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    How to Take a Great Prom Photo
    Monday February 17, 2014 Post a comment

    How to Take a Great Prom Photo

    Before you leave with your date, try out a few simple tips for taking perfect

    prom photos. Make sure to plan ahead so you don't feel rushed and can take

    the best photos possible.

    1. Find a clean background that doesn't distract. This can be a blank wall,

    a group of trees or in front of a limousine.

    2. Check for the best light. It should be bright, but not too bright. You

    don't want any squinting! Try your camera with flash and without.

    3. Keep your shoulders straight, but relaxed.

    Posture is important, but you also want to look natural.

    4. Keep your head up, but your chin down.

    5. Make sure that you're being shot at eye-level versus from below to avoid

    a double-chin situation.

    6. Angle your body by turning your shoulder toward the camera.

    It creates a slimmer silhouette.

    7. Keep your tongue behind your teeth for a natural-looking smile.

    8. Make sure to get a variety of shots with your date and in a group.

    9. Don't forget to photograph the details like your corsage or accessories.

    10. Have fun with your photos! After you take the fancy staged shots, make

    sure take a few candids or get-silly with props.

    Silhouette Selection!
    Wednesday January 29, 2014 Post a comment

    Silhouette Selection!

    When it comes to shopping for your prom dress, it's hard to know which

    silhouette is which so we put together a mini-guide to help in your

    search! Above we have a high-low design with an embellished top and simple

    mini-skirt. This is especially dance-worthy since it moves so well. Below are

    a few trending options and a description of the look. You'll notice we threw

    in ballgown twice. This is to show that you can easily rock a princess dress

    or go as a ballerina with edge.

    More Makeovers With NUE By Shani
    Monday December 09, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    More Makeovers With NUE By Shani

    Ambush Makeover is at it again! With a short new 'do and a dress from

    NUE by Shani, the second woman walked right out and strutted her stuff.

    We love her new confidence in this fantastic body-shaping look. Her NUE

    design has unique details that, as the stylist says, "works in lieu of jewelry."

    We picked a few similar styles that are sure to make the perfect holiday

    . It's hard to pick just one!

    Our Top Six Body-Con Dresses For the Holiday Season
    Tuesday November 05, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Our Top Six Body-Con

    Dresses For the Holiday Season

    O Magazine included Tadashi in their list of top body-con dresses so we

    put together our favorite body-con looks that are perfect for the holiday

    season. You've got red, white and glitter, not to mention a choice between

    sophisticated length or sassy shortness. Go ahead and get your sultry on

    with these gorgeous holiday dresses!


    Orange is the New Black + NUE by Shani
    Wednesday October 09, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Orange is the New Black + NUE by Shani

    You might know her as the loveable, yet tough Daya from Netflix's Orange

    is the New Black, but actress Dascha Polanco was looking soft and girly

    in pretty pastels for the recent Kids ROCK Fashion Show. She picked a NUE

    by Shani
    dress that hugged her curves beautifully as she strutted her stuff

    alongside the kids.

    Mother of the Bride
    Wednesday August 14, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Mother of the Bride

    Maybe you're the mother of a bride searching for the perfect look. Maybe

    you're the grandmother searching for something demure. Maybe you're the aunt

    or the godmother who wants to look your best on this special day. Either way,

    you've come to the right place! We've culminated our favorite collection of

    Mother of the Bride dresses to aide in your search for a wonderful dress that

    is elegant, sophisticated and eye-catching without distracting from the bride's

    special day. Take a look a a few of our favorites!

    Modest Sophistication
    Thursday May 23, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Modest Sophistication

    If you're a lady of sophistication looking for the perfect evening-wear look,

    you have come to the right place. There's no need to give up style for modesty

    so today we're showcasing our favorite dresses that are glamorously elegant,

    with a bit of cover up to their silhouette. Looking for more? You can browse

    our modest dresses for an array of fabulous gowns suitable to your comfort level.

    Style Spotlight: Zooey Deschanel's Darling Dresses
    Thursday April 25, 2013 Post a comment
    title image

    Style Spotlight:

    Zooey Deschanel's Darling Dresses

    In our quest to find a star who embodies our love for A-line dresses, we looked

    to the ever-adorable Zooey Deschanel. She's consistently dressed amazing and

    rocks an A-line silhouette like no other star out there. Check out a few

    favorites from this quirky, stylish gal!

