, or even a night out on the town, was once a bridesmaid dress. And if you don’t tell, we won’t’ll be our little secret.  

    Think about accessorizing that dress according to where you’re going. If you have a knee length dress, you can pair it with a bold necklace, a blingy pair of earrings, a pair of heels, and a clutch and strut out the door for a night out. Still think you look a little too girly and frilly? Tone down the sophistication and amp up the edge by throwing on a black leather jacket from Vince Camuto, or this faux leather one from Express, and a studded belt to create a hip rocker-chic look. Try a clutch like this one from our accessories.

    Going out for brunch with the girls on a gorgeous early Saturday afternoon? You can pair this bridesmaid dress from our collection with a cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft and flats or with a white/cream leather jacket and sandals. 

    This bridesmaid dress would transition perfectly from a wedding to a dinner party or a gala. Pair your dress with a white tuxedo jacket or a blazer and a beautiful pair of studs or pearls...stunning!

    Remember you can always take that gown to the tailor. If the gown was long and you want to make it look more like a cute cocktail dress, have the tailor take off a few inches and voilà’ve got a dress that fits into your lifestyle.
    You have so many options to turn that one-time dress into a staple in your wardrobe.You’ll love how many wears you can get out of a dress that you thought you could never wear again. So get that dress out of the back of your closet, ladies. You have all the tools you need. 

    Red Hair, To Dye or Not to Dye?
    Monday March 07, 2011 2 Comments
    Image source:

    Red hair is hot right now.  There is Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Rihanna, and Marica Cross splashed all over the TV and magazines. Ashlee Simpson, Khole Kardsashian, and Hayden Panetierre had their hair dyed red for a while, too. And if you really think about it, the red hair popularity all kinda started when Lindsay Lohan came on to the scene with her hit “Mean Girls"—she had this gorgeous, full head of red hair. Don’t we all wish Lindsay would just go back to her natural color instead of alternating between blonde and dark brown? Didn’t she look amazing in her natural auburn locks?

    Should you dye your hair red?
    Well, if you’re fair skinned, the red hair color will be really flattering on you, especially if you have cool, pinkish, tones underneath and light colored eyes—the red hair will definitely bring them out. Just look at Anna Farris in the picture above for her new movie, “Take Me Home Tonight.” The red hair looks amazing on her. And, once again, just like Lindsay, the red hair seems to suit her better than the blonde. 

    It’s also a great hue to go for if you’re an indoors girl, and if your hair doesn’t have to be washed too often, as red hair dye fades faster than other colors. In addition, if you love trips to the salon, then you wouldn’t mind coloring your hair this color. 
    There are tons of red shades out there, from Strawberry Blonde to Reddish Browns. If you decide to color your hair, it’s always best to see a professional, who will recommend the best shade for you. Plus a professional hair colorist will make sure you get the red color you want; if you do it yourself at home you risk turning your hair orange or some other funky color, not the beautiful hue you were looking for.

    Frocks for red locks
    Think about how shiny, voluminous, red hair would look with these dresses on your big night or that special occasion you have coming up:  
    Asymmetric Dress with Train by Sherri Hill (The model has red hair!) 

    Remember to also ask you colorist to lighten or darken your brows so it matches your new hair, too.

    Should you not dye your hair red? 
    Dyeing your hair red may not be for you if you’re not high maintenance. Having red hair means constantly maintaining it. As I mentioned before, red hair fades really fast, and you will need a good shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair to keep your hair from going fabulous to blah. You will also need to revisit the salon at least every 6 weeks for root touchups and to refresh the color. 

    If you have olive skin or yellow undertones, red hair will not be the most flattering hair color on you. Of course, you should always express your style, but if you’re looking for a hair color change that’s going to be really stunning, you should look to the brown and blonde spectrums. 

    Can’t Decide What to Do?
    You can always go to your hairstylist and ask for a subtle change—get some red highlights added to your hair. Just a thought! 

    Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles
    Wednesday February 23, 2011 Post a comment

    Image source:

    A bridesmaid’s hairstyle  shouldn’t be too complicated. It is the bride’s day, after all! But, when you’re stuck trying to think of how your favorite girls should wear their hair as they stand up there with you, we’re here to help. 

    Think simple, and think of the dresses they’re wearing.  A shorter bridesmaid dress would look great with a low side ponytail with curls, while adding a rhinestone clip or flower to cover the hair tie. This hairstyle is not only elegant, but fun. 

    Another good hairstyle would be a low messy bun in the back of the head, such as the one Miley Cyrus has above.  You can even pair it with a matching headband. If the dress is long, a messy updo would look gorgeous and fun (the whole messy look is very “in” right now). As the model shows here, her hair is not only elegant, but definitely adds a little something to something so clean and kept. It’s very chic and very modern, and is sure to be a bridesmaid crowd pleaser hair style—none of the girls should disagree with wearing their hair like this on the day of your wedding. 

    You don’t always have to follow trends, though. If you’re looking to keep your bridesmaid hairstyles more on the classic, elegant side, then definitely do a half up-do, half down-do  with curls.  This hairstyle never seems to fade and is very traditional. Plus, this is also a great hairstyle if you plan on wearing your hair up in a beautiful up-do. This way, you stand out from the bridal party, and it may be worth considering how you want to wear your hair first if you’re really looking to be different from the other girls in the wedding. 

    On the flip side, if you decide you want your hair to be down, and theirs to be up in a classy, elegant way, try a French twist with some fancy pins stuck into it. 

    Choosing your bridesmaid hairstyles doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember that it’s your wedding, and the choice is 100% yours! 

