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    Archive: July 2010

    Designer Spotlight: Blush by Alexia
    Thursday July 29, 2010 No comments yet
    One of the most recent additions to New York Dress is the young and fresh collection by Blush.  These amazing dresses are equal parts flirty and sweet and are making quite a splash with our domestic and international customers.  Each dress is moody, stylish, unique, and, maybe best of all, affordable.

    Blush is brought to you from the dress legacy of Alexia Designs, and like their other stunning labels, Blush fully upholds the in-house style theme, “Go ALEXIA!”  A = Attractive L = Luxurious E = Elegant X = eXtraordinary I = Irresistible A = Affordable.  Blush launched during the prom 2010 season, refreshing the scene with bouncy party frocks and luxurious gowns that offer red carpet glamour without breaking the bank.

    One of the most fantastic elements of the Blush line is playfulness.  Without compromising drama or elegance, these amazing dresses manage to bring stylish fun to any room with bouncy hemlines, gleaming sequins, and darling silhouettes.  It’s an unapologetically feminine collection with that free-flowing wispy grace of youth that is inspiring and uplifting.  Sexy and yet refined, too, one can feel confident that her look is in good taste at fancy parties and once-in-a-lifetime events like prom, all the while getting those across-the-room glances she deserves.

    The Blush line sneaked right in and captured our attention, and it’s been total infatuation ever since.  We’re expecting these dresses to be a new favorite for Homecoming 2010 and several of the newest creations are available now on a pre-order status.  Browse the collection early, so you can start matching your must-have accessories.  After all, what’s homecoming without a little something to Blush about?


    Easy Updos Anyone Can Do
    Sunday July 25, 2010 No comments yet
    Ahh, hair envy, you know what it's like.  You're flipping through your favorite magazine, watching TV, or browsing your favorite fashion websites, and all you see are glamorous hairstyles you couldn't manage without a trip to the salon.  But not anymore.  

    Watch this amazing video and learn three new gorgeous updos that are a perfect match for your going-out dress collection.  All you'll need are some bobby pins, rubber bands, and a little bit of hairspray, really!


    Ready, Set, Drape!
    Wednesday July 21, 2010 No comments yet
    Without draping, fashion, especially designer dress fashion, would be all too boring.  Can you imagine a straight-seams-only world without a pinch, a tuck, or a fold anywhere in sight?  Let’s thank our lucky stars that isn’t the fashion reality and, instead, celebrate draping in all its glory.

    First up, this amazing gown by Jovani has sheer, black chiffon draped over luscious grey satin.  The flyaway overlay attaches to the necklace neckline and splits down the middle to show off the gorgeous fabric underneath.  A look like this is super dramatic.  Everywhere you go, your dress flutters about introducing your presence—thanks to those draped panels.  It’s also very feminine without being hip-hugging tight, so it’s comfortable, too.  

    Draping is just as exciting up front as it is at the back of a dress.  This Tony Bowls evening gown has an exotic cowl drape at the back panel.  Cowl draping is common at the neckline, as in a cowl-neck sweater, but it really adds something chic because it’s a pleasant surprise and twist on the standard open back panel of many exotic evening gowns.  It hangs with a loose flutter, and the graceful folds scoop down to expose the delicate palate of your back.

    Side drapes and sashes bring visual allure and add a little bit of volume to the hip curve.  Back drapes give you that floating, fairy grace as they billow out behind.  And front draping down the midline is elongating, so it can be really flattering if you want to look taller or more slender—and who doesn’t, right?

    Finally, asymmetrical draping is what you want to explore when you want a truly unforgettable look.  Several draped panels artfully arranged and delicately tailored give a dress real standout style.  Like a beautiful painting or sculpture, the dress carries a sense of composition, each twist and fold amplifying and perfecting the look.  If you’re in need of a fashion refresh or you just want to explore new terrain, upgrade with an asymmetrically draped evening gown or cocktail dress.  Unique flair and couture glamour will put the wind right back into your sails!


    Club Dresses – Find Your Evening Style
    Thursday July 15, 2010 No comments yet
    Your club dresses should probably be the most fun articles of clothing you own.  What else lets you show off so much of your personal style and keeps you looking so sexy?  The perfect club dress should look fresh all night, be dance-floor ready, and flatter your figure.  And you’ll always want to be in good taste which means matching the style of dress to the atmosphere of the evening.

    Uptown chic

    If you’re favorite nightclubs veer more on the jazz and martini side of nightlife, a saucy little black dress is probably the right choice.   Black is instantly sophisticated and fits right into the energy and mood of late-night music sets, sultry dancing, and making eyes across the room.

    Downtown flavor

    If your typical evening out involves dancing until dawn amidst the steady beat of electro-dance music, then your club dress better accommodate.  Bright colors, short hemlines, and sequins keep heads turning in your direction, so you’ve got an audience for your always-on-beat groove.  Leave a little room to breathe in your dress and keep it going all night!

    Exotic interludes

    Your nightlife includes anything and everything out of the ordinary—art-house films, late-night tasting menus, and spontaneous acts of karaoke.  So you’ve got to step it up and find a unique look that can transition you through a night with so many unexpected possibilities.  Go for something new and enchanting, artful and fully embellished, and don’t be afraid to explore the wild side of color blending and prints. 

    All roads lead to rock

    A little bit of rock n’ roll has double the payback in loud, hip-swinging fun, and your rock-club dress needs to have the same kind of flirty edge.  Go all out for sparkle, studs, and embellishments, and look for those bold combinations—think baby-pink tulle and studs—that make for fabulous fashion contradictions. 


    Quick Club Makeup Tutorial
    Tuesday July 13, 2010 No comments yet
    Wanna look good when you hit the dance floor this weekend?  Get inspired with this short club makeup tutorial and learn the dos and don'ts of glitter, shadow, and highlights! 

    What do you think of her look?

    Mini Skirts! Every Leg Line Deserves Options
    Tuesday July 06, 2010 No comments yet
    While it’s true that you can sport a mini dress in every season, no other is better suited for the bold hemline than summer.  When it’s hot, a mini keeps you cool and lets you show off that fabulous tan you’ve been working on.  And since the mini hemline has come a long way since its 1960s introduction, it’s good to know you’ve got options, too.

    Pencil Mini

    A pencil mini isn’t just for girl’s with Twiggy’s dimensions.  This style looks great on curvy figures as well.  The secret to wearing a pencil mini the right way is all about confidence.  It’s definitely a tight, exposing fit, and that can be intimidating.  But the truth is, we’re tend to obsess about flaws that don’t really exist.  Or if they do, we overdramatize them.  So remember that NO ONE is looking at that imaginary bump on your upper thigh.  What they are looking at is your feminine silhouette, and it’s looking pretty amazing in your pencil mini.

    Party Mini

    Party minis, as a rule, are fun and flirty.  The party miniskirt is a classic a-line shape that ends right at the mid-thigh or higher.  Tulle fabric is a natural choice for this type of style because it’s bouncy and lively—just like any good party.  Colorful layers of tulle accented with sequins, glitter, or crystals amp up the festive factor.  And anyone can wear this figure-flattering skirt because it’s relaxed and elongates the leg line.

    Fringe Mini

    A layer or two of fringe is a perfect way to bring a little excitement to any article of clothing—just ask any country music star or rock ‘n roller.  Fringe can also be really sexy, especially when it dangles down below a short hemline.  It’s fun to twirl and shake, so of course, any fringe mini is perfect for parties with a dance floor and nightclubs.  Shake, shake, and shimmy ‘til dawn!

    Ruffled Mini 

    Ruffled minis make it easy to look and feel weightless.  The fabric flutters and floats with every step, adding a subtle sense of suspension.  It’s a poppy look that can be both flirty and innocent or sexy and edgy, depending on how you want to wear it.  Two and three tiers for a ruffled miniskirt is the norm, but designers often indulge their artistic abilities to create fabulous fashion contradictions—ample layers in petite form.  Breezy, breezy beautiful!  

    Bubble Mini 

    Quite possibly the most adorable hemline around, the bubble mini creates a cute look with youthful bounce.  Bubble miniskirts are tucked and sewn under, so the hem is round and, often, voluminous.  They tend to add a little bit of volume around the hip and upper thigh area, so a shorter hemline is actually more flattering if you have larger thighs.  You’ll show off more of your legs, making them appear longer.


    Got Shimmer? Slip into Something Sequined!
    Tuesday July 06, 2010 No comments yet

    If you’re a little bored with the status quo, there’s no better way to heat up your wardrobe than with a bit of sequin shimmer. Sequins have been fashion’s go-to embellishment for added sparkle for hundreds of years, and when a trend has been rocking it steady for that long, it becomes less of a trend and more of a staple. All this boils down to the simple fact that all women have a bona fide need to get some sequin sizzle into their lives. So this season, give yourself permission to sparkle.

    For first time sequin wearers, try a dress with just a little bit of flair: banding at the waist, trim at the bust, or a floral pattern. This gown by Lara is a great pick because the bands of sequins at the bodice and waist are subtle and decorative. They complement the colors in the dress and give the look a simple splash of glamour that isn’t overdone.

    From there, power up your sequin sparkle by choosing a dress with a fully sequined bodice or skirt. This kind of style packs a lot more sparkle and calls attention to your curves with radiant highlights.

    Colorful patterns are another haute look worth exploring, too. Stripes, delicate flowers, and even camouflage patterns get super dramatic with multi-color shine and artful embroidery. A colorful sequin mini is a perfect club-ready look that’s designed to make the most of those dance-floor lights.

    Finally, climb to the apex of sequin embellishment with a fully sequined sheath! This look is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a must-have for any glamour lover. Every inch of your gorgeous figure is snugly covered in sequins, and with each hip sway, you cast warm highlights across the room. Dancing gets more vivid and vibrant, and even if you’re keeping it cool on the perimeter, your subtlety is backed by a powerhouse of glamorous shine. Try it for yourself in a chic evening sheath from Tony Bowls Le Gala. And psssst, a short sequin sheath can be just as glamorous, too!

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