Lara dresses are special party frocks and glamorous occasion ensembles with a fresh and young feel.

The prom collection stands out with flowing full-length gowns, flirty mini dresses, and modern sheaths that create delicate silhouettes with dance-friendly appeal. Find a figure-flattering and fashion-forward dress in this collection and make prom memories in your own unique style. Finding a prom dress amidst all the options can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack - but with trendy, elegant designs that play up your best features while helping disguise sensitive areas, you’ll soon realize just what a pleasure shopping for gowns can be!

Lara dresses bring some of the most elegant looks available to the table, thanks to the simple cuts that highlight the body, more than anything else. Wearing the Strapless Mermaid Gown with Streaming Sequins or the A-Line Halter Gown with Gemstone Appliqué can seem like a statement when you’re showing off your assets to their best advantage, and this collection is full of other equally gorgeous, stylish, and sophisticated looks. Most importantly, the youthful cuts of these gowns help them stay age-appropriate no matter what kind of occasion you’re attending, whether it be a friend or family member’s wedding, a relaxed cocktail party, or your high school Prom! Rarely do designers straddle the bounds between these types of occasions with such ease, but Lara dresses accomplish this with style and glamour to boot.

Finding the perfect footwear for your Lara dresses can be a challenge, but it’s one that can be met with fun and style – if you know what you’re looking for and how to match your shoes to your outfit. Some tips include: Make sure that you choose shoes that feature heels that flatter your legs while still allowing you to walk, since there’s nothing more upsetting than tripping or slipping because you’re not used to a higher heel! While it might be tempting to look for shoes that match the shade of your gown to a T, try not to choose all your accessories based on a matchy-matchy color scheme, or you’ll wind up looking like you’re trying too hard, instead of as if you’re a glam chick who effortlessly melds her outfit with her accessories. Black shoes are great with dresses that feature darker colors, but those gowns that are meant to be worn in the summer months should be glitzy and glam! Boots are acceptable footwear for cocktail dresses, particularly tres-chic ones like the Embroidered A-Line Slip Dress or the Contrast Ruche Short Sheath with Sweetheart Neckline. When purchasing footwear it’s important to remember to compare the weight of both shoe and gown, and realize that if you pair a light, airy fabric with a heavy leather boot, it’s likely to look unbalanced. Avoid this pitfall by choosing boots made from lighter fabrics, or dresses made from heavier ones, and you’ll find your appearance coming together perfectly.

While this collection of Lara gowns features dresses in many colors – and many dresses in multiple colors – the overt themes of the season are blues and greens that recall the feeling of being near the sea. These light, non-obtrusive colors are perfect for spring and summer, when people wind down from the rush and bustle of the holiday season and get ready to stretch out and relax. The calming effect these colors have on the psyche helps make a fun night out seem effortless, as well as relaxing, and can bring you and your friends feelings of serenity and joy. At the same time, those who favor a bolder look may delight in yellows, oranges and reds that really pop out and help you stand out from the crowd. Try it either way and you’ll be sure to find a gown that compliments the look you want to achieve!

Many of the dresses by Lara for sale at are made from single-shade fabric, but there are also a number of gowns – like the Print Charmeuse A-Line with Crystal Appliqué at Waist, the Watercolor Floral Print Bubble Mini by Lara, the Tea-Length A-Line in Painted Floral Print, and the Strapless Party Dress In Paisley Chiffon – which feature fun, bold, feminine colors and designs sure to make you smile. Favoring the woman who isn’t afraid to let her personality shine through in the clothing she wears, these Lara dresses help pull you into sharp focus for the people around you. By making yourself stand out from the crowd, you’ll stand an even better chance of being able to meet new, interesting people who can help you achieve your dreams!

When putting together a look for a swanky evening out, many women forget to give full consideration to the other incidentals of their appearance. When faced with a designer whose dresses pull the focus to the bust and bodice, it’s important for women to plan their hair style and makeup in advance of their special event, particularly as this can offer the opportunity for experimentation without the consequences of a look that doesn’t quite work out. When gowns feature halter necks and spaghetti straps, wearing your hair down can help frame your face and bring a feminine, “goddess” feeling to the overall appearance, while a strapless gown complimented with hair swept into an up-do can give an incomparable air of elegance, style and grace by showing off your shoulders, neck and arms. So if you’re seeking a gown which will offer you versatility and style, then check out the pieces available from Lara here at – you won’t be disappointed.

