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Sherri Hill 3802

Strapless Embellished Dress With Sheer Skirt by Sherri Hill

4.7 (125)

Let the wind catch the light, sheer layers of this radiant dress by Sherri Hill 3802 that is sure to capture the attention of onlookers. The strapless design has a jewel encrusted bodice, and features a heart-shaped neckline. The skirt hangs to the floor, and layers of sheer material fall from the waist creating a truly enchanted look.


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Sherri Hill 3802 Reviews

Arline from United States on March 8

Amazing dress

Jessica from United States on March 8

Simple amazing ♥

Roxanne from United States on April 28

Wow this dress is perfect and would look amazing on anyone! Totally in love!

Sara from Australia on April 5

Great colour range and lovely detailing

Nancy from United States on March 22

This stunning sweetheart diamond embedded dress is a winner. Any women whether skinny or not tanned or not is able to rock this look with a color that matches your skin tone<3

Amber from United States on March 4

Gorgeous dress and model!

Absolutely Stunning!
Tori from Australia on February 17

I live in Australia and received my order 5 days after ordering! The dress is just amazing, the detailing is incredible, and it fits just perfect, with enough length to wear heels too. Can't wait for formal now! Love love love it! :)

Tori from Australia on February 4

I just love this dress - it is absolutely gorgeous!

Ja from United States on October 12

This Dress Is Absolutely Beautiful!

So amazing
Mia from Australia on September 30

This dress is so stunning...I love the colour!!!!:)

Stunning color
Sandra from Australia on September 22

I love this dress in every way!

Amazing Dress
Stephanie from Canada on September 20

Love The Beading And Everything Else About This Dress.

Candice from New Zealand on June 25

Wore this to my school Ball, dress was sooo perfect, it stood out as the colour was rare!! so happy with it and went well with my blonde hair :D Got so many positive comments about it, def a dress that stands out!

Sami from Australia on May 18

Look So Stunning Can Picture This As My Formal Dress Elegant Love The Detail On The Top

Cuyler from United States on May 7

This Dress Would Go So Good With My Wild Pair Shoes

Reenika from Canada on April 30

I Thnk This Dress Has Nice Embrodiery, But Ti Comes Off As A Little Mediocre, But Its Still Very Tasteful

Ali from United States on April 28

Thank you so much for my stunning Jr. Prom gown. Not only was the dress absolutely gorgeous with its intricate detail
,it was far more beautiful then the web site depicted . I look forward to purchasing more gowns from you in
the future!

Stacy from United States on April 22

This is the perfect dress for my upcoming pageant. Ill look amazing.

Kate from Canada on April 21

I got this dress the other day in Orange, and it is so SO unbelievably beautiful. Extremely flattering - the beading is INCREDIBLE! Pictures can't pay it justice, it's so incredible! Definitely worth every penny. The length is also great, I'm 5'7" and with 5 inch heels, I don't need to hem! It will make you sparkle.

I want!
Lina from United States on April 18

I am ordering this! Can't wait I luv luv it especially in purple!

Sarah from United States on April 16

I Am Amazed By This Dress; It Is Stunning! Love The Detail!

Love the beading!
Tonya from United States on April 13

My friend bought this dress recently for a pageant and it is amazing on stage!! The beading is beautiful and the coral is the best color on the dress!

Great Dress
Nyanhail from United States on April 12


Nyanhail from United States on April 12

Doesn't Really Catch My Eye.

Lulzime from United States on April 9

Looks Wounderfull Hope To Buy It

Chantel from Canada on April 6

Love it in the purple!

Caitlin from Canada on April 4

I bought this for my formal! Size was perfect and the orange is very flattering on my pale skin, which is great!

Bright Colors
Lena from United States on April 3

The bright colors shows your skin tone and makes you look tan and sparkle!

So many
Nia from United States on March 23

This comes in so many pretty colors

Shaunda from United States on March 21


Chelsea from Canada on March 18

I love this dress, it's very simple yet beautiful!

Nothing Remarkable
Kate from United States on March 8

Nice Color But The Design Doesn't Stand Out To Me

Qamar from Qatar on March 6

Wow this dress is awesomely beautiful!!

From Toronto!
Anisa from Canada on March 5

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, I've been in love with this dress since I first started high school!

Ashley from United States on February 28

Perfect rouching gives an elegant waist line and georgous embellished sweet heart cut top to score a perfect head turning dress.

Caitlin from Canada on February 23

I wore this dress in turquoise to my prom last year and got so many comments! absolutely loved it! if you get it, you'll definitely stand out! also, it looks even better in person than these pictures.

Elegant and sexy!
Elizabeth from United States on February 7

I'm wearing this dress to my senior prom year of 2012! My boyfriend was recruited to play for mercer university and they're main color is orange. In honor of his achievement we have decided that orange is our color this year! And this dress pulls of the soft but sexy look I want! Thanks newyork dress and Sherri hill!

Mimo from Sweden on February 5

This Dress If So Elegant!!!

Purple dress
Maria from United States on January 30

Wearing the purple one to my prom, absolutely love it!

Love The Colour
Hana from Canada on January 29

I Am Absolutely In Love With The Colour Of This Dress ! And The White Establishments Make For A Perfect Contrast

Gorgeous dress
Hailey from United States on January 22

Very beautiful for any formal occasion!

Jillian from Canada on January 19

Gorgeous Lovely And Looks Like It Costs More Then It Really Does

Camilla from Canada on January 7

It's so elegant, I'm in love with it!

Rose from Canada on January 6

This Is An Amazing Dress To Wear On My Grade 12 Grad, The Embellishments Are Gorgeous.

Lizzy from United States on December 29

Love the embellishment!

Lindita from Australia on November 4

Wow This Dress Is Sooo Amazing, Just So Perfect To Wear On My Year 12 Graduation And Also To Wear Out To Crown Later That Night. This Is A Stunning Dress That I Can See Myself Wearing Over And Over An Over And Over Again. This Is To Good To Be True, Ill Be Honest The First Time I Saw This Dress I Didnt Like The Orange But Now Copering From The Others Ive Seen , Is So Elegent, Different, Simple And Out Studding To The Rest. I Rate This Fan-Freakn-Tastic!!!

Susanna from Great Britain on October 23

Love This Dress!

Love This!!!
Lauren from United States on October 3

I think this dress is gorgous I can't wait to wear it for prom!

So Happy
Corrina from Australia on September 30

Received my dress today, ordered the orange. The gown is so beautiful, attention to detail is extraordinary, the colour is beautiful. Wearing to my school formal and could not be happier!!

El from United States on September 30


Mimi from Canada on September 20

Wow! It's simply amazing!

Taylor from United States on September 19

I like this dress and all the colors

Jenna from United States on September 16

You will definitely stand out in this dress. The color is gorgeous. It's more beautiful in person!

Rana from United States on September 15

Very Beautiful And Flowy, Top Of The Dress Stnads Out

Melinda from Australia on September 15


Frances from Australia on September 12

Standout amongst other dresses. Would definitely make you the stand out at any event

Stunning Dress
Rana from Australia on September 11

This dress spells ELEGANCE!
Its just simply stunning especially in that colour.

Amy from United States on September 11

The Simplicity Of This Dress Allows For The Beading To Be Accented Perfectly

Vanessa from Australia on September 6

This is one stunning dress, perfect proportions and gives the look of a goddess

Kelly from Ireland on September 3

Absolutely Love It .

Very Nice
Hayat from Canada on September 1

I Love This Colour

Michelle from United States on August 27

This Looks Really Great I Might Buy This For My Prom This Year

Susan from Ireland on August 6

The colour really makes this dress

Danielle from Ireland on August 4

This Dress Is So Elegant And Sexy But Yet So Simple I Love The Orange Colour!!

Natasha from Canada on August 3

This dress is a must have for every woman closet!!!

Morgan from United States on July 27

This dress is beautiful!

Lizzy from Australia on July 24

This Dress Is So Elegant ... Something I Would Wear When Im Older To A Ball Or Something Formal ... Just Amazing :)

Gorgeous Colour
Sophie from Ireland on July 21

The Shape Of This Dress Is Gorgeous, It Has An Absolutely Stunning Bust

It`S So Amazing :X
Adriana from Romania on July 10

I Like It Very Much <3

Madeleine from Australia on June 27

This is an absolutely stunning design, the style, colour, fit, it all works perfectly

Love It!
Angela from Australia on June 27

This dress is absolutely gorgeous!
It's elegent design creates a sexy yet sophisticated look.
I definately give it 5/5.

Muy Bello
Aura from Venezuela on June 19

Demasiado Bello, muy sobrio para esa ocasion formal..

Wow Factor
Heather from Great Britain on June 18

This dress looks amazing a real show stopper

Very Vibrant
Laura from Canada on May 23

Love the red, love the detail, awesome.

Love the jelewed bodice!
Susan from United States on April 25

Beautiful color, beautifully adorned with a gorgeous jeweled bodice

Amazing dress!
Heidi from United States on April 25

This dress is beautiful and if it was a little cheaper I would definitely get it!

Teresa from United States on April 20

I love the color! my favorite!

Jessica from United States on April 13

I Love This Dress Its So Flattering And Especially On Someone Who Has A Large Bust

Prom Dress
Carolina from Panama on April 8

Really Pretty

Anabelle from Panama on April 8


I Want This!
Malak from Canada on April 7

This Is Beutiful!! I Love How It Looks, The Color Options, The Fit , Just Simply Beautiful!!

Kate from Ireland on April 6

Such A Vast Choice Of Colours And The Length And Detail Is Beautiful...

Adrienne from Canada on April 5

Love the unique colour of this dress - any girl to wear it would be the envy of everyone else at her prom!

Jessica from United States on April 5

I Love All Sherri Hill Dresses They Are Just Way Too Over Priced

Hannah from Australia on April 5

This Dress Is Wow!

Sevgi from United States on April 3

I Absolutely Love This Dress! If My Dress Doesnt Come Here By This Week I Am Going To Get This One! :)

Brooke from United States on March 28

Its A Beautiful Dress Very Elegant

Shelby from United States on March 28

Love This Dress. The Orange Is The Only Color For This Dress!

I Love It!
Brittany from United States on March 20

I Am In Love With The Color!

Abbi-Lynn from Canada on March 19

This Dress Is Sexy, Its Sooo Pretty...I Love Everything About It .

Khadijah from United States on March 12

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. The orange color fits any skin tone and the design on the bust adds an extra pop!

Lindsay from Canada on March 7

Definitely one I'd get for prom! cant stop going back to it, so simple & beautiful.

Chrissy from Canada on February 28

This Dress Is Wonderful. Detailed Yet Simple. I Love It!

Love this dress!!! XD
Aman from Canada on February 27

I love this dress and the colour is perfect....! It has the perfect amount of everthing.

Lo from United States on February 22

This Dress Is Fabulous, I Love The Color And Stlye

Diandra from Canada on February 14

I absolutely love this dress, the detailing at the top with the simple bottom really complete the dress perfectly.

Beautiful Dress!
Amy from Canada on February 5

Dress Is Amazing, Well Made Etc. Looks Simply Stunning And Beautiful In Aqua Especially.

Stacey from Great Britain on February 2

This dress is absolutly beautiful i love it!!!!!

I Love This Dress!!!!
Teresa from United States on February 1

This dress is amazing!!! Its the perfect look of romance mixed with elegance. You can be a beautfilu modern princess with this dress!! I absolutely love it.

Poonam from Canada on January 27

A beautiful dress that comes in beautiful colours, the silhouette will flatter any body type.

Meshia from United States on January 26

I Love How It Is Made And The Design Is Great

Brittney from Canada on January 15

This Dress Is Absolutly Gorgeous!
I Wish I Was Taller So It Would Look As Nice On Me!

Love Itttt
Paige from United States on January 12

This Dress Is Sooo Pretty!

Blair from Canada on January 9

I LOVE this dress, i'm ordering this for my grad!

Natasha from Canada on December 30

This is my grad dress is it sooo beautiful ! i tried it on in the store today and was speechless !

Alayna from United States on December 13

This Is A Beautiful Dress And I Love The Flowy Look Of It.

Catherine from Ireland on November 18

I Love The Colour And Shape Of This Dress Even The Lenght

Very Sexy
Jojo from Germany on November 8

I ordered this dress it looked wow the orange color fabs

Laura from Canada on November 3

I was looking at this dress to get for my graduation but i wasnt a fan of any of the colors it originally came in! I'm so glad there's more colors now because this dress is absolutly beautiful and i'm definitally getting it :)

It's simply the best!
Emilie from Norway on November 3

This dress is number one on my topplist of prom dresses. What more can I say... it's perfect!

Chelsea from United States on October 15

I Think This Dress Is Really Pretty I Love Dresses That Have The Dimand Up At The Top Of The Dress And Is Plain At The Bottom I Also Love The Color!!!

Natasha from Australia on September 30

What a gorgeous colour. And so feminine!

Jen from United States on September 24

Loved it the instant I saw it!

Edel from Great Britain on September 21

I love this dress. the colour is amazing and the detail is really nice

Donna from Australia on September 15

What a beautiful summery formal dress ... wow my daughter will love this one !!

Hayley from Australia on September 13


Emma from Ireland on September 8

A really beautiful dress, so unusual and pretty! Perfect for any event!

Carolanne from Great Britain on September 8

I Absolutely Loveee This Dress, Im Definitely Getting It

Very Stunning!!
Monika from Australia on September 7

Just received this dress.... It is absolutely stunning and fits so beautifully!!!

Ana from Mexico on September 3

I love the strapless, this one is the best!

Shauna from Ireland on August 28

Good Fit , Love Colour

Sue from Australia on August 24

Very feminine and stunning colour

Melanie from Canada on July 6

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, I honestly do not think I have seen something this beautiful before

Ashleigh from Australia on June 25

Absolutley Amazing! I Want It For My Formal!

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