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Faviana 6428

Rapid Touch Strapless Evening Gown by Faviana

4.6 (36)

The epitome of sophistication and utter glamour, this Faviana dress is one that will make a statement at any formal affair. The gown is strapless with a sweetheart neckline and has tightly ruched fabric across the bust and bodice. This adds texture, as the skirt is all glamour, with an slight flare. The back reveals a flyaway detail of chiffon for a whimsical touch to this classic evening gown.


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Faviana 6428 Reviews

Love this dress
Love from Canada on January 19

I really love this dress. Its so simple yet really sexy with the slit!!!

Brittnie from United States on June 20

This dress was really nice in my friends bridesmaids.

Love This Dress
Ayrp from Honduras on May 18

Loved The Color

Simple but chic
Katie from United States on March 18

I'm looking for a prom dress and this looks pretty perfect! Not too flashy but still stylish and has a slit for surprise sexiness.

In love
D from Canada on November 26

Red simple elegance

Sana from Australia on November 11

Simple Feminine And Beautiful

Nina from Australia on October 4

Purchasing this lovely dress now!

Prom dresses
Bijal from Canada on July 14

This is a very classy and beautiful dress! It looks exceptionally good with the cut offs to show your legs. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try something new and dashing!

Prom occasion
Heine from United States on April 27

Beautiful dress

Natalie from United States on April 22

I Lovee This Dress And The Color

Rosie from United States on April 8

This dress is absolutely stunning and I'm a definitely a red girl....this is the perfect red!

Ioana from United States on March 23

I love this dress Great fabric beautiful to say the least. so flowy and perfect. i couldn't ask for better!

Its Not What The Girls Are Into This Year
Kelly from United States on February 19

Its A Nice Dress But I Have A 17 Yr Old & They Are Totally Into Sequnced,Formfitting ,With Alot Of Bling For The Prom!This Would Make A Good Dress If You Are Going To A Wedding Or Something Like That But For A Prom Dress Its Not That Hot!Thanx Kel

Simple elegance
Mari from United States on May 19

I have this dress in plum. I wore it to an elegant wedding & received many compliments.I agree with the other reviews, its simple but elegant. I threw the back layer towards my chest & threw it over my shoulders for extra coverage at church (it looked like a shawl) I let it down once we arrived at the reception to show off a beautiful choker I wore with it. It's timeless & looks good on most body types & women of diferent ages as well. Love it.

Sarah from United States on April 16

I'm ordering this dress for prom and i loooove it! its very simple yet elegent, which makes it beautiful!

Hana from Canada on January 29

I Love The Coulor Of This Dress The Slit And The Back Basically Everything About This Dress Is Gorgeous

Michelle from United States on November 26

Fit just like it said!

Joeel from United States on November 12

This dress screams elegance, light, stunning, and so classy!!

Tess from Australia on September 20

This is the perfect dress, as it is so elegent, yet sexy.. a dress that will never date!

Cannot wait to have it! :)

Michelle from Ireland on September 11

Elegant Yet Sexy

Lovey red dress
Etteval from United States on August 8

I need to have this dress, seems like it fits well

Gown By Faviana
Charlen from United States on May 8

This Dress Is Very Free Flowing, Eligante,Raidiante,And A Conversation Peace. I Love This Dress As You Can See.

Lilly from Canada on May 1

Beautiful Classy dress, simple yet elegant

Beautiful fit
Allie from United States on April 27

This dress is extremely well made.
The chiffon moves and flows with the person.
My daughter tried it on at the mall.

Teresa from United States on April 20

I Love The Flow And The Color!! The Tail Is Gorgeous!

Deanie from Canada on April 19

Very very nice!! Love the slit.

Alexis from United States on April 15

The Dress Is Lovely, I Wore Faviana To Every Prom I've Been To. No Complaints!!

Lucero from United States on April 6

This Dress Is Very Pritty And The Best Part About It Is That U Can Give It Your Own Touch And Style To It Because Its One Solid Color. Love It!

Lauren from Great Britain on March 7

Such a light, elegant dress that works in both red and white

Nicole from Canada on February 16

Very Classy, light, comfterable. Perfect for prom. Angelina Jolie has a simliar one.

Debs Dresses
Siobhan from Ireland on August 28

This dress is elegant and stylish. Very Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

Melissa from United States on July 21

I love the color and shape of this dress!

Slav from Australia on July 11

Love It So Elegant Yet So Simple

Melissa from Australia on July 11

Love The Dresss! A Wider Range Of Colours Would Have Been Good Though Maybe A Dusty Beige?

Ceci from United States on June 20

Perfect For A Wedding Destination!!!

Lesley from United States on August 10

This is pure elegance, it would be helpful to state the fabric the dress is made of, however a beautiful and elegant gown at a great price

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