Sydneys Closet

Sydneys Closet dresses make putting your best foot forward a snap with one of their gorgeous gowns!

We offer a wide array of stunning options from this popular and affordable label. These dresses are brimming with personality and flair, and they will serve you well in a number of different situations. If you have curves that you'd like to flaunt, you can't go wrong with a Sydneys Closet number. Thoughtful details abound in these utterly stylish dresses, gowns and minidresses. Chic silhouettes and a wide range of sumptuous materials ensure that you always look your resplendent best.

It's easy to find the perfect silhouette when you shop the Sydneys Closet lineup. All of today's most popular options are available, and many different variations are too. Demure, tea-length dresses offer versatility, elegance and sophistication. Slip into a sleek little minidress to really get the party started. You'll appreciate the flaw-masking style of dreamy babydoll dresses. There's also a vast assortment of exquisite, full-length dresses. Whatever your needs and desires may be, you can rest assured that there's something absolutely perfect for you in the Sydneys Closet lineup at

Small, delightful details add plenty of pizzazz to top-selling Sydneys Closet dresses. Strategically placed pickups add drama and flair to full-length gowns. Sparkling stones are splashed across certain styles to add a healthy dose of glitzy elegance. Shimmering insets are artfully arranged to produce thoroughly modern looks. If romance is what you're after, you'll heartily approve of the beautiful rosette accents that brighten up many styles. From two-tone designs to frilly, tiered ruffles, Sydneys Closet is bursting with exquisite touches that will make you a knockout wherever you go.

After selecting the perfect Sydneys Closet dress, shop to pinpoint gorgeous accessories for it. In some cases, a simple cocktail ring will suffice. When you want to jazz things up a little more, a glitzy pair of chandelier earrings is sure to do the trick. No look is complete without the right pair of shoes, and you can take your pick from many wonderful options. The versatile design of many Sydneys Closet dresses makes it easy to find shoes that really shine. Keep in mind that some dresses come up with shrugs, boleros, shawls and other coordinating pieces that add even more versatility and excitement.

Thanks to the wide range of styles that are available in the Sydneys Closet lineup, it's possible to find the perfect look for virtually any occasion. If you're preparing for prom, finding a stylish dress should be a snap. If you need something trendy to wear for a girls' night out, you can take your pick from many eye-catching options. In short, Sydneys Closet dresses and gowns are perfect for times when you want to look your absolute best. You're sure to find yourself reaching for them again and again, and you'll love how they make you look.

Sydneys Closet

  • Sydneys Closet SC4055
    Sydneys Closet SC4055

    Mature three-quarter sleeve illusion gown from Sydneys Closet SC4055
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC4020
    Sydneys Closet SC4020

    Lace Sophistication Evening Dress by Sydneys Closet SC4020
    Available in 4 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC7171
    Sydneys Closet SC7171

    Magnetic spangled strapless gown from Sydneys Closet SC7171
    Color: Blue

  • Sydneys Closet SC7071
    Sydneys Closet SC7071

    Spaghetti Strap Sparkle Detail Evening Gown by Sydneys Closet SC7071
    Available in 9 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC7179
    Sydneys Closet SC7179

    Contrasting textured shirred gown from Sydneys Closet SC7179
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC4050
    Sydneys Closet SC4050

    Mesmerizing draping illusion gown from Sydneys Closet SC4050
    Color: Navy

  • Sydneys Closet SC4056
    Sydneys Closet SC4056

    Bejeweled sleeveless A-line gown from Sydneys Closet SC4056
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC5068
    Sydneys Closet SC5068

    Flowery lacy strapless gown from Sydneys Closet SC5068
    Color: Ivory

  • Sydneys Closet SC7168
    Sydneys Closet SC7168

    Premiere wrapped full-length gown from Sydneys Closet SC7168
    Available in 3 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC7154
    Sydneys Closet SC7154

    Jeweled and Ruched Evening Gown by Sydneys Closet SC7154
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC7164
    Sydneys Closet SC7164

    Elegant draping illusion spangle gown from Sydneys Closet SC7164
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC7165
    Sydneys Closet SC7165

    Tropical two=tone applique gown from Sydneys Closet SC7165
    Available in 2 colors

  • Sydneys Closet SC4029
    Sydneys Closet SC4029

    Lace Detail Evening Gown by Sydneys Closet SC4029
    Color: Fawn

  • Sydneys Closet SC4018
    Sydneys Closet SC4018

    Bejeweled Beauty Lace Party Dress by Sydneys Closet SC4018
    Color: Black


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