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Aidan Mattox Fall 2015
Tuesday September 01, 2015 Post a comment
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Aidan Mattox Fall 2015

Aidan Mattox never disappoints with each new collection he launches, and Fall 2015 is a

prime example. Known for his super embellished full sequin gowns and cocktail dresses,

this season he also added chic prints into his repertoire. We love the unique detailing like

mesh overlays and fringe. We can see many chic holiday parties adorned in Mr. Mattox

in our future.


5 Amazing Makeup Tips
Tuesday August 25, 2015 Post a comment
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5 Amazing Makeup Tips

To help you look amazing on your big night out!

Makeup can be a tricky monster to perfect, especially on a special occasion. These 5

simple tricks, will help you master your makeup and feel your best on your next big night


1. The Dot Method

Ever tried to wing your eyeliner and end up with asymetrical wings? We all have, but

with this simple trick you can easily make both eyes the same. Here's how: Apply eye

liner to the lid as usual on both eyes stopping at the outer corner. When you're ready to

do your wing, just simply make a dot on both sides where you want the wing to end.

Connect the dot to your already completed liner at the outer corner and your done. If you

need to perfect the line, my recommendation is to take a q-tip with a little eye makeup

remover on it and clean up the line. Dab the eye with a cotton ball to remove any makeup

remover left over and you're done!

2. Fixative

There are a ton of makeup fixing sprays on the market, but by far the most cost effective

is by Evian. You can get the 5 ox bottle for about $10, so it's really the best bet. Spritz

your face before you start applying foundation for a healthy glow. Spritz again when

makeup is complete and this spray will help your makeup stay on longer, without drying!

It's also just amazingly refreshing!

3. The Cupids Bow

Want the appearance of fuller lips? Well this trick will have your pout on point! After

lipstick or gloss has been applied to the lips take a small amout of any shimmery skin

toned eyeshadow (1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin) and apply to the cupids bow. You

can use a brush, your finger, or... finally a use for those small sponge appliquators that

come with your eyeshadows. The added highlight adds the appearance of fullness to the

lips, and you can't beat that!

4. Soft Perfect Brows

Ever wonder what that thing was good for? Well we have 2 uses that will make this

inexpensive brow brush your best friend! Brows are important, they frame your face and

when they're perfectly accentuated seem to complete a makeup look. But there is nothing

worse than hard, dark, obviously drawn on brows and with this trick your brows will

always be soft and perfect. The trick is to pencil your brows with a pencil 2 shades lighter

than your hair color (or a soft cold taupe if you're extremely blond). Once you're done

use the soft bristly end of this tool and work out the product. Brush the hairs back and

forth through the brow and up and down at the very front near your nose. Brows, check!

5. Unclumped Lashes

Do you want this look without any clumps and no falsies? It's easy with any mascara and

a brow brush. The small comb side of the brush is made to separate lashes, but have you

ever applied mascara and tried to use the tool to unclump them? It's a huge mess! The

trick is to use the tool to apply the mascara, not to fix it! Take your fave mascara and run

the brush over the comb side of the tool. Once it has product on it comb through your

lashes. Repeat a few times and you will have perfectly separated and elongated lashes. I

bet you never thought a brow brush would be so handy!


Hot Trends for Homecoming 2015
Friday August 21, 2015 2 Comments
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Hot Homecoming Trends

As August approaches we're gearing up for Homecoming 2015. The fall collections have

already started appearing and we're here to divulge the top three trends for this

homecoming season.

Flirty in Florals

Florals are back big time! Designers like Sherri Hill, Hannah S, Rachel Allan, Angela and

Alison, and La Femme know this super girly pattern is the perfect choice. Pair with soft

hair and makeup to keep the print the center of attention.

Crop the Mic

For the second season in a row every designer is featuring the crop-top trend. It adds a

youthful edginess to even a demure style. With this trend go all out with dramatic hair,

makeup, or accessories...just not all three at once.

Fifties Flare

Whether it's a tea-length or mini dress you can't go wrong with a little vintage

inspiration. A full fifties flared skirt is all the rage for a slightly more sophisticated look.

Our tip, don't be too literal keep the rest of the look modern for a well rounded, and

thought-out look.


Our Favorite Prints for Fall
Tuesday August 18, 2015 1 Comment
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Our Favorite Prints for Fall

A friend once told me "Prints are personal!" And she was right, everyone has their own

personal opinions on what they like and what they don't. Now that fall is around the

corner, for some reason, we're having an affinity for prints. Our favorites are brocade,

polka dots, and florals. In this post I'll show you some of my favorites of each. Enjoy, and

have a "printastic" season!



Polka Dots


A Frozen Summer
Wednesday August 12, 2015 3 Comments
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A Frozen Summer

The white dress by La Femme is a classic, no matter what the weather, but in the

Summer it is definitely one of my favourite choices of colour. This stunning white two

piece is absolutely perfect for any occasion, whether it be prom, an evening out or just

having a stroll down the beach after dinner on holiday.

The long, white skirt flows beautifully in the breeze, while the rhinestone encrusted bodice

with lace detailing adds a touch of luxury to the outfit, and makes it truly special. I felt a

little bit like Elsa from Frozen while wearing this, although unfortunately an icy

background was not available. So I went for an ‘Elsa in the Summer’ kind of look, with

bohemian hair and a backdrop of ancient trees.

This dress is absolutely timeless and remains perfect for any event throughout the

changing seasons, whether you choose to wear it surrounded by flowers in the Spring

or by snow in the Winter.


A Belle in France
Thursday August 06, 2015 Post a comment
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A Belle in France

Or: How to attend a black tie wedding

Black tie weddings can be difficult to navigate in terms of attire, so

its best to go with the classic rules of wedding etiquette when

choosing what to wear. The term 'black tie' can be applied for

weddings taking place from 6pm onward, and the standard attire for

a woman is a floor-length gown - even if there is still plenty of

daylight. An exception to this might be an extremely formal tea-

length dress covered in sequins or beads, but I would always err on

the side of a gown.

A recent trip to France culminated in a black-tie wedding at a

chateau outside of Paris. - it was an amazing experience! I wore this

most beautiful red dress by Nicole Bakti that totally fulfilled my all

my wildest dreams of old Hollywood glamour. For this occasion I

chose to complete the look with simple silver stilettos, vintage

rhinestone earrings, red lips and side-swept curls.

Next time I wear it - that's right, I will definitely get a second wear

out of this beauty - I imagine going with a very dark smokey eye,

nude lips, and deep jewel-toned accessories in either emerald or

lapis. Nude platform pumps would be perfect to complete that look

and maybe a sleek, flat-ironed low ponytail, too. I can't wait!

Finding the perfect dress for this wedding could've been really

difficult. I started wanting something red and with a bit of coverage

for my upper arms (I'm a bit insecure about them). I quickly found a

few options, added them to my favorites and then narrowed them

down from there. Quite simple and fun, really!

I only hope I find more fancy friends who have black tie weddings so I can start

shopping for my next gown!


Modern My Fair Lady
Tuesday August 04, 2015 Post a comment
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Modern My Fair Lady

I have always had a passion for musicals, and one of my all time favourites has to be My

Fair Lady starring the incomparable Audrey Hepburn. No matter how hard you try, once

you’ve seen it you will never forget the scene at the racetrack when a completely

transformed Eliza Doolittle enters in that extravagant black and white gown, complete

with giant hat. This stunning ballgown, by Sherri Hill, made me feel like Audrey for a

moment, recreating that classic scene in a modern, yet timelessly elegant way. The two

piece makes it a little different, with the bodice encased in beautiful black gems. While

the skirt is made from layers upon layers of petticoats, to add a real princess feel.

We shot these photos on the beautiful Brighton Bandstand, famed for it’s elegance and

beauty, and I felt it was the perfect location to capture such a magnificent dress. It really

is modern My Fair Lady all over! All I need now is a gigantic hat and I could be off to the



Quote of the Week: Author Kiera Cass
Thursday July 30, 2015 Post a comment
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Click through to find this gorgeous dress!


Cocktails in Morocco
Tuesday July 28, 2015 Post a comment
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Cocktails in Morocco

This amazing Scala beaded nude dress was perfect for a semi-formal cocktail party. I

wore it to a Moroccan- themed rehearsal dinner at a wedding in France! A pair of simple

silver stilettos complimented the beads and sequins and let all the attention focus on the

detailed bead work. It looks like you're wearing a dress made of metal!

