Panoply 14530
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Panoply 14530 thumbnail
Panoply 14530 thumbnail

Panoply 14530

Corset-Style Ruffled Skirt Cocktail Dress by Panoply

4.7 (3)

Look gorgeous in this hip formal dress from Panoply 14530. This dress is strapless and has a corset-style bodice. Boning creates a shapely look and sequins and stones work throughout. The skirt is voluminous with tiers of ruffles for a flirty look. The skirt has an asymmetrical shape with fabric trailing at back.


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Panoply 14530 Reviews

S from Great Britain on March 2

Love this dress super cute

Shakia from United States on August 9

This is sooo marvelousss

Shakia from United States on August 9

This is marvelousss

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