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    YSL Name Change

    Thursday June 21, 2012
    Categories: The Fashion Scene
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    YSL Name Change

    After the initial whispers about Yves Saint Laurent's possible name change, it's just been confirmed that Hedi Slimane, is changing the name of the game. "Yves" will be taken out of Yves Saint Laurent. That's right, no longer will we be able to murmur the beautiful, "Yves Saint Laurent," instead, we'll be saying "Saint Laurent Paris." The new name is expected to make its debut when Slimane's Spring '13 collection hits stores. A name debut? Wow. And what of the fashionably iconic YSL logo? No need to fear, certain shoe soles and makeup products are said to still feature the original YSL logo designed by Ukrainian-French artist A. M. Cassandre. It only seems fitting that the new name is going to take some getting used to.

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