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    Mon Cheri Montage

    Mon Cheri Montage Dresses

    Mon Cheri Montage Dresses

    Mon Cheri Montage dresses are known for being modest and enticing, and for blending a structured sensibility with a dreamier, more expansive point of view. This results in a collection with flattering looks that suit a number of different figures and ages, many of which include jackets designed to complete a polished appearance. Those women considering the purchase of a Mon Cheri Montage gown are well on their way to perfecting a sleek, professional and feminine appearance at their next formal event.


    Beautiful and well-designed detail work is a hallmark of the gowns available here from Mon Cheri Montage. Many of the gowns offered at are intricate affairs, with draping, ruching and embroidered beadwork being common to a number of the looks available. A number of examples clarify this design approach, including a number of sleeveless gowns which use cleavage-enhancing bust lines to their advantage. Even those gowns which would traditionally feature little embellishment, such as Grecian silhouettes and halter necks, bring floral fabric details and long, multi-layered trains to their looks. The overall effect creates a romantic, soft appearance, which can be contrasted with some of the more professional and business-like garments offered by this designer.


    Throughout the Mon Cheri Montage collection, there are a number of gowns which feature asymmetrical cuts and details, whether this is because of carefully planned lace, stitching or appliqué or due to the structure of the garments themselves. Take advantage of this trend, which offers a great way to make your look visually engaging – another way to phrase it is: get ready to turn heads in your Mon Cheri Montage dress! A number of gowns also feature dramatic lace patterning, which can create a somber but fashionable appearance when paired with solid colors and different textures of fabric. If you’re not sure whether you’re comfortable with an asymmetrical pattern or cut, then you can also select accessories which may lend a more focused layer to your Mon Cheri Montage gown or evening dress.


    The gowns in this collection from Mon Cheri Montage use lace and floral detailing to their advantage, coupling beads and embroidery with these two techniques in order to create multi-layered gowns that boast a seriously stylish point of view while remaining wearable for women who must attend events where the general tone is less fashion forward than one might wish to encounter. If you want to inject a sense of the runway into your formal occasion, including weddings, family events, and business dinners, then you’ll be happy to see that Mon Cheri Montage offers all this and more – in fact, you’re likely to find that the use of lace and other materials enhances your appearance and draws more people to ask about your outfit. Many of the details are hand sewn, giving each dress a sense of individuality.


    Deciding where to place the waist band, or whether to include a waistband in a gown t all, can be a challenging feat for some designers. Luckily, Mon Cheri Montage dresses take this question into consideration in each individual case, rather than relying on one style across their entire collection. In each case, the designer has considered the kind of body type that is likely to wear the dresses they offer, and adapted the form of the gown to suit that type. There are high-waisted gowns for women with smaller busts, who seek to emphasize their assets, while other gowns feature bands dropped lower around the hips; these can be flattering for women whose hips are slimmer. For those who prefer a natural look, including women with larger busts, a dress with a mid-level, “waist-height” waistband will find that themselves not just satisfied, but enthusiastic about the gowns Mon Cheri Montage has created.


    Although some would think that a dress, as an inanimate object, would simply hang loose around the figure of its wearer, Mon Cheri Montage puts these suspicions to rest. Instead, the designer offers gowns that move with the energy of their wearer, whether this is through asymmetrical sleeves and beaded details or long, straight skirts that skim the floor. Some of the best examples of this come from gowns with draped fabric which draw inspiration from romantic, Grecian looks, but even the most structured of gowns features swirling details or sparkling lights that mean they push a sense of motion and energy outward even when their wearer is standing still.


    Of course, not every woman wants a gown that features heavy detailing; some women are looking for Mon Cheri Montage dresses that feature textured fabric or particular cuts and seams to lend a design sensibility to their appearance. If you’re looking for one of these gowns, then the current collection from Mon Cheri Montage gives you plenty of opportunity to show off this preference, thanks to gowns that feature wrapped ribbon waist bands and long, unbroken and flat fabric through their skirts. Wherever possible, Mon Cheri Montage has added small notes of detail such as clasps to hold jackets closed; this gives the looks the signature “Mon Cheri” style while still letting their wearers display simplicity and reserve in their appearance. To a dress, the looks from Mon Cheri Montage are classic, elegant and inspiring for all women.

    Alluring Lace Sleeved Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 213978
    Color: Navy/Nude
    Charming Lace Cascade Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 213969
    Available in 3 colors
    Iridescent Elegance Gown with Bolero by Mon Cheri Montage 26920
    Available in 4 colors
    Dramatic textured mermaid gown from Mon Cheri Montage 114D32
    Available in 2 colors
    Exceptional Beauty Lace Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 213980
    Available in 3 colors
    V neck full-length gown from Mon Cheri Montage 113906
    Available in 6 colors
    Exquisite embroidery cap-sleeve gown from Ivonne D 115D74
    Available in 2 colors
    Breathtaking illusion lace ensemble by Mon Cheri Social Occasions 114817
    Available in 2 colors
    Charismatic texture mermaid gown from Ivonne D 115D76
    Available in 3 colors
    Exceptional Embellished Sweetheart Evening Gown by Ivonne D 215D04
    Available in 3 colors
    Elegant draped gown with accents from Mon Cheri Montage 114910
    Available in 6 colors
    Graceful Lace Empire Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 29980
    Available in 3 colors
    Bella brocade-look sleeveless sculpted gown by Mon Cheri Montage 215912
    Available in 3 colors
    Stunning strapless sheath with sheer flute by Ivonne D 214D51
    Available in 2 colors
    Lace and Rhinestones Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 115977
    Available in 3 colors
    Lace Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 115960
    Available in 4 colors
    Twist-fitted gown with ballet-length sleeves by Mon Cheri Montage 215902
    Available in 4 colors
    Fabulous full-length with decadent bodice from Mon Cheri Montage 114926
    Available in 4 colors
    Elegant gown with ballet-length sleeves by Mon Cheri Montage 214941
    Available in 4 colors
    Quarter Sleeve Sheer Detail Shimmer Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 115971
    Available in 3 colors
    Long-sleeve gown with scalloped neckline from Mon Cheri Montage 113925
    Available in 2 colors
    Sleeveless gown with designer details by Mon Cheri Montage 215903
    Available in 4 colors
    Pretty paisley gown with ballet sleeves by Ivonne D 214D61
    Color: Gold
    Textured gown with scalloped neckline from Mon Cheri Montage 114906
    Available in 6 colors
    Vivacious gown with ballet-sleeve overlay by Mon Cheri Montage 214948
    Available in 4 colors
    Sparkling sleeveless gown with godets by Mon Cheri Montage 215905
    Available in 2 colors
    Luxurious Lace Wrapped Evening Gown by Ivonne D 215D07
    Available in 5 colors
    Statuesque cap-sleeved gown with glimmer by Mon Cheri Montage 215918
    Available in 3 colors
    Spectacular printed flute gown from Ivonne D 115D79
    Available in 3 colors
    Embroidered full-length with waistband accent from Mon Cheri Montage 114919
    Available in 4 colors
    Strapless gown with matching shrug by Mon Cheri Montage 214956
    Available in 4 colors
    Asymmetrical Appliqued Gown with Bolero by Mon Cheri Montage 29978
    Available in 2 colors
    Exquisite sleeveless gown with pleats by Mon Cheri Montage 215915
    Available in 2 colors
    Unforgettable Flourish Lace Evening Gown by Ivonne D 215D01
    Available in 2 colors
    Strapless Fine Beading Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 115969
    Available in 3 colors
    Central Gathered Ruching Dress by Mon Cheri Montage 19944
    Available in 9 colors
    Mermaid gown with embroidered bolero from Mon Cheri Montage 114904
    Available in 4 colors
    Sweetheart Ball Gown with Beaded Bodice & Jacket by Mon Cheri Montage 210967
    Color: Pewter
    Rich Lace Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Montage 115974
    Available in 3 colors
    Lace Beauty Cocktail Dress by Mon Cheri Social Occasions 213899
    Available in 3 colors
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