Clarisse 2566
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail
Clarisse 2566 thumbnail

Clarisse 2566

Richly embellished strapless evening gown with shimmer by Clarisse

Enrich your exceptional evening in the richly embellished style of this stunning gown by Clarisse 2566. Splashy crystals sparkle along the strapless, sweetheart neckline, underscoring a stellar place for your statement necklace. Exquisite shine draws delicate designs along the fitted bust and midriff, and drizzles past the slender waist with dazzling detail. The gathered skirt spills in soft lines to a liquid, full-length hemline.


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