Sticks and Stones Dresses

A stylish set of dress designs from Sticks and Stones, are available to you in this collection.

The adorable party dresses feature miniskirts and brightly detailed bodices, giving you the opportunity to look your best for every occasion. The designer offers a series of dresses that will emphasize a youthful appearance, making them perfect for young ladies headed out for a night on the town or hoping to make a stunning impression at their prom or homecoming. This collection from Sticks and Stones incorporates a number of modified classic silhouettes, including a chopped ball-gown silhouette in looks like the Peeking Sparkle Mini Dress, while a similar chopped-off A-line look is brought to life in the Sparkling Baby doll Gown. For ladies who’d prefer a form-fitting sheath silhouette, the Curve-hugging Candy Gown offers a series of carefully-crafted stripes that interweave and create a flattering and feminine look. These basic silhouettes are remixed and reorganized over and over again within this Mori Lee collection, and you can enjoy paging through the permutations as you check out the whole collection.

The girly look is in this season, a fact that’s clear from the emphasis on ruffles, pleats, ruching and sparkles in these Sticks and Stones dresses. Embellishments abound, from the sparkles that make their way over the body of the wearer to the neckline, straps, bodice and skirt! Many of the looks are strapless or feature feminine asymmetrical details, such as the Ruffled Wonder Mini Gown, a look that features a single strap over the left shoulder, or the “Poof Be Gone” Gown, with its asymmetrical bust that features a field of sparkling embellishments over the left side of the bust. No matter where you look on these Mori Lee dresses, the Sticks and Stones style stands for unique and modern dresses that hit the mark when it comes to dressing up for a special occasion.

Make your outfit memorable and special by choosing a sleek pair of strappy heels to compliment your Sticks and Stones dresses. The bright and cheerful colors that these looks are available in give you the opportunity to match your look with some really funky shoes. Don’t be shy about picking out splashy, bold, youthful designs, and pair your short-skirted look with shoes that will inspire you no matter where you wear this special look. Give some thought to the kind of environment you’ll be in – walking through a field in stilettos might not wind up being the best night you’ve ever had – and pick a shoe that will be both functional and stylish for a sophisticated environment…as long as your big event takes place somewhere with hard floors!

Get your hair in on the style action by pairing your Sticks and Stones dress with a fantastic ‘do that really does it justice. Explore the possibilities for your hair far in advance. While your options may be limited if you have a pixie or other short cut, you can still make some basic decisions about the way you’ll wear your hair! For ladies with longer locks, picking the perfect hairdo to match your Sticks and Stones dress can be more of an issue – and certainly a more time-consuming one! Slick your hair back and clip it in a chic chignon? Or let your curls flow loose and free? Maybe the best thing to do would be to pull out your trusted flat irons…? Whatever you decide, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to think about your options and choose a hair style that compliments your look. If you’ve chosen a strapless dress, then think about wearing your hair down, since this can help frame the shoulders and neck. Ladies who’ve opted for the asymmetrical strap selections may instead choose to put their hair up, highlighting the special details in their designer dresses.

These dresses by Sticks and Stones offer you a way to experience the height of chic, classic fashion in looks infused with modern – but enduring – style. The embellishments are classic and carefully placed, and the detail and devotion to style is evident in these flattering looks. The price on these high-quality dresses is a bargain, especially in comparison to what other dresses might cost, given the number of times you’ll be able to reuse the look you pick from today. Each of the dresses from this Sticks and Stones collection has been designed with today’s active, free-wheeling woman in mind. Pick the one that you feel best represents the way you want the world to perceive you, and wear it proudly no matter where you go. These looks will inspire and enchant both you and the people along for your big night out!

Sticks and Stones

  • Sticks and Stones 9413
    Sticks and Stones 9413

    Fierce Sweetheart Embellished Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9413
    Color: Nude/Gun Metal

  • Sticks and Stones 9401
    Sticks and Stones 9401

    Sparkling Strappy Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9401
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9416
    Sticks and Stones 9416

    Lovely Lace Two-Piece Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9416
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9412
    Sticks and Stones 9412

    Fabulous Floral Lace Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9412
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9429
    Sticks and Stones 9429

    Cutout Fantasy Bejeweled Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9429
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9417
    Sticks and Stones 9417

    Passionate Plunge Glittering Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9417
    Color: Red

  • Sticks and Stones 9421
    Sticks and Stones 9421

    Fresh Floral Allure Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9421
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9408
    Sticks and Stones 9408

    Party Perfection Sweetheart Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9408
    Color: Scarlet

  • Sticks and Stones 9364
    Sticks and Stones 9364

    Cascading Shimmer Illusion Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9364
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9345
    Sticks and Stones 9345

    Romantic Fantasy Lace Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9345
    Available in 3 colors

  • Sticks and Stones 9311
    Sticks and Stones 9311

    Strapless Sparkling Cocktail Dress by Sticks and Stones 9311
    Available in 2 colors


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