This dress would also pair really well with this season's gladiator sandal trend - go for a

high-heeled style to keep it dressy.

My favorite thing about this dress is that it's full coverage yet incredibly sexy. The nude

fabric blends well over skin, making it look like your body is covered and draped in

sparkles. The long sleeves cover up your arms if they're not your favorite body part,

while the shorter hem shows off your legs.

The best part of the night? Hearing this over and over again: "That dress! Wow - you

look amazing. Like Marilyn Monroe, Happy Birthday Mr. President amazing."


The Homecoming LBD
Tuesday July 21, 2015 Post a comment
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The Homecoming LBD!

It’s very rare that I find a dress that makes me feel like an absolute Disney 

princess, but this stunning number by La Femme hit the nail right on the 

head. Words cannot describe how much I am in love with this dress. With 

prom, homecoming, and graduation happening all over the world, the 

season’s trends appear around little black dresses and sparkling minis. This 

one combines the two for the best of both worlds; beautifully crafted with 

layers upon layers of petticoats, topped with intricate black lace and 

twinkling diamonds. Not only is this dress stunning, but it’s also incredibly 

comfortable. I know I didn’t want to take it off, not only because I felt so 

glamorous in it, but also because it felt so fantastic to wear. We took photos 

in the dress down in the gorgeous English countryside in the wondrous 

Stanmer House; a beautiful, historic building in the Sussex Downs. 

Wearing this dress in such a beautiful old building really felt like I was 

stepping into a novel where a fantastic ball might take place. 

 *Photographs by Malcolm Tam* 


Pantone Color Report
Thursday July 16, 2015 1 Comment
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Pantone Color Report

Each year Pantone releases a color report full of wonderful tidbits on what colors will be

trending each season. For summer we picked three of our favorite colors, Aquamarine,

Classic Blue, and Glacier Gray. Keep scrolling to find out why these are THE colors to

wear this summer!

Aquamarine: This color reminds us of a tropical vacation with fruity drinks, palm trees, and

beautiful clear turquoise water! Not only is it bright and vibrant, it also looks great with any skin

tone, and as your summer tan builds so will your affinity for this chic hue!

Styles Featured: Terani 151P0113, Mignon VM1480, Mon Cheri 115963

Classic Blue: Sometimes called "Sailor Blue" classic blue reminds us of just that...sailing. This

staple color is perfect to bring a little peace to the hectic summer nights because psycologically

it's a cool calming shade. The word classic is perfectly apropos!

Styles Featured: Coya Collection CL1420, Janique K6474, Lara 42419

Glacier Gray: On hot nights, and days too, a shade like this makes perfect sense. The icy cold tone

plays a trick on your mind to lower your body temperature. Who wouldn't love that? This pale gray

has undertones of blue and bronze up, it's all about contrast!

Styles Featured: Terani 151M0357, JMac Duggal 61866D, Dave and Johnny 444


Misty Copeland: Ballerina On Pointe!
Tuesday July 14, 2015 Post a comment
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Misty Copeland: Ballerina On Pointe!

What little girl doesn't dream of becoming a ballerina when they grow up? We're feeling

very inspired by Misty Copeland, who became the first black principal dancer for

the American Ballet Theater. Copeland oozes grace and masterful technique on stage, so it

isn't surprising that the fresh faced dancer serves up some stylish choices on the red


Whether she's dressed in full on sequins or a crisp column gown, Misty clearly has a

penchant for figure-framing gowns. We narrowed down some of Misty's best red carpet

looks thus far and paired them with some of our own gowns. We can't wait to see what

the future holds for Misty, both on and off the stage.

Photo Credits:,,


Introducing Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy
Friday July 10, 2015 Post a comment
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Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy is proud to present our newest collection Deluchy by Saiid Kobeisy.

This Lebanese designer is well known around the world for his amazing Haute Couture,

and with Deluchy he brings his sartorial eye to the Pret-a-Porte market.

When we brought these dresses into our studio on the day of our photoshoot our jaws

collectively dropped. Exquisite details, delicate lace, sequins, embroidery...the list goes on

and on. With a flair for the dramatic these red carpet dresses ooze style and

sophistication. We loved every piece and we hope you will too! Scroll down for some

behind the scenes photos from our day with Deluchy!

