Mori Lee Quinceanera

When it comes time to commemorate that special occasion of turning from a girl into a woman, Mori Lee Quinceanera offers dresses that will stun and inspire you.

The beautiful ball gown silhouettes evoke dreams of being a fairytale princess, being whirled around the dance floor by a special Prince Charming – and if you want your Quinceanera to be a special one, then these dresses are the perfect way to begin your preparations with a dress that you know makes you look your best.

The silhouettes in the Mori Lee Quinceanera collection use classic ball gown silhouettes to bring the traditional nature of this special celebration to the fore. The fitted bodice and wide, expansive skirt of a ball gown flatters almost every shape, since the skirt can join the bodice either above or at the hips. This allows the silhouette to flatter numerous body types, no matter if the dress needs to compliment the shape of someone who’s tall and thin or shorter and more realistically proportioned. The dresses bring out the best in the look you want to wear, enabling you to feel confident in your appearance and delighted with the results of your Quinceanera choices.

The Quinceanera dresses that you can choose from Mori Lee Quinceanera may recollect the Quinceanera dresses you’re used to seeing in films and photographs, but they bear a modern twist that makes them perfect for today’s fashion-forward Quinceanera girl! The sparkling details, multiple tiers of skirts, and the incredible attention to detail which is incorporated into each of the looks this designer offers will allow you to express your unique personality. Glittering bodices, asymmetrical straps, and gorgeous, lush ruching that adds texture and dimension to each of these looks helps prove that the wide variety of details you can get from Mori Lee will fulfill every wish as you pick your Quinceanera dress.

A Mori Lee Quinceanera dress can make you look like the star of your big evening, but there are still details for you to add to make your look divine! Choose some great shoes that match the dress you’ve selected, keeping in mind the most important points when it comes to picking your footwear – style and comfort! If you pick a stunning pair of shoes but they leaves your feet aching by the second hour of your party, will you really enjoy wearing them? In a Quinceanera dress, the full length skirt will hide all but the slightest glimpse of your feet, so you can substitute more comfortable shoes in that will still look stylish when they peep out from under the hem of your dress, but which will give you support and comfort for a day of partying on your feet. If you’re definitely committed to strapping on some high heels or other strenuous footwear, then at least try to have a pair of simple flats on hand in case the strain gets to be too much for you! Slipping a pair of ballet pumps into your purse is a great trick to make sure you don’t get caught without something comfortable for your feet.

When you pick out a Mori Lee Quinceanera dress to be the designer-made dress on your special day, you’re making a commitment to presenting the best version of yourself to the world – a commitment that’s important for a young woman to take seriously as she makes the transition from child to adult. Be sure to enjoy yourself at your Quinceanera, and make sure that your stylish and inspiring looks are matched by a gracious attitude and the commitment to making sure the people who have gathered to celebrate with you understand how special their presence really is. Celebrations are a time for family and friends to gather around and let you know how much you mean to them and how proud they are of what you’ve accomplished; they’re also a time for you to stand up and make it clear that you’re able to behave responsibly and graciously as a sophisticated and elegant woman.

Once you’ve chosen your dress and your shoes, take some time to think about the final details that you need to choose in order to complete your Mori Lee Quinceanera look: makeup, jewelry and hairstyles. These three components play as big a role in your final look as does the dress you choose, so make sure to spend a fair amount of time deciding how to style your hair, how to achieve a natural and flattering look with makeup, and how to pick the glittering pieces of jeweler that will accompany your celebration look! Enjoy browsing the Mori Lee Quinceanera collection and find the perfect dress for your special event!

Mori Lee Quinceanera

  • Mori Lee 86023
    Mori Lee 86023

    Dancing on a Cloud Evening Gown by Mori Lee 86023
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mori Lee 89017
    Mori Lee 89017

    Strapless Sparkling Ball Gown by Mori Lee Vizcaya 89017
    Available in 5 colors

  • Mori Lee 89023
    Mori Lee 89023

    Corset-style formal with airy ruffles by Mori Lee Vizcaya 89023
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mori Lee 88013
    Mori Lee 88013

    Ombre-colored quinceanera gown by Mori Lee Vizcaya 88013
    Available in 7 colors

  • Mori Lee 89015
    Mori Lee 89015

    Strapless Fine Stones Ball Gown by Mori Lee Vizcaya 89015

  • Mori Lee 89026
    Mori Lee 89026

    Sleeveless formal set with ruffles by Mori Lee Vizcaya 89026
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mori Lee 87093
    Mori Lee 87093

    Show-stopping strapless ballgown by Mori Lee Vizcaya 87093
    Available in 4 colors

  • Mori Lee 88006
    Mori Lee 88006

    Sparkling ombre quinceanera gown by Mori Lee Vizcaya 88006
    Available in 2 colors

  • Mori Lee 89008
    Mori Lee 89008

    Decadent Stones Ball Gown by Mori Lee Vizcaya 89008
    Available in 4 colors


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