Mignon dresses are festive ensembles perfect for day into night formal occasions and black-tie gala events alike.

Each versatile dress is structured with artful details like draping, layering, and gorgeous beading that stand out with refinement and precision. Look to the Mignon collection to find this season’s get-noticed gowns and party dresses. Getting through the day when there’s a big event at the end of it can be exhausting. Will you wear one outfit that doesn’t really fit in for either work or play, but is presentable enough to be “okay” for both? Or will you put yourself through rushing to try and get home between two events, getting nervous about making it in time to give a good impression? Mignon Dresses give you the chance to avoid both these scenarios, and make you think about the best way to present yourself and your personality in the best of lights. In the world of fine dining, filet mignon is known as the best cut of meat – in the world of fashion, Mignon dresses are simply the best for all kinds of occasions.

With their Grecian silhouettes and careful use of both draping and layering, Mignon dresses are delightfully feminine in their appeal and presentation. A Jeweled Collar Jersey A-Line with Turquoise Stones is just the beginning, with its intricate detail and choker neck, while a Strapless Sweetheart Column Gown with Stone Accents emphasizes the waist and bust with a trail of dazzling jewels. Drawing on Romantic inspiration, dresses like the Strapless Silk Chiffon Gown with Hi-Lo Skirt and Silk Chiffon Baby doll with Accent Stones both give their wearers the opportunity to look chic and stylish. These women’s gowns and dresses from Mignon bring an elegant accent to your wardrobe without cluttering up their looks with superfluous detail.

Every woman has a few different tried and true looks she can resort to when she needs to go out and make a bang on the social scene. What are your favorite standbys? Are you a femme fatale or an ingénue? Do you like to play up your body, or your personality? What hair styles can you do with your eyes closed? If you see yourself as a vibrant and playful woman who’s thrilled with the company she’s keeping, then Mignon couldn’t be better suited to your style: it’s playful airs and graces include fun embroidery, sassy slip dresses, and more jewels than you’ll know what to do with. In fact, thanks to the multiple looks and styles captured so well by this designer, you can feel secure with whatever look you pick. If a Festive Floral Print A-Line Mini or an Abstract Print Chiffon Maxi Gown is your thing, look no further – and that goes double for all you girls who want to look your best at your next big school dance! The fresh, stylish Mignon dresses and gowns available at newyorkdress.com will give you just the “look” you’re looking for.

Being the best isn’t just about looking great. It’s about taking pride in your appearance and attitude, and working as hard as you can to show everyone else what dedication and determination can accomplish. Mignon is the best not just because they create well-styled formal clothing that suits the many events so many women will attend throughout their lives, but because the gowns created by this designer are made with care and attention to detail. They consistently turn out inspiring and interesting collections, and the selection available at newyorkdress.com proves that in this respect, nothing at the designer has changed. From a fashion perspective, the looks are as referential to our times and as engaging as they’ve ever been, proving that this is one designer with their fingers on the pulse of style.

Flaunting their best feature has long been a strategy of the women who grace the covers of magazines and the screens of TVs – why should the average girl on the street be any different? If you choose to highlight your legs, there are loads of mini-dresses on offer from Mignon, so you can rest assured that not only will your legs be drawing attention, but the rest of you won’t look half bad either! You’ll be thrilled to discover that if you haven’t been to the gym in a while, you’re not going to need to bare all for the people at your formal night out, since there are plenty of maxi-length gowns available from this designer as well. Thanks to the innovative pieces from Mignon, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you try to decide which way you want to present yourself in your new gown.

While there are a handful of gowns in bright, bold colors, most of the tones showcased in Mignon dresses are pale and natural shades of popular color themes. This compliments the loose, airy silhouettes of the collection’s top evening gowns as well as the funky, mod minidresses placed throughout the collection. Thanks to this, the gowns have a look that is both formal and casual at once, making them suitable for daytime and evening events. You’ll be so pleased with your Mignon gown that you’ll soon realize you’ve been making an even bigger social splash than usual without even knowing it! Whatever your preference, whichever style best suits your tastes and body type, Mignon dresses offer some of the finest workmanship and attention to detail available in modern, trendy fashions. Enjoy whichever one you select, and have a wonderful time picking it out!

