MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306
MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306 thumbnail
MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306 thumbnail
MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306 thumbnail
MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306 thumbnail

MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306

Long-sleeved gown with pleated skirt by MNM Fouad Sarkis

Ensconce yourself in elegance from top to toe with this evening gown by MNM Fouad Sarkis 2306. The lace-layered bodice boasts pretty puffed sleeves that taper to the wrists and a shimmer-infused standup collar. Trim lines define a curvy bust and midriff while a wide band encircles the waist in a silken embrace. Closely spaced pleats debut the full-length skirt, which fans to soft flutters at a fabulous full-length.


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