Pretty Maids

Pretty Maids Dresses are affordable luxury that's easily added into your formalwear collection with this gorgeous selection of sleek designs.

This line, geared toward younger women and appropriate for those in their teens, twenties and thirties, highlights youthful beauty and simplicity with elegant cuts and rich materials.

Some Pretty Maids dresses feature hems that fall all the way to the floor, while others have much shorter skirts. While all are suitable for formal occasions and none show off more skin than should be acceptable at the average event, each dress takes a different tack when it strives to showcase its wearer’s good looks and natural figure. From the Strapless Calf-Length dress to the Strapless Ruched Black Full-Length Dress, to the short skirts of the Strapless Green Bubble Dress and the Strapless Black Dress With Bubble Skirt, Pretty Maids dresses have in common the ability to pick a few notable features, then focus attention on them. In many cases, this focus is actually an absence of material that highlights the legs, while in longer gowns it becomes the height and slim nature of the wearer.

Most of the Pretty Maids dresses are creations of solid color, but here and there the odd print has snuck in. From florals featuring pink and white flowers to other sundress prints which contain hints of yellow, these gowns blend a season-specific palate in the printed and painted materials they’ve used. As with the designs of the dresses themselves, the designer has chosen to bring the titular “pretty maids” who wear their collection into the spotlight!

One of the strengths of Pretty Maids as a designer is that their dresses are wearable whatever the season. Even in situations where the fabric may be light, the colors on many dresses are bold enough to be worn well into autumn or winter, and there are so many sundress-style looks here that you’ll be delighted to find the perfect summer sunbathing outfit! Some of the dresses, particularly those with shorter skirts, go great with a Saturday afternoon spent lounging at the country club, while others are more appropriate for formal black tie events. By choosing carefully from among the possible gowns available here at, you’ll be able to find a gown that not only fits your occasion, but also allows you the widest range of possible uses in the future.

Did you realize that no matter which Pretty Maids dress you choose to order, we’re likely to carry it in exactly the color you want? That’s because Pretty Maids dresses come in one of the widest ranges of shades of any of the designers we feature here, with almost every gown available in multiple colors. From deep jewel tones to pastel prints, this is one designer who’s taken full stock of the color spectrum and really made an effort to offer something for every person’s taste, and every event’s color scheme.

Tasteful dresses for the youngest ladies to wear when called upon to attend a serious adult event – most often in the form of flower girl’s dresses – can be had from Pretty Maids, as well. Exquisitely crafted from elegant fabrics, with jewels, ribbons, laces and bows sewn into their silhouettes. As a collection, this segment of the Pretty Maids dresses offers a standard princess silhouette – in at least one case, with a certain spicy flavor – that is specially designed to make the littlest maidens feel a part of special celebrations! When she walks up the aisle in her Pretty Maids gown, you’ll watch her face light up with happiness from all the attention, and as she dances after the ceremony you’ll see how much she loves being dressed in a fancy gown from Pretty Maids.

While some designers depend on sparkling diamonds to draw attention to their collections and their wearers, Pretty Maids dresses take a more basic, classical approach. They feature some sparkles, yes, but it’s used subtly and in keeping with a fresh, modern look. More often, the designer uses a mix of materials through the dress and its accessories, such as in the case of the Sheer Ruched Summer Dress with White Belt, or the Strapless Formal Dress With Sash. Bubble sleeves, crafted into a satin shrug, help show off a well-defined silhouette, and in each of these cases the dress is enhanced through the subtle contrast of fabric and form. The masterful designers over at Pretty Maids have been hard at work on this season’s offering of stunning gowns and exciting looks, doing their best to make your prom, wedding or other special event shine in your memories and on the day. As you look through the collection, remember that these high-quality gowns can be used more than once. Consider your investment, and think of additional occasions where wearing Pretty Maids dresses may be exactly the answer to your wardrobe dilemmas!

Pretty Maids

  • Pretty Maids 22610
    Pretty Maids 22610

    Delightful Wrapped Enchantment Cocktail Dress by Pretty Maids 22610
    Available in 49 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22531
    Pretty Maids 22531

    Free flowing, strapless bi-level frock by Pretty Maids 22531
    Available in 47 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22613
    Pretty Maids 22613

    Sophisticated Sparkles Sweetheart Evening Dress by Pretty Maids 22613
    Available in 15 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22611
    Pretty Maids 22611

    Sequin Stripes High Low Cocktail Dress by Pretty Maids 22611
    Available in 15 colors

  • Pretty Maids BM39
    Pretty Maids BM39

    Strapless Sweetheart Formal Dress by Pretty Maids BM39
    Available in 46 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22385
    Pretty Maids 22385

    Strapless Sheath Dress With Waist Sash by Pretty Maids 22385
    Available in 48 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22412
    Pretty Maids 22412

    Short, strapless party dress with form-fitting bodice by Pretty Maids 22412
    Available in 9 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22336
    Pretty Maids 22336

    Strapless Green Bubble Dress by Pretty Maids 22336
    Available in 48 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22551
    Pretty Maids 22551

    Essential one-shoulder dress with inset waist by Pretty Maids 22551
    Available in 48 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22382
    Pretty Maids 22382

    Halter Neck Dress With Frilly Neckline by Pretty Maids 22382
    Available in 48 colors

  • Pretty Maids 22527
    Pretty Maids 22527

    Petal perfect dress with necklace strap by Pretty Maids 22527
    Available in 47 colors


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