Landa G501
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Landa G501

Round Neck Halter Dazzling Sequin Stunning Dress by Landa

4.7 (70)

Dazzle with sequin crystal like beaded neckline in a rounded diamond neck stunning evening dress by Landa G501. The underside embellishment and front slit creates dimension to this piece. The supple softness of this stretch jersey creates a flattering feminine silhouette that will make memorable timeless piece.


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Landa G501 Reviews

Leisa from Australia on July 13

What an amazing gown!!! I love the back of this dress

Love it !!!
Gracemarie from Australia on May 29

Love this gown stunning .

Simply Stunning
Catherineg from Great Britain on January 4

This is the dress I will be purchasing as soon as I can. The event will be for my next cruise sometime this year. I can just imagine the photographs of myself and my man dressed in his dinner suit....

Defiantly has the .....WOW.... Factor

Kim from United States on December 2

Great dress

Classic & Classy
Joan from Canada on November 18

Love, love, love the dress

Wow Dress!!!!
Susana from Paraguay on July 15

Very sexy, hot dress to shine like a movie star on it!!! Love it!!

Seductive Goddess
Chystal from United States on July 5

The Dress Is A Total Siren If Your In The Room With A Group Of Copules And Your By Your Self You Can Total Steal A Mans Her With This Dress Weither At The Prom Or Just On The Runway You Will Even Have People Envy You Because Of Your The Sex Appeal

Ravein from United States on May 14

This Dress Has Class Lovely Flow .

Feekie from United States on May 10

This is one of the most beautiful dresses on this site. It is elegant and sophisticated. I don't know if it is really a prom dress, but if the girl wearing it has a beautiful back, small waist and a lot of confidence, she might be able to pull it off.

Erica from United States on April 19

Very Sexy Dress

Claudette from Australia on April 7


Teresa from United States on February 28

I'm wearing this dress to an upcoming event on March 10th. I tried it on in front of my mom and friends and they thought it was perfect. It fits perfectly.

Fabulous Dress!
Ginger from United States on January 28

This will be the next dress that I purchase for our cruises! Simply stunning!

Vaavva Voom
Aleisha from Australia on August 24

This dress is absolutely DAZZLING. It is sophisticated, classy, and sexy all rolled into one dress. You could wear this gorgeous gown to any black tie event, a wedding, school formal, anniversary dinner. It looks comfortable and sexy, and YOU will be noticed in this dress.

Love At First Sight!
Sarah from United States on July 30

I have visited so many sites to find the perfect black dress and I have finally found it! I clicked page 35 and instantly fell in love. This dress is very classy but aslo sexy. It's perfect!!!

Breath Taking Sexy!
Heyam from Puerto Rico on April 28

Really Beautiful1

A Touch of Class
Carin from United States on April 16

A very elegant and tastful classy dress that carries sophisticated confidence. Perfect for a black tie event and if it were to be done in white I believe it would be a very highly sought after wedding gown.

Maegan from United States on November 7

Its an amazing dress exactly what I want. It is classy and sexy...Just absoultely stunning. Wish is could have it for my shoot.

Nice details
Erika from Mexico on August 4

The glowing details make of this dress so elegant and beautiful!

Iesha from United States on July 21

This dress is perfect, it is my dream dress!!

Abby from Canada on July 18

The well known, head turning 'wow' dress.

Veronica from Venezuela on June 13

Very Sexyy Love It

Natasha from United States on June 1

Ladies.....if you have a body that would look good in this dress ..I say go for it!!!! Gorgeous and Sexy!

Judith from Great Britain on May 27

Very ellegant

Rick from United States on May 22


Tina from United States on May 22

I wanted a head turning dress. This is it.

