Temptation dresses are perfect when it comes to standing out from the crowd!

The Temptation lineup, which is available at NewYorkDress.com, is bursting with an exhilarating array of exciting styles for today's fashion-conscious women. Hot, prom-ready looks abound in the lineup, which features some of today's best trends. You never have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle when you're wearing a Temptation creation because these gowns, dresses and minis are jam-packed with personality and flair. Glitzy decadence and sultry panache don't get better than this.

You're going to love the show-stopping style of Temptation dresses and gowns. Glitzy little cocktail dresses with boldly flared skirts, shimmering sweetheart bodices and daring cutaways ensure that you snap up all of the attention that you could ever want. Trendy hi-lo skirts let you enjoy the best of both worlds and are sure to give you a leg up on the competition. Asymmetrical designs make the most of your phenomenal figure. With Temptation, you'll always look and feel your radiant best, and you'll never want the night to come to an end.

Every last inch of a Temptation gown or cocktail dress is bursting with glamour and excitement. Sizzling, sparkling sequins encrust some of the line's most popular styles. Multicolored beaded accents are splashed across slinky gowns and breezy skirt to achieve sublime perfection. Girly ruffled accents put a flirtatious twist on several styles, and you'll delight in the sheer, whisper-thin yards of material that flow down from others. If you're feeling especially daring, opt for one of the many peekaboo styles in the Temptation lineup. Lovely cutaways let you show a little extra skin in an utterly chic way.

The Temptation lineup features runway-ready looks that work perfectly with the fine accessories that you'll find at NewYorkDress.com. From head to toe, you can deck yourself out in accessories that will make your Temptation gown or dress even more glamorous. Pair that slinky tube mini with dramatic chandelier earrings, or slip into some shimmering gladiator sandals to lend that hi-lo dress an especially cutting-edge look. The dramatic motifs on some Temptation styles make them work perfectly without any accessories at all. From cocktail rings to sparkling bangles, spicing up a Temptation dress is fun and easy.

Making a statement at prom, homecoming or another big event is simple with Temptation. These styles feature the perfect amount of unique flair. They push the envelope without being over the top. Your own unique beauty will not be drowned out by the bold style of these gowns and cocktail dresses. You'll also be able to play up your gorgeous figure with absolute ease. Transforming yourself into a show-stopping sensation is easy with Temptation, so shop NewYorkDress.com today to select the style that's right for you.


  • Temptation 3050
    Temptation 3050

    Colorful corset-style strapless formal with sheer detail by Temptation 3050
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5010
    Temptation 5010

    Richly embellished strapless gown with sheer-layered skirt by Temptation 5010
    Color: Green

  • Temptation 5026
    Temptation 5026

    Sparkling sleeveless evening gown with sheer inset by Temptation 5026
    Color: Royal

  • Temptation 3057
    Temptation 3057

    Flower Applique Evening Gown by Temptation 3057
    Available in 3 colors

  • Temptation 5038
    Temptation 5038

    Diaphanous long-sleeved formal with bare essential lining by Temptation 5038
    Color: Black

  • Temptation 3062
    Temptation 3062

    Artful asymmetric goddess gown with contrasting skirt by Temptation 3062
    Color: Ivory/Gold

  • Temptation 4000
    Temptation 4000

    Asymmetrical Sparkling Evening Gown by Temptation 4000
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 4031
    Temptation 4031

    Asymmetrical Crystal Detail Evening Gown by Temptation 4031
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5064
    Temptation 5064

    Keyhole cutout halter gown with contrasting skirt by Temptation 5064
    Color: Turquoise

  • Temptation 5020
    Temptation 5020

    Festive sleeveless evening gown with sheer waist by Temptation 5020
    Color: Navy

  • Temptation 5022
    Temptation 5022

    Illuminated sleeveless evening gown with elaborate embellishments by Temptation 5022
    Color: Navy

  • Temptation 5012
    Temptation 5012

    Opulent ombré formal set with strapless bodice by Temptation 5012
    Color: Ombre

  • Temptation 5025
    Temptation 5025

    Sleeveless embellished evening gown with radiant lines by Temptation 5025
    Color: Midnight Blue

  • Temptation 5014
    Temptation 5014

    Awesome Aztec formal set with halter-style bodice by Temptation 5014
    Color: Black/Gold

  • Temptation 5052
    Temptation 5052

    Glitzy geometric evening gown with halter styling by Temptation 5052
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5028
    Temptation 5028

    Sleeveless evening gown with brilliantly embellished bodice by Temptation 5028
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5030
    Temptation 5030

    Bellissima beaded sleeveless formal set with flute by Temptation 5030
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5057
    Temptation 5057

    Lavish sheer illusion evening gown with lace by Temptation 5057
    Color: Black

  • Temptation 5034
    Temptation 5034

    Marvelous minimalist evening gown with barely-there detail by Temptation 5034
    Color: Black

  • Temptation 5016
    Temptation 5016

    Finely filigreed sleeveless formal with illusion bodice by Temptation 5016
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 3000
    Temptation 3000

    Asymmetrical Glittering Detail Evening Gown by Temptation 3000
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5001
    Temptation 5001

    Vivacious sleeveless evening gown with sheer-banded skirt by Temptation 5001
    Color: Navy

  • Temptation 5017
    Temptation 5017

    Elegant halter-style evening gown with diamond-patterned accents by Temptation 5017
    Color: Grape

  • Temptation 5042
    Temptation 5042

    Vibrant halter-style evening set with scintillating sparkle by Temptation 5042
    Color: Grape

  • Temptation 5048
    Temptation 5048

    Distinctive sleeveless evening gown with chic cutouts by Temptation 5048
    Color: Ivory/Black

  • Temptation 5050
    Temptation 5050

    Formfitting halter-style evening gown with translucent detail by Temptation 5050
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5078
    Temptation 5078

    Delicately detailed sleeveless gown with flowing flutters by Temptation 5078
    Color: White/Gold

  • Temptation 5082
    Temptation 5082

    Vivid cap-sleeved gown with sumptuous accents by Temptation 5082
    Color: Red

  • Temptation 5062
    Temptation 5062

    Dreamy halter-style evening gown with divine dazzle by Temptation 5062
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5055
    Temptation 5055

    Decorative long-sleeved evening gown with sheer highlights by Temptation 5055
    Color: Black/Nude

  • Temptation 5000
    Temptation 5000

    Creative sleeveless evening gown with cutout detail by Temptation 5000
    Color: Black

  • Temptation 5066
    Temptation 5066

    Artful halter-style evening gown with center plunge by Temptation 5066
    Available in 2 colors

  • Temptation 5068
    Temptation 5068

    Ooh-la-la sleeveless evening gown with frothy godets by Temptation 5068
    Color: Green

  • Temptation 5019
    Temptation 5019

    Tantalizing halter-style formal set with bead embellishment by Temptation 5019
    Color: Seafoam

  • Temptation 5072
    Temptation 5072

    Blossoming sleeveless evening gown with sheer bodice by Temptation 5072
    Color: White/Turquoise

  • Temptation 5092
    Temptation 5092

    Magnifique sleeveless maxi set with crystal accents by Temptation 5092
    Color: Green Print

  • Temptation 5094
    Temptation 5094

    Shining sleeveless cropped set with sheer accents by Temptation 5094
    Color: Black


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