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    Archive: December 2010

    Prom 2011 Trend Alert: Finely Feathered Frocks
    Tuesday December 28, 2010 No comments yet

    Want your style to take flight for prom 2011? Then, consider one hip trend to take your look to the next level: feathered details. Feathers have been all the rage on the runways for the past few years, and they’re making their way to the prom scene. Many of your favorite designers, Jovani, Dave & Johnny, Blush, Party Time, Panopoly, and others, embraced this embellishment in their prom collections and took it to fabulous, feathery ends.

    Feather accents get an A+ for eye-catching excitement. Wispy tendrils flutter out from each feather and give the look precious and delicate volume. Softness is appealing too, and there’s nothing quite like running your hands over a skirt or bodice of fine tiers of soft, downy feathers. We’d wear them every day if we could get away with it.

    Peacock feathers give your dress some unexpected detail and fun color pop. This Tony Bowls dress pairs them with a waistband of colorful gemstones. It’s a unique look that really dazzles. Similarly, this Blush mini uses rhinestones and an aqua satin sash to enhance the natural beauty of the peacock feather accents.

    The best part of this trend is that you can really make it work for you. If you want to go for full-on feathers you can find short cocktail dresses and full gowns, equally enchanting and exquisite. But if subdued accents are more your style, you can find something a little more subtle and equally dramatic and unique.

    Don’t just be a part of the flock at prom 2011, stand out in a finely feathered frock that’s just your style. Watch Suriah talk a little bit more about this trend, and browse the list of some of our favorite feathered picks:

    Luscious Feathered Ball Gown by Terani

    Midnight Peacock Column Gown by Panopoly

    Satin Cocktail Dress with Feathered Neckline by Dave & Johnny

    Faux-Feather Cocktail Mini by Interlude

    Oscar Moment Feathered Halter Gown by Party Time


    National Online Prom Dress Registry
    Sunday December 19, 2010 No comments yet
    Prom 2011 is going to be huge. It’s the high school formal event of the year, and the one time you have license to go all-out gorgeous for just one night: the shoes you love, the dress that was made for you, and the hair and makeup you wish you could sport every day. We know how much you love it and how much having the perfect, unique look means to you. We created a National Online Prom Registry, so you can lay claim to your style long before the big night. 

    How it works

    Not keeping your dress a secret has its advantages. The biggest one is avoiding having matching dresses with someone in your school. What you can do to avoid that faux pas is register the dress by designer, style number, and color. Find your school in our database, and be the first one officially declare, “I’m wearing this to our prom!” Unfortunately, the registry doesn’t guarantee that someone else won’t have the same dress, but being the first one to claim a style does increase your bragging rights. And on a practical level, if someone else is totally in love with the dress you’re wearing, they know to at least get it in a different color. Nobody needs a prom twin.  

    See what everybody is wearing

    The registry is for fun, too! It’s a national database of prom dresses, which means that you can see what girls all over the country are wearing this year. Are certain dresses and colors more popular in your area? What other girls share a similar style to you? At how many proms did your dress shine? It’s a high-tech fashion resource that you can use to stay on the leading edge of prom 2011 trends.

    Plan to make it magical

    We hope your prom is fabulous. From hi-lo skirts to poppy colors, this year’s dresses are truly amazing. Spring will be here before you know it, so the time to start planning your prom look is now. Register your dress early—even if you bought it at another store or website. That’ll give you more time to work out the details for your hair, makeup, and accessories. Got questions? We’re always here to help. Send us an email, start a chat, or give us a call, +1 (212) 594-3600.


    Dress & Tell Gallery
    Thursday December 16, 2010 1 Comment
    Our Dress & Tell contest has been going strong for the past two months. In that time, we have had some super stylish entries from all across the globe.  And since we love seeing our customers look their most fabulous, we felt obliged to show off their gorgeous photos. The image below is a collage of several of the last three month’s entrants dressed to the nines in dresses.

    Have you entered Dress & Tell yet? If you’ve ordered a dress from in the past six months and still have your order number, then you’re eligible. All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself in your dress, and send it to us using the entry form. Every month we randomly select a winner, and she receives a $200 store credit toward her next purchase. Don’t keep your style all to yourself, enter today and share it with the world!


