Mac Duggal 42660M
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Mac Duggal 42660M

Bodice styled full-length Mac Duggal Prom train gown

4.8 (9)

A cocktail party full-length gown by Mac Duggal 42660M Prom. This gown comes with a beautifully designed U-shaped bodice and is layered with a sheer material to form a train. Embellished with sequins and thread work that go around the bodice, this is a great outfit for women with flat stomachs and shapely busts.


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Mac Duggal 42660M Reviews

Kelsey from United States on April 3

I fell in love with this dress at first sight!!!!

Danielle from United States on February 16

I Love This Dress Nice Bead Work , Colors , Cut . Its Perfect !

Alice from Great Britain on January 28

This is so pretty!
I love the shade of green and the detailed embroidery

Alice from Great Britain on January 28

I love the embroidery and the colour

Rochelle from United States on January 2

I bought this dress, and yes it is very expensive, but it defiantly is a show stopper. It has a beautiful brushing train, and a very high slit. Parents might be concerned with the split, but all you have to do it put a few stitches in to lower in maybe two inches and it will be perfect! Shows can be very hard to find to match it perfectly, so just check out the Jonathan Kayne line. I plan on wearing just nude heels, and getting this thing called shoe clips to put on them. You can find peacock shoe clips to match, so it will definitely be super cute! I wouldn't go overboard with shoes thought, because the dress itself is enough. You can save yourself on the jewelry cost too, because you won't need any. I have slight drop earrings that have teal and brown gems to match, and thats all i am going to be wearing! This dress is worth the money!

Love The Dress
Niva from United States on December 2

Very Nice Dress

Gabriella from Canada on November 27

This dress is worth the money for such beautiful detail and such an elegant dress, I planning on getting it for my prom. even though its not the colour that caught y eye it was all bead work and the feathers. I can't not wait to purchase it

So nice, so expensive.
Victoria from Canada on November 13

If this dress wasn't as expensive as it is, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It's so beautiful and SO original. The colors are stunning.

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