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Mac Duggal in Eloquent Woman Magazine
Wednesday April 01, 2015 Post a comment
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Mac Duggal in Eloquent

Woman Magazine

We have two editorials to share! Mac Duggal was featured throughout

Eloquent Magazine. First, on the cover with actress Chance Cessna;

then in an editorial titled "Fit For a Queen: Royal Embellishments."

The first shoot is simple, sweet and features the actress in some fab

cocktail dresses. The embellished editorial is high fashion at its finest

featuring dramatic accessories and stunning, ethereal shots. They

could be stills from a beautiful film. Take a look below!


NewYorkDress at Insurgent Premiere
Tuesday March 31, 2015 Post a comment
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NewYorkDress at Insurgent Premiere

Did you catch the first part of this exciting franchise? There was

Divergent and now comes Insurgent. The stars gathered at the New

York premiere dressed and ready for spring. They wore a plethora

of floral patterns and lovely lavender colors. We spotted two NYD

designers on the red carpet. Octavia Spencer was seen in an elegant,

subdued print by Tadashi Shoji, while Ashley Judd welcomed spring

in bright florals from Badgley Mischka. We picked some current

favorites from these designers. It's all about daring patterns and

some bright, beautiful lace!


Important: Only Buy From Reputable Retailers
Tuesday March 31, 2015 Post a comment
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Important: Only Buy From

Reputable Retailers

One of the biggest problems shoppers face is falling for counterfeit

dresses. There are sites out there that use official designer photos

to knock-off popular gowns. Many times, these fake dresses look

nothing like the original. The pattern is completely different and

the seams are guaranteed uneven. We decided to experiment by

ordering a fake to compare. As you scroll through the photos, try

and spot the quality details that make our designer dresses one-of

a-kind. Our designers use quality fabric and create looks that are

structured to fit your shape.

When it comes to this particular fake, the biggest problem is the

pattern. Where there are florals, there should be polka dots. The

dress also lacks any basic lining or structure. Taking a closer look

and you can see the jagged seams that pucker in front. Every

fashionita loves a good deal, but this is not the place to save. No

one is ever happy with their purchase once this "copy" is delivered.

When browsing a website, make sure that site is accredited by the

Better Business Bureau. You can find our A+ rating at the bottom

of every page.

Real NewYorkDress

Counterfeit Dress


Vanna White Loves La Femme
Monday March 30, 2015 Post a comment
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Vanna White Loves La Femme

Vanna White always looks her best as she turns the letters

for Wheel of Fortune. It's a pleasure to see her in a glittering

gown from one of our designers. This week, she stunned in La

Femme with an asymmetrical dress and some strapless stripes.

Both dresses are equally glam and they definitely sparkle

onscreen. La Femme creates looks that are fabulous for women

of all ages. It's a go-to brand for pretty prom dresses, but is

also elegant and upscale for luxury-loving women. These looks

easily translate from TV to the red carpet!


Dress Like Lupita Nyong'o!
Monday March 30, 2015 Post a comment
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Dress Like Lupita Nyong'o!

One of our favorite fashion stars is actress Lupita Nyong'o. Last

year, throughout award season, Nyong'o wore a multitude of fabulous

dresses. A stunning standout was definitely this fiery red gown by

Ralph Lauren. The chic simplicity and elegant cape detail sealed her

fate as the world's newest it-girl. You too can have the confidence

of a fashion darling by embracing a bold red cape. Our match from

Issue NY is sleek, sophisticated and very high-fashion. It can be

accessorized or left to its simplicity. It's up to you!


Unique Black Lace
Friday March 27, 2015 Post a comment
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Unique Black Lace

Maggie Q walked the red carpet, with fiancé Dylan McDermott in tow,

for the premiere of her new film, Insurgent. The premiere took place

at the famous Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, where Maggie wore a

fabulous dress by Zuhair Murad. The unique lace details make this dress

look elegant and interesting. Our MatchMaker from MNM Couture is a

near identical version for a fraction of the price. Channel your inner

movie star with a daring lace dress that will have all eyes on you

wherever you may go.


Quote of the Week: Rachel Roy
Friday March 27, 2015 Post a comment
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Click through to find this gorgeous dress and look for a new quote next week!


Prom Movie Match: Mean Girls
Friday March 27, 2015 Post a comment
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Prom Movie Match: Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a classic and a classic Mean Girls moment was the

spring fling dance. Today's focus is on two of the "mean girls,"

Regina and Gretchen. Regina wore a strapless prom dress in a light

pink hue. We matched this with styles from La Femme and Lara. We

also imagined the dress with a longer hemline and matched a few

other fabulous designs. Gretchen wore a sweet and sassy blue dress

with a lovely bow detail. We easily found a variety of looks that

fit this darling style!


How to Be Photogenic
Thursday March 26, 2015 Post a comment
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How to Be Photogenic

Daily Makeover recently published a long list of tricks to make you

instantly more photogenic. We've gone over the basics on this blog,

but some of the tips stood out as easy to incorporate and important

to remember. Here are a few of our favorites!

#1 Make sure your makeup matches your skin-tone. There's nothing worse

than a two-toned look.

#2 A photo can highlight flyaways so pat any obvious hairs down with a

bit of pomade.

#3 Avoid shimmer or sparkle makeup, which can exacerbate shininess.

#4 Bright lipstick will make your teeth look whiter.

#5 Stand in front of a white wall. This helps the camera find the correct

color balance in the photo.

#6 To avoid a double chin, elongate your neck and push your face forward.

You might feel silly at first, but it really works!

#7 Turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features depth.

#8 Put your hand on your hip and angle your body toward the camera.