Follow us on Instagram @NewYorkDress to stay on top of all the fun fashionable

things we've been up to!


Pretty in Pink at Cannes!
Thursday July 09, 2015 2 Comments
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Pretty in Pink at Cannes!

Miranda Kerr was pretty in pink at this year's Cannes Film

Festival. The Victoria's Secret model chose a sweet, yet sassy gown

that compliments her figure and the bright backdrop. Kerr arrived

to celebrate her partnership with Magnum Pink & Black ice cream.

This explains the delicious, strawberry hue! She looks stunning in

an evening gown with soft draping and a plunging neckline. Our hot

pink match comes courtesy of La Femme fashion. The silhouette is

similar with a few additional details. It makes a perfect prom dress

or an option for wedding season. To create a stand-out pout, pair

red lip with a pink gown (just like Kerr)!


Top 5 Fashion Favorites From the Billboard Awards 2015
Thursday July 02, 2015 Post a comment
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Top 5 Fashion Favorites From the

Billboard Music Awards 2015

Surprisingly this year's fashion was less than exciting. Sure, some

stars brought it, but too many stayed safe at an award show for this

year's best music! Our top five looks were glamorous and fabulous in

different ways. These stars pushed the envelope for a dramatic red

carpet look. Cute couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were perfection

from head to toe, while Taylor Swift joined Teigen in a battle of the

jumpsuits. Kendall Jenner stood out in a bold beaded look with slicked

back hair, while Rita Ora and Jlo went ultra-glam. Both ladies wore

long evening gowns with unique, revealing details. Stay tuned for a

few MatchMaker surprises!


MatchMaker: Crisp & Cool in Cannes
Tuesday June 30, 2015 1 Comment
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Crisp & Cool in Cannes

It-girl Zoe Kravitiz looks totally chic in this crisp white gown. The

silhouette is soft and elegant, while the cutout details add a sultry

element to her look. Kravitz wore the evening gown to this year's Cannes

Film Festival. Our match by Mignon hits all the right notes and comes in

a variety of colors. We're partial to the beautiful blue hue. The color

is lovely and pops against nearly every skin-tone. Whether you're headed

to prom or a red carpet event, this dress is the solution to the problem,

"What should I wear?" You have your answer!


Dress and Tell
Friday June 26, 2015 Post a comment
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Dress and Tell

Click the image above to upload your NewYorkDress photo!


A Sunny Allure Wedding
Thursday June 18, 2015 Post a comment
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A Sunny Allure Wedding

These photos capture a luminous bride on her special day. Bride

Karen looks delightfully happy as she poses with her groom.

Captured by Rachel Haval Photography, the gorgeous shots show

an exciting day of love and harmony. The bride's gown was a

stunning Allure design. It's made of intricate lace and small

buttons that run elegantly down the back. The gown is classic

in so many ways and Karen's peachy bouquet adds the perfect

spring touch to her look. Shop our bridal gowns for even more

magical selections. There's something for everyone!


Taking a Trip to Texas!
Monday June 15, 2015 1 Comment
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Taking a Trip to Texas!

Nobody does summer like Texas and Sherri Hill knows it! That's why

they set up a shoot featuring their hottest designs in the Lonestar

state! These Southern gals mix it up by pairing rugged cowboy boots

with fabulous party dresses. The rustic backdrop and local accents

create carefree photos that are sure to entice any girl. This kind

of Southern belle can hang with the boys, but likes nothing more

than dressing up. We may be from the North, but nothing wrong with

a quick trip to Texas. We're headed for summer fun in the sun!


Vanna White in JS Collection
Monday May 25, 2015 Post a comment
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Vanna White in JS Collection

This Wheel of Fortune star often favors La Femme, but we love to

see her looking fabulous in other designers as well. This week, she

sported a gorgeous evening gown from JS Collection. The gown is long

and elegant with simple details surrounding the hem and neckline.

Usually Vanna sparkles in a glittering creation, but we like this

subtle side to her style. She looks the height of sophistication and

so can you! These two styles mimic the visual accents of her gown

with variation to choose from. One thing is certain: all women

need a version of this little black dress.

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