Terani 95230P
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Terani 95230P

Strapless Tiered Bow Mermaid Gown by Terani

4.3 (81)

An ultra-chic blend of cute and sophisticated, this mermaid prom gown by Terani 95230P sets a playful formal mood. Tiered bow accents run down the left side body and add a little sass to this super sleek fit & flare silhouette. The strapless neckline has a sweetheart cut with molded bustier cups, and the fishtail skirt sweeps delicately across the floor.


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Terani 95230P Reviews

Natalie from Israel on February 4

I have this dress, bought it. JUST STUNNING!!
Im waiting for the chance to wear it again!

Atusa from Great Britain on July 29

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE this dress i want it, it really makes a great statement, anyone know what the red and white one looks like !!! :)

Aroutounian from France on June 27


Lovely dress
Corina from Romania on April 21

I-d like to buy it, it is lovely, but does anyone know what pink looks like? LIght pink... strong pink...

Classically Chic
Christie from United States on February 13

I bought this dress and adored it it makes all of me look fabulous and the bows fit my edgier style. And its not too flashy or skin showing its classic Faye Dunaway meets a contemporary spin.

Christine from United States on February 12

This Dress Issuch A Statment Dress!!

Love Love Love
Lauren from Canada on January 26

I ordered this dress for my high school graduation and I am in love with it!. This dress is perfect for the girl who really wants to stand out and make an impression. This dress gives you the best figure ever! It accents your best features and makes you look like you just walked off the runway or red carpet. TRUST ME! I have this dress hanging in my closet right now and i love it more every single time I see it. The dress is made of a great quality satin and gorgeous ribbon bows, and to top it all off the ribbon has a hint of sparkle! Love Love Love

Bow down!
Heather from United States on October 29

This dress is very unique in the placement and design placement of the bows. Very versatile for many occasions.

Marylibby from United States on October 21

This dress is so stylish I choose at first glance to be on of my final list of choices. I love the grosgrain ribbon(I am assuming it is grosgrain due to the crispness of the bow. Although the boy was not what I dreamed for my daughter, the limo was late, and the music coming from the speakers contained the words,"....doing it ..doing it....doing it rigrt....."I'm sure they were referring to their homework. homework. I still love the dress!

Different,sophisticated dress for those girls who do not want to be forgotten
Marylibby from United States on October 21

If I had this as one of my bridesmaid dresses, I would have gotten more use out of it. The model looks stunning in it. Believe me, the men seeing this dress will not forget you easily. Pinks, light blues.....boring. This dress combines the black into the white so it is not a jarring difference but rather a peaceful integration of the black into the white' blended with the skill of a trained artist!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Frances from United States on October 21

Excellent Dress

Bow Dress
Megan from Canada on October 18

This is the most gorgeous dress ive ever seen and im wearing it to my grad this year.

Helen from Canada on October 16

You Want Different, This Is Differnet. Very Feminine And Classy. Love The Detail

Crystal from Ireland on September 24

This dress aws close to being my chosen 1. It is superb

Miau miau It's made for me :D
Lola from Canada on September 19

Stunning ....Just Love It ,I Will Have The Dresse Definately....

Patricia from Brazil on September 18

Comprei um vestido desse e estou louca para ele chegar logo.Amei todos os detalhes,ele e lindo.

Marina from United States on September 15

I Try This Dresse In Store In Brooklyn Loor Excellent And Expencive

Stephanie from Australia on September 12

Cute all wrapped up in a bow

Samantha from Canada on September 9

This gown is not only classy and sophisticated, but is certainly a show-stopper. I intend to wear it to my boyfriend's prom and I'm sure I'll turn quite a few heads in it. The detailing is gorgeous!.. It makes this simple style dress the leader of the pack.

Melinda from Australia on September 7

This dress is one of the most beautiful elegant dressed I have ever seen. I am going to buy it for my daughters year 12 formal. I know that she will be the most beautiful girl there in this dress.

Dalal from United Arab Emirates on August 30

Simple, elegant and classy .

Vedasimona from United States on August 17

Reminds me of a wedding cake

Huda from United Arab Emirates on July 20

I Make An Order For This Dress

Fab Dress
Nikki from United States on July 19

Beautiful Dress Cant Wait To Get It

Jawaher from Saudi Arabia on July 15

An Atractive Dress,
I Like It Design

Hiba from United States on July 14

Amazing dress!!

Breath Taking.
Ophelia from United States on July 7

I Not A Fan Of Dresses, But This Dress Is Just Something Else. It Has To Be One Of The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Laid My Eyes On. It's Breath Taking. It's Just Beautiful. I Want One Now Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it.
Sarah from Australia on June 11

The Shape, Colour And Detail Is Perfect. Black And White Creates The Elegant Look With The Playful Touch Of The Bows.

Ayanna from Trinidad And Tobago on June 5

I love the design , the touch of bows and the mermaid cut. Quite different.

