Hannah S.

Hannah S dresses have many looks in the current collection from baby doll dresses and gossamer-like fabrics to severe silhouettes and mod-inspired looks, there are plenty of options for a girl who needs to look her best during a night out on the town.

This season’s collection of Hanna S dresses includes a classic hourglass silhouette. Wide waist bands are built into many of the collection’s looks, often being set off by a spangled, sparkling buckle or a neatly tied bow. These details make Hanna S evening dresses for semiformal occasions some of the cutest and most fashionable dresses available on the market! By cinching the waist on her dresses, Hanna S develops a silhouette that compliments women with curvy hips and busts while drawing attention to the slimmest part of their torso – the waist. With looks inspired by classic 20th century fashion trends, there are a number of dresses that will suit all types of figures.

Hanna S dresses are often one-color affairs with details like sequins, beads and sparkles, but when this designer decides to opt for a multicolored pattern the end result can be entrancing and fun! Whether through the use of zigzagging ruffles or a fun floral print, Hanna S dresses bring a sense of fun to any occasion. Aside from just utilizing patterns and prints, there are also dresses that use structure and form to create a fashionable, smooth silhouette. Figuring out the best color and pattern options for your dress can take a lot of time, but is an important step in selection for those who want to be sure they’ve found their perfect outfit.

Do you delight in well-placed and carefully produced details and embellishments on your dresses when you attend special events and occasions? Doesn’t every girl? Look out for cascades of sequins and delicate beads on some of the dresses from Hanna S, and you’ll soon see just how much craftsmanship goes into each of these dresses. A major strength of Hanna S as a designer is the originality and fearlessness that is incorporated into some of the dresses; for example, a green cocktail dress with purple trim and bow evokes memories of French aristocrats with its frills. Meanwhile, a number of various patterned and polka-dotted frocks pop out with gusto when compared to other fashions available on the market. Even though you might be planning to dress more conservatively, it’s always worth giving a thought to a bolder choice of outfit. Who knows whose eye you might attract when you dress up to look your best?

If you have special shoes in mind for your big night, you’ll want to make sure they match the dress you decide to invest in. If you’re tall and wearing a long dress, you can consider wearing flat shoes; however, if you’re wearing a short skirt it doesn’t matter what height you are – dig out those heels! Wearing modest high heels on a regular basis can help elongate your calf muscles as you walk, which makes your legs look firmer and tighter. If you do plan to wear heels, make sure to give yourself time to practice around your house first, as there is very little that’s less attractive than a woman wearing heels she can’t handle walking in!

Two other key parts of any special occasion look are the hairstyle you choose to wear with your dress, and the bag you bring with you to carry your things. Choosing a sleek, sophisticated bag and hairstyle can help improve even the prettiest of dresses, provided they’re carefully selected with an eye toward how they impact your overall look. Of course, finding complimentary colors is always a good way to start in your search for the perfect clutch or handbag, since wearing everything matched in one color can begin to look a little too planned, and potentially even give the impression of straining to look good. That’s not what fashion is about, ladies! Remember that you always want to make looking your best look like it takes no effort at all – even if you’ve spent the last four hours doing your hair and makeup. Giving off a fun, vivacious impression in Hanna S dresses is easy, thanks to the funky style this designer brings to life.

Sizing dresses for formal occasions can be difficult, so take the time to investigate which dresses might offer the best options for your figure. Take careful measurements and compare them to a designer’s size chart in order to determine what your size will be in any given piece from their collections. You’ll be much more satisfied with the end result of your purchase if you know you’ve chosen a size and pattern that will fit you well. If you’re concerned about colors and whether certain fabrics will suit you, take the time to seek out real life examples of the material in your dress. Above all, enjoy your search and find a Hanna S dress that offers you the most flattering formal garment experience possible!