    Bride 101
    Tuesday August 21, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    How To Choose Your Dress

    So you're engaged; after the champagne and handfuls of congratulations have worn off-reality sets in. Now what? You may have had your ideal of a perfect wedding dress,(or two) but before you hit the ground running, take note of a couple tips.

    -What time of the year will your wedding be taking place?

    -Where will your reception be taking place, (i.e. a ball gown dress might not be appropriate for an outdoor reception)

    -Will you be wearing a store bought dress or a custom made dress? Perhaps you'll even be wearing a vintage dress that needs some tailoring done to it. A custom made dress usually takes about four months from start to finish so it's important that you give yourself enough time to make changes.

    -Set a budget: remember that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to have a beautiful dress. Do give yourself some wiggle room just in case you have to spend a little extra on tailoring, beading etc.


    In this photo: 1. Allure 8950(price upon request) 2. Allure 8770, (price upon request) 3. Nikka 4077, ($598) 4. Mori Lee 1809, ($798)

    Your Silhouette

    -Above all else, you should always feel beautiful in your dress and part of that is due in part to the fit and style of wedding dress. -Stay true to yourself and what looks best on you. Perhaps there's a part of your body you want to conceal or highlight. Work with your tailor to make this happen.

    1)The Ball Gown: this style was originally introduced by Queen Victoria. This style works on women of average height and flatters fuller and hourglass figures.You can choose a heavy fabric which will give your dress body and weight or a lighter fabric for a weightless effect.

    2) The A-line: this dress follows the shape of an A from the narrow part of the bodice to the outer edges of the skirt. This style is very flattering and elongating to different body shapes.

    3.The Empire Waist: this dress featured a high waist and is usually cropped at the bust line. It is mostly flattering to women with a smaller chest-but not necessarily for a woman with a larger bust.

    4. Mermaid Cut: This dress is fitted throughout the bodice and flares out at the knee or a little lower than the knee. This style is flattering to the hourglass figure and is equally flattering to a woman who wants more body

    5.Sheath Dress: This dress is perfect if you are comfortable showing your curves. It fits close to the body-it is perfect for women who have narrow hips and are taller. Avoid this style of dress is you have wide hips and narrow shoulders.

    Bridesmaid 101
    Tuesday August 07, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Bridesmaid 101

    One of the biggest dilemmas in a wedding, aside from finding your perfect dress is finding the bridesmaids' dresses. It's stressful enough finding your own gown; how do you make the right decision for a handful of women? When it comes to bridesmaids, should you let them choose their own dresses or is there a way to reach a happy medium?

    How about the LBD,(little black dress)as bridesmaid dresses? You can never go wrong in this timeless classic. Think of black bridesmaid dresses as blank canvases where your bridesmaids can really create their own look with fun accessories, (heels, jewelry, belt/scarves and makeup). Remember that you while you do want some sense of uniformity, it's also important to give your bridesmaids a sense of self.

    Mori Lee 20367, ($152) and Mori Lee 658, ($144)


    What about a different color for each bride? Choose a couple colors that compliment your wedding theme and give your bridesmaids the option to choose a color. We love the idea of fresh color in chic and simple styles. Alred Sung is one of our favorite designer to do this with.

    Alfred Sung 542, ($184) and Alfred Sung 534, ($184)


    We also like the idea of keeping one half of your bridesmaids in one style/length of dress and the other half in a different style and length. This way, there's still that sense of uniformity and variety. Find out which lengths and styles your bridesmaids are comfortable wearing and find a two happy mediums. Wtoo Bridesmaids is perfect for added variety!

    Wtoo 394, ($198) and Wtoo 333, ($198)


    On Trend
    Wednesday July 18, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Age Of The Bandage

    Body conscious dresses are making big waves on and off the red carpet-the dress that hugs your body in all the right places, giving you an enviable hourglass figure. Bandage dresses have been a favorite of celebrities for years now and with absolute good reason. It doesn't sit limp on your body-it seems to define our natural curves and what woman wouldn't love natural definition?

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Shail K KK3815

    celebrity style

    celebrity style

    Full Figured Fashion Week
    Wednesday June 13, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    Go Figure

    We knew it wouldn’t be long before waif like models weren’t the only ones strutting down the catwalk. Now in its fourth year, the New York Full Figured Fashion Week, features plus size models donning the latest fashions. This is by no means an introduction to the plus size fashion. In fact, the 1.7 billion dollar a year empire is here to stay No mumus or shapeless caftans here; these curvaceous women will be modeling the latest trends including actual pieces from Micheal Kors, Eileen Fisher, Eli Tahari and Ralph Lauren’s runway shows. The events began last night and will run through Saturday. Most events are $40, but there is a free runway show happening today at Bloomingdales in the city. For more information, go here.

    celebrity style

    Panoply and DKNY: High-Low Hems
    Monday May 14, 2012 Post a comment
    title image

    MATCH MAKER: High-Low Hems

    DKNY Runway image

    Style Inspiration:
    DKNY Spring Summer Fashion 2012 Collection at New York Fashion Week.

