NUE by Shani S576
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NUE by Shani S576 thumbnail
NUE by Shani S576 thumbnail
NUE by Shani S576 thumbnail

NUE by Shani S576

Cocktail Dress with Buckle Details from NUE by Shani

The perfect sleek cocktail dress from NUE by Shani S576 for multiple occasions will make you feel modern and stylish. Buckle detailing at the waist and patch details on the elbows add just enough detail to push this simple look into the fashion spotlight.

Nue by Shani with shaping Body Architecture built into every style. Body Architecture shapes from top to bottom with firm control that comfortably smooths the midsection, back and thighs. The inner construction of the NUE dresses are made of a compression fabric that is specially woven with spun lycra that molds the body, giving the wearer an appearance of a size smaller and allowing her to celebrate her body.


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