La Femme 18525
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La Femme 18525

Basket-weave, strapless formal with sparkling back by La Femme

4.8 (17)

This beautiful, basket-weave formal by La Femme 18525 fashions a fabulous look. Strips of tonal, pin-tucked pieces weave from strapless neckline to waist to form a wonderfully woven fit. Sparkle-studded straps span the back with dazzle. Centered gathers flow along the full-length skirt, and a gossamer overlay makes a sheerly lovely finish at the feet.


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La Femme 18525 Reviews

Dress of the dream
Elena from Finland on March 24

The unequalled balance of the elegance of the colour and the shape!
This model is on the top of wishes of my daughter for your PROM this year and I hope she will be happy to get this present!

Hunter from United States on March 24

The ombre basket-weave style is stunning, and the back is gorgeous! It is simple yet elegant and is easy to dress up with accessories and a complimenting prom-do.

Ashraf from Egypt on February 15

Nice Colour

An Ombre Wonder!
Samantha from Canada on October 18

The colour of this dress, makes me want to run away to the islands and get married.

Its gorgeous turquoise color is absolutely stunning, and its ombre- like effect is so trendy right now.

I wish this was around when I attended my prom!

Dinara from Russian Federation on October 2

Very beautiful dress especially if you have green eyes

Lisa from New Zealand on September 29

Another stunner. Gorgeous criss cross bodice that would be so flattering!!

Julie from Canada on August 31

Love The Ombre! Amazing

Graduation dresses
Bijal from Canada on July 14

I love the whole almost ombr� effect on the dress and the colors look very amazing. Also the weaving basket on the top sort of enlightens the simple yet beautiful dress.

Amanda from United States on July 14

This dress is absolutely the perfect dress for me! I love the colour, the style (especially the back of the dress) and basically everything. It's absolutely flawless.

Anna from Poland on June 16


Absolutely Beautiful
Keri from Trinidad And Tobago on June 3

The Basket Weave Pattern Is So Unique As Well As The Colour. The Back Of This Dress Stunned Me As Well. All In All... Simply Beautiful;

Absolutely Gorgeous! Love it!
Emily from Australia on April 29

The patter and fading effect of the colour is gorgeous! A simple cut yet beautiful effect! Would buy it in a heartbeat if I could!

This is my favorite dress
Patty from United States on March 28


Eleanor from Canada on January 19

Love The Back Of The Dress

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