    This season’s focus is on simple silhouettes and bright colors that at are perfect for the warmer weather! Flowing silhouettes, light fabrics and high-low hems are definitely on trend!

    NewYorkDress' Answer: 
    Panoply 14451 : $448.00 Fine, translucent material pours down as an overlay from there and sweeps along to the floor. This high-low dress, with intricate detailing has everything!

    What shape are you?
    Tuesday January 24, 2012 7 Comments

    Beauty comes in all shapes. What shape are you? 

    body type image

    Hour Glass (think Salma Hayek) This shape is coveted by many, but enjoyed by few! With this type of figure, pretty much anything goes. Lucky you!

    Triangle (think Jennifer Garner) You can choose to emphasize the upper body with a dress that has good support and a deep neckline. If you want to de-emphasize the upper body, wear a dress that attracts the eye to the waistline.

    Pear (think Jennifer Lopez) Try an a-line or full shirt to de-emphasize your hips. Try a fitted top to draw more attention to the upper portion of the body.

    Rectangle (think Kate Moss) You can create "curves" with a bell-shaped dress that draws attention to the bust line. Dresses with belts also help create curves.

    Apple (think Renée Zellweger) Try an empire waist. You won't have to worry about it being too tight on the waist or hips. A shorter dress will bring attention to your legs rather than your mid-section.

    A Prom-goer Seeks Fashion Advice from NewYorkDress Stylists!
    Tuesday January 24, 2012 Post a comment supporter Christina wrote in from Egypt to seek the expert advice of our stylist team in hopes of getting dress, hair and make-up suggestions for her prom this year. Standing at a petite 5 feet tall and having a pear shaped body, our stylists recommended Allure Dress 6410N ($338.00) as a top dress choice. The empire waist and short length of the skirt will help create an elongated body illusion.

    Out Stylist’s Suggestion for Christina!

    Our stylists paired this gorgeous dress with Benjamin Walk “Tahiti” shoes ($117.00) because of their delicate simplicity.

    For her hair, the stylists suggested an up-do (pictured above) which will show off the dress’ sweetheart neckline and her shoulders. This will also help create an elongating effect. Finally, for her make-up – our experts recommended a natural smoky eye and a neutral tone for the lips like a sheer coral gloss.

    We think she’ll look gorgeous! To check out these and other styles visit our Prom 2012 dress page or our “As Seen In” section for styles featured in Seventeen Prom and Teen Prom magazines!

    Measure for your dress size
    Tuesday January 17, 2012 Post a comment

    Learn how to measure for your dress size in 3 steps! 

    Get Real With Sydney's Closet
    Friday December 02, 2011 Post a comment

    Get Real with Sydney's Closet! 

    We just had a great lunch with the owners of Sydney's Closet, where we talked about the way society refers to larger models as "plus size" and tiny, size zero models, as "normal". We all agreed… it's time for us all to rethink what it is to be a "normal" size.

    The dress above is a Dazzling single strap dress by Sydneys Closet 7057 gown.

    Your Signature Silhouette
    Friday July 22, 2011 2 Comments
    We’ve been there countless times. What starts as an exciting adventure in search of the perfect dress, ends in a fitting room disaster with the mismatched battling the ill-fit. That sexy frock hanging on the rack seemed to call our name, but once slipped onto the body said nothing that flatters.
    This brings us to the golden rule of dress shopping: a fabulous garment is only as fabulous as its fit, and certain silhouettes are prime to become your BFF. A curvy figure needs a different cut than her petite friend, and the long-limbed lady will seek something else. It’s all about proportions so let's get aligned! Say bye-bye wardrobe malfunctions. Hello signature silhouette! 

