Decode 18

Decode 1.8 dresses are on-trend and full of the newest styles, and is a collection you need to check out.

This youthful, fresh label features dresses with short skirts and sexy bodices – the perfect styles for the modern woman, whether she’s going to parties, clubs, or just looking for a way to freshen up and formalize her everyday wardrobe! Almost all the looks available from Decode 1.8 are designed with well-toned legs in mind, from the Metallic Braided Mini Dress to the Left Bank Drop Waisted Dress, and beyond. The natural waists (along with two dresses with adjusted waists) make these straightforward styles perfect for anyone who needs outfits for both formal nights out and less formal, everyday situations. With only three dresses that feature floor-length hems, Decode 1.8 is making a statement – show off what you’ve got!

Some of the looks from Decode 1.8, like the Two-Tone Student-cut Skirt Dress, are wearable enough to feature prominently in your everyday outfit selection Along with the Tailored Mini Dress with Decorative Snaps, as well as other pieces in the Decode 1.8 collection, this dress is perfect for busy women on the go. Wear it with a cardigan or jacket during the day, and at night you’ll have a look that transitions effortlessly to fit in with your evening plans. If you have time to go home and spruce up before a big night out, you can make an appearance in the Strapless Three Layer Skirt Dress or the Wrapped Sheath Gown by Decode 1.8. And if your event is a formal dinner or a family occasion, you can investigate looks including the Sparkling Ruched Scoop Gown, the Strapless Elasticated Bust Dress, or the Spaghetti Strap Gown with Pleated Bands and Pattern. All these looks incorporate the latest trends – fun prints, long skirts, and an elegant sophistication that compliments their wearer – into singular pieces that can help you play up your fashionable side.

Decode 1.8 uses a series of prints and patterns in some of its dress fabrics, adding dimension and texture to their already ideal looks. The sequins on the Shimmering Sequin Cocktail Dress create patterns from light, while the abstract imagery seen on the Wide Strap Box Bust Party Dress and the Strapless Elasticated Bust Dress help these fabrics flow and shimmer as their wearer walks. For those who eschew empty embellishment in favor of craftsmanship and attention to detail, Decode 1.8 provides the perfect balance of quality and style in both execution and design intent. Whether you need a dress for a formal occasion, a night on the town, or a family night out these are fresh, youthful looks that can elevate any young lady’s status on the spot thanks to their poise and tastefulness. Unlike designers who feature garish, attention-grabbing patterns in their clothes, the pieces from this Decode 1.8 collection use their patterns to compliment, rather than overshadow, a look’s overall feel.

Since these dresses are fresh and playful, accessories should stay light, highlighting aspects of the look instead of trying to compete with them. A slim bracelet or simple necklace might match well with the Zagalicious Party Dress or the Asymmetrical Floral Ruffle gown, two designs that already feature a high level of craftsmanship and detail, since you don’t want to overwhelm your look by adding too many gorgeous flourishes! On the other hand, a simpler look like the Metallic Braided Mini Dress or the Tailored Mini Dress with Decorative Snaps might benefit from a gaudier piece of jewelry, like a statement ring or necklace. Shoes are another point where many women start wondering how to match their outfits; the nice thing about this collection is that the playfulness of the styles allows you to match these dresses with flats, heels, boots, or even sandals! We recommend using a smaller clutch or purse on formal occasions, while some of the more casual looks could be paired with a stylish, simple bag. Remember when purchasing accessories that if you select classic pieces that will age well, you’ll save yourself the trouble and expense of having to purchase new costume jewelry every time the season changes – a savings that can really add up.

The looks and dresses from this exciting, youthful designer speak to some of the hottest trends in today’s fashion world. Checking out this collection will give you the opportunity to bring an added dose of spark and pizzazz to your wardrobe; don’t waste time, find the look you want today! Explore the other pieces and collections we offer throughout the site; we know you’ll find the perfect look for your special occasion, no matter what kind of night you’re looking forward to.

Decode 18

  • Decode 18 183498
    Decode 18 183498

    Accented peplum mermaid gown from Decode 18 183498
    Color: Green

  • Decode 18 183497
    Decode 18 183497

    Passionate strapless cutout mermaid gown from Decode 18 183497
    Color: Pink

  • Decode 18 183452
    Decode 18 183452

    Posh crystallized trimmed mermaid gown from Decode 18 183452
    Color: Navy

  • Decode 18 183465
    Decode 18 183465

    Elegant portrait embellished mermaid from Decode 18 183465
    Color: Dove Gray

  • Decode 18 183165
    Decode 18 183165

    Marvelous tiered ruffled gown from Decode 18 183165
    Color: Blue

  • Decode 18 183384
    Decode 18 183384

    Fantastic lacy tiered illusion gown from Decode 18 183384
    Color: Blush

  • Decode 18 183363
    Decode 18 183363

    Prismatic strappy sleeveless ballgown from Decode 18 183363
    Color: Ice Blue

  • Decode 18 183493
    Decode 18 183493

    Monarchical embroidered and shirred A-line from Decode 18 183493
    Color: Dusty Rose

  • Decode 18 183434
    Decode 18 183434

    Dynamic two-piece contrast gown from Decode 18 183434
    Color: Black/Ivory

  • Decode 18 183370
    Decode 18 183370

    Lustrous shirred accent gown from Decode 18 183370
    Color: Light Blue

  • Decode 18 182942
    Decode 18 182942

    Halter two-piece embellished gown from Decode 18 182942
    Color: Mint

  • Decode 18 183578
    Decode 18 183578

    Slinky embroidered mermaid gown from Decode 18 183578
    Color: Green

  • Decode 18 183418
    Decode 18 183418

    Spirited sleek and sleeveless gown from Decode 18 183418
    Color: Fuchsia

  • Decode 18 183174
    Decode 18 183174

    Contrast Lace and Sheer Evening Gown by Decode 18 183174
    Color: Black

  • Decode 18 183566
    Decode 18 183566

    Outstanding wrapped strapless gown from Decode 18 183566
    Color: Blue

  • Decode 18 183468
    Decode 18 183468

    Structured ruffled mermaid gown from Decode 18 183468
    Color: Navy

  • Decode 18 182256
    Decode 18 182256

    Premiere crystallized strappy gown from Decode 18 182256
    Color: Apricot

  • Decode 18 183133
    Decode 18 183133

    Sparkling and Draped Evening Gown by Decode 18 183133
    Color: Navy

  • Decode 18 183099
    Decode 18 183099

    Crisscrossing vibrant ombre gown from Decode 18 183099
    Color: Pink

  • Decode 18 183470
    Decode 18 183470

    Attractive two-piece trimmed gown from Decode 18 183470
    Color: Coral

  • Decode 18 183504
    Decode 18 183504

    Bedecked ribbed cocktail dress from Decode 18 183504
    Color: Dusty Rose

  • Decode 18 183167
    Decode 18 183167

    Lace Sparkle Detail Tiered Evening Gown by Decode 18 183167
    Color: Navy

  • Decode 18 182943
    Decode 18 182943

    Sweetheart mirrored accent ballgown from Decode 18 182943
    Color: Dusty Blue

  • Decode 18 182961
    Decode 18 182961

    Mystical sequined strapless babydoll dress from Decode 18 182961
    Color: Royal

  • Decode 18 183372
    Decode 18 183372

    Gossamer sleeveless A-line gown from Decode 18 183372
    Color: Apricot


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