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Print Dresses

From geometric, pucci to animal prints, the print section has an incredible assortment of color style and trend. New York Dress has one of the best and luxurious printed piece out in the market place to date

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. Print is here to stay; it weaves us through the fashion world with its enticing lines, washes, geometric shapes and animal print inspiration. If one single color just isn’t enough for you, dive into a print, darling. Choose from an array of subtle prints with light watercolor inspired washes to the ever popular animal print. Prints are great for adding movement to a dress and can transform your entire look.

Think of what prints entice you and why. Also, think about which prints would work best for your body type and personality. Keep in mind the print and the colors in the dress. A print can be daring, youthful, enticing, classic or bold. Choose from dresses that are fully printed or are sparsely printed. Do you prefer an allover print or a light layered print?

Prints are a great way to play around with color and tonality, so it’s like you get the best of both worlds. You can make quite a splash in prints dresses that are made from bold and beautiful colors – and you can also get a lot out of prints dresses that are more subtle tones and hues.

After you know which type of prints and which colors you'd like, you can look at the length and style of the dress to further help you determine which dresses are going to be the best for you. When you are looking at which lengths and styles you might want to choose, keep the actual occasion in mind.

When you’re thinking about accessories for print dresses, make sure to keep them simple. You want the print of the dress to be the central focal point. Wearing loud accessories can take away from the dress. Opt for clear diamond accessories, simple hoops and bangles, delightful stud earrings. Your shoes and purse or clutch should also follow the same pattern. Keep your accessories light and simple.

Print Dresses

  • Blush 11136
    Blush 11136

    Flower Print Detail Evening Gown by Blush 11136
    Available in 2 colors

  • Janique W1376
    Janique W1376

    Strapless light and shadows gown with appliques by Janique W1376
    Available in 4 colors

  • Alyce 6671
    Alyce 6671

    Shimmering Floral Sophistication Evening Dress by Alyce Paris 6671
    Color: Black/Red

  • Johnathan Kayne 6034
    Johnathan Kayne 6034

    Hypnotic strapless striped ballgown from Johnathan Kayne 6034
    Available in 2 colors

  • La Femme 21773
    La Femme 21773

    Classic striped and strapless mermaid gown from La Femme 21773
    Color: Black/White

  • Angela and Alison 62023
    Angela and Alison 62023

    Unforgettable Stitch Striped Cocktail Dress by Angela and Alison 62023
    Color: Black/Multi

  • Terani 1521C0231
    Terani 1521C0231

    Tailored short-sleeved dress with sheer accents by Terani Cocktail 1521C0231
    Color: Black

  • Mac Duggal 76995F
    Mac Duggal 76995F

    Exotic strapless gown with peplum by Mac Duggal Fabulouss 76995F
    Color: Black/Leopard

  • Sherri Hill 50270
    Sherri Hill 50270

    Shimmering Floral Sophistication Evening Dress by Sherri Hill 50270
    Color: Light Green

  • Terani 1623M1833
    Terani 1623M1833

    Off-the-Shoulder Jeweled and Graphic Print Evening Gown by Terani 1623M1833
    Available in 2 colors

  • Dave and Johnny 2633
    Dave and Johnny 2633

    Decorative printed crisscross gown from Dave and Johnny 2633
    Color: Print

  • Sherri Hill 50637
    Sherri Hill 50637

    Vintage Beauty Floral Cocktail Dress by Sherri Hill 50637
    Color: Black/Aqua

  • La Femme 22494
    La Femme 22494

    Floral Print Evening Gown by La Femme 22494
    Color: Black/White

  • Dave and Johnny 1859
    Dave and Johnny 1859

    Two-Piece Textured and Print Cocktail Dress by Dave and Johnny 1859
    Color: Pink

  • Mon Cheri MCE21638
    Mon Cheri MCE21638

    Lace and Floral Print Evening Gown by Mon Cheri Evening MCE21638
    Available in 2 colors

