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Formal Wear

Most women love formal wear; it’s an opportunity to play dress up for real. You can wear more makeup, more jewelry, and clothes and shoes that sparkle.

Because formal occasions don’t happen everyday, when they do occur, it’s an opportunity to pull out all the stops and put your most fashionable foot forward. For most formal events, there is ample advance notice so you have time to find the right dress, jewelry, shoes, bag and hairstyle.

Before starting your search for a dress, consider the occasion, your best features and even your role for the event. Is it a law firm’s Christmas party or a computer gaming company’s product launch party? Are you an administrative assistant, managing partner or the wife of an aspiring partner? Are you on the hosting committee or simply attending as a guest. All of these questions can impact your choice of dress.

Corporate events tend to be more conservative, particularly in the banking, insurance and legal fields. It may not be appropriate to wear a strapless dress or a very short one. Keep in mind whether other guests are fellow employees or is the event open to a broader audience or to the public. A smaller, more intimate group means you’ll be much more noticeable. In a group of a few hundred people, the woman wearing the too-short dress won’t be as obvious. At the law firm’s partner dinner, with less than a hundred attendees, everyone will notice. An elegant Mon Cheri Social Occasions dress provides the right balance of style and refinement.

Be remembered for having worn a beautiful dress in a bold color at a work-related event; keep it tasteful, particularly if you’re a junior person and even if you’re not. This is not the time to wear anything too tight, too short or cut too low. Show your good taste and demonstrate your acumen for dressing beautifully and appropriately. If you’re a senior professional, lead by example, and if asked, mention the brand you plan to wear.

If you’re hosting a formal event, you’ll want to look smashing but also be comfortable. A dress that is stylish and fits well is especially important since you’ll be greeting guests and trying to put everyone at ease. Make sure straps don’t fall, that skirts don’t ride up and that you’re not having to constantly adjust a belt or strap. A dress from Interlude will make your elegance look effortless.

At any event, you’re there to have a good time and formal occasions allow you to do look good while doing so. Your dress should be reflective of your personality and should suit your body type so that you wear it and not the other way around. You can enjoy yourself so much more if you don’t have to think about your dress after you put it on. Be the charming and beautiful social butterfly that everyone is glad they met.

Formal Wear

  • Terani 1711C3027
    Terani 1711C3027

    Sparkly long-sleeve illusion cocktail dress from Terani 1711C3027
    Color: Blush Multi

  • Mac Duggal 25301I
    Mac Duggal 25301I

    Cinched Dream Cocktail Dress by Ieena for Mac Duggal 25301I
    Color: Emerald Green

  • Terani 1713C3118
    Terani 1713C3118

    Socialite portrait cap-sleeve cocktail dress from Terani 1713C3118
    Color: Powder Blue

  • Mac Duggal 25026I
    Mac Duggal 25026I

    Sultry Cold Shoulder Cocktail Dress by Ieena for Mac Duggal 25026I
    Color: Royal

  • Mon Cheri 117824
    Mon Cheri 117824

    Festive flared tea-length dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117824
    Color: Navy/Multi

  • Mon Cheri 117819
    Mon Cheri 117819

    Illusion sleeved peplum mini from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117819
    Color: Royal Blue

  • Omur Ozer 57277
    Omur Ozer 57277

    Shapely short formal with draped shoulders by Omur Ozer 57277
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mac Duggal 85598
    Mac Duggal 85598

    Posh sleeveless pantsuit ensemble by Mac Duggal 85598
    Available in 3 colors

  • Omur Ozer 57228
    Omur Ozer 57228

    Sheer illusion short formal with epaulettes by Omur Ozer 57228
    Available in 4 colors

  • Terani 1711C3009
    Terani 1711C3009

    Elegant short-sleeve rosette cocktail dress from Terani 1711C3009
    Available in 2 colors

  • Omur Ozer 57301
    Omur Ozer 57301

    Decorative strapless dress with designer lines by Omur Ozer 57301
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mon Cheri 117802
    Mon Cheri 117802