Winnie from United States on June 3

I Love It

Adil from Saudi Arabia on May 21

Very Nice Shape

Susiiie from Canada on May 19

I absolutely love it!!!!

I loooooove it!!
Wedad from Saudi Arabia on May 16

This dress is just what I'm looking for. Not too classic and not too funky... It's perfect!!!

I really like it!
Shaibi from United States on May 11

I think this dress is cute and classy!!

Nadine from Canada on May 2

I think that this dresse is very pretty

Would Be Better !
Jessica from Canada on May 1

I Would Kike To See A Thicker Black Belt On The Waist .

Stacy from Great Britain on April 30

I Think This Dress Is Stunning Great For A Day Out At The Races Love It.

A bit tacky
Yousra from United States on April 29

I just dont like the bows hanging out

Bows Bows Bows
La from United States on April 27

I thought I had my dress picked out already - this is definately the one I am changingto if my bottom parts will fit.

Bridgette from United States on April 3

Its A Tad Simple With The Stripes

Love It
Becca from United States on April 2

This Dress Is Soo Cute I Love The Bows

Maria from United States on April 1

This dress is unique and stunning at the same time. A little over the top for me though.

Shaton from United States on March 31

Its Not For Me

101 Dalmations.
Nikki from United States on March 28

This reminds me of cruvilla devil

Krissie from United States on March 27

I Love This Dress I Wish It Was Right For A Pageant.

Love the Bows
Rachel from United States on March 18

The white with black bows is SO cute and classic. I think I like the black lines across, but they might be unflattering and make you look wider.

Ann from United States on March 17

Too many bows!

Dalmation anyone?
Andrea from United States on March 17

All she needs is her dalmation to accompany her and she could try out for a Disney flick!

Very Cute
Laila from Canada on March 16

Simple but beautifull.

For My Teen
April from United States on March 15

This Is A Purfect Dress For A Young Lady!

Love it!
Sarah from Canada on March 15

My friend just bought this dress! Jealous!

Katie from United States on March 15

Too Many Bows

Roisin from Ireland on March 9

This Dress Is Amazing!! The Bows Are Totaly This Season And The Plain Black And White Stripes Just Being To Show This Dress Is A Show Stopper.

Too busy!
Leilani from United States on March 8

I honestly think this dress has way too much going on with too many bows and the black ribbon weaved in goining horazontaly..

Alyssa from United States on March 8

My friend just bought this dress! Interesting details.

Kaylynn from United States on March 8

This dress is Beautiful!! It is great and everything... I love this dress in black and white it looks pretty with the 3 bows also.

Just Awesome!!!
Marys from Brazil on February 24

The most beautiful dress I have ever seen!!!

Kelsey from United States on February 23

This Dress Is Very Different But Beautiful

Emily from United States on February 19

This Is A Great Dress! Bows=Fun.

Rita from United States on February 19

This dress is so beautiful and its fitted that's the best part of it, the bows makes it unique in a gorgeous way

Momo from Canada on February 18

Though this dres is beautiful in it's own special way, it can be a little dizzying to look at...

Absolutly Amazing
Jessica from United States on February 18

I Am In Love With This Dress!

Katie from United States on February 16


Nicole from Canada on February 16

Wow This Dress Is So Different And Unique! Very Eye Catching It's Gorgeous

Alexis from United States on February 15

This dress is great, it hugs your body just the right way.

Kallie from United States on February 14

This is such a unique dress and it looks like it would be so much fun to wear it

Love It
Jackie from United States on February 6

Gorgeous And Very Unique

Nallelie from United States on February 1

I Never Seen A Dress Like This But I Really Like It ;

Very Sex and the City esque
Jacki from United States on February 1

I'm not into the poofy, sparkly prom dresses, so when I saw this dress I fell in love.
It's EXACTLY what I have been looking for.
My favorite part is that the black dshes isn't ribbon, it's beaded.

Jasmine from United States on January 30

This dress is a tad bit plain but the bows make it cute. I've never seen such a dress so it gives it a little appeal for being different. I like this dress but its not very eye catchy.

Lora from Australia on January 28

I Really Like This Dress But I Wouldent Were It.

Lori from United States on January 26

Class Act Dress!!!

Very Classyyyyyyyy
Marlain from Australia on January 26

Loved It

Almost The Perfect Dress
Sophia from Canada on January 25

The style is good I think the bows are a bit over done, but other than that it is perfect.

Sl from Singapore on January 24

This dress is elegant yet cute at the same tme

Deanna from United States on January 20

This Dress Is Ok But I Would Never Wear It. Im Not A Fan Of The Bows

Terani Dress 95230P
Emma from United States on January 15

I love it! The dress is super cute! The bows make it playful yet stunning.

No from South Africa on January 6

This dress is my dream dress!

Elizabeth from United States on January 4

Fabulous Dress Very Classy

Classy With A Twist
Oo from Hong Kong on December 6

Very Eliza Doolittle From My Fair Lady

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