On any special occasion, everybody likes to dress like a star and the number of new styles and patterns that come out each year are outstanding. If you want to look sensational, you will have to be aware of the newest trends this season and buy only what is in.

Since the styles change each year, it is very difficult to keep in line with them unless you follow the trends closely. If you want to dress beautiful and in accordance with the latest in fashion trends, then choose Feriani fashions. You don’t have to wait for prom day to buy a prom dress, because what Feriani has this season will have you glowing with beauty and confidence. The vibrant colors and beautiful fashions are available in plus size too and the special metallic styles will be perfect for any occasion. The wide range of colors and styles available will make you look stunning. When you wear what suits you, you will look and feel special. You could go for form fitting elegant gowns, flirty seductive styles or semi-formals that you can wear for any occasion.

Feriani needs no particular introduction. Talented and competent designers who work hard to come up with stunning designs and patterns make the Feriani gowns and dresses. They are international designers who have unique and virgin ideas. They create new styles every year, and when their innovations are transformed into elegant pieces of cloth, you have the chance to become an overnight celebrity. When you are looking at Feriani fashions, you will be awed by the huge collection of styles and patterns including hundreds of formal wear outfits. They also have a thrilling collection of dresses that come with ruffled hemlines, asymmetrical hemlines, A-line necks, V-necks, halter necks, glittery embellishments, spaghetti straps, strapless designs, shirred bodices, gowns fitted with numerous beads, ribbon, bows, sequins and floral patterns. There are bold backs and moderate backs that you can wear according to occasion. There is something unique for everyone searching the Feriani fashion vault.

If you are very aware of your assets, then you can certainly dress to kill. However, if you are not sure of how to highlight the best parts of your body, then you can easily approach one of the designers for Feriani either directly or through the Internet and get their input. It is very important too because you are spending money to get the best, and so you should be getting something that complements your shape, structure and hair color. If you are more on the rounded side, then you have to concentrate on taking the attention away from the waist and wear a drop down dress. If you are small busted, then concentrate on stunning bodices so that the upper part of your body is conjured up to look bigger than it really is. This will also give you a slimmer look. If you are on the shorter side, then you would need something that gives an illusion of height.

You can wear a single shouldered cocktail dress, a spaghetti strapped dress or a layered dress. Tall and slender people can wear any kind of dress and accentuate their assets. You can wear a strapless dress or a V-neck dress with beads or sequins. If you don’t have broad shoulders, then you can probably hide the fact by wearing boat neck dresses. An hourglass figure will look good in halter necks, spaghetti full-length gowns, strapless beaded dresses or even off the shoulder dresses. For the athletic type, Feriani has some interesting styles that will show off your womanly features when you are out on a date and you can go through some of the wonderful varieties in figure flattering gowns and party wear.

It is important that you co-ordinate your hairstyle with your outfit to look completely fashionable. Though it is a matter of personal choice, there are different hairstyles that you can try with your dress. You can even wear your hair according to the season. Short hair is easy to manage during the fall season and many people, especially celebrities, keep their hair short during that season. To get a funky look for partying and casual events, you can try funky hairstyles. If you don’t have enough time to style your hair for a cocktail party, then you can try a simple twirly ponytail with your cocktail dress. This style is for people who hate to cut their locks. Give it a disheveled spin and you are surely going to look elegant. A low ponytail at the nape of your neck will give you that devil may care look and make you look and feel sexy.

Hair color has also undergone a heavy change and there are new trends and shades coming out each season. Now people are attaching equal importance to the color of their hair too. You can watch the celebrities sporting different hair colors, but the colors you choose should suit you so that you are confident about your looks. If you are a blonde, try being a brunette this year or try a platinum blond. If you want to look bolder, then maybe you could try bombshell red hair. Shades of red are going well this season because they perfectly match many of the Feriani dresses. If you have a mane that makes other women go green with envy, then try a red hair color. When you are all dressed up and ready to go, it’s important that you wear the right accessories. Buy a new belt, shoes, handbag and shawl to go with your attire. The final look will speak a lot about your character and personality. Do not worry if you are on a budget. You could easily search by price and find dresses that vary in theme, style and pattern. There are gowns that you can buy for as low as $100, so the price factor should not deter you.

