Jasz Couture 4365
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Jasz Couture 4365 thumbnail

Jasz Couture 4365

Romantic Futures Evening Gown by Jasz Couture

4.7 (39)

This evening gown Jasz Couture 4365 emphasizes the upper portion of the body, with the waist, hips and legs enveloped in a long, flowing skirt that pools behind the wearer. The gown is weighted to favor longer-legged women, as it helps raise the waist and create the illusion of a longer figure.


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Jasz Couture 4365 Reviews

Halle from United States on March 11

This dress is stunning! thats all i can say!

So Pretty
Vicki from United States on February 25

Stunning on the right figure!!!

Jess from Australia on October 7

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it! Got it for my formal and the dress came so fast. Everything down to the last detail was perfect and exactly as described. It looks the exact same as the pictures :)


Ash from Australia on June 8

Got This Dress For My Ball, Its One Of The Nicest Dresses Ive Seen Nice Colour And Jewels Are Nice And Shiny

Samcooper from United States on June 4

Luv This Dress <3

So cooooool <3
Ivana from Russian Federation on May 4

Holy crap!!! Its amazing dress :3

Andrea from Ireland on April 22

I Love This Dress, Think Im Getting It :) .. Wish I Could See It In The Turquoise Though ..

Jamesha from United States on March 19

This dress is gorqeous hopefully my mom order it for me...so beautiful :)

Deanna from United States on March 18

The second I saw this dress I fell in love! As soon as I have the money I'm ordering it for prom :)

Love This!
Chelsea from Canada on March 18

This Dress Is So Nice!

Laura from Ireland on March 14

I love this dress.. its perfect as both the front and back are drop dead gorgeous!

Qamar from Qatar on March 10

It looks greattt!!

Mimo from Sweden on February 5

I really love the bakc of this dress.. really exotisk.. in this dress you will have all eyes on you

Susan from Ireland on August 6

Really stunning dress, there should be more colours to choose from

Natasha from Canada on August 3

This dress has me speechless!!! Next on my mus have list!!!

I Love It
Stephanie from Great Britain on July 29

I Love This Dress So Much I Have Been Saving Up For A Long Time Just So I Can Have It, Hopefully I Have Enought ??? In Time For My Birthday And I Have My Eye On High Heels From Schuh That Would Go With It This Is My Favourite Dress Out Of All The Dresses I Have Seen On This Website And I Can Wait For It Too Be Mine

Beyond Pretty
Davida from United States on July 1

I'm like so in love with this dress, I'd buy it right now, but don't have the money right now, but i love it and i want to buy it one of these days

I Want It
Kaylee from South Africa on June 20

I Really Really Want This In Blue

Lauren from United States on June 19

Love Cut Outs

Sharon from Great Britain on June 12

This One Nicest Dresses Ive Seen.....

5 stars!
Ceara from Ireland on May 28

This Colour Really Suits Pale Skin Like I Have And I Love The Little Amount Of Jewels It Has. Could Easily Make My Bust Look Bigger In This!

L from Kuwait on May 19

Gorgeous dress

Shelby from United States on May 7

This one definitely looks like an eye-catcher

Ray from United States on May 3

Love the back so nice!

Heidi from United States on April 25

The dress is beautiful in both the back and the front

It's decent
Mariya from United States on April 22

This dress is more for homecoming

Rola from Saudi Arabia on April 20

I'm Going To Order It Now, Its Sooo Perfect :D

Sexy With Elegance
Tanya from United States on April 11

I love this sexy but elegant gown! I wish I could wear this one but I'll have to look at it at another time. My son's wedding is a little more casual and above the knee.

Jacqueline from United States on April 11

I was searching for a prom dress for a month and I saw it and fell in love

Victoria from Canada on April 5

I Would Love To Buy This...

Rola from Saudi Arabia on April 5

Its Amazing Dress, I'll Order Soon Inshalla :)

Haley from United States on March 29

I like the sequence and color! very pretty

Glamour Elagance
Sunita from Great Britain on March 27

This dress struck me straight away. I have been looking for something elegant but also very glamorous. I loved the side slits and the back was very interesting and was not an ordinary backless like some of the others. My only critizium was the lack of colours of the dress.

Emma from Great Britain on March 27

Just found this dress .. and honestly must say one of the best dresses ive ever seen, so detailed and glamourous and a great price will defienately be buying.

What I like..
Leonie from Australia on March 27

The Front Is Not Doing It For Me...A Bit Done.... As In Its Just Been Done Too Many Times Before....
Would Be Different If The Point Of The Skirt Bit Came From Under The Right Breast... Off Center...

Kate from United States on March 18

Very Stunning

Alexandria from United States on March 2

Beautiful dress! shows off every aspect of your body in a lovely way!

Dijana from Canada on December 23

I Think This Is A Beautiful Dress, Long And Elegant And The Watermelon Color Pops. And The Beading Is Eye Catching On The Back. Rate It Very High

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