    Sophisticated cocktail with jacket from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117802
    Color: Navy/Beige

  • Terani 1712C3054
    Terani 1712C3054

    Modern long-sleeve lacy cocktail dress from Terani 1712C3054
    Color: Champagne

  • Omur Ozer 57295
    Omur Ozer 57295

    Artful short formal with contrasting appliques by Omur Ozer 57295
    Available in 3 colors

  • Terani 1711C3012
    Terani 1711C3012

    Majestic embellished caped cocktail dress from Terani 1711C3012
    Color: Champagne

  • Feriani 18559
    Feriani 18559

    Starlight Sprinkle Peplum Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18559
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mon Cheri 117811
    Mon Cheri 117811

    Contrasting bolero and mini-dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117811
    Color: Periwinkle/Multi

  • Terani 1713C3110
    Terani 1713C3110

    Animated illusion caped lacy mini-dress from Terani 1713C3110
    Color: Mauve

  • Mon Cheri 117815
    Mon Cheri 117815

    Extravagant swirling illusion mini from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117815
    Available in 2 colors

  • Feriani 18528S
    Feriani 18528S

    Elegant Fronds Illusion Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18528S
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Feriani 18622
    Feriani 18622

    Classic Chic Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18622
    Color: Silver

  • Omur Ozer 57270
    Omur Ozer 57270

    Tailored sleeveless dress with sparkling highlights by Omur Ozer 57270
    Available in 3 colors

  • Feriani 18557
    Feriani 18557

    Polished Peplum Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18557
    Available in 3 colors

  • Feriani 18558
    Feriani 18558

    Peplum Princess Cocktail Dress by Feriani 18558
    Available in 2 colors

  • Omur Ozer 57221
    Omur Ozer 57221

    Chic short formal with fringy embellishment by Omur Ozer 57221
    Available in 5 colors

  • La Femme 24931
    La Femme 24931

    Lace Applique Cocktail Dress by La Femme Evening 24931
    Color: Pink/Gray

  • Mon Cheri 117801
    Mon Cheri 117801

    Embroidered mini with jacket from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117801
    Color: Bisque/Black

  • Cameron Blake 117626
    Cameron Blake 117626

    Chic illusion belted jumpsuit from Cameron Blake 117626
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mon Cheri 117804
    Mon Cheri 117804

    Gleaming jacket and mini-dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117804
    Color: Silver/Black

  • Mon Cheri 117814
    Mon Cheri 117814

    Fab embroidered illusion mini-dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117814
    Color: Black

  • Omur Ozer 57296
    Omur Ozer 57296

    Sumptuous sheer illusion dress with lace by Omur Ozer 57296
    Available in 3 colors

  • La Femme 24878
    La Femme 24878

    Textured Applique Cocktail Dress by La Femme Evening 24878
    Color: Platinum

  • Aidan Mattox A99480
    Aidan Mattox A99480

    Essential halter-style dress with fringy accents by Aidan Mattox A99480
    Color: Ivory

  • Mon Cheri 117812
    Mon Cheri 117812

    Posh jacket and mini-dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117812
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mon Cheri 117806
    Mon Cheri 117806

    Mature jacket and mini-dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117806
    Color: Petal/Gray

  • Mon Cheri 117816
    Mon Cheri 117816

    Peplum lacy sleeved mini-dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117816
    Available in 2 colors

  • Omur Ozer 57222
    Omur Ozer 57222

    Fantasy short formal with high-low fringe by Omur Ozer 57222
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mon Cheri 117825
    Mon Cheri 117825

    Dramatic tufted cocktail dress from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117825
    Color: Navy

  • Mon Cheri 117810
    Mon Cheri 117810

    Patterned cocktail and bolero from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117810
    Color: White/Blue

  • Mon Cheri 117813
    Mon Cheri 117813

    Classy mini and jacket from Mon Cheri Social Occasions 117813
    Available in 2 colors


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