  • Lara 42491
    Lara 42491

    Two-Piece Beaded Evening Gown by Lara 42491
    Color: Nude/Green

  • Lara 32634
    Lara 32634

    Sheer Flower Detail Evening Gown by Lara 32634
    Available in 4 colors

  • Lara 6043
    Lara 6043

    Enchanting Dreams Floral Evening Dress by Lara 6043
    Color: Blue

  • Lara 32735
    Lara 32735

    Stunningly patterned illusion evening gown by Lara 32735
    Color: Mint

  • Lara 32540
    Lara 32540

    Sheer and Sparkling Applique Evening Gown by Lara 32540
    Color: Red

  • Lara 32641
    Lara 32641

    Long-Sleeved Sheer Feather Print Evening Gown by Lara 32641
    Color: Mulberry

  • Lara 32730
    Lara 32730

    Mesmerizingly ethereal evening gown by Lara 32730
    Color: Blush

  • Lara 42604
    Lara 42604

    Sheer and Sparkling Evening Gown by Lara 42604
    Color: Red

  • Lara 32638
    Lara 32638

    Textured Flowers Cape Evening Gown by Lara 32638
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 32610
    Lara 32610

    Breathtaking illusion gown with ornate accents by Lara 32610
    Color: Mauve

  • Lara 32311
    Lara 32311

    Contrast Detail Evening Gown by Lara 32311
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Lara 42527
    Lara 42527

    Two-piece A-line gown with patterned skirt by Lara 42527
    Color: Black/White

  • Lara 32643
    Lara 32643

    Sparkling Applique Evening Gown by Lara 32643
    Color: Dark Green

  • Lara 42601
    Lara 42601

    Sequined Applique Evening Gown by Lara 42601
    Color: Dark Red

  • Lara 32460
    Lara 32460

    Sparkling Evening Gown by Lara 32460
    Color: Red

  • Lara 32558
    Lara 32558

    Romantic Dreams Sequined Evening Gown by Lara 32558
    Color: Blush

  • Lara 32293
    Lara 32293

    Fluttering Crystal Waves Evening Gown by Lara 32293
    Color: Red

  • Lara 32628
    Lara 32628

    Shimmering Beaded Evening Gown by Lara 32628
    Color: Blue

  • Lara 32559
    Lara 32559

    Lavish Illusion Lace Evening Dress by Lara 32559
    Color: Champagne

  • Lara 42532
    Lara 42532

    Unique floor-length dress with geometric cutaway patterns by Lara 42532
    Color: Aqua

  • Lara 32571
    Lara 32571

    Beautifully beaded floor-length dress with illusion sleeves by Lara 32571
    Color: Green

  • Lara 32625
    Lara 32625

    Glittering Sequined Evening Gown by Lara 32625
    Color: Black

  • Lara 32439
    Lara 32439

    Lovely Illusion Shimmer Evening Dress by Lara 32439
    Color: Sapphire

  • Lara 32732
    Lara 32732

    Glitzy two-tone gown with dropped waistline by Lara 32732
    Color: Teal Blue

  • Lara 32629
    Lara 32629

    Empire-waist A-line gown with V neckline by Lara 32629
    Color: Navy

  • Lara 42521
    Lara 42521

    Lace Evening Gown by Lara 42521
    Color: Red

  • Lara 42301
    Lara 42301

    Utterly fetching A-line evening gown by Lara 42301
    Color: Nude

  • Lara 42312
    Lara 42312

    Off-the-shoulder dress with contrasting embellishments by Lara 42312
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 32627
    Lara 32627

    Beaded Applique Evening Gown by Lara 32627
    Color: Ivory/Black

  • Lara 32446
    Lara 32446

    Shimmering Crinkle Draped Cocktail Dress by Lara 32446
    Color: Champagne

  • Lara 32304
    Lara 32304

    Vintage Beauty Sequined Evening Gown by Lara 32304
    Color: Red

  • Lara 42514
    Lara 42514

    Two-Piece Sequin Applique Evening Gown by Lara 42514
    Color: Red

  • Lara 32295
    Lara 32295

    Empire Sparkle Draped Evening Dress by Lara 32295
    Color: Dusty Purple

  • Lara 32497
    Lara 32497

    Beaded Evening Gown by Lara 32497
    Color: Green

  • Lara 42490
    Lara 42490

    Two-Piece Lace Detail Evening Gown by Lara 42490
    Color: Ivory/Navy

  • Lara 32509
    Lara 32509

    Fancy Lace Fishtail Evening Gown by Lara 32509
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 32252
    Lara 32252

    Beautiful detailed gown with illusion sleeves from Lara 32252
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 41011
    Lara 41011

    Fabric-Flower Cocktail Dress With Colored Bead Straps by Lara 41011
    Color: Pink

  • Lara 32635
    Lara 32635

    Sparkling Lace Detail Evening Gown by Lara 32635
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 32630
    Lara 32630

    High-waist full-length gown with intricate embellishments by Lara 32630
    Color: Mauve


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