Jasz Couture 4339
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail
Jasz Couture 4339 thumbnail

Jasz Couture 4339

Silver Detail Border Gown with Cutaways by Jasz Couture

4.9 (57)

Strike up a look that would make you at home in an upscale club with this trendy gown from Jasz Couture 4339. The flowing fabric covers the lower half of the body, opening subtly for a high slit that trails upward to the thigh. The bodice is less modest, constructed primarily of the bust panels and the glittering straps that wind around the body.


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Jasz Couture 4339 Reviews

Simply Stunning!
Natalie from Australia on May 3

This dress is gorgeous! You will love it! Quality is simply stunning and I know you will be extremely happy with this gown...

Dajana from Canada on December 23

Incrdibly Gorgeous Dress! You Will Love It

5 Awesome
Ta'laya from United States on January 5

Hello Prom Dress

Sexy sexy sexy
Daja from Canada on November 26

What a remarkable dress. Love the purple color and diamond design.

Absolutely Amazing !
Chelsi from United States on April 16

I am so in love with this dress. I just got it today and i love it ! I do have to get it hemed just because it is a little big around the waist and bust but i knew that when I ordered but still got the size because it was all that was left and I just had to have this dress ! Thank you NEWYORKDRESS, my senior prom is going to be perfect thanks to you ! <3

Sarah from Lebanon on January 5

Great Dress

Anj from United States on September 19

Love The Cutout Detail

Maryam from Iran on July 21

LOve it

Maryam from Iran on July 21

Perfect design ! Great beading ! But the color!!
Hope to have them in red or yellow

Excellent looking dress
Larissa from United States on May 19

This is one of my favorite dresses along with another dress from jasz couture, i love this brand. Its bard to chose from them. I think this will be my prom dress :)

Top Dress
Nancy from Lebanon on May 18

One Of The Best Dresses Ever

Lucille from United States on May 16

The Silver And White Looks Great Together

Reem from Saudi Arabia on May 8

The dress is amazing

The one
Nikeisa from United States on April 18

I believe if anyone is looking for a low back, and a split, this is the one! It can go with any body shape. It's simple, but amazing all at once!

Melissa from Canada on April 6

Love The Design Of This Dress

Suzette from United States on April 6

Fabulous dress very eye catching

Shirley from Canada on March 27

This dress is amazing and stunning and striking. It is just what you need to turn heads in a room

Payton from United States on March 19

I absolutely love this dress! I'm getting it for my prom! So excited to wear this to my senior prom! Gonna be the best one yet!

Chelsea from Canada on March 18

Love This Dress, And Pretty Cheap Too!

Chelsea from Canada on March 18

This dress is stunning! If you're looking for a sexy look at prom, this is perfect!

Jessica from Australia on March 11

I Love The Style Especially The Purple Colour , And The Back Style Is Just Awesome :)

Qamar from Qatar on March 10

The dress looks sexy

Lian from Ukraine on February 23

Сон в реальности!!!

Mimo from Sweden on February 5

What a stunning dress..i really love the purple.. the white if nice too

Paula from Italy on January 28

Quando Lo Visto Mi Sono Inamorata

This dress is georgeous
Faresha from Canada on January 26

I want this in tropical blue

Super sexy dress
Arta from United States on January 21

Love the white one.....

Yvonne from United States on January 16

Love this in purple!

Love It
Silvia from Canada on January 3

I love this dress so much, it everything I wanted in a prom dress getting it soon so excited ...!!!

My Dress
Brunitta from United States on December 26

I Think This Dress Is The Most Beautiful Dress I Have Ever Seen

Reem from Saudi Arabia on December 26

I absolutely love this dress

Terri from United States on December 10

Love it. Sexy, glamorous absolutely stunning. Love the details .

So Beautiful
L'rain from United States on December 8

Very nice

Katie from Ireland on December 1

Omg Its Unreal...Im Getn This

Shelle from Ireland on November 13

I Love This Dress Thing Of Gettin It

Brianna from United States on November 11

Potential prom dress :) very glamorous

I love this dress!
Mariana from United States on November 5

This is a very sexy dress

Beautiful <3
Natalie from United States on October 25

To be honest, I'm not a long gown fan. But when I saw this dress, ifell in love with it . I'm definately going to wear this to my prom. This is just glamorous !

Love This!
Bethany from United States on October 19

This Is Sooo Cuute, I Might Buy It (:

Nicole from United States on October 3

I love this too.!!!!! Its between this and the turquoise one.(:

Jodie from Great Britain on September 20

This Dress Is Utterly Gorgeous! I Will Be Buying This For My Prom In May!

Sophie from Great Britain on September 11

Im actually in love with this dress, its beautiful!!!

Stunningly Sophisticated!
Lu from Australia on September 3

This gown is so beautiful. It ticks all my boxes; eye catching, elegant, sexy, and classy. Just amazing!

Afnan from Saudi Arabia on August 11

The Dress Is Very Sexy And Elegant .... I Like It Toooooo Much

Cs from United States on June 11

Love Love this dress will b ordering it soon!!!

Rayray from Virgin Islands, U.S. on May 25

I Love This Dress. The Beading Is Awesome And I Love The Style Of The Dress

Jay from Great Britain on May 25

The design of this dress definitely caught my eye! The length makes up for the lack of material up top! And ensure that the dress remains both sexy and elegant at the same time. The cut out back it gorgeous, bra choice may be a tough one for this dress though!

Sexy from Canada on May 15

Love The Beading And The Cutout On The Sides And Back. The Slit Gives It A Nice Little Peekaboo And The Purple Color Goes Well With The Beautiful Sparkles. Love The Halter Top Too. I Don't Know What Bra You Could Wear With This Though.

Love It!
Sharleen from Canada on May 11

I adore this gorgeous dress! The deep purple just looks so regal and elegant. Very classy and yet sexy.

Very Sexy
Linda from Canada on May 5

WOWOWO i love it

Van from United States on April 25

Vegas herevi come!

Beautiful Dress! !!
Danika from Canada on March 24

Im ordering this for my prom as it is soo gorgeous, beautiful beading and love the color !

Lauren from Great Britain on March 5

The colour and detail is stunning! Sets a tan off perfectly!

Caroline from Canada on February 21

This dress is gorgeous. i love the color of it. i love how you see the skin through the diamonds.

Dijana from Canada on December 23

This Is Another Beautiful Dress That Should Come In Other Colors, Becuase Im Not A Fan On The Purple. I Love The Back And The From Beading And The Length Of The Whole Dress

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