    Prom 2011 Trend Alert: Back Beading & Strappy Designs
    Monday December 13, 2010 No comments yet
    Look out world, here you come.  Steal the scene at this year’s grand march, coming and going, in a dazzling gown that’s heavy on back embellishments. Intricate back beading, luscious loops, and strappy back designs are a major trend for prom 2011 and a surefire way to stand out in the crowd.

    A strappy back brings a bit of flavor and excitement to a more traditional sheath or column gown. Depending on your style, you may choose to go for a classic look in front, like a subtle v-neckline with beaded trim, and save the jaw-dropping details for your back. Mac Duggal 2578 and Mori Lee 8802 are some of our favorite styles for a simply elegant front and dazzling back.

    Get a little loopy! Beaded looping patterns show off a lot of shine with shimmery crystals and rhinestones. The weaved loops look exquisite, sliding down the back body and showing off delicate bare skin on either side of the straps and in the open center of each loop. Both Mac Duggal 4757H and Tiffany 36664 have playful loops that accent the front bodice and come to a full dazzle on the back.

    Feel exotic in a crystal drape, with or without applique. Another front-to-back stunner in this strappy back trend uses a crystal or applique draping down the front and back bodice to create a refined and exotic look.  You can see this glamorous look artfully tailored and beautifully designed in Mori Lee 8816 and Mac Duggal 78405.

    As you may have guessed, Mac Duggal and Mori Lee are leading with this particular trend this season, and you can find several gowns in their collections with a variety of strappy, sparkling back embellishments. Other designers, like Jovani and Tiffany, are hip to this trend, too. So if you’re thinking this is the magical look for your prom, you can find the perfect dress in just about any color and style of embellishments. Give us a call or start a live chat, we’d love to help you hunt down the style you want and answer any of your questions. 


    Glamour Survival Guide for Holiday Parties
    Sunday December 05, 2010 No comments yet
    ‘Tis the season. Date cards are filling up fast, and it seems like every night there’s another holiday party to attend. So you tease, curl, buff, gloss, and shimmy into one glamorous look after another. But it can be hard to keep up. Does my nail polish match my dress? Do these shoes really go with this dress? Are those the right earrings? Well, ladies, wonder no more. We’ve put together a short fashion survival guide that’ll keep you bouncing from party to party with little fuss and lots of glamour.

    The dress

    This is the time of year when your little black dresses should be hanging front and center in your closet. They’re versatile and always classy, so you can get a lot of style miles out of them. The best part about the LBD is that it’s something you can usually wear to work with a blazer or sweater. With a few key accessories in your tote, you can make a very glamorous transition from the workday to the glamorous night. 

    Don’t think you have to swear off those colorful party frocks, though. Put one or two in the same color family into the rotation. Pick a nail polish that will match all the dresses you plan to wear, and keep an eye out for any major clashes. This way you won’t be frantically scrubbing off your favorite orange nail polish fifteen minutes before party time, so you can wear your favorite purple dress.  

    The shoes

    Black is queen for versatile footwear, too, but it is the holiday season—which means sparkle and shine. And it’s also the fall/winter season, which just wouldn’t be lush and gorgeous without suede. This is a little bit of a dilemma, and the solution is having two very different kinds of party shoes that match all the dresses you plan to wear. Keep a black suede pump and a strappy heel with some kind of embellishment—rhinestones, glitter, pearls, etc.—on deck at all times. Mix them up appropriately for the mood and style of the party.

    The makeup

    Have fun with it. The holidays are the perfect excuse to try out that glittery, shiny look you’ve been lusting after in the fashion spreads. No other time of year is as celebratory and decadent, so definitely take advantage. Less, of course, is always more, so just work your shadows and highlights until you find the right bold-but-not-gaudy balance. 

    Also, pack the right tools for a few quick touchups. The key to looking great all night is taking a few makeup breaks to freshen those lips, cheeks, and lids.

    The accessories

    Set aside some jewelry in your collection for the holiday season. Take it out beforehand and see how it works with each dress your plan to wear. The goal is to find a set or a near complete set of earrings, a necklace, and a ring or bracelet that you can keep ready for a quick glamorous look. Keep the set simple and change out one accent piece. This makes each look unique, and you’ll get to show off those especially cool pieces without detracting from your outfit and at a time of year when people are full of oohs and aahs.

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