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Tiffany 26641

Sequin Bodice Gown With Ruched Skirt by Tiffany Quinceanera

3.3 (10)

When it’s time for your Quinceanera, you want the most amazing dress you can find – and this shining example of the Tiffany 26641 Quinceanera collection can help make your Quinceanera special! Enjoy the sleek, shining bodice and lush, buoyant ruched gathers that run through the upper half of the skirt. Exquisite detailed crystals will stun you with their beauty.


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Tiffany 26641 Reviews

Sherry from United States on May 14

The gown is so shiny is does not need all of the jewels. The style is glorious and as said, nice to not have to pull it up all evening. Without the jewels your date would be hard pressed to keep his hands off the smooth fabric. The only bad thing is the price is off the charts.

Love It!
Billa from Canada on May 20

I ordered this dress for prom! its 100000000 X better in real life!

Yvonne from United States on January 26

When i saw this dress i was shocked is not only the colors that im looking for black & gold but is exactly what im looking for. I love the straps i didnt want to get a dress that i had to be pulling up all night. It's perfect for my 50th birthday the theme is masquerade & the colors of my event are black & gold.

No Way
Ew from Canada on April 16

What material is it it looks like plastic bags

Taneisha from United States on February 1

If anyone follows Nicki Minaj and have seen her recent music video "Moment For Life ft. Drake" you would have seen her wearing something like this only it was short in the front. Seeing it I was like I have to get that for PROM! As I was surfin this site here it was! BEAUTIFUL

Bad Idea
Th from United States on December 7

What Is This. Color Is Bad Abd Mid Section Design.. Js Nothing Right About This Dress

Michelle from Canada on November 5

Beautiful Dress, However Disappointed That Sises Went Only To 16

Samantha from Canada on September 20

I agree with the post from Aug 12. When you first look at this dress your initial reaction is... ew. But up close is like wow! The details on this dress are amazing. I absolutely adore the gold!! Only thing I have to say is that I'd prefer it without the straps.

Victoria from Mexico on September 6

Very Ugly

Isel from United States on August 12

The Dress At First Glance With The Colors Black/Gold Is Hideous. But Looking Closley At The Details The Dress Is Truley Beautiful. The Toursel As Beautiful Ruffled Trapes That Allow A Person To Feel Comfortable In Their Dress. Not Always Having To Pull It Up With The Strapless. The Bottom Half Of The Toursel Is Too Shiny And The Jewels Look Fake. The Bottom Of The Dress Looks Like It Was Draped And Their Wasn Nop Place To Put The Black Fabric

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