    Your DIY Red Carpet Look
    Wednesday February 16, 2011 Post a comment
    Everyone wants to look and feel like a star for that special event, whether it’s for prom, a black-tie wedding, or that charity gala. Translating Hollywood fashion into do-it-yourself (DIY) red carpet fashion can be a cinch if you know how to make the trends work for you. 

    Pick a palette that makes you shine. At this year’s Golden Globes, for instance, stars Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones made viewers green with envy wearing deep shades of emerald: take a look on Access Hollywood to see how the color made them pop off the red carpet. This dress by La Femme will give you a similar look in emerald. But while the shade may work on these brunette beauties, it may not put blondes in their best light. Red carpet blondes including Mad Men’s January Jones wore red instead; a better option to interpreted the jewel-tone trend. This look by Jovani definitely has a wow factor that will help you outshine the competition. 

    There are red carpet fashions that will never go out of style. These include old-Hollywood satin gowns in shades of silver, champagne, and can’t-go-wrong black. Some stars are also wearing white satin year-round as a neutral—and while some style gurus call it a new look, the look is a timeless as Marilyn Monroe herself. 

    Accessories are key in taking your style from good to great. While non-celebrities may not be able to afford a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe, you can still stay tuned in to what’s happening now on the high end by visiting her site or reading the latest fashion glossies. But you can never go wrong with glam classics like a metallic gold or silver clutch and matching shoes, black or white satin bags and footwear, and a healthy dose of bling in the form of beading or crystals. 

    Pick a single piece of statement jewelry so you don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between glam and gaudy. Top your ensemble off with a real or faux-fur shrug or a chiffon wrap, and you will be ready for your close up.

    Glamour Survival Guide for Holiday Parties
    Sunday December 05, 2010 Post a comment
    ‘Tis the season. Date cards are filling up fast, and it seems like every night there’s another holiday party to attend. So you tease, curl, buff, gloss, and shimmy into one glamorous look after another. But it can be hard to keep up. Does my nail polish match my dress? Do these shoes really go with this dress? Are those the right earrings? Well, ladies, wonder no more. We’ve put together a short fashion survival guide that’ll keep you bouncing from party to party with little fuss and lots of glamour.

    The dress

    This is the time of year when your little black dresses should be hanging front and center in your closet. They’re versatile and always classy, so you can get a lot of style miles out of them. The best part about the LBD is that it’s something you can usually wear to work with a blazer or sweater. With a few key accessories in your tote, you can make a very glamorous transition from the workday to the glamorous night. 

    Don’t think you have to swear off those colorful party frocks, though. Put one or two in the same color family into the rotation. Pick a nail polish that will match all the dresses you plan to wear, and keep an eye out for any major clashes. This way you won’t be frantically scrubbing off your favorite orange nail polish fifteen minutes before party time, so you can wear your favorite purple dress.  

    The shoes

    Black is queen for versatile footwear, too, but it is the holiday season—which means sparkle and shine. And it’s also the fall/winter season, which just wouldn’t be lush and gorgeous without suede. This is a little bit of a dilemma, and the solution is having two very different kinds of party shoes that match all the dresses you plan to wear. Keep a black suede pump and a strappy heel with some kind of embellishment—rhinestones, glitter, pearls, etc.—on deck at all times. Mix them up appropriately for the mood and style of the party.

    The makeup

    Have fun with it. The holidays are the perfect excuse to try out that glittery, shiny look you’ve been lusting after in the fashion spreads. No other time of year is as celebratory and decadent, so definitely take advantage. Less, of course, is always more, so just work your shadows and highlights until you find the right bold-but-not-gaudy balance. 

    Also, pack the right tools for a few quick touchups. The key to looking great all night is taking a few makeup breaks to freshen those lips, cheeks, and lids.

    The accessories

    Set aside some jewelry in your collection for the holiday season. Take it out beforehand and see how it works with each dress your plan to wear. The goal is to find a set or a near complete set of earrings, a necklace, and a ring or bracelet that you can keep ready for a quick glamorous look. Keep the set simple and change out one accent piece. This makes each look unique, and you’ll get to show off those especially cool pieces without detracting from your outfit and at a time of year when people are full of oohs and aahs.

    How to Wear Fall Colors
    Tuesday September 07, 2010 Post a comment
    Fall is afoot. Time to pack up those wispy chiffon slip dresses and sandals (sigh) and switch to knee-high boots, pencil skirts, and cashmere sweaters. The autumn weather brings necessary wardrobe changes and a dramatic shift in color palate that requires you to abandon summery blues, pinks, and greens and opt for autumnal hues instead. Don't worry, though, this isn't a bad thing.  The fall color palate is distinct and dramatic in its own right with luscious earthy browns, greens, purples, and reds.

    It's the transition that can be a little bit difficult. How do you know which fall colors are for you and which ones you should leave out of your wardrobe?  This cool video gives you a crash course in wearing fall colors, so you can make the seasonal transition in style.

    Easy Updos Anyone Can Do
    Sunday July 25, 2010 Post a comment
    Ahh, hair envy, you know what it's like.  You're flipping through your favorite magazine, watching TV, or browsing your favorite fashion websites, and all you see are glamorous hairstyles you couldn't manage without a trip to the salon.  But not anymore.  

    Watch this amazing video and learn three new gorgeous updos that are a perfect match for your going-out dress collection.  All you'll need are some bobby pins, rubber bands, and a little bit of hairspray, really!

    Quick Club Makeup Tutorial
    Tuesday July 13, 2010 Post a comment
    Wanna look good when you hit the dance floor this weekend?  Get inspired with this short club makeup tutorial and learn the dos and don'ts of glitter, shadow, and highlights! 

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