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Mac Duggal at the Alma Awards
Friday October 24, 2014 Post a comment
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Mac Duggal at the Alma Awards

We spotted a variety of Mac Duggal designs at this year's Alma

Awards. Attendees walked the red carpet in fabulous style available

at NewYorkDress. Melissa Barrera, Telemundo star and host of mun2,

worked the camera in a gorgeous green gown with an elegant ruffle design.

She interviewed the stars in style. One of our most popular dresses was

spotted on Yarel Ramos, host of Reveton con Yarel. She looked stunning in

this lacy classic. She later changed into a second Mac Duggal style that

had her glowing on screen. Last, but not least was Miss Queen of the

Universe, Ivette Saucedo, in a lacy, curve-hugging gown. She looked like

a true pageant queen in that dress. Follow by example with these

gorgeous holiday choices.


Quote of the Week: Ralph Lauren
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Click through to find this gorgeous dress and look for a new quote next week!


Instagram: Mexican Culture Week
Friday October 24, 2014 Post a comment
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Instagram: Mexican Culture Week

We had a great time celebrating Mexican culture at NewYorkDress! We

captured our adventures on Instagram as we broke a pinata, created sugar

skull masks and ate a delicious meal. We made sure to take lots of photos

in front of our fun mariachi cutout. As we explored this week's customer

culture, we learned about history, fashion and food. Doesn't it look like

fun? We can't wait for our next cultural week!


Mexican Fashion
Thursday October 23, 2014 Post a comment
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Mexican Fashion

When it comes to Mexican fashion, there are three main groups: modern,

traditional and celebration. Looking at smaller towns, you can see distinct

modern style. Much of the style has a native feel shown by the colors and

materials chosen. Many have a preference for earth-tones, but it's not

uncommon to find bright colors mixed in. Traditional Mexican clothing

combines native and European elements. Materials used include cotton

and agave, along with Spanish wool and silk, which were later introduced.

Different styles can vary from gender, social status and ethnic group.

Celebration garments are bright and detailed. They are worn on special

occasions like Day of the Dead and the Carnival. During Carnival, the

Mexican clothing of choice is the Charro suit, popularized by the Mariachi.


The Midas Touch
Thursday October 23, 2014 Post a comment
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The Midas Touch

With the holidays approaching, gold is on our radar. It's the kind of

glamorous color that works well all season. In a sea of red and green,

it can even feel unexpected. Our designers have given the golden touch

to some of our favorite dresses. We're all about the alluring silhouette of

these glam evening gowns. They're form-fitting and elegant. With a red lip

and heels, we're betting someone mistakes you for a red carpet celeb!


Win a Free Gorgeous Dress From Tarik Ediz
Wednesday October 22, 2014 Post a comment
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Our newest contest is here! If you love Tarik Ediz as much as we do,

then you're in luck. We're giving away five gorgeous gowns!

To enter:

1. Pick your favorite Tarik Ediz style.

2. Go to our Facebook page. Like and comment with that style.

3. Share that post on your own Facebook page.

That's it, good luck everyone!


*Actual styles awarded are at the discretion of NewYorkDress and

Tarik Ediz. All winners are responsible for the cost of shipping

(international or domestic). Prize must be claimed within 7 days

of the winning announcement.



Runway Match: Elie Saab
Monday October 20, 2014 Post a comment
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Runway Match: Elie Saab

Since first spotting the collection, this runway look has been on our radar.

We adore colorful lace and this dress from Elie Saab is beyond gorgeous. It

comes from Spring 2014 but the color is pure holiday season. We found our

runway match in this beautiful evening dress from Lara design. With holiday

parties approaching, we added this dress to our list of perfect possibilities.

Add a red lip and you're good to go!


Sleeping Beauty
Monday October 20, 2014 Post a comment
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Sleeping Beauty

With Maleficent now on iTunes, we found ourselves re-watching an old

classic: Sleeping Beauty. Each side has a story and both villain and hero

are fabulously dressed. Sleeping Aurora is a perfect princess in pink. The

shades of blush remain a staple of this fantastic story. Browsing our

selection of Alyce dresses, we found some lovely choices worthy of a real-

life fairy tale. If you're in need of a homecoming gown or beautiful

birthday attire, these dresses are sure to make you feel just like a princess.


Things We Love About Fall in NYC
Friday October 17, 2014 Post a comment
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Things We Love About Fall in NYC

Fall is such an exciting season, especially in New York City! The leaves

start to change and the weather gets chilly. Each day is a little different

as the season begins to unfold. New York can be most magical in the fall

and we plan to take advantage. We put together a fun list of our favorite

seasonal activities and best things about fall..

Colorful leaves

Picnics in Central Park

Pumpkin spice everything

Outdoor brunch in the Lower East Side

Candy corn (among other goodies)

Hot chocolate in Brooklyn

New fall collections

Homecoming dresses

Downtown movie nights

The New York Film Festival


Pumpkin carving


Fancy tea in the West Village

Strolls along the Highline

Fall fragrances

The Halloween Parade

Reading books on the subway

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Holiday parties

Plum lipstick

New TV shows

Walks along 5th Avenue


Quote of the Week: Elizabeth Taylor
Friday October 17, 2014 Post a comment
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Click through to find this gorgeous dress and look for a new quote next week!


