Tadashi dresses are for women looking for a sleek, modern collection that is ultimately wearable yet still directly off the catwalk.

The designer’s collection is suitable for numerous body type, thanks to well-molded silhouettes that help render an hourglass shape. Perfect for formal occasions, including black tie dinners and runway appearances as well as proms and weddings, these stylish gowns and dresses give you the opportunity to showcase femininity and strength in one straightforward look.

In this year’s collection, a number of necklines can be boiled down to three basic forms – the V neck, the rounded neck, and the asymmetrical bust. These necklines, and slight variations on each of them, can be found spread equally among the gowns in the collection. From a stunning green gown with an asymmetrical v-neck that still features a v-shaped slant to its form. Some of the gowns have wider, round-shaped scoop necks, which are accompanied by either straps or short sleeves, and one or two feature higher necks that flatter women with smaller busts.

Hem lengths vary greatly on this year’s collection of Tadashi dresses, with some of the gowns creating full-length silhouettes that will dazzle on the red carpet or at your special event, whether it’s a prom, a family party, or some other special occasion. These longer-length skirts should be worn to extremely formal events, particularly public appearances, since they might be considered too formal for many family occasions (unless you plan to attend a state wedding!). Conversely, the shorter dresses from this designer convey a delightfully informal sense of fashion. Drawing from the looks on this season’s runways to inspire your appearance for your next big event gives Tadashi the chance to deck you out in their finest!

As the season shifts into full gear, pastel and other lighter colors are gaining popularity. In the palate used for these Tadashi dresses, the eyes are treated to lush turquoises, pale salmons and bright pinks, verdant greens, and smoky grays. Most of the gowns available from this designer are solid block color ensembles, although there are a handful which use prints and other detailing work to make them stand out from the rest of the collection. The wide range of colors flocks to the cooler end of the spectrum, and the addition of the pinks and salmon tones help make the looks work for numerous types of complexions.

Tadashi dresses have a whimsical and well-conceived construction to them, particularly in the way the bodices and hips of many of these dresses are ruched to help shape the looks of the wearers. In knee-length dresses, this whimsicality is often expressed by the fun overlapping of tulip-style skirts and other asymmetrical details. In gowns like the Jersey Draped Cocktail Dress, architectural details begin to display themselves in the complex winding shoulder straps, which cross over the chest high on the collarbone.

As beautiful as the dresses from Tadashi are, no look is finished without attention to the accessories one wears along with one’s dress. There’s a long checklist of items to plan to purchase and wear on your big night with your gown, so it’s important to organize yourself in advance of the occasion. Buying a dress is just the beginning! It’s important to select undergarments that will help the gown shape your body into its most flattering appearance, and once you’ve chosen your gown you can take measurements to figure out which undergarments you should purchase. Once these have been selected, the next accessory a person should select is the shoes they will wear with their gown. Since many of these Tadashi dresses are quite simple, pairing them with a show-stopping pair of pumps can be a great way to increase their relevance and edge. Longer gowns can be matched with high heels, provided you can have the gown tailored to leave the hem at the proper length, and cocktail dresses will help emphasize a toned pair of lower legs. For dresses that feature prints, selecting plain shoes can help keep the emphasis of the look on your clothing. A small hand bag will go well with the Tadashi looks available from newyorkdress.com, particularly if the clutch you select is in a color that compliments the shade of dress you’ve selected.

Picking how to wear your hair and makeup can help rocket your look from simply good to totally fabulous. This season, look to the runways for inspiration and choose hair styles that are a little messy, and deliberately rumpled. Updos tend to be wind-swept, with loose tendrils of hair escaping from hair accessories. Makeup is emphasizing a strong lip and colorful eye shadow, creating a look that is bright, modern, and positive as we move further into the season. Putting together a fashionable and stylish outfit for an important occasion can be a difficult challenge, and sometimes finding the right designer – in this case, Tadashi – can mean the difference between a night of comfort and a night of perfection!


  • Tadashi ALX1419M
    Tadashi ALX1419M

    Rich Lace Cocktail Dress by Tadashi ALX1419M
    Color: Silver

  • Tadashi ALX1812LXY
    Tadashi ALX1812LXY

    Ravishing Fantasy Embellished Evening Dress by Tadashi ALX1812LXY
    Available in 3 colors

  • Tadashi ALG15066L
    Tadashi ALG15066L

    Feathered Jewel Plunging Evening Dress by Tadashi ALG15066L
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tadashi ACZ1736L
    Tadashi ACZ1736L

    Lace Elegance Two-Tone Evening Dress by Tadashi ACZ1736L
    Color: Latte/Pumice

  • Tadashi ALT90602LY
    Tadashi ALT90602LY

    Luxurious Shimmer Sequined Evening Gown by Tadashi ALT90602LY
    Color: Marsala

  • Tadashi 3K1224L
    Tadashi 3K1224L

    Lace Wrapped Peplum Evening Dress by Tadashi 3K1224L
    Color: Marina

  • Tadashi ARI15075LY
    Tadashi ARI15075LY

    Romantic Crystal Lace Evening Gown by Tadashi ARI15075LY
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Tadashi 3T1191LZ
    Tadashi 3T1191LZ

    Sparkling Lace V-neck Gown by Tadashi 3T1191LZ
    Color: Dove Gray

  • Tadashi ALG1516LX
    Tadashi ALG1516LX

    Glamorous Tonal Crystal Evening Dress by Tadashi ALG1516LX
    Color: Navy

  • Tadashi 731453LY
    Tadashi 731453LY

    Unique draping gown with illusion accents from Tadashi 731453LY
    Color: Navy

  • Tadashi AGF1495L
    Tadashi AGF1495L

    Twinkling Lace Illusion Evening Gown by Tadashi AGF1495L
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tadashi ADU915M
    Tadashi ADU915M

    Vivid Off-the-Shoulder Cocktail Dress by Tadashi ADU915M
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tadashi ALY1813M
    Tadashi ALY1813M

    Artistic patterned cap-sleeve cocktail dress from Tadashi ALY1813M
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tadashi AGF1191LZ
    Tadashi AGF1191LZ

    Decadent Shimmering Lace Evening Gown by Tadashi AGF1191LZ
    Color: Royal Navy

  • Tadashi ALX1812LY
    Tadashi ALX1812LY

    Gilded Decadence Embroidered Evening Gown by Tadashi ALX1812LY
    Color: Gold

  • Tadashi ALG1793LX
    Tadashi ALG1793LX

    Glorious multicolored cap-sleeve gown with train from Tadashi ALG1793LX
    Color: Mystic Blue/Black

  • Tadashi 6L1178L
    Tadashi 6L1178L

    Elegant Sheer Lace Evening Dress by Tadashi 6L1178L
    Available in 3 colors

  • Tadashi APA2145LX
    Tadashi APA2145LX

    Delicate Tonal Graphic Print Evening Gown by Tadashi APA2145LX
    Color: Pink Shadow

  • Tadashi AIW1493L
    Tadashi AIW1493L

    Lively Lace Sparkling Evening Dress by Tadashi AIW1493L
    Color: Deep Rose

  • Tadashi AOM2124L
    Tadashi AOM2124L

    Long-Sleeved Tonal Textured Evening Gown by Tadashi AOM2124L
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tadashi ALG1046LY
    Tadashi ALG1046LY

    Fashionable Draped Cowl Evening Gown by Tadashi ALG1046LY
    Available in 2 colors


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