Very Very Good
Charlene from United States on May 19

I Love This Dresses Alot And I Would Love To Rock That Dresses Really And It Goes Right With My Figure

Dream dress
Christiane from Germany on May 17

Just simply stunning, the kind of dress i always wanted!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marisha from Jamaica on May 8

These dresses are killing me. OH MY GOD just look at this dress. I just wish that I could Afford it but it is fantastic

Beyond beautiful
Oneika from United States on May 8

This Is Very Elegant And Beautiful. Its Amazing And Stunning

Sandy from Canada on May 2

Stunning And Beautful!

Penelope from Canada on May 2

Its Amazinggggg!!!!

Ijeoma from United States on April 29

This Is Super Pretty, Red Carpet Material

Michelle from United States on April 27

Can someone say beauty queen material?

Rachel from Canada on April 25

This is a very sophisticated and beautiful dress, though i think it is more appropriate for fancy parties and dinners than a prom.

Rhandi from United States on April 25

Grown & Sexy. Love It

Store owner
Daedra from United States on April 19

This is a beautiful evening gown for ladies 30 and up, it's not too revealing, but yet sexy.

Jessica from United States on April 18

This Is Very Elgant And Stunning. Red Carpet Material.

Kristin from United States on April 10


Simply stunning!
Jessica from Canada on April 8

This dress is amazingly sophisticated, reminds me of a james bond girl's dress! .. i would def purchase this for prom is it was cheaper

Melinda from United States on April 7

This dress is very nice and elegant.

Bridgette from United States on April 3

Very Nice The Slit An Clevage Opening Are Very Classic

Bridgette from United States on April 3

The Front Is Gorgeous

Joy from Great Britain on March 31

This Drees Is A Real Stuner,Breathtaking,Redcarpet Dress, This Dress Will Turn Heads Very Gorgeous.

Taylor from United States on March 27

A Little Too Sexy For Prom But Its Really Sexy!!

Donika from United States on March 24

Nice But Too Out Of Style

Marla from United States on March 15

This is a dress that Angenlina Jolie would wear.

Black Beauty
Chantel from United States on March 13

This is an elegante dress with safistication.

J.D. from United States on March 10

This dress is sexy, modern, and classy. The neck halter adds originality and the open back is sassy.

Sarah from United States on March 9

This dress is beautiful and elegant in the front, and then the back is sexy the way it shows some skin!

Sammie from United States on February 25

Beautiful and unique!

Very sexy
Julie from United States on February 7

Very sexy, not sure I would wear it but quite pretty

Nicole from United States on February 4


Anita from United States on January 31

This Dress Is Pretty, But Reavealing.

Deanna from United States on January 20

This Dress Is Amazing

Love it
Wesam from United States on January 20

So elegant , so sexy

Roshell from United States on January 19


Sexy and Elegant
Ruth from Canada on January 7

This dress will turn heads. Most stunning black gown.

Linda from Canada on December 21

This is an ansolutely stunning dress. It is attention taking and very elegant. I would love to own this gorgeous dress someday!

Laquana from United States on December 15

This dress is soo sexc!

Elegant meets classy
Melissa from United States on December 13

Gorgeous black dress that will be in style for years to come. It's sexy, but not trashy. Great dress for almost any occasion

Alex from United States on December 13

I Am Getting This Dress For My Senior Prom. It Is Just What I Was Looking For, Very Elegant And Stunning. It Is Beautiful

Pretty Dress
R from United States on November 27

Very nice back for this dress....plain but attention getting.

Temika from United States on November 9

This Is A Beautiful Dress!!

Toni from Great Britain on November 6

This Has To Be Number One A Timeless Gown That You Would Want To Wear Time An Time Again For The Wow Factor Alone.

Aleson from United States on October 21

This dress will turn everybodys head. I am so excited. I can not wait till prom. This will definitely be my dress for prom. :)

Very Elegent
Sheryl from United States on September 16

Stunning!! I Think I Might Get This

Bennie from United States on September 12


Dolores from United States on September 7


Very Elegant
Connie from United States on August 25

Very stunning evening gown. This dress has everything to make a women feel sexy.

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