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    Archive: August 2010

    Homecoming Dresses for 2010: The Video Collection
    Tuesday August 31, 2010 No comments yet
    We love homecoming!  So much glamor and fun packed into one fabulous evening.  We're expecting this year's celebrations to be super stylish, and with so many dresses to choose from, the hardest part about looking great will be having too many choices.  

    Watch our new Homecoming 2010 video to see some of the highlights of this year's dress collection and get ready for the fashion event of the season.


    10 Necklines Just for Fashion
    Thursday August 26, 2010 No comments yet

    Earlier in the week, we shared an informative video about choosing the right neckline for your body type.  But we know that you have other things on your mind when you’re looking for the perfect dress.  At the top of that list is the fashion factor.  You want a dress that looks amazing and gives you a healthy dose of style, too.  Because without style, what’s the point?  

    While keeping the focus on necklines, we’ve browsed through our extensive dress collection and picked out 10 dresses with unforgettably fashionable necklines.  We hope they inspire you!


    Choosing a Flattering Neckline
    Tuesday August 24, 2010 No comments yet
    The neckline is often the most enticing part of dress.  With a little bit of detail, you can draw attention to your curves and show off your body in style.  But knowing what kind of detail is going to flatter your particular frame and curves isn't always obvious.  And sometimes what we like isn't what looks good on us, either.  This short  video tells you what necklines are best suited for your body type and which ones you should probably avoid, so you can keep looking fabulous. 


    Well, what's the verdict?  Do the dresses in your closet measure up?  We discovered several dresses we owned just weren't flattering, but we also found that we'd been neglecting several styles that will actually look great on us.  Hmmm, what a perfect excuse to go shopping!

    ISO the Hourglass Silhouette
    Thursday August 19, 2010 No comments yet

    With 1950s fashions at the top of the trend list this fall, it only makes sense to stop for a minute and celebrate one super look, the hourglass silhouette, that really hit its stride during the decade.  Women that have hourglass shapes—Marilyn, Scarlett, Selma, America—tend to make jaw-dropping appearances, captivating everyone with their natural dimensions. 

    Research indicates that this body type is actually the least common, and maybe that’s why it’s so coveted.  Only about 8% of women actually have a true hourglass silhouette, their bust and hips being roughly the same diameter with a waist curve at least nine inches smaller.  However, luckily for the majority of women, clever designers have devised myriad ways to tease out an hourglass silhouette.

    Now, there’s no question that you can’t magically change your body’s natural shape, but with a little shopping savvy you can get the curves you’re after.  One of our favorite ways of supplementing hourglass curves is picking an evening gown with a dramatic mermaid silhouette A fit-and-flare style gracefully fills in any gaps you might have in your curves, and the more dramatic the flare of the skirt, the curvier you’ll appear.

    Since an hourglass shape emerges when bust and hips are roughly the same size, your goal is to balance your bust and hips by either enhancing or minimizing what's unbalanced.  There’s several things you can do to make this work for your shape.  If you have too much on top, look for a dress that plays down the bust and avoid plunging and low-cut necklines that draw attention to your chest.  If you’re rounder on the bottom, achieve balance with a dress that plays up your waist curve and gives way into a flowing skirt.  Of course, you can always try undergarments that shape, smooth, boost, and curve, and in this day and age, there are hundreds of products that get the job done in a simple, behind-the-seams way.

    Year after year, the hourglass ceases to fall out of fashion.  And although those women with these natural curves tend to make us a lil’ green with envy, we can’t help but appreciate the beauty of this silhouette, too.  Long live the hourglass!


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    Fall Fashion Trend: 1950s Glamour
    Tuesday August 17, 2010 No comments yet
    This year’s fall fashion trends are paying homage to one of the most glamorous decades in fashion, the 1950s.  Rewind to a time when French haute couture was experiencing a stateside revival and Hollywood glamour captivated everyone’s attention.

    Fall 2010 brings back swingy full skirts, tiny sweaters, and flashy tortoise-shell glasses that will have you be-bopping through your day and stunning hourglass cocktail dresses to keep you looking chic in the evening.  Study up for your fall look by watching this fun video that showcases some of the hottest looks of the day set to a jazzy overture that’ll put that sassy 50s swing in your step. 


    Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid's Gowns
    Thursday August 12, 2010 No comments yet

    With wedding planning comes an awful lot of pressure:  How to decorate?  Who to invite?  What food to serve?  Which venue to book?  Pretty soon, what’s supposed to be the best day of your life, ends up feeling like the biggest burden.  We’re here to offer help, at least on the dress end, by giving some advice on how to choose the perfect bridesmaid’s gowns.

    The first thing you should consider is the looking-good factor.  No matter how many bridesmaids you have, you want each one of them to look great.  And this can be really tricky when sister Jen is long and lean and cousin Mindy is petite and curvy.  There are a few fits, however, that have universal appeal and flatter most, if not all, figures.  Soft a-line dresses, especially those that rest on the natural waist, look great on all body types and are a wonderful option if you want uniformity in your bridal party.  Everyone can look beautiful wearing the same frock!  Just remember to pay attention to other embellishments, too, and avoid plunging necklines or halter dresses because they may not be flattering for everyone.

    If you’re okay with a little bit of diversity among your attendants, another great option is to pick a color and let your bridesmaid’s choose the style they like the best.  To ensure a perfect color match, have your friends choose a gown by the same designer like Pretty Maids or Liz Fields.

    Another fun trend in wedding parties is to choose a color palate—two or three colors—and have your bridesmaids dress in different shades and styles.  This creates a real modern and lively mood for a wedding and can be a lot of fun to mix and match with bowties and cummerbunds.  It also gives your bridesmaