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Sherri Hill 2223

Rose Romance Ball Gown in Tulle & Lace by Sherri Hill

4.8 (56)

For the romantic fashionista, this Sherri Hill 2223 ball gown caters to your pinky-sweet fantasies in a very posh and unique style. The entire gown is covered in tulle and lace rosettes including the gorgeous floor train. Cinched taffeta fabric belts the waistline and an oversized back-bow looks adorable. The strapless bustline rests delicately on the chest and is trimmed in soft rosettes.


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Sherri Hill 2223 Reviews

Ma robe de r�ve
Wiem from Tunisia on September 6

Sublime la robe , waaaaaw , magnifique , j’aimerai bien l'acheter <3

Karina from Latvia on August 27

I have the pink one, and I am in love with this dress!!! It was my brides mate gown and I looked absolutely stunning!!!

Amazing Dress
Avital from Israel on July 15

Wow! This Dress Is Awsome!!!

Ive Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Would Definetly Buy

My Dream Wedding Dress
Sylvia from United States on November 19

When I was trying to find my wedding dress, I waited for that moment when you start to cry and know this is your never happened until my mom said look at prom dresses after trying about 40 wedding gowns.When I saw this dress, I knew this is it. I had a shabby chic barn wedding and my dress was the highlight. It felt like a fairytale all day long. My guests said no one ever had seen a more beautiful dress than this. Get it before its too late, you will look stunning!

Great Dream Dress
Carmenta from Turkey on October 24

I was searchng for this dress all over the internet for weeks. It seems perfectly elegant. I am planning to wear it on my engagement party, since it will be a big party.

Hanna from United States on August 4

I Needed To Lose 45 Pounds And As An Inentive To Lose The Waight My Dad Promised Me This Dress For My Sineror Prom Dresss And I Did It And Senior Year I Look Like A Princes

That's great!
Anny from United States on July 27

I really like this dress, I will celebrate my wedding ceremony in the end of year and I want to wear this dress to become the most beautiful bride on my important day.

Megan from United States on July 25

I want this dress for my prom, it is gorgeous!

Over The Top
Arabella from Australia on July 24

This Dress Is A Bit Much...It Would Be Slightly Better Without The Flowers On The Bust

Caycee from United States on July 22

Love the light pink! Very girly. Especially love the roses.

One of a kind
Inna from United States on July 20

Amazing! It was my wedding gown and I loved it! It even looks better in reality than on the picture!

Mel from Hong Kong on July 14

Absolutely stunning!

Simona from Romania on June 6

Ilove this dress!!!

Ciortea from Romania on May 14

I love this dress i'd like it as my wedding dress

Light pink dream
Anna from Ukraine on April 18

I’ve never thought that I would like anything dotted with rosettes, but I love this dress in light pink. I would like to put on an appearance of a fresh rosebud given by this dress. And I'm going to be in it my Wedding party.

Good pattern
Sarah from Great Britain on April 6

I like the pattern because its unique and i also like the colors that it comes in.

Ashley from United States on March 31

Bought this in black as a wedding dress, It was well worth the wait, really is as beautiful in person as it is in the photos.

Taylor from Canada on February 7

This dress makes a statement in a feminine, beautiful way. Most designers try to make prom dresses that stand out but they end up ugly and gothic looking. This is the way!

Stefani from United States on February 7

Ver Very Lovely

Beautiful Dress
Amy from Canada on February 5

This dress looks like it belongs in a fairy tale! The rosettes are beautiful, and I love the light pink colour, its kind of like cupcake frosting! So soft and pretty.

Outrageously Beautiful
Cheryl from United States on January 28

This is by far the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. My older daughter bought 2 Sherri Hill dresses for her proms several years ago and was the belle of the ball each year. We love Sherri Hill dresses!!!!

Roses are red
Emily from United States on January 23

This is really busy- it's got a lot of detail but maybe just too much

Shero from Lebanon on January 20

I fell in love with this dress the first time i saw it.. its like falling in love from the first sight i wish i have a special occassion soon to order but it will always be my first choice!

Vanessa from United States on December 30

It's so beyond perfect. It's my senior year and this is THE dress!!!! I adore it!

Jo from Australia on December 26

A Gorgeous Dress - Simply To Die For! The Rosettes Are Beautiful!

Like A Dream
Iulia from Romania on December 20

I think is too bold for my tate, but is the only one in wich i could get marryed :D

Even more beautiful in person
Kira from United States on November 26

This dress is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in person. I've seen it in the light pink and it simply takes my breath away!

Excellent dress
Aaliyah from Canada on November 20

Excellent dress!!! Gonna be my prom dress

Hanan from Australia on October 19

I Really Love This Dress Its Just Stunning..

Potential wedding dress!
Candi from United States on October 3

This is stunning! The light pink color could be a potential wedding dress, and I just love the rosette detailing. Fabulous!!

Julie from Canada on September 11

It is the mosr beautiful dress ever!

May from Australia on September 11

Such elegance, A fairy tale dress. The material is so beautiful, stunning is not the word....I will buy this dress!!!!

Hueyla from Germany on September 8

Love The Design And The Exellent Flower Applications On The Dress With The Soft Material

Marine Corp Princess
Shelia from United States on September 3

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I am going to the Marine Corp Ball this year and I want this dress. Nothing else will to find it locally!

Exquitesitely Beauiful
Rosalinda from Australia on July 27

I have never seen a ball gown like this before in my whole life. It is an absolutely stunning gown. It would make a lady look so perfect, demure but very classy sexy

Rose Romance Ball Gown
May from Australia on July 22

So Elegant And So Pretty

Cinderella moment
Paula from Great Britain on July 21

I love the flower detail of this dress. I could see this being worn as a Wedding dress.

Dreamy in pink
Ec from Singapore on July 18

This dress is so dreamy in pink. I love it!

Rachel from United States on July 12

This dress makes me wanna run away and marry it! i love it so much i think im going to go find a man to marry in it or just buy it so i can wear it around like a princess!

Elham from United Arab Emirates on July 12

This Dress is amazing. Very elegant and sophistocated. also, very unique.
I Ordedred it for my Engagement Party !!!

Rose Or Red
Kristina from Ireland on June 24

Love It So Much!!!My Wedding Will Be Next Summer In Italy.I Will Order This Dress Rose Or Why Not Red :),Just For Unusual Way,And The Guests Will Be In Mini Red Dresses ,Wow This Is Amasing :)

Rose Dress
Antonella from Italy on May 25

Wow This Dress Is Really Somthing Else.. It Is So Detailed And ... It Is Just Too Pretty.Im Ordering It .. Deffinetly

I want this dress
Anna from Ukraine on May 21

I want to wear this dress on my wedding =)

I Love It
Areen from Jordan on May 18


Areen from Jordan on May 17

I Wish I Can Get It For My Widding Party

Unbelievable Dress
Soso from Jordan on April 27

Just A Great Unbelievable Dress... Woooooooooooooow

Lana from Jordan on April 26

I Would Have Bought It For My Wedding!

Stephanie from Canada on April 17

This Dress Looks Amazing, Perfect Perfect

I Am In Love!
Ava from Australia on March 22

This Is My Perfect Dress! Just A Bit Too Much For Prom Though!

Filiz from Turkey on March 21

Perfect For Wedding Dress

Madison from Australia on March 17

This dress is stunning and individual, i wish i could wear it to my forma, but i think it's a little too special

Lovely Dress
Joanne from Great Britain on February 8

This Dress Is Beautiful Ans Looks Even Better On Its Cheaper To Order On This Sight Than Buy In England Thanks Jo

Excellent Dress
Olla2001@Hotmail.Com from Saudi Arabia on January 3

Excellent Dress, I Like It

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