Tony Bowls

With twenty years of retail know-how, Tony Bowls dresses applies firsthand experience of what the fashion-forward customer is wanting out of these extraordinary designs.

Tony Bowl actively promotes and sells prom dresses, pageant and evening collections. During his time in retail, Tony has been a regular figure designing for Miss America and Miss USA contestants. A high-value dress should make you feel luxurious, special, and gorgeous - all reasons why Tony Bowls is one of the best designers out there for women who want to live in the lap of luxury. This designer has a great sense of what women want from their formal evening gowns and flouncy event dresses, and incorporates both inventive color combinations and well-chosen cuts to show you off to your best advantage. Long, sweeping hems with beautifully draped skirts will be the first thing to catch your eye as you peruse our selection of Tony Bowls dresses. Whether strapless or with a beautiful v-neck to highlight the bust, these dresses really emphasize femininity and a delicate attention to appearance. With fluttering skirts and gorgeous prints, there are so many choices you won't know what to wear first!

If you have a formal event or occasion coming up, then Tony Bowls dresses can provide you with a great solution to your wardrobe issues. You'll find pieces like their Strapless Glittering Print Full Skirt Evening Gown or the Halter-Style Jeweled Paisley Print Evening Gown - or if you're feeling more adventurous and in the mood to create a dramatic entrance, the Deep V-Neck Halter-Style PrintEvening Gown and Deep V-Neck Jeweled Evening Gown with Sash are wonderful choices. Both these and a number of other full-length gowns combine stunning fabrics with detailed stitching and sparkling accents to clothe you in a dress that would look at home on the red carpet or swirling around a ballroom's dance floor.

Keep the romance alive with some of Tony Bowls' edgier dresses, such as the Animal Print Halter Decorated Waist Evening Dress, available in a turquoise and multi-colored print, or the conjure up your inner chanteuse with the Deep V-Neck Swirl Print Evening Gown. Best for events where a bit of color is in order, rather than somber occasions such as weddings or black-tie dinners, Tony Bowls injects some fun and vitality into normally staid occasions. Try the Spaghetti Strap Jeweled Full Skirt Evening Gown or the Asymmetrical Jeweled Evening Gown with Sash for looks that translate the best of today's trends into wearable, beautiful gowns perfect for your occasion.

What if you need a cocktail dress that emphasizes a cool, professional look that's both sexy and restrained? Tony Bowls has plenty of dresses that fulfill both these requirements. The wine-colored asymmetrical bow ruched cocktail dress is a perfect example of this, with a high neckline and hems that hit the leg just above the knee plus some beautiful jeweled detail work to cover up one shoulder. The Strapless Ruffled Lace Overlay Cocktail Dress is another beautiful piece in Navy: it also features modest hems and necklines while making sure you look attractive and demure at any formal cocktail event.

Tony Bowls uses color to highlight fun, trendy cuts that allow the women who wear their dresses to express the lighter side of their personality. Try on a fuschia pattern or a bubble hem dress in order to keep looking young and engaged with today's popular colors and cuts! If solid colors aren't your thing, check out the Spaghetti Strap Bow Print Full Skirt Cocktail Dress in black and white - a playful pattern can help you be more outgoing and offer a great conversation starter to the people you meet at your special event.

With a collection that features so much delicate detail work and careful stitching, Tony Bowls offers unrivaled opportunities to find great accessories that really compliment the outfit and look you want to put together. Take time after selecting your dress to choose shoes, bags, and jewelry that work with your outfit, skin tone, and hair color. For this particular collection, you can look for inspiration from the multiple jewels and floral patterns, as well as some of the classic cinema influences that can be seen in dresses like the Strapless Sparkling Evening Gown - a dress which, along with many of the others included in this fine collection, would look as at home at a fancy gala dinner or a premiere night at the opera as they would lounging in a luxury hotel suite or relaxing in a Malibu beach house.

Since many of Tony Bowls' pieces feature bare shoulders, giving some consideration to the hair style you plan to use on the night of your event can help you in selecting an outfit. Bare necks and shoulders can be beautifully offset with a gorgeous and intricate up-do, or you can opt for long, tumbling locks of hair to compliment a dress with a long and flowing skirt. Make sure that you decide what you want the effect of your look to be before you pick individual details, as you'll be able to design a more successful outfit if you know what you're trying to achieve before you start making purchases. As we head toward the holidays, keep your calendar in mind and make sure to purchase dresses for each occasion you need a look for - remember the number of holiday photos that are likely to be taken, and select looks that are different enough to present you in the best possible light as often as possible. Enjoy looking through this collection!

Tony Bowls

  • Tony Bowls TB117217
    Tony Bowls TB117217

    Nymph-like crystallized draping ballgown from Tony Bowls TB117217
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117277
    Tony Bowls TB117277

    Wrapped Romance Asymmetrical Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117277
    Color: Black

  • Tony Bowls TB117341
    Tony Bowls TB117341

    Crisscross Glamour Two-Piece Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117341
    Color: Pink

  • Tony Bowls TB117291
    Tony Bowls TB117291

    Pearl Perfection Hourglass Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117291
    Color: White/Gold

  • Tony Bowls TS117262
    Tony Bowls TS117262

    Modern Sparkle Hourglass Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS117262
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117377
    Tony Bowls TB117377

    Corset Allure Peplum Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117377
    Color: Black

  • Tony Bowls TB117295
    Tony Bowls TB117295

    Sultry Shimmer Flowing Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117295
    Color: Navy

  • Tony Bowls TB117357
    Tony Bowls TB117357

    Lace Flourish Draped Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117357
    Color: Navy

  • Tony Bowls TB11729
    Tony Bowls TB11729

    Heavenly two-piece mermaid gown from Tony Bowls TB11729
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117408
    Tony Bowls TB117408

    Crisscross Flair Two-Piece Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117408
    Color: Water

  • Tony Bowls TB11711
    Tony Bowls TB11711

    Magical accented cutout gown from Tony Bowls TB11711
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117297
    Tony Bowls TB117297

    Sassy Floral Two-Piece Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117297
    Color: Blue Denim

  • Tony Bowls TS117420
    Tony Bowls TS117420

    Scalloped Elegance Ombré Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS117420
    Color: White/Aqua

  • Tony Bowls TB117189
    Tony Bowls TB117189

    Unique peplum two-piece gown from Tony Bowls TB117189
    Color: Ivory/Multi

  • Tony Bowls TB117242
    Tony Bowls TB117242

    Out-of-this-world sparkling hi-lo mini from Tony Bowls TB117242
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117417
    Tony Bowls TB117417

    Rich Floral Studded Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117417
    Available in 4 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117413
    Tony Bowls TB117413

    Bandage Adoration Sequined Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117413
    Color: Turquoise

  • Tony Bowls TB117210
    Tony Bowls TB117210

    Beaded off-shoulder mermaid gown from Tony Bowls TB117210
    Color: Ivory

  • Tony Bowls TB11722
    Tony Bowls TB11722

    Sensational flowing hi-lo mini from Tony Bowls TB11722
    Color: White/Champagne

  • Tony Bowls TB11705
    Tony Bowls TB11705

    Bewitching floating mermaid gown from Tony Bowls TB11705
    Color: Black

  • Tony Bowls TB117409
    Tony Bowls TB117409

    Flutter Sparkle Mermaid Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117409
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TB117293
    Tony Bowls TB117293

    Tiered Delight Embroidered Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117293
    Color: Blue Denim

  • Tony Bowls TB11716
    Tony Bowls TB11716

    Exquisite beaded cutout mermaid gown from Tony Bowls TB11716
    Available in 2 colors

  • Tony Bowls TS11702
    Tony Bowls TS11702

    Youthful Stripes Colorblock Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS11702
    Color: Multi

  • Tony Bowls TB117323
    Tony Bowls TB117323

    Exotic Gemstone Two-Piece Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117323
    Color: White

  • Tony Bowls TB117198
    Tony Bowls TB117198

    Animated wrapping hi-lo gown from Tony Bowls TB117198
    Color: Pink Print

  • Tony Bowls TB117223
    Tony Bowls TB117223

    Picturesque printed A-line gown from Tony Bowls TB117223
    Color: Blue Denim

  • Tony Bowls TS11714
    Tony Bowls TS11714

    Sheer Destiny Two-Piece Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS11714
    Color: Black/Gold

  • Tony Bowls TB11756
    Tony Bowls TB11756

    Serpentine cutout mermaid gown from Tony Bowls TB11756
    Color: Teal

  • Tony Bowls TB117192
    Tony Bowls TB117192

    Beauteous beaded mermaid gown from Tony Bowls TB117192
    Color: Aqua Ombre

  • Tony Bowls TB117304
    Tony Bowls TB117304

    Beaded Sensation Two-Piece Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117304
    Color: Black/Print

  • Tony Bowls TB11709
    Tony Bowls TB11709

    Fabulous two-piece peplum pantsuit from Tony Bowls TB11709
    Color: Black/Print

  • Tony Bowls TS11731
    Tony Bowls TS11731

    Surprise Sensation Ruffled Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS11731
    Color: Red/Print

  • Tony Bowls TS117385
    Tony Bowls TS117385

    Extraordinary Stripes Illusion Cocktail Dress by Tony Bowls TS117385
    Color: Black/Print

  • Tony Bowls TB117414
    Tony Bowls TB117414

    Shimmer Fantasy Halter Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117414
    Color: Pink

  • Tony Bowls TB117379
    Tony Bowls TB117379

    Sensational Splash Two-Piece Evening Dress by Tony Bowls TB117379
    Color: Black/Multi

  • Tony Bowls TS117305
    Tony Bowls TS117305

    Cropped Fantasy Two-Piece Party Ensemble by Tony Bowls TS117305
    Color: Black/Print

  • Tony Bowls TB117388
    Tony Bowls TB117388

    Modern Marvel Two-Piece Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117388
    Color: Purple

  • Tony Bowls TB117375
    Tony Bowls TB117375

    Twinkling Seduction Hourglass Evening Gown by Tony Bowls TB117375
    Color: Navy

  • Tony Bowls TB11732
    Tony Bowls TB11732

    Divine ruffled hi-lo gown from Tony Bowls TB11732
    Color: Red/Print


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