La Femme 17456
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La Femme 17456

Dramatically Lined Elegant Evening Gown by La Femme

4.5 (46)

Make a grand entrance in this attention grabbing, elegant gown by La Femme 17456. Dramatic, sparkling lines are formed through the gown, coming together flatteringly at the waistline before racing off again. A strapless neckline frames the top, and a perfect wave frames the hemline of this wonderful evening design.


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La Femme 17456 Reviews

Susan from United States on October 8

An elegant star standout for sure! Great for stage/pageant.

Hannah from United States on March 21

Very pretty dress but also very busy. Looks like a disco ball. But the sequins on it are pretty.

Too busy
Sabrina from United States on February 9

Too confusing and busy looking...woulod not buy this dress.

Linda from United States on February 4

I like this dress it screams lets go for it , I"m confident and I know it. This I would ware this to a black tie dinner on The High Seas on the ocean, It just so form fitting and lovely and fun, Any one is lucky enough to ware this will have a great time. What a fantastic dress !

Hanah from United States on January 31

The black and gold is beautiful!

Kimberly from United States on January 17

Super Sexy!

Nair from United States on January 4


Love it
Sofia from United States on November 17

Love this dress, more in black and white

Sexy !!!
Monica from Great Britain on October 24

I Had This Dress For My 50Th Birthday Party And If I Say So Myself I Looked Very Sexy. Thank You New York Dress

Tatum from United States on July 1

I really love this one, it looks great with such tan skin! I'll just need to get mine sprayed on lol

Zakiye from United States on June 17

Beautiful dress

What class!
Junia from Brazil on March 23

What class!
That dress makes any woman in a classy woman!

Gold And White
Kenya from United States on February 26


Ok Dress
Hope from United States on December 10

Made me look really wide!

Kaddy from Nigeria on November 26

Beautiful colour, chic and elegant. Iove the dress

Rita from Sweden on October 12

Im in love with this dress. I love it

Tashene from United States on July 16


Doonya from Australia on June 20

Colour is gorgeous

Caroline from Australia on June 14

This Dress Is Such A Nice Style And Can Be Worn On Any Occasion

Angela from United States on June 12

Ordering This Dress Right Now!! Cant Wait To Recieve It!!

Areta from United States on June 8

Love the stopes of the dress it's gorgeous it sparkles areta from united states

Maguy from Sweden on May 30

Love It, Would Like To Order It Definitely.

Elegant Evening Gown
Marjorie from United States on May 23

I'm not fond of the stripes on the dress

Leann from Canada on May 18

Looks really pretty really eye catching design.

Not sure.
Hamida from United States on May 16

Not sure how to feel about the stripes or the white.

Magic 10!
Shameka from United States on May 15

I would wear this to a ball!

Love It
Sidney from Canada on May 10

I Love This Dress, And I Have Definitely Seen Rihanna In A Similar, Shorter Version

Michelle from United States on May 9

This Dress Is Really Pretty. Would Look Great With A Tan

Dina from United States on May 4

I would love to try this on very beautiful and unique! I love this website!

Nikkia from United States on April 30

My daughter pick this dress for her senior prom the white & gold. She looked stunning the dress is beautiful. I had to give it five stars. Thank you New York Dress & La Femme!!

My dream dress
Awa from United States on April 27

I keep coming back on this page all the time . Am in love wit this dresssssssssss.

Andrea from Argentina on April 23

Would love to try it!

Stacy from United States on April 22

I tried this dress on in white and gold but Id love to try it on in black and gold..

Lina from United States on April 18

I would luv to try this dress on in the black/gold! Beautiful yet elegant!

Nikeisa from United States on April 18

I love the way that this dress pops with the ellusion that the colors give.

Nyanhail from United States on April 12

I Love The Design On The Dress

A from United States on April 10

Design with sequins on this dress is great!

Suzette from United States on April 6

Amazing dress love the colors

Lena from United States on April 3

Stunning dress! comfortable and flawless!!!

Tonia from Canada on March 29

Very slimming and elegant! Jaw dropper

Sylvia from United States on March 14

I just ordered this dress and I can't wait for it to arrive! I know I'm going to look fabulous in it!

Seen this!
Zara from Great Britain on March 1

Seen this before an think I'm going to invest. Looks Fab.

Cute Dress
Mekaela from United States on February 24

This Dress Is Soooo Cute And Fashionable If I Could I Would Buy It Right When I Saw It Thank You For Letting Me See This Beautiful Dress

Ericka from United States on February 12

This Is A Must Have

Nicole from United States on January 25

This dress is to die for

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