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Contemporary dresses make the most of today's hottest trends, and many of them incorporate plenty of classic elements too.

It pays to consider contemporary dresses when shopping for the perfect thing. There's a time and a place for classic designs. When you need to stand out in a bold way, though, you can't go wrong with a thoroughly modern gown or dress. You'll find today's hottest contemporary styles at NewYorkDress.com.

You can wear a contemporary dress to just about any event. Whether you need to be dressed to the nines or just need something you can dance the night away in, you're sure to find the perfect option at NewYorkDress.com. Many of the most popular contemporary cocktail dresses and gowns work just as well at upscale events as they do for nights out on the town. The versatile designs of these dresses make them perfect for today's busy girls.

One of the neat things about contemporary styles is that they usually offer classic silhouettes that have special twists. For example, you will find long, slinky column gowns that are spiced up by two-tone coloring and other unique details. As for cocktail dresses, there are plenty of contemporary options. Choose an especially short style to make the most of your long, shapely legs. High-low dresses are wonderfully trendy, and they look great on just about any body type too.

There's nothing like slipping into a contemporary dress that's bursting with uniqueness and flair. Many of these dresses feature whimsical details that are sure to captivate everyone you meet. Sequined rompers have painted-on designs, and they are also daringly short. There are corseted dresses that are topped off by lovely sweetheart necklines too.

As lovely as classic gowns and dresses can be, it's sometimes nice to stay on the cutting edge of fashion for a big event. In that case, you can't go wrong with a contemporary dress from NewYorkDress.com. There are styles by today's most popular brands and designers, so finding the perfect one is a breeze. You'll love the way you look in today's hottest contemporary dresses, so start shopping now.

Contemporary Dresses

  • Faviana S8002
    Faviana S8002

    Spicy Off the Shoulder Gown with Circular Flounce Sleeves by Faviana S8002
    Available in 3 colors

  • Tarik Ediz 50001
    Tarik Ediz 50001

    Off-the-shoulder gown with sheer sleeves by Tarik Ediz 50001
    Available in 3 colors

  • Sherri Hill 50919
    Sherri Hill 50919

    Sizzling Sheath Gown by Sherri Hill 50919
    Available in 9 colors

  • Terani 1713P2550
    Terani 1713P2550

    Scintillating cutaway gown with train from Terani Prom 1713P2550
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse 3153
    Clarisse 3153

    Sleek Evening Gown by Clarisse 3153
    Available in 5 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25220I
    Mac Duggal 25220I

    Chic Simplicity Evening Dress by Ieena for Mac Duggal 25220I
    Available in 5 colors

  • Faviana 7859
    Faviana 7859

    Refined Radiance Pleated Cocktail Dress by Faviana 7859
    Available in 3 colors

  • Johnathan Kayne 7054
    Johnathan Kayne 7054

    Empress sparkling mermaid gown from Johnathan Kayne 7054
    Available in 2 colors

  • Faviana 7850
    Faviana 7850

    Wrapped Sensation Draped Cocktail Dress by Faviana 7850
    Available in 5 colors

  • Jasz Couture 5959
    Jasz Couture 5959

    Hollywood Plunge Flowing Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5959
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tarik Ediz 93110
    Tarik Ediz 93110

    Exquisite Asymmetrical Ruffle Evening Gown by Tarik Ediz Prom 93110
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mac Duggal 30256I
    Mac Duggal 30256I

    Futuristic Fantasy Draped Romper by Ieena for Mac Duggal 30256I
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox A13680
    Aidan Mattox A13680

    Brilliant Sequined Delight Evening Dress by Aidan Mattox A13680
    Color: Ivory/Fuchsia

  • Aidan Mattox 200381
    Aidan Mattox 200381

    Ooh-la-la halter-style formal with lace insets by Aidan Mattox 200381
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox A14580
    Aidan Mattox A14580

    Pretty sleeveless formal with high-low hemline by Aidan Mattox A14580
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25301I
    Mac Duggal 25301I

    Cinched Dream Cocktail Dress by Ieena for Mac Duggal 25301I
    Color: Emerald Green

  • Aidan Mattox 200247
    Aidan Mattox 200247

    Finely fitted sleeveless formal with ruffle by Aidan Mattox 200247
    Color: Red

  • Faviana 7851
    Faviana 7851

    Plunging Beauty Halter Cocktail Dress by Faviana 7851
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25007I
    Mac Duggal 25007I

    Decadent Caped Evening Dress by Ieena for Mac Duggal 25007I
    Color: Black

  • Jasz Couture 5993
    Jasz Couture 5993

    Taffeta Cascade Shimmering Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5993
    Available in 2 colors

  • La Femme 24449
    La Femme 24449

    Striking crossover evening gown with graphic contrasts by La Femme 24449
    Color: Black/White

  • Terani 1711P2357
    Terani 1711P2357

    Superior contrasting layered gown from Terani Prom 1711P2357
    Available in 4 colors

  • La Femme 23479
    La Femme 23479

    Sparkling Cinched Cutout Evening Dress by La Femme 23479
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox A99480
    Aidan Mattox A99480

    Essential halter-style dress with fringy accents by Aidan Mattox A99480
    Available in 2 colors

  • Clarisse 3095
    Clarisse 3095

    Sleek Evening Gown by Clarisse 3095
    Available in 3 colors

  • Clarisse 3110
    Clarisse 3110

    Sheer Flower Detail Evening Gown by Clarisse 3110
    Color: Black

  • Rachel Allan 4321
    Rachel Allan 4321

    Sublime Sparkles Party Ensemble by Rachel Allan 4321
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25026I
    Mac Duggal 25026I

    Sultry Cold Shoulder Cocktail Dress by Ieena for Mac Duggal 25026I
    Color: Royal

  • Tony Bowls TB117238
    Tony Bowls TB117238

    Pop-art vibrant printed mermaid from Tony Bowls TB117238
    Color: Black/White Multi

  • Aidan Mattox 200597
    Aidan Mattox 200597

    Radiant strapless formal with airy layers by Aidan Mattox 200597
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1712P2741
    Terani 1712P2741

    Vibrant diva two-piece gown from Terani Prom 1712P2741
    Color: Fuchsia/Orange

  • MNM Couture N0120
    MNM Couture N0120

    Asymmetrical Enchantress Sparkling Evening Gown by MNM Couture N0120
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25514
    Mac Duggal 25514

    Starlet caped pantsuit from Ieena for Mac Duggal 25514
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tarik Ediz 93175
    Tarik Ediz 93175

    Colorblock Illusion Mermaid Evening Gown by Tarik Ediz 93175

  • La Femme 23676
    La Femme 23676

    Captivating Cold Shoulder Evening Dress by La Femme 23676
    Available in 2 colors

  • Jasz Couture 6057
    Jasz Couture 6057

    Daring Crisscross Cutout Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 6057
    Available in 2 colors

  • Jasz Couture 6047
    Jasz Couture 6047

    Sassy Cutout Sensation Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 6047
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 85598
    Mac Duggal 85598

    Posh sleeveless pantsuit ensemble by Mac Duggal 85598
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 25403
    Mac Duggal 25403

    Majestic cutout halter gown from Ieena for Mac Duggal 25403
    Available in 6 colors

  • Aidan Mattox 200708
    Aidan Mattox 200708

    Flirty one-shoulder gown with ruffled accent by Aidan Mattox 200708
    Color: Black/White


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