    ScarJo hourglass silhouette
    Image source:
    To the beautiful woman who are well endowed with an hourglass figure, similar to Scarlett Johansson, you’ll want to play up your tiny waist. Look for soft fabrics such as silk that easily drape with your curves. If you have a full bust it’s an absolute must to avoid high necklines. Instead, choose halters, V-necks or sweetheart necklines. Belts also score big points for your figure, so cinch to your hearts desire. If you tend to be bottom heavy, or pear shaped than A-lines are your BFF.
    For the lovely ladies who fare on the petite side—you need to be wary of drowning in a sea of fabric. Small women should choose silhouettes that elongate their frame. Your BFF? A tailor! Make sure you’ve got a good one on hand. You’ll want all hemlines just above the knee. No one rocks a mini like you petites. But that’s no reason to shy away from the maxi dress. Just keep the hem at the ankle, no longer than that. And never forget your heels! Step into this hot number by Scala then think big for the night.
    Statuesque and standing tall at 5’9’’ or more?  Than guess what—the majority of dresses are your BFF! Most silhouettes will work for you. A-lines, sheaths, column gowns they’re all designed with you in mind. You just need to accentuate your curves. Cinched waists, plunging necklines and draping pleats will add femininity to your look. While other body types may need to shy away from full skirts, you are free to play with volume. This gown by Alyce will take you to all the right places. Glamour-ready and raring to go!

    We’re Going Mad For Mad Men
    Wednesday July 06, 2011 2 Comments
    We love a little bit of drama—especially when it's wrapped up with a lot of glamour. So for our summer fix, we're re-running through the previous four seasons of Mad Men with its unadulterated drama, and costuming genius of Janie Bryant. This woman knows the power of a glamorous dress! In her interpretation of early sixties fashion, Bryant celebrates the female form with an absolutely perfect fit. The cinched waist dresses, body hugging sheaths and cleavage boosting bodices say lady-like elegance like a well crafted handbag with shoes to match.

    Mad Men fashion
    Image source:
    We are thrilled that Bryant has brought these silhouettes into the limelight, and clearly we aren’t alone. Michael Kors completed a Mad Men inspired collection, Brooks Brothers (with Bryant’s collaboration) released a limited edition Mad Men Suit, and Banana Republic (with Bryant at the helm) will release a 65 piece capsule collection for men and women hitting stores this August. Bryant was recently honored at the New York Women in Film & Television Designing Women event where she wove tales from her childhood clothing obsession with her Emmy award winning career. The costumes designed by Bryant tell a fascinating story that steps well beyond the set of Mad Men. 
    The transformation from actress to character begins in the fitting room—the proper undergarments are key. At the NYFW event, actress Cara Buono confessed to a time when arriving on set in full costume, Bryant immediately spotted a flaw. It was the bra! Buono was sent back to her dressing room to change into her character Faye’s shape wear instead. This slight adjustment changed everything from inside to out. We concur that feminine features do well when accompanied with the right underpinnings. Streamline your silhouette with this body shaper by Julie France.
    If womanly curves are your foundation then Joan’s femme fatale look is calling your name. Think Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe with their sexy hourglass silhouettes turning all heads in the room. Try this deep-v clinging number with kitten keels and a sharp hand bag. Now who's bringing sexy back?
    Perhaps it’s Grace Kelly whose classic style connects to your core. Than you’re best bet is to dress like Betty. The cool confidence portrayed by January Jones comes off like the shiny icing on a cake. Step into this timeless dress, add pearls and white gloves for picture perfect elegance.

    For those who think of Audrey Hepburn as their muse then Peggy is your gal. A bit more subdued, yet totally charming, Peggy wears sweet silhouettes and soft prints. Try this strapless polka dot mini-dress, add a fitted cardigan with sparkly brooch, then you’re modern vintage done right.

    Prom 2011: Long vs. Short Dresses
    Wednesday February 02, 2011 Post a comment
    High school is so much more than worrying about that next Shakespeare test. It’s also about making memories with your closest friends, and there’s no better time to do that then at the prom. It’s one of the most important times in a girl’s life, and it all starts with getting the perfect dress. But how do you know what length is right for you?

    The traditional prom dress is long, and there’s nothing wrong with that! There are tons of long dresses out there to suit just every body type and style. We like this strapless long dress by La Femme because it’s classy and elegant.  It features a slit, which gives it just a hint of sexiness, and will have you set to stun. With long dresses, you also have a variety of silhouettes to choose from. Go for a princess look in this gorgeous beaded ball gown from Joli, or get your hips into it with this mermaid dress from Allure

    There are cons to getting a long dress, too, such as alterations costs. If you’re not super tall, you will have to get the dress hemmed so you won’t be tripping as you walk in, or even worse, step on your own dress and ruin it!  If you plan on hitting the dance floor as soon as the music begins and dancing the night away, then you may feel a little uncomfortable in a long dress.