This elongates your silhouette.

#9 To avoid a blinking photo, close your eyes right before the photo is

taken and open slowly as the camera clicks.

#10 Look toward a light right before someone snaps the photo. Doing

so will shrink your pupils and help you avoid red eye.

#11 Avoid standing in front of direct light. This can cause weird,

unwanted shadows.

#12 Make sure the photo is taken above you, rather than below. It

makes all the difference in a flattering photo.

#13 Try to think of something funny. A genuine smile always looks gorgeous!

#14 Take a few silly shots. You'll be happy to have the memory.

#15 Last, but not least, take multiple photos. No matter how you pose,

there's bound to be a few photos you really love.


Spring Nails
Thursday March 26, 2015 Post a comment
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Spring Nails

We're ready to break out the coral colors for a party of pretty nail

art! We're especially drawn to the floral designs. The intricate

details and fun artistry of these nails inspire us to find the right dress

to go with them. We chose some fantastic party dresses that embrace

the spring season. Hannah S helps tie the floral theme together, while

Sticks and Stones is right on trend with crop tops and dance-worthy

designs. Will you be trying new nail art this season? We're looking

for a new beauty challenge and this might be the perfect one!



Be Like Bey
Wednesday March 25, 2015 Post a comment
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Be Like Bey

This Mignon style instantly reminds us of an old-school Beyoncé

look. She wore this glam red carpet dress to the 2005 Grammys

and showed off the golden neckline by putting her hair in a bun.

Our Mignon match has a few extra details, not to mention a fabulous

color. This kind of silhouette never goes out of style so if you're

looking for a sexy-sweet look, try this gorgeous gown!


The Best Promposals
Wednesday March 25, 2015 Post a comment
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The Best Promposals

One of the most exciting things about prom is the innovative ways

teens ask each other to be their date. Now known as a promposal,

teens put nearly as much thought into asking as they do into planning

the big night. Scouring Pinterest and Instagram, we gathered some of

our favorite adorable promposals. Some are romantic and some are

funny, but all of them are sweet. Make sure your crush sees this link

if he needs a few ideas!


Dress and Tell
Tuesday March 24, 2015 Post a comment
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Dress and Tell

Click the image above to upload your NewYorkDress photo!


Designer Spotlight: Lucci Lu
Tuesday March 24, 2015 Post a comment
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Designer Spotlight: Lucci Lu

There's nothing we love more than a plethora of springtime dresses!

Our newest designer, Lucci Lu, does a fabulous job with pastels. Her

prom dresses are perfect for the spring season. Fall in love with her

lace details and swishable dresses by checking out our new favorites.

They vary in silhouette and length so every girl can chose a colorful

coveted gown. Head to new arrivals to see what other fabulous new

things we have in stock!


Channel Cinderella
Monday March 23, 2015 1 Comment
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Channel Cinderella

The highly-anticipated film is here: Cinderella is now in

theatres! Watching the red carpet unfold has been a magical

experience. Throughout the premieres, star Lily James wore the

most whimsical designs. The Los Angeles premiere was especially

memorable. She wore an A-line dress by Elie Saab with fabulous

beading and lovely lace details. The fairy tale gown would make

any modern girl swoon. We matched it with a beautiful Terani dress

that exudes elegance and will put you in a princess state-of-mind.

Scroll down for more adorable photos of Lily James and (Prince)

Richard Madden hamming it up on the red carpet.


New York Editorial
Monday March 23, 2015 Post a comment
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New York Editorial

Ladygunn magazine took to the rooftops of New York! They featured

three Mac Duggal designs in a photo shoot about looking fabulous

after a long night out. Need a back-story? These stylish socialites spent

the day lying around after attending the social event of the season.

They think nothing of falling asleep in the most lavish gowns they

find. From modern pleats to intricate beading, each style is different

and worthy of a night on the town.


Gorgeous Green
Friday March 20, 2015 Post a comment
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Gorgeous 'Green'

Last year, Eva Green attended the premiere for Sin City: A Dame to

Kill For
. She wore a glamorous green dress designed by Elie Saab from

the 2013 Fall collection. The glittery evening gown creates an elegant

silhouette and the gorgeous green hue pops against her fair skin tone.

We matched this red carpet look with a luxurious gown from Tadashi

. The high neckline and sparkle detail creates a similar style that

is equally chic. You can tone down the sparkle with our version and

still enjoy a dramatic train.


Quote of the Week: Frank Sinatra
Friday March 20, 2015 Post a comment
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Click through to find this gorgeous dress and look for a new quote next week!


Luminous Beauty
Friday March 20, 2015 Post a comment
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Luminous Beauty

Right now, our favorite beauty trend is luminous skin paired with

a hint of rosy blush. The natural, springtime look goes well with

a messy up-do and beautiful pastel gowns. We're pining for these

pretty prom dresses from Clarisse. Sparkle details and floaty

silhouettes create a princess-effect that is totally on-trend.

Just add luminizer to your makeup routine. It creates a beautiful

glow that will last all day long.


Museum Inspiration
Thursday March 19, 2015 Post a comment
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Museum Inspiration

Last week, we were invited to explore a jewelry line inspired

by the Museum of Natural History. As one of the finest museums

in New York City, we were excited to go behind-the-scenes and

glimpse unique natural elements that inspired a variety of artists.

First, we made our way uptown through the last snow storm of the

season. It was a beautiful winter wonderland as we admired Central

Park across the way. We felt honored to see different facets of the

museum and made sure to capture many shots on Instagram.

Planning a trip to NYC? Be sure to stop by this museum.

You won't be disappointed!

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