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Woman's Dresses for Special Occasions

Do you have a special occasion just around the corner? We beg you to step away from the racks and become familiar with NewYorkDress.

We know what every woman wants in a dress. Women want to feel like all eyes are on them. The perfect special occasion dress should command all eyes on you and make for an unforgettable event. Think of sweetheart necklines, luscious ruffles, rhinestone embossed corsets, lace, beaded, mermaid cuts and play around with the possibilities. Every woman is different and our dresses are selected for all types of women.

Think of the special occasion. Is it a wedding, birthday bash, Sweet Sixteen, anniversary or graduation? What do you want your dress to do for you? When choosing between special occasion dresses, you need to think about the event to which you are going. Do you want to look professional and put-together or do you want to look fun and flirty?

Choose a dress that fits your body perfectly. Not all cuts will flatter your body so it’s always important for you to keep in mind what cuts make you look and feel amazing. Not only should the dress look good, it should also be comfortable and enable you to move around in it. Here are some quick tips: If you have a pear-shaped body, you may want to go with a dress that is form-fitting on the top and loose fitting on the bottom. If you have an hourglass shape, you may want to highlight your curves with a form-fitted frock. If you love your legs, you may want to go with a short dress, and if you like your arms, you may want to go with a longer dress that is sleeveless.

Let’s think about sleeves and straps. The straps of the dress will affect everything from the frock's shape to its neckline. Thus, you need to think about whether or not you want to show your arms and back and how much of each you want to show. A perfect special occasion dress should highlight all your assets and downplay any problem areas.

Do not underestimate your neckline dear. Showcasing your neckline can change the entire look. Think v neck, strapless, cowl neck, sweetheart neckline, strapless, one shoulder, spaghetti strap to make the most of your demure neckline.

Do you want to go long or short? Do you want to highlight your legs? Perhaps your back? If you opt for a long and flowing dress, make sure that you’re able to walk in it. Make sure that it is not constricting on the bottom. If your special occasion is a wedding, opt for a shorter hemline as it allows for an entire night of dancing. Pair your dress with the perfect accessories and you can’t go wrong. If you want the best of both worlds, you a hi-lo dress is the perfect option.

What fabric do you want your dress to be made out of? Keep in mind the weather during the special occasion. Will it be warm weather in which polyester might be a little too stuffy for? Keep your body in mind as well. It’s key to know what fabrics work best with your body type. Think back on what fabrics you tend to stray away from and which ones you flock to when you’re shopping for a dress.

Special Occasions

  • Lara 33202
    Lara 33202

    Sleeveless crystal-clad evening gown with plunging neckline by Lara 33202
    Available in 3 colors

  • Ellie Wilde EW21715
    Ellie Wilde EW21715

    Eye-catching off-the-shoulder gown with contrasts by Ellie Wilde EW21715
    Color: Navy/Nude

  • Morrell Maxie 15696
    Morrell Maxie 15696

    Special Sparkles Draped Evening Gown by Morrell Maxie 15696
    Color: Rose

  • Jovani 50327
    Jovani 50327

    Plush cap-sleeved evening gown with portrait neckline by Jovani 50327
    Available in 2 colors

  • Morrell Maxie 15720
    Morrell Maxie 15720

    Classic Masterpiece Mermaid Evening Gown by Morrell Maxie 15720
    Color: Blush/Multi

  • Faviana 8083
    Faviana 8083

    Elegant off-the-shoulder evening gown with tony tucks by Faviana 8083
    Available in 5 colors

  • Lara 33277
    Lara 33277

    Feminine elbow-sleeved evening gown with filmy flutters by Lara 33277
    Available in 2 colors

  • Colors Dress 1768
    Colors Dress 1768

    Precious Perfection Hollywood Evening Gown by Colors 1768
    Available in 6 colors

  • MNM Couture 2381
    MNM Couture 2381

    Monarch Elegance Asymmetrical Evening Gown by MNM Couture 2381
    Color: Multi

  • Aidan Mattox 201455
    Aidan Mattox 201455

    Layered sleeveless gown with diagonal trim by Aidan Mattox 201455
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 33435
    Lara 33435

    Romantic Fishnet Overlay Gown with Lantern Sleeves by Lara 33435
    Color: Black

  • Terani 1721M4316
    Terani 1721M4316

    Sparkling Scallops Lace Evening Dress by Terani 1721M4316
    Available in 3 colors