  • Feriani 26145
    Feriani 26145

    Starlit long-sleeved evening gown with gossamer gathers by Feriani 26145
    Available in 3 colors

  • Feriani 18474
    Feriani 18474

    Sequined Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18474
    Color: Navy

  • Feriani 26217
    Feriani 26217

    Sheer and Sequins Evening Gown by Feriani 26217
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18528S
    Feriani 18528S

    Elegant Fronds Illusion Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18528S
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Feriani 18528
    Feriani 18528

    Off-the-Shoulder Sequin Print Evening Gown by Feriani 18528
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Feriani 18502S
    Feriani 18502S

    Tonal Detail Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18502S
    Color: Champagne

  • Feriani 18489
    Feriani 18489

    Long-Sleeved Sequin Print Evening Gown by Feriani 18489
    Color: Navy/Nude

  • Feriani 18510
    Feriani 18510

    Sheer and Beaded Evening Gown by Feriani 18510
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26213
    Feriani 26213

    Laser Cut Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 26213
    Color: Ivory

  • Feriani 18507
    Feriani 18507

    Strapless Lace Evening Gown by Feriani 18507
    Color: Red

  • Feriani 18484
    Feriani 18484

    Fine Shimmer Floral Print Evening Gown by Feriani 18484
    Color: Silver/Nude

  • Feriani 18529
    Feriani 18529

    Tonal Floral Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 18529
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18555
    Feriani 18555

    Sweetheart Dreams Floral Evening Gown by Feriani 18555
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18552
    Feriani 18552

    Enticing Diamonds Illusion Evening Gown by Feriani 18552
    Color: Black

  • Feriani 18553
    Feriani 18553

    Diamond Flourish Bejeweled Evening Gown by Feriani 18553
    Color: Black

  • Feriani 26159
    Feriani 26159

    Sequin and Lace Evening Gown by Feriani 26159
    Color: Black

  • Feriani 18554
    Feriani 18554

    Floral Cascade High-Low Evening Gown by Feriani 18554
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26183
    Feriani 26183

    Contrast Applique Evening Gown by Feriani 26183
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Feriani 18514
    Feriani 18514

    Sheer and Textured Evening Gown by Feriani 18514
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26192
    Feriani 26192

    Rich Shine Evening Gown by Feriani 26192
    Color: Silver

  • Feriani 26223
    Feriani 26223

    Beaded Cape Evening Gown by Feriani 26223
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26171
    Feriani 26171

    Lace and Lattice Evening Gown by Feriani 26171
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Feriani 18516
    Feriani 18516

    Tonal Embroidered Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 18516
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18520
    Feriani 18520

    Sequined and Lace Evening Gown by Feriani 18520
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26166
    Feriani 26166

    Rich Texture Cocktail Dress by Feriani 26166
    Color: Black

  • Feriani 18511
    Feriani 18511

    Strapless Gilded Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 18511
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18532
    Feriani 18532

    Floral Lace Evening Gown by Feriani 18532
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18456
    Feriani 18456

    Exquisitely embellished cap-sleeved gown with fluted skirt by Feriani 18456
    Color: Mauve/Silver

  • Feriani 18486
    Feriani 18486

    Metallic Floral Print Evening Gown by Feriani 18486
    Color: Champagne/Silver

  • Feriani 18482
    Feriani 18482

    Sequined Jumpsuit by Feriani 18482
    Color: Black

  • Feriani 18521
    Feriani 18521

    Off-the-Shoulder Ruched and Shimmering Evening Gown by Feriani 18521
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18523
    Feriani 18523

    Strapless Beaded Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 18523
    Color: Black/White

  • Feriani 18402
    Feriani 18402

    Sensationally chic floor-length evening gown by Feriani 18402
    Available in 4 colors

  • Feriani 26177
    Feriani 26177

    Strapless Print Evening Gown by Feriani 26177
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26222
    Feriani 26222

    Glittering Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 26222
    Color: Navy

  • Feriani 26189
    Feriani 26189

    Sheer and Gilded Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 26189
    Color: Magenta

  • Feriani 18487
    Feriani 18487

    Strapless Contrast Applique Evening Gown by Feriani 18487
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 26210
    Feriani 26210

    Long-Sleeved Sheer and Lace Evening Gown by Feriani 26210
    Color: Sky Blue

  • Feriani 26170
    Feriani 26170

    Sheer and Sequins Evening Gown by Feriani 26170
    Color: Black/Royal

  • Feriani 26195
    Feriani 26195

    Glittering Detail Evening Gown by Feriani 26195
    Available in 3 colors


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