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Makeup Tips for Gals with Specs

Wednesday June 27, 2012
Categories: Exclusives
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Makeup 101: Gals With Specs

If you were like most of us, you may have felt that glasses in grade school were a curse. Maybe you used to hide them so you wouldn't have to wear them and now that you're older, you've grown to love your frames. While a great pair of specs can truly frame your face perfectly, do you ever get the feeling that you're hiding behind them? Have no fear, a few tricks of the trade can have your peepers popping once again.

Leona Lewis bright eyed look

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Keep it neutral: Bobbi Brown concealer and eye shadow compact. The cleaner and more neutral you keep your lid, the wider and brighter your eyes seem.

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Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner- this long lasting liner opens up the eye and adds drama.

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Don't be afraid to add on the mascara to add drama and give your eye a flirty look. Pay close attention to the eyebrows; filling them in with brow gel or a brow pencil.

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