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    Archive: June 2010

    Maxi Dresses – A Breezy-Chic Look for Summer
    Sunday June 27, 2010 1 Comment
    Ahh, summer, a time when hemlines usually shoot up, but summer’s also a good time to relax, and there’s no better dress to relax in than a maxi dress.  These billowy, light, and breezy gowns look great on all body types, and they’re comfy when it’s hot and humid. Maxi dresses are a favorite among celebrities, probably because they’re easy to wear and look effortlessly glamorous with all that fabric flow.  

    Super-petite stars like Nicole Ritchie and amazons like Angelina Jolie sport these dresses and look equally amazing.  And even if you’re not perfectly built, like most of us, the maxi is a good option because you can hide some of your flaws.  Unlike the form-fitting sheath or tube dresses where everything is visible, a maxi glides over your body and helps you keep up the mystery, and that can be very sexy.

    Maxi dresses are ankle-length and longer.  They’re fitted at the bust and quickly cascade out and down.  Some drape down the body in layers, and others simply slide down in one layer.  It’s common for these gowns to be a little extra-long, dragging on the floor, so you want to be careful while you’re walking!  

    Popular necklines for maxi dresses are strapless and spaghetti halter, but they come in many different styles.  Fabric choices are also equally versatile:  chiffon, jersey, charmeuse, cotton, etc.  Where you want to wear your maxi gown helps decide which fabric is best.  Jersey and cotton maxis are great daywear options.  Chiffon looks great during the day and evening, and you’ll probably want to save the charmeuse for night-time outings—all that shimmer and shine is made for the big lights!  

    Bold colors and prints are typical of the maxi dress, and with floral prints trending this 2010 season, you’ll see a lot of maxis with all sizes, shapes, and types of flowers.  This Faviania maxi dress  is a haute pick for this summer!  The bold abstract print is vibrant in red and pink, and the splashes of yellow and brown are a perfect compliment.  The strapless neckline is draped and tucked at the center chest, and with two bra-back support straps, this dress gets extra chic and fun at the back panel, too.


    Strapless Dresses - Necklines for Every Mood & Style
    Sunday June 27, 2010 No comments yet
    Strapless necklines are a wonderful way to show off some of your best assets while looking absolutely poised and glamorous. They’re wonderfully versatile and fit in at formal occasions, cocktail parties, and outdoor events, too.  In the summer, going strapless gives you a little extra cool comfort, and in the colder seasons, it’s a great excuse to throw a fancy scarf or shawl over those shoulders to keep yourself looking fabulous and feeling warm.
    Strapless necklines aren’t one-size or one-style-fits-all, either.  They come in a variety of different cuts, with or without embellishments, and flatter all bust sizes.  

    Sweetheart strapless

    A sweetheart strapless neckline is one of the most romantic, delicate, and you got it, sweet looks out there.  The top of the neckline resembles the top of a heart and rests ever so delicately on your chest.  The sweetheart look can be bold or subtle.  A bold sweetheart neckline plunges to a steep “v” at the center chest and rounds dramatically over the bust. A more subtle sweetheart neckline has a gentler curve and doesn’t have the plunge in the center.  A dramatic sweetheart neckline creates a fuller chest curve and a more voluptuous look, while the subtle cut is a little more carefree and delicate.  Both are equally romantic.
    This strapless sweetheart dress by Scala  has a playful cut that’s in between bold and subtle.

    Simple Strapless

    A simple strapless neckline cuts across the chest in one straight line for a very modern and refined look.  The cut draws attention to the shoulders and neck and is a flattering choice for all bust sizes.  Some simple strapless necklines get a bit daring and take a steep plunge down the sides, showing off some extra skin at each side of the upper chest near the shoulders.
    This simple strapless dress by Nicole Miller achieves minimalist chic and poise with its straight neckline.

    Ruffled strapless

    Every woman ought to have ruffled strapless neckline in her wardrobe just to spice things up a bit.  This kind of couture design flair is a very stylish and memorable way to show off your curves and look irresistible.  Layered ruffles are a good way to add volume, so yes ladies, this cut can definitely help you enhance your bust without a lot of fuss or, ahem, spare parts.  And because there’s also some breathing room between those layers, a ruffled strapless neckline is flattering and comfortable for full busts, too.  
    Look to this amazing ruffled strapless gown by Sherri Hill  to indulge in a ruffled strapless neckline!

    Embellished strapless

    Fashion designers LOVE to break all the rules, and embellished strapless necklines are the perfect feature to show off that rebellious edge.  With a little bit of beading, a pinch of asymmetry, and a splash of draping, an ordinary strapless neckline suddenly becomes extraordinary.  The embellished strapless neckline in this Nicole Bakti dress has eye-catching beaded banding and a plunging center cutout for a look that’s jaw dropping sexy. And you can count on restless and inspired designers to create countless combinations and fresh styles every season!

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