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    Jasz Couture

    Jasz Couture Dresses

    Jasz Couture

    dresses features an assortment of delightful and sultry sulty styles; the perfect collection for women who need something special to wear for an important occasion. The dresses vary in style and detail, allowing you to choose a look that compliments both your personal appearance and the event where you will be seen wearing it. The unified style of the Jasz Couture collection also means that brides looking to outfit their bridal parties will find a number of complimentary but unique looks here, allowing bridesmaids to wear specific cuts, silhouettes and patterns that are suited to their appearance. Whether you’re selecting a Jasz Couture look for yourself or for a friend, know that you’re selecting your special dress from a collection that weaves traditional glamour and modern glitz into a dress that’s a perfect ten.


    The hallmark of the Jasz Couture dresses collection is the way the smooth, luxurious fabrics are draped around the body. The pattern the fabric makes as it collects and gathers along the body helps add a layer of sophistication to these dresses – the perfect accompaniment as you make your introductions and enjoy your time on the dance floor. Many of the dresses are sleek and form-fitting with some modifications to allow for specific silhouettes; in this way the looks gather together a specific, flawless aesthetic and make it an integral part of your special night out. Each dress is also embellished in specific ways, including sparkles along necklines and busts, and straps configured in unique patterns. Even those dresses with no obvious embellishment use their form and construction as a way of keeping the attention of onlookers, and the unique and stylish solutions that the designers at Jasz Couture invent when it comes to making their looks stand out are really amazing!


    Most of the skirts in the Jasz Couture collection are full length, and of these a number have skirts that rely on longer trains or on high slits up the side in order to show off a little leg. What this means is that whenever your legs are visible, your feet will be poking out from under the skirt as well! You’ll want to make sure, then, that you wear shoes that are both comfortable and suited to being seen – so make sure the shoe solution you devise on your special night includes glam heels that you can stand, walk and dance in without worrying! Remember that a heel doesn’t have to be extraordinarily high to be effective, and sometimes an added inch or so is just as impressive and alluring as sky-high stilettos. If you feel more comfortable in higher heels, then by all means pick out a pair that will shoot you into the stratosphere – but be sure you’ll be able to stand comfortably for the length of your event, particularly for those involved in weddings and other official ceremonies.


    Once you’ve selected the Jasz Couture dress you want to wear to your special occasion or event, it’s time to think about the other details of your outfit – specifically, how are you going to tame your mane and get that hair in a presentable – and even breathtaking – state on your big night? Think about the looks and styles that best suit the shape of your face, and think about the weather and setting of your event. It may not be worth flat-ironing your hair if you’re going to be standing in the rain, and if you think about this part of the outfit far enough in advance, you can even head to a salon in order to get a professional opinion on what hair style will match your Jasz Couture dress the best.


    Finally, remember that the most important part of any Jasz Couture look is the confidence and self-assurance of the woman who’s wearing it. Stand up straight and let your beauty radiate outward for everyone at your special event to see. Having picked the most flattering style of dress with the details and embellishments you love, and having matched it with a great pair of shoes and a haircut to die for – not to mention any other pieces of jewelry or other accessories you may have added to complete your special look – you know you look incredible. The great thing about Jasz Couture (in addition to the designer’s excellent sense of style and impeccable taste when it comes to putting together special occasion dresses) is that while you look like a million bucks, you’ll know that you’ve spent just a tiny fraction of that on a look that makes you look and feel amazing. No matter which Jasz Couture dress you pick, good luck on your big night!

    Complex Cutaway and Color Gown by Jasz Couture 4109
    Color: Blue Print
    Ornate Cut Out Column Gown by Jasz Couture 4524
    Available in 4 colors
    Latin Inspired Open Front Gown by Jasz Couture 4564
    Available in 4 colors
    Beaded Swirling Print Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 4883
    Available in 2 colors
    Meeting Triangles Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 4302
    Color: Purple
    Starry Night Cutaway Gown by Jasz Couture 4361
    Color: Mint
    Evening in Arabia Formal Gown by Jasz Couture 4368
    Color: Royal
    Sleek strapless gown with detailed trim by Jasz Couture 5017
    Color: Coral
    Prismatic strapless gown with illusion slit by Jasz Couture 5057
    Available in 2 colors
    Extravagant mermaid gown with contrasting waistline by Jasz Couture 5064
    Color: Nude/Gold
    Romantic Floral Illusion Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5348
    Available in 3 colors
    Gleaming Delight Layered Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5349
    Available in 2 colors
    Beaded Brilliance Embellished Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5351
    Available in 3 colors
    Gemstone Beauty Princess Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5353
    Available in 3 colors
    Iridescent Enchantment Lace Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5404
    Available in 3 colors
    Scalloped Shimmer Mermaid Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5406
    Color: Black
    Metallic Masterpiece Illusion Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5432
    Available in 3 colors
    Delightful Decadence Gilded Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5443
    Available in 2 colors
    Hourglass Illusion Sparkle Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5453
    Color: Black
    Theatrical sleeveless gown with streaking accents by Jasz Couture 5040
    Available in 3 colors
    Decadent Shimmer Bodice Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5455
    Available in 2 colors
    Fantasy Keyhole Twinkle Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5457
    Available in 3 colors
    Exceptional Hourglass Glimmer Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5466
    Available in 3 colors
    Eastern Gown with Cutaways by Jasz Couture 3027
    Available in 5 colors
    Gathered Diamond Teardrop Backed Gown by Jasz Couture 4333
    Available in 3 colors
    Ruched Bodice Gown with Single Strap and Cutaways by Jasz Couture 4335
    Available in 6 colors
    Streaming Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 4358
    Available in 2 colors
    Deep Green Body Wrap Gown by Jasz Couture 4382
    Color: Print
    Strapless Ruffled Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 4817
    Color: Black
    Trendy strapless gown with detailed bodice by Jasz Couture 5010
    Available in 2 colors
    Strappy goddess gown with waistband by Jasz Couture 5032
    Color: White
    Feathered Fantasy Illusion Evening Dress by Jasz Couture 5345
    Available in 2 colors
    Soft Flowing Evening Gown with Cinched Waist by Jasz Couture 4504
    Color: White
    Exotic Printed Empire Column Gown by Jasz Couture 4507
    Color: Print
    Column Gown with Cut Outs by Jasz Couture 4523
    Available in 2 colors
    Asymmetrical Column Gown with Cut Outs by Jasz Couture 4526
    Available in 3 colors
    Floral Embellished Gown with High Low Skirt by Jasz Couture 4530
    Available in 2 colors
    Flowing Empire Waisted Gown with Embellished Straps by Jasz Couture 4532
    Available in 2 colors
    Special Scrolling Sequin Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5342
    Available in 2 colors
    Gilded Lace Luxury Evening Gown by Jasz Couture 5356
    Color: Gold
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