Hannah S

  • Hannah S 27959
    Hannah S 27959

    Personify beauty in this dress by Hannah S 27959
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27943
    Hannah S 27943

    Get classy in this dress by Hannah S 27943
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27895
    Hannah S 27895

    Opalescent Enchantment Lace Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27895
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27963
    Hannah S 27963

    Take charge in this dress from Hannah S 27963
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27644
    Hannah S 27644

    Shiny, strapless sheath dress with sequins by Hannah S 27644
    Color: Turquoise

  • Hannah S 27759
    Hannah S 27759

    Strapless dress with filigree embellishments by Hannah S 27759
    Color: Black

  • Hannah S 27761
    Hannah S 27761

    Dreamy Paillettes Strapless Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27761
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27736
    Hannah S 27736

    Sparkly tasseled cocktail dress by Hannah S 27736
    Color: Turquoise

  • Hannah S 27916
    Hannah S 27916

    Ombré Delight Embellished Party Dress by Hannah S 27916
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27729
    Hannah S 27729

    Fairytale-style prom dress by Hannah S 27729
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27610
    Hannah S 27610

    Strapless corset-style cocktail dress with ruffled skirt by Hannah S 27610
    Available in 3 colors

  • Hannah S 27820
    Hannah S 27820

    Asymmetrical Sheer Back Party Dress by Hannah S 27820
    Color: Teal

  • Hannah S 27863
    Hannah S 27863

    Glowing strapless babydoll with allover shine from Hannah S 27863
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27666
    Hannah S 27666

    Pretty-as-a-picture cocktail dress by Hannah S 27666
    Color: Daffodil/Teal

  • Hannah S 27734
    Hannah S 27734

    Absolutely magical cocktail dress by Hannah S 27734
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27817
    Hannah S 27817

    Beautiful Ruched Empire Dress by Hannah S 27817
    Color: Black

  • Hannah S 27797
    Hannah S 27797

    Funky Color Block Bandage Dress by Hannah S 27797
    Color: Orange/Black

  • Hannah S 27807
    Hannah S 27807

    Ruched Empire Halter Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27807
    Color: Peacock

  • Hannah S 27749
    Hannah S 27749

    Magnificently ruffled cocktail dress by Hannah S 27749
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27532
    Hannah S 27532

    Marilyn Halter-Neck Dress With Sequin Bodice by Hannah S 27532
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27780
    Hannah S 27780

    Swirling Jewel Embellished Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27780
    Color: Royal

  • Hannah S 27894
    Hannah S 27894

    Crystal Dreams Draped Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27894
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27742
    Hannah S 27742

    Daringly chic cocktail dress by Hannah S 27742
    Color: Black

  • Hannah S 27733
    Hannah S 27733

    Purely feminine strapless cocktail dress by Hannah S 27733
    Color: Fuchsia

  • Hannah S 27918
    Hannah S 27918

    Dazzling Hand Pleated Party Dress by Hannah S 27918
    Color: Evergreen/Purple

  • Hannah S 27632
    Hannah S 27632

    Short sheath cocktail dress with tulle overlays by Hannah S 27632
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27760
    Hannah S 27760

    Fantastically flirtatious cocktail dress by Hannah S 27760
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27831
    Hannah S 27831

    Graceful Beauty Layered Dress by Hannah S 27831
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27718
    Hannah S 27718

    Splashy, figure-flattering cocktail dress by Hannah S 27718
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27604
    Hannah S 27604

    Figure-hugging one-shoulder sheath dress with image of glamorous womans face by Hannah S 27604
    Color: Face Multi

  • Hannah S 27584
    Hannah S 27584

    Black and Blue Sparkle Bodice Dress by Hannah S 27584
    Color: Black Multi

  • Hannah S 27654
    Hannah S 27654

    Slinky animal-print mini by Hannah S 27654
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27915
    Hannah S 27915

    Halter Sparkle Supreme Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27915
    Available in 3 colors

  • Hannah S 27787
    Hannah S 27787

    Perfect Strapless Opalescent Mini Dress by Hannah S 27787
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27563
    Hannah S 27563

    Animal Print Accented Party Dress by Hannah S 27563
    Color: White/Turquoise/Black

  • Hannah S 27590
    Hannah S 27590

    What’s the Time Hourglass Dress by Hannah S 27590
    Available in 2 colors

  • Hannah S 27887
    Hannah S 27887

    Ruched Dream Lace Edged Cocktail Dress by Hannah S 27887
    Color: Purple/Nude

  • Hannah S 27812
    Hannah S 27812

    Ultra Glam Glittering Peacock Dress by Hannah S 27812
    Available in 2 colors


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