  • Mignon VM1586
    Mignon VM1586

    Captivating Curves Beaded Evening Gown by Mignon VM1586
    Color: Dove Gray

  • LM Collection AL3086
    LM Collection AL3086

    Stellar short-sleeved evening gown with shimmer by LM Collection AL3086
    Available in 11 colors

  • Mignon VM1289B
    Mignon VM1289B

    Striking full-length sparkling illusion gown from Mignon VM1289B
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mignon HY1439
    Mignon HY1439

    Dramatic embellished slit full-length gown from Mignon HY1439
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1760
    Mignon VM1760

    Theatrical glossy applique illusion gown from Mignon VM1760
    Color: Silver Cloud

  • Mignon VM36001
    Mignon VM36001

    Stunning textured embroidered sleeveless gown from Mignon VM36001
    Color: White/Nude

  • Mignon HY1442
    Mignon HY1442

    Crystallized beaded illusion halter gown from Mignon HY1442
    Color: Platinum/Gold

  • Mignon HY1389
    Mignon HY1389

    Marvelous strappy halter A-line gown from Mignon HY1389
    Color: Melon

  • Mignon VM14200
    Mignon VM14200

    Glittering spaghetti-strap detail mermaid gown from Mignon VM14200
    Color: Powder Pink

  • Mignon VM35311
    Mignon VM35311

    Embossed strapless sweetheart leaflet gown from Mignon VM35311
    Color: White/Gold

  • Mignon VM1722
    Mignon VM1722

    Gorgeous lacy embroidery scalloped mermaid from Mignon VM1722
    Color: Nude

  • Mignon HY1256
    Mignon HY1256

    Super swanky floor-length dress with stripes by LM Collection by Mignon HY1256
    Color: Black

  • Mignon VM1432
    Mignon VM1432

    Glamorous gown with shimmer panels by Mignon VM1432
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mignon VM1702
    Mignon VM1702

    Refined asymmetrical illusion mermaid gown from Mignon VM1702
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mignon VM918
    Mignon VM918

    High Neckline Colorblock Contrast Evening Gown by Mignon VM918
    Color: Peony Multi

  • Mignon VM650
    Mignon VM650

    Embellished Draped Evening Gown by Mignon VM650
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mignon VM570
    Mignon VM570

    Full Length Princess Dress with Sparkling V Embellishments by Mignon VM570
    Available in 3 colors

  • LM Collection AL1900
    LM Collection AL1900

    Exceptional Draped Enchantment Dress by LM Collection AL1900
    Available in 4 colors

  • LM Collection CC310
    LM Collection CC310

    Streaming sleeveless gown with sheer straps by LM Collection CC310
    Color: Black

  • Mignon VM443
    Mignon VM443

    Strapless Sheer Hourglass Dress by Mignon VM443
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mignon VM1575
    Mignon VM1575

    Exquisite two-piece evening gown by Mignon VM1575
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1709
    Mignon VM1709

    Elegant mermaid with embroidered middle from Mignon VM1709
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM883
    Mignon VM883

    Strapless Tonal Beaded Evening Gown by Mignon White Collection VM883
    Color: White

  • Mignon HY1307
    Mignon HY1307

    Contrast Elegance Two-Piece Evening Dress by Mignon HY1307
    Color: White/Black

  • Mignon HY1223
    Mignon HY1223

    Stunning cutaway evening gown by LM Collection by Mignon HY1223
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon HY1238
    Mignon HY1238

    Utterly demure evening gown by LM Collection by Mignon HY1238
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1077
    Mignon VM1077

    Captivating Ruched Glimmer Gown by Mignon VM1077
    Color: Navy

  • Mignon AL3118
    Mignon AL3118

    Dazzling V-neck evening gown by LM Collection by Mignon AL3118
    Color: White/Green

  • Mignon VM1376C
    Mignon VM1376C

    Dainty floor-length dress with spaghetti straps by Mignon VM1376C
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mignon VM1648
    Mignon VM1648

    Chic Shimmer Spotted Cocktail Dress by Mignon VM1648
    Color: Baroque Blue

  • Mignon VM1721
    Mignon VM1721

    Picturesque lined sweetheart mermaid gown from Mignon VM1721
    Available in 3 colors

  • Mignon VM965
    Mignon VM965

    Asymmetrical Textured Detail Evening Gown by Mignon VM965
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1744
    Mignon VM1744

    Artistic angled illusion A-line gown from Mignon VM1744
    Color: White

  • Mignon VM1258
    Mignon VM1258

    Sparkling strapless gown with floating skirt from Mignon VM1258
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1718
    Mignon VM1718

    Majestic lace-up peplum slit gown from Mignon VM1718
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1712
    Mignon VM1712

    Tiered halter with lacy embellishments from Mignon VM1712
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon HY1378
    Mignon HY1378

    Sophisticated sleeveless cutout accent gown from Mignon HY1378
    Color: Pale Pink

  • Mignon VM1718B
    Mignon VM1718B

    Sweetheart mermaid gown with lace-up sides from Mignon VM1718B
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mignon VM1773
    Mignon VM1773

    Svelte two-piece ruched strappy gown from Mignon VM1773
    Color: Turquoise

  • Mignon VM38302
    Mignon VM38302

    Discotheque contrasting glittery mermaid gown from Mignon VM38302
    Color: Black


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