Mac Duggal Plus Size

Mac Duggal plus size dresses give you a range of stylish options to flatter, without giving up the intricate details and innovative design details you expect.

These gowns and dramatic dresses use silhouettes and other construction features to maximize your beauty. With a range of colors, shapes and sizes of dress to suit every taste, you’lll be sure to find something that matches your special occasion when you peruse the selection of dresses here at’s Mac Duggal Plus Size collection.

There are only a certain number of different silhouettes, and each appeals to – and flatters – a different kind of figure. When picking a special occasion dress, whether it’s for your prom, a homecoming or sweet sixteen party, or even a formal event like a wedding or business dinner, it’s important to know what kinds of silhouettes will make you look even more radiant than you already do. For women whose extra pounds have resulted in curves around the bust and hips, using an hourglass silhouette – it looks like what it sounds like – can create emphasis on the waist area, which is usually the slimmest part of the body. Using belts and waist bands to emphasize this area can also help you carry off the “siren” look! The long, swaying skirts bounce outwards, giving the full lower halves of the dresses the ability to balance out fuller busts.

MacDuggal Plus Size dresses often feature sweetheart and V-style necklines; this is because these are both necklines that flatter a larger bosom. The bodice of a dress may feature wide straps, spaghetti straps, or no straps at all – but when it comes to plus size looks, the straps are often less functional than decorative, and so the support and detail of a well-selected neckline becomes even more important. Check out the Delicately designed strapless sheath dress and the Chic,paisley-patterned A-line gown with spaghetti straps. For looks that will serve the party girl well, check out the plunging decoltage on the Flirty cocktail dress with multicolored skirt and the Brightly colored floor-legnth gown! Each of thse looks uses a deep neckline that creates drama and a flattering impression in the upper portion of the bodice.

Shoes are the ultimate investment piece in your wardrobe, since no matter what size you are, a good pair will always fit! Check out the incredible pieces available at after you’ve chosen your Mac Duggal Plus Size dress. When you’re on the heavier side, matching your dress with high heels can help make your legs appear longer and slimmer, too! You can find shoes that compliment the sparkling details on some of these Mac Duggal Plus Size dresses, or you can focus your energies on finding solid colored shoes that won’t detract from the attention those around you are already paying the patterned dress you’ve chosen from our collection. Whatever shoes you select, make sure that you’re comfortable walking in heel, and give yourself plenty of opportunity to practice walking in them around the house. Nothing’s less sexy than a lady who can’t handle herself on her heels!

Think about how you want your final look to come across when you’re choosing your dress. If you need inspiration on a way to wear your hair with your look, check out the styles of hairdos our models are wearing! Look at how the neckline of a dress is complimented or contrasted with in the hairstyle worn with the dress, and think about whether you want to mix and match styles by picking the hair style of one look and the dress from another. Once you’ve decided what you want – and what your hair will let – you do, you can spend a few minutes thinking about your makeup. Do you want to take on a natural look, or are you aiming to be a glam femme fatale on your big night out? Add dramatic makeup around the eyes or mouth, but remember that emphasizing both can look too theatrical for a romantic night out. Never be afraid to select a natural makeup regime that lets your inner beauty shine!

When getting ready for a big event or special night out, having the right dress is of the utmost importance – but it can also be hard to find exactly the dress that you’re looking for, particularly when your body is a non-standard size. Thanks to Mac Duggal Plus Size, ladies with bodies that weren’t built for a 00 world can now find looks that will flatter them and make them look their best – so don’t wait a moment longer before you browse through this collection to find dresses that will flatter and showcase both your sparkling attitude and your best assets!

Mac Duggal Plus Size

  • Mac Duggal 11102F
    Mac Duggal 11102F

    Chic sheer-layered gown with shimmer by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 11102F
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mac Duggal 65489F
    Mac Duggal 65489F

    Elegant sleeveless gown with dazzle by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65489F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 77003F
    Mac Duggal 77003F

    Wow-factor sleeveless gown with peplum by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 77003F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 65473F
    Mac Duggal 65473F

    Splendid short-sleeved gown with contrast by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65473F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 77024F
    Mac Duggal 77024F

    Lavish long-sleeved gown with lace by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 77024F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 65486F
    Mac Duggal 65486F

    Glitzy sleeveless gown with glam by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65486F
    Color: Purple/Nude

  • Mac Duggal 65037F
    Mac Duggal 65037F

    Radiantly shimmering A-line gown by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65037F
    Color: Nude/Silver

  • Mac Duggal 65466F
    Mac Duggal 65466F

    Sleeveless goddess gown with cutout by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65466F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 65462F
    Mac Duggal 65462F

    Stylish strapless gown with peplum by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65462F
    Color: Royal/Black

  • Mac Duggal 65478F
    Mac Duggal 65478F

    Bellissima cap-sleeved gown with sparkle by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 65478F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 77006F
    Mac Duggal 77006F

    Sleeveless gown with shimmering layers by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 77006F
    Color: Royal

  • Mac Duggal 4369F
    Mac Duggal 4369F

    Short-sleeved gown with dimensional dazzle by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 4369F
    Color: Black

  • Mac Duggal 77001F
    Mac Duggal 77001F

    Sleeveless gown with lush detail by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 77001F
    Color: Midnight Blue

  • Mac Duggal 77005F
    Mac Duggal 77005F

    Sleeveless gown with elegant detail by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 77005F
    Color: Black/Gold

  • Mac Duggal 76775F
    Mac Duggal 76775F

    Foxy fit-and-flare frock with peplum by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 76775F
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mac Duggal 76998F
    Mac Duggal 76998F

    Sleeveless gown with bijoux embellishments by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 76998F
    Color: Royal/Purple

  • Mac Duggal 4372F
    Mac Duggal 4372F

    Sleeveless gown with sculpted silhouette by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 4372F
    Available in 2 colors


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