    Enter the short dress option. In addition to freedom to dance, dance, dance, shorter dresses will always make a petite girl look taller. They show more leg, and paired with some glamorous high heels, a short dress can make it seem like you grew three inches the night before the prom. Plus, you can save money by not having to hem it. Another pro to getting a shorter dress is they’re usually much more versatile, if you don’t want that “prom-esque” look. This dress from BG Haute is very versatile, and we won’t tell if you wear it to another event.

    Take the venue into account, too. If your prom will be held at a fancy place instead of your gym, then consider a long dress, which usually tends to be more formal. Also, be aware of any school dress codes! Some schools won’t allow someone to come in wearing a dress that’s too short.  After all planning you made for the big night, you don’t want to spend the night at home.  

    Overall, just make sure that no matter what length you choose, the dress reflects your style and makes you feel fabulous all night long.  

    What's My Dress Size Video
    Thursday November 18, 2010 Post a comment
    Ever wondered just how and where to take your sizing measurements?  Well, no need to wonder anymore.  The team shows you exactly how to do it and gives some special pointers on comparing your measurements to the size charts.  Some insider tips will have you inches closer to that perfect fit in any dress style. Watch and see!

    10 Necklines Just for Fashion
    Thursday August 26, 2010 Post a comment

    Earlier in the week, we shared an informative video about choosing the right neckline for your body type.  But we know that you have other things on your mind when you’re looking for the perfect dress.  At the top of that list is the fashion factor.  You want a dress that looks amazing and gives you a healthy dose of style, too.  Because without style, what’s the point?  

    While keeping the focus on necklines, we’ve browsed through our extensive dress collection and picked out 10 dresses with unforgettably fashionable necklines.  We hope they inspire you!

    Choosing a Flattering Neckline
    Tuesday August 24, 2010 Post a comment
    The neckline is often the most enticing part of dress.  With a little bit of detail, you can draw attention to your curves and show off your body in style.  But knowing what kind of detail is going to flatter your particular frame and curves isn't always obvious.  And sometimes what we like isn't what looks good on us, either.  This short  video tells you what necklines are best suited for your body type and which ones you should probably avoid, so you can keep looking fabulous. 


    Well, what's the verdict?  Do the dresses in your closet measure up?  We discovered several dresses we owned just weren't flattering, but we also found that we'd been neglecting several styles that will actually look great on us.  Hmmm, what a perfect excuse to go shopping!

    ISO the Hourglass Silhouette
    Thursday August 19, 2010 Post a comment

    With 1950s fashions at the top of the trend list this fall, it only makes sense to stop for a minute and celebrate one super look, the hourglass silhouette, that really hit its stride during the decade.  Women that have hourglass shapes—Marilyn, Scarlett, Selma, America—tend to make jaw-dropping appearances, captivating everyone with their natural dimensions. 

    Research indicates that this body type is actually the least common, and maybe that’s why it’s so coveted.  Only about 8% of women actually have a true hourglass silhouette, their bust and hips being roughly the same diameter with a waist curve at least nine inches smaller.  However, luckily for the majority of women, clever designers have devised myriad ways to tease out an hourglass silhouette.

    Now, there’s no question that you can’t magically change your body’s natural shape, but with a little shopping savvy you can get the curves you’re after.  One of our favorite ways of supplementing hourglass curves is picking an evening gown with a dramatic mermaid silhouette A fit-and-flare style gracefully fills in any gaps you might have in your curves, and the more dramatic the flare of the skirt, the curvier you’ll appear.

    Since an hourglass shape emerges when bust and hips are roughly the same size, your goal is to balance your bust and hips by either enhancing or minimizing what's unbalanced.  There’s several things you can do to make this work for your shape.  If you have too much on top, look for a dress that plays down the bust and avoid plunging and low-cut necklines that draw attention to your chest.  If you’re rounder on the bottom, achieve balance with a dress that plays up your waist curve and gives way into a flowing skirt.  Of course, you can always try undergarments that shape, smooth, boost, and curve, and in this day and age, there are hundreds of products that get the job done in a simple, behind-the-seams way.

    Year after year, the hourglass ceases to fall out of fashion.  And although those women with these natural curves tend to make us a lil’ green with envy, we can’t help but appreciate the beauty of this silhouette, too.  Long live the hourglass!


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