  • Terani 1625H1197
    Terani 1625H1197

    Graceful Glamour Floral Cocktail Dress by Terani Homecoming 1625H1197
    Color: Black Multi

  • Sherri Hill 50488
    Sherri Hill 50488

    Two-Piece Lace and Floral Print Evening Gown by Sherri Hill 50488
    Available in 2 colors

  • La Femme 23509
    La Femme 23509

    Trendy Illusion Floral Cocktail Dress by La Femme 23509
    Color: Black/White

  • Nina Canacci S9190
    Nina Canacci S9190

    Asymmetrical Animal Print Evening Gown by Nina Canacci S9190
    Available in 2 colors

  • Angela and Alison 61011
    Angela and Alison 61011

    Festive Floral Two-Piece Evening Dress by Angela and Alison 61011
    Available in 2 colors

  • Envious Couture 16079
    Envious Couture 16079

    Magical Masterpiece Floral Ball Gown by Envious Couture 16079
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sherri Hill 50645
    Sherri Hill 50645

    Playful Embroidered Two-Piece Cocktail Dress by Sherri Hill 50645
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TS21614
    Tony Bowls TS21614

    Sheer and Contrast Flower Applique Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS21614
    Color: Black/Red

  • Dave and Johnny 2664
    Dave and Johnny 2664

    Majestic sequined two-piece gown from Dave and Johnny 2664
    Color: Black

  • Dave and Johnny 2661
    Dave and Johnny 2661

    Sovereign patterned two-piece gown from Dave and Johnny 2661
    Color: Print

  • Tony Bowls TS21699
    Tony Bowls TS21699

    Ruffled and Floral Print Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS21699
    Color: White/Pink

  • La Femme 22731
    La Femme 22731

    Strapless Floral Detail Evening Gown by La Femme 22731
    Color: Pale Pink

  • Tony Bowls TB21605
    Tony Bowls TB21605

    Snakeskin Pattern Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB21605
    Color: Black

  • Beside Couture BC1138
    Beside Couture BC1138

    Paisley Dream Cascading Evening Gown by Beside Couture BC1138
    Color: Light Yellow

  • Mac Duggal 30206C
    Mac Duggal 30206C

    Jeweled and Print Cocktail Dress by Mac Duggal After Five 30206C
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sherri Hill 50774
    Sherri Hill 50774

    Floral Flair Cropped Cocktail Dress by Sherri Hill 50774
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TS11682
    Tony Bowls TS11682

    One-of-a-kind cocktail dress with floral motif by Tony Bowls TS11682
    Color: Ivory

  • Blush 11137
    Blush 11137

    Two-Piece Flower Print Detail Evening Gown by Blush 11137
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sherri Hill 50464
    Sherri Hill 50464

    Two-Piece Lace and Floral Print Formal Dress by Sherri Hill 50464
    Color: Black/Yellow

  • Dave and Johnny 2647
    Dave and Johnny 2647

    Trendy two-piece babydoll dress from Dave and Johnny 2647
    Color: Print

  • Tarik Ediz 92795
    Tarik Ediz 92795

    Asymmetrical Star Print Evening Gown by Tarik Ediz 92795
    Color: Black/White

  • Mac Duggal 30274M
    Mac Duggal 30274M

    Vibrant strapless printed ballgown from Mac Duggal Prom 30274M
    Color: Blue Multi

  • Dave and Johnny 1804
    Dave and Johnny 1804

    Fierce Delight Lace Cocktail Dress by Dave and Johnny 1804
    Color: Black/Print

  • Terani 1623E1667
    Terani 1623E1667

    Asymmetrical Floral Ruffled Evening Gown by Terani 1623E1667
    Color: Magenta

  • MNM Fouad Sarkis 2274
    MNM Fouad Sarkis 2274

    Bold long-sleeved gown with plunge by MNM Fouad Sarkis 2274
    Color: Black/White


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