Rachel Allan Couture

Rachel Allan Couture dresses are the epitome of bold, glamorous evening style.

By shopping for a dress from this popular designer, you can be sure that you're getting the latest looks for less. Gowns and dresses by this designer are chic, glamorous and bold. They are not for wallflowers but for women who have the confidence to rock some of the most stunning looks around. If you want to stand out and make a big splash, you can't go wrong with a style from this category!

Like many women, you probably have preferences when it comes to the silhouettes of the dresses you wear. Some are more suitable for certain body types than others, and it pays to know what works and what doesn't. No matter what your preferences are, you're sure to find something spectacular in our lineup of gowns by this designer. Make a major impact with a dramatic mermaid dress, or stun them speechless with a sleek, slinky sheath. No matter which look you choose, you're certain to look incredible. Part of the fun of choosing a new gown is considering the many features that go into it. New looks debut all the time, trends come and go. This designer is well known for including the hottest features in their dresses, but a variety of classic touches are included too. Strut your stuff with a striking peplum or transform into a head-turner in a one-shoulder gown. From sheer overlays to dramatic prints, the possibilities are endless.

As bold and vibrant as gowns by this designer are, they manage to strike a sophisticated balance with understated yet glamorous embellishments. You'll love the slim, sparkling bands that are featured on many dresses, and you'll heartily approve of the tiny, colorful, sparkling beads that are stitched onto others. If shimmer is what you're after, you'll find plenty of looks that fill the bill perfectly, so there's never any need to compromise. Selecting a lovely new dress is a lot of fun, but accessorizing it can be even funner! We carry a wide assortment of elegant, trend and stylish accessories that are sure to bring your look to a whole new level. Thanks to the swanky and vibrant style of this designer's dresses, you can go in many directions with the accessories you choose. Whether you stick with a simple necklace or opt for bold, dramatic jewelry and heels, you will be runway-ready before you know it.

Nothing feels better than knowing you look like a million dollars. By choosing a stylish gown or dress from this show-stopping designer, you can be sure that you look elegant and alluring from head to toe all evening long. Whether you're preparing for a special event like prom or homecoming or just need something amazing to wear to a get-together or night on the town, you will easily find something perfect in our constantly updated selection.

Rachel Allan Couture

  • Rachel Allan 8235
    Rachel Allan 8235

    Gorgeous mermaid gown with tiered skirt by Rachel Allan Couture 8235
    Available in 2 colors

  • Rachel Allan 8244
    Rachel Allan 8244

    Cold-shoulder jumpsuit with plunging neckline by Rachel Allan Couture 8244
    Color: Navy

  • Rachel Allan 8160
    Rachel Allan 8160

    Sheer Cascade Asymmetrical Evening Gown by Rachel Allan Couture 8160
    Available in 2 colors

  • Rachel Allan 8199
    Rachel Allan 8199

    Caped Plunge Evening Ensemble by Rachel Allan Couture 8199
    Color: Black

  • Rachel Allan 8214
    Rachel Allan 8214

    Sultry Wrapped Radiance Evening Dress by Rachel Allan Couture 8214
    Available in 2 colors

  • Rachel Allan 8172
    Rachel Allan 8172

    Sultry Ruffled Sensation Evening Gown by Rachel Allan Couture 8172
    Color: Black

  • Rachel Allan 8193
    Rachel Allan 8193

    Hollywood Cutout Asymmetrical Evening Gown by Rachel Allan Couture 8193
    Available in 2 colors

  • Rachel Allan 8231
    Rachel Allan 8231

    Opulent Enchanted Ruffles Evening Gown by Rachel Allan Couture 8231
    Color: White

  • Rachel Allan 8208
    Rachel Allan 8208

    Timeless Glamour Wrapped Evening Gown by Rachel Allan Couture 8208
    Color: Red


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