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    Celebrity Style Spotlight: Megan Fox

    Friday March 18, 2011
    Categories: Match Maker
    Megan Fox is one of the hottest celebrities right now.  She’s gorgeous and probably every guy on this planet wants to marry her. What girl doesn’t want to look like her? 

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    One word that always describes Megan Fox’s look is sexy. She is one girl who is never afraid to bring on the sex appeal—just look at her posing in this beautiful purple dress! You, too, can achieve this look. 

    Check out these stunning dresses by Faviana which can help you imitate Megan’s style: 

    All dresses feature a slit, so you, just like Megan Fox, can show off your legs and perfect shoes. Girls—these dresses are all excellent options for the prom! But, if you’re really feeling the purple color, check out this great dress by Tony Bowls.

    If you decide to wear one of the above dresses, wear your hair in lose waves like Megan. You can either wear it all down, or try a side ponytail paired with some sparkly clips, and you will definitely capture that Megan Fox glamour.

    Another thing Megan has is a ton of confidence. It’s what also makes her style filled with sex appeal work. When you see her on your TV walking down the red carpet, she gets her strut on and walks with her head held high. Just like her, when wearing a dress to a special occasion, you have to own it. Confidence is the sexiest thing you’ll be wearing that night! 

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