The Homecoming Queen (and Football Star)
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The Homecoming Queen

(and Football Star)

This homecoming queen is one special girl. Why's that? She happens to be

the star of her school's football team. Talk about cool! Since joining the

35-yard line, Mary Kate Smith has made headlines. This amazing athlete

and homecoming queen wore a lovely La Femme gown for her feature in

ELLE Magazine. When asked about dangers on the field, she replied, "I’m

not going to worry about, 'Hey, I’m a girl.' I’m going to worry about, 'I’m

an athlete, and this is my job.'" Good for her! We're proud to see such a

strong teen in a NewYorkDress designer.


Bloggers Love Tadashi
Thursday October 16, 2014 Post a comment
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Bloggers Love Tadashi

Jenny Bernheim aka bride-to-be and blogger of Margo & Me showed off

her bridal style. She choose this lacy Tadashi dress as one of her wedding

favorites and a short, unconventional choice. Photographed by Jenna Bechtholt,

we love the ethereal, beachy feel of these photos. Jenny looks somewhat casual

and effortlessly chic. Looking to try this wedding dress style? Here are

four lovely choices that embody the classic elegance of white lace.


Golden Bridesmaids
Thursday October 16, 2014 Post a comment
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Golden Bridesmaids

Photographed by Meagan W, these photos show a gorgeous group of

bridesmaids celebrating in style. These girls were glowing just as

much as the bride in golden bridesmaid gowns from La Femme. This

is a style that can be worn a million times over, especially for holiday

events and fabulous parties. We picked more golden styles to help

you glitter and shine all through the season.


Fall Bouquets
Wednesday October 15, 2014 Post a comment
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Fall Bouquets

Are you planning a fall wedding? Then get ready to choose from this season's

fabulous florals! When it comes to a fall bouquet, there is a multitude of

options. You can incorporate colorful jewel tones or keep the colors subdued

with soft reds, browns or hues of orange. We paired some lovely bouquets (via

Pinterest) with our favorite wedding dresses from Angelina Faccenda. These

lovely gowns compliment any floral arrangement you might envision for your

special day.


Mexican Art: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
Wednesday October 15, 2014 Post a comment
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Mexican Art:

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo was a 19th Century Mexican painter who primarily painted self-

portraits. Her portraits symbolized her pain and sexuality; and featured

vibrant colors influenced by the indigenous culture of Mexico. She married a

fellow painter, Diego Rivera, who was known for his intricate murals. Rivera

was a large influence in the Mexican mural movement and painted them all over

the world. Although the Louvre purchased one of Frida's works in 1939, a first

for a Mexican artist, she remained relatively unknown until about 30 years after

her death when the artistic style gained popularity. Both artists are now

internationally known and revered.


Mexican Celebrities
Tuesday October 14, 2014 Post a comment
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Mexican Celebrities

Customer culture is back at NewYorkDress! This week, we celebrate Mexico

and everything the country has to offer, from music and food to history and

art. Follow our Instagram for fun snapshots of office activities. While doing

initial research, we found that many of our favorite celebs come from Mexican

roots. These stars take pride in their ancestry whether they were born in

Mexico or their lineage dates back. Many of these ladies have broken media

stereotypes on what it means to be Latina. Today, we highlight Selena "Queen

of Tejano," a highly revered legend who passed away in 1995. She sold over

90 million albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling artists of

all time. Can you spot your favorite actress on the rest of our list?


Designer Spotlight: Tarik Ediz
Tuesday October 14, 2014 Post a comment
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Designer Spotlight: Tarik Ediz

This week, our designer spotlight shines on Tarik Ediz. We're obsessed

with the intricacies of his gorgeous gowns. Each evening dress is created

with a striking color palette and glamorous details. Jewl tones are all the

rage this fall and Tarik Ediz knows what you need this holiday season. We

paired our favorite gowns with some fabulous NewYorkDress accessories.

The holidays are around the corner so feel free to start shopping!


Sherri Hill + A Pretty Little Liar Sneak Peek!
Monday October 13, 2014 Post a comment
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Sherri Hill + A Pretty Little Liars

Sneak Peek!

Pretty Little Liars gave their fans of a sneak peek of the upcoming Christmas

special. The photos showed the cast in fabulous party dresses for an unknown

ice ball. Character Emily dons a glittering body-con style from our very own

Sherri Hill. The rest of the girls show off their personality in a variety of

formal gowns. We matched each look with a style from our many collections.

We're definitely into the pastels and subtle glitter for this holiday season!


Leading Lady Viola Davis
Monday October 13, 2014 Post a comment
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Leading Lady Viola Davis

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Not us! We were inspired by

this portrait of Viola Davis in a lovely Tadashi dress. The photo appears in

a write-up for the New York Times since Davis is currently starring in the

hottest, most talked about show of the season: How to Get Away With Murder.

We're already addicted. These gorgeous cocktail dresses can be dressed up or

down for any occasion. They were created for day-to-night use!


Favorite Fall Films
Friday October 10, 2014 Post a comment
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Favorite Fall Films

Tis the time of year to curl up at home with popcorn and apple cider for

your favorite fall films. We picked eight seasonal choices to take you on

an adventure. You've got heartache and inspiration, not to mention

Halloween. Let us know if you chose one of our films for a fun night in!

The best one of all...

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