  • Terani 1721GL4437
    Terani 1721GL4437

    Glam Beaded Evening Gown by Terani 1721GL4437
    Color: Silver

  • Terani 1722E4236
    Terani 1722E4236

    Brocade Dreams High-Low Evening Gown by Terani 1722E4236
    Color: Saphire

  • Terani 1723E4290
    Terani 1723E4290

    Contrast Glamour Illusion Evening Gown by Terani 1723E4290

  • Terani 1722E4209
    Terani 1722E4209

    Peplum Flare Contrast Evening Dress by Terani 1722E4209
    Color: Nude Black

  • Jovani 52069
    Jovani 52069

    Festive Dreams Shimmering Evening Gown by Jovani 52069
    Color: Navy

  • Jovani 54985
    Jovani 54985

    Spotted Sparkles Floral Evening Dress by Jovani 54985
    Color: Red/Black

  • Jovani 52092
    Jovani 52092

    Illusion Allure Sparkling Evening Gown by Jovani 52092
    Available in 2 colors

  • Jovani 53083
    Jovani 53083

    Paisley Glamour Shimmering Evening Gown by Jovani 53083
    Color: Charcoal

  • Morrell Maxie 15751
    Morrell Maxie 15751

    Enchanting Illusion Crystal Evening Gown by Morrell Maxie 15751
    Color: Rose

  • Marsoni M180
    Marsoni M180

    Pristine Perfection Strapless Gown by Marsoni M180
    Available in 3 colors

  • Marsoni M102
    Marsoni M102

    Pleated Perfection Full Length Gown by Marsoni M102
    Available in 3 colors

  • Jessica Angel 325
    Jessica Angel 325

    Debutante long-sleeve mermaid gown from Jessica Angel 325
    Available in 13 colors

  • Morrell Maxie 15635
    Morrell Maxie 15635

    Origami Asymmetrical Peplum Evening Dress by Morrell Maxie 15635
    Color: Black

  • Aidan Mattox MD1E201685
    Aidan Mattox MD1E201685

    Caliente long-sleeve gown with cutout shoulders by Aidan Mattox MD1E201685
    Available in 2 colors

  • Johnathan Kayne 8005
    Johnathan Kayne 8005

    Exquisite Ombré Hourglass Evening Gown by Johnathan Kayne 8005
    Color: Gray/White

  • Johnathan Kayne 8107
    Johnathan Kayne 8107

    Exotic Delights Cinched Evening Dress by Johnathan Kayne 8107
    Color: Crimson/Gold

  • Adrianna Papell AP1E201844
    Adrianna Papell AP1E201844

    Draped Elegance Geometric Evening Dress by Adrianna Papell AP1E201844
    Color: Silver/Nude

  • Johnathan Kayne 461
    Johnathan Kayne 461

    Exquisite Sparkles Sequined Evening Gown by Johnathan Kayne 461
    Available in 7 colors

  • Jovani 41592
    Jovani 41592

    Lovely lingerie-look sleeveless gown with lithe ruffles by Jovani 41592
    Available in 2 colors

  • Jovani 37938
    Jovani 37938

    Captivating ballet-sleeved evening gown with gathered skirt by Jovani 37938
    Color: Gray

  • Lara 33198
    Lara 33198

    Whispery long-sleeved gown with delicate tonal detail by Lara 33198
    Color: Gold

  • Dave and Johnny A5967
    Dave and Johnny A5967

    Off-the-shoulder evening gown with flute by Dave and Johnny A5967
    Color: Red/Black

  • Morrell Maxie 15723
    Morrell Maxie 15723

    Magical Illusion Appliqué Evening Dress by Morrell Maxie 15723
    Available in 2 colors

  • Lara 33551
    Lara 33551

    Geometric Masterpiece Striped Evening Dress by Lara 33551
    Color: Nude

  • Terani 1722E4190
    Terani 1722E4190

    Sleeved Floral Lace Evening Dress by Terani 1722E4190
    Color: Black/Green

  • Terani 1721E4114
    Terani 1721E4114

    Faux Fur Detail Brocade-Like Evening Gown by Terani 1721E4114

  • Terani 1723E4502
    Terani 1723E4502

    Timeless Radiance Cold-Shoulder Evening Dress by Terani 1723E4502
    Available in 3 colors

  • Terani 1721M4320
    Terani 1721M4320

    Dazzling Illusion Cascade Evening Gown by Terani 1721M4320
    Color: Light Taupe


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