Nina Canacci

Nina Canacci Dresses are the choice when it comes to putting together a playful and elegant modern look for your special occasions and fancy events,and they have what it takes to make you the star of your big night out.

The dresses from this designer are feminine and stylish, alluding to popular fashion trends while still striking out in their own design direction. From strapless mini dresses with poufy skirts to sleek sheaths that hug the body’s curves, these delightful dresses are inspirational and enticing examples of the fashion world today – so don’t hesitate to investigate them fully and find the perfect look for you to wear out when how you look is a critical part of how much you enjoy your time!

Numerous silhouettes are available in the Nina Canacci dress collection, and finding the look that is the best compliment for your appearance can take some time and effort. By comparing silhouettes, you can start to rule out dresses which might not flatter your curves or make you feel your most beautiful. Start by considering your own figure; while A-line dresses are flattering on almost everyone, sheath gowns rely on a less curvy figure in order to be worn to maximum effect, and mini dresses require that you be confident about the shape your legs are in! If you’re looking at some of the pieces that include cutaway details, such as the Stunning patterned column gown with contrasting back drape or the Ruched one-shoulder column gown with side slit, you’ll want to give additional thought to the region between your hips and bust, as dresses with side and back cutaways also reveal this part of the body. In terms of necklines, curvier women will find that sweetheart necklines and deep V-necks such as the Playful strapless cocktail dress with bright appliques and the extremely dramatic Chicly ruched mermaid-style gown with glittering accents will help you play up your best features.

Even though the sparkles and glittering details that are a part of many of the Nina Canacci dresses here will draw the eye, you’ll want to include plenty of accessories to make sure you’ve got the most fashionable look in the room. Add a pair of sparkly stiletto heels to your gown or mini dress and you’ll find it catapults you into a whole new level of style! In addition to numerous selections in shoes, also offers you the ability to look at a number of specially selected accessories including handbags and jewelry; Nina Canacci dresses can be paired with these accessories to bring your own unique sense of style into the picture no matter what kind of occasion you’re going to attend.

As a high-end designer in the know when it comes to styles and special occasions, Nina Canacci’s collection is suitable for a number of different settings and types of events. If you’re looking for something to wear to a formal evening event, such as a theatre premiere, ball, reception, or gala, then the more formal looks, including the Elegant floor-length sheath dress with low-cut bodice, the Intricately-beaded floor-length sheath dress with gauzy overlay, and the Utterly lovely one-shoulder sheath dress with tiered skirt. For formal looks with a bit more spice, Nina Canacci includes the Glitzy one-shoulder column gown with ultra-high side slit, a bright and colorful look that is sultry and therefore perfect for those nights when you have to make a splash at a restaurant or club. Finally, for those who are looking for shorter dresses they can wear just to go out and have a good time, Nina Canacci offers a selection of mini and cocktail dresses. In this vein, the Shimmery cocktail dress with striking flower motif and the Playful minidress with plunging neckline and flared skirt as well as the flirty halter-style cocktail dress with flower adornments both offer you the chance to bring your special style to the occasion on your calendar!

One of the astounding things about the value of Nina Canacci dresses is how much detail the designer packs into each of her looks. Whether adding floral embellishments to a stylish mini dress or draping a full length gown in sparkles, this designer always finds a way to tastefully bring glamor into each of the looks they create. Whether in the dazzling embellished straps of the Smashing floor-length column gown with V-neckline or the incredible, imaginative and energetic ruffles that adorn the Vivaciously styled party dress with ruffled, tiered skirt, the approach taken in each of these Nina Canacci dresses will astound and delight all the women who are trying to find the perfect dress to wear to their next big special occasion.

Nina Canacci

  • Nina Canacci 7237
    Nina Canacci 7237

    Chic sleeveless gown with lacy layering by Nina Canacci 7237
    Available in 4 colors

  • Nina Canacci 4103
    Nina Canacci 4103

    Ooh-la-la sleeveless gown with translucent illusion by Nina Canacci 4103
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Nina Canacci 9004
    Nina Canacci 9004

    Ravishing strapless gown with side slit by Nina Canacci 9004
    Color: Peach

  • Nina Canacci 7230
    Nina Canacci 7230

    Simply svelte sleeveless gown with sparkle by Nina Canacci 7230
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 9000
    Nina Canacci 9000

    Gorgeously patterned strapless dress by Nina Canacci 9000
    Color: Gold

  • Nina Canacci 9081
    Nina Canacci 9081

    Ravishing sleeveless gown with retro accents by Nina Canacci 9081
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 9066
    Nina Canacci 9066

    Illustrious illusion gown with elaborate detail by Nina Canacci 9066
    Color: Red

  • Nina Canacci 9082
    Nina Canacci 9082

    Resplendent sleeveless gown with sparkling sprinkles by Nina Canacci 9082
    Color: Turquoise

  • Nina Canacci 4101
    Nina Canacci 4101

    Artful halter-style gown with airy flute by Nina Canacci 4101
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 7332
    Nina Canacci 7332

    Lux sleeveless gown with luxurious detail by Nina Canacci 7332
    Available in 3 colors

  • Nina Canacci 1236
    Nina Canacci 1236

    Glimmering sleeveless gown with gossamer skirt by Nina Canacci 1236
    Color: Champagne

  • Nina Canacci 9065
    Nina Canacci 9065

    Delightful sleeveless gown with dimensional depth by Nina Canacci 9065
    Color: Navy/Nude

  • Nina Canacci 1040
    Nina Canacci 1040

    Tantalizingly chic A-line dress by Nina Canacci 1040
    Available in 3 colors

  • Nina Canacci 9072
    Nina Canacci 9072

    Delicate sleeveless gown with side insets by Nina Canacci 9072
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 9073
    Nina Canacci 9073

    Pretty paneled gown with sleeveless styling by Nina Canacci 9073
    Color: Blush Pink

  • Nina Canacci 1241
    Nina Canacci 1241

    Mellifluous sleeveless gown with airy flutters by Nina Canacci 1241
    Color: White

  • Nina Canacci 9083
    Nina Canacci 9083

    Magnifique sleeveless gown with misty skirt by Nina Canacci 9083
    Color: Pink

  • Nina Canacci 1219
    Nina Canacci 1219

    Starlit sleeveless gown with scalloped straps by Nina Canacci 1219
    Color: Gun Metal

  • Nina Canacci 8121
    Nina Canacci 8121

    Formfitting strapless gown with cutout midriff by Nina Canacci 8121
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 7233
    Nina Canacci 7233

    Glorious sleeveless gown with dazzling designs by Nina Canacci 7233
    Color: Peach

  • Nina Canacci 1221
    Nina Canacci 1221

    Exquisite sleeveless gown with crossover styling by Nina Canacci 1221
    Color: Royal

  • Nina Canacci 1247
    Nina Canacci 1247

    Enchanting sleeveless gown with airy skirt by Nina Canacci 1247
    Available in 3 colors

  • Nina Canacci 7235
    Nina Canacci 7235

    Melodic sleeveless gown with graceful glimmer by Nina Canacci 7235
    Color: Royal

  • Nina Canacci 1213
    Nina Canacci 1213

    Tantalizing sleeveless gown with twinkling details by Nina Canacci 1213
    Color: Ice Blue

  • Nina Canacci 8128
    Nina Canacci 8128

    Artisan illusion gown with sleeveless styling by Nina Canacci 8128
    Color: Royal

  • Nina Canacci 3101
    Nina Canacci 3101

    Dazzling sleeveless gown with crystal detail by Nina Canacci 3101
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 1245
    Nina Canacci 1245

    Sleeveless evening gown with rich detail by Nina Canacci 1245
    Color: Metallic Sage

  • Nina Canacci 1230
    Nina Canacci 1230

    Tailored halter-style gown with contrasting touches by Nina Canacci 1230
    Color: Nude/White

  • Nina Canacci 1200
    Nina Canacci 1200

    Strapless evening gown with lithe layers by Nina Canacci 1200
    Color: Light Green

  • Nina Canacci M200
    Nina Canacci M200

    Long-Sleeved Beaded and Lace Evening Gown by Nina Canacci M200
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci 8130
    Nina Canacci 8130

    Creative sleeveless gown with decorative contrasts by Nina Canacci 8130
    Color: Royal/Black

  • Nina Canacci 8136
    Nina Canacci 8136

    Charming sleeveless gown with luminous swirls by Nina Canacci 8136
    Color: Navy

  • Nina Canacci 7331
    Nina Canacci 7331

    Dishy sleeveless gown with curvy accents by Nina Canacci 7331
    Available in 3 colors

  • Nina Canacci 1202
    Nina Canacci 1202

    Vibrant sleeveless gown with sheer details by Nina Canacci 1202
    Color: White

  • Nina Canacci 8101
    Nina Canacci 8101

    Splashy strapless gown with mermaid flute by Nina Canacci 8101
    Color: Red

  • Nina Canacci 7334
    Nina Canacci 7334

    Frothy sleeveless formal with rich detail by Nina Canacci 7334
    Color: Aqua

  • Nina Canacci 8133
    Nina Canacci 8133

    Holographic halter-style gown with iridescent crystals by Nina Canacci 8133
    Available in 2 colors

  • Nina Canacci J4061
    Nina Canacci J4061

    Glamorous Backless Evening Gown with Sequins by Nina Canacci J4061
    Available in 3 colors

  • Nina Canacci 2108
    Nina Canacci 2108

    Gorgeous sleeveless gown with bare accents by Nina Canacci 2108
    Color: Navy/Nude

  • Nina Canacci 9071
    Nina Canacci 9071

    A-list long-sleeved gown with artful lines by Nina Canacci 9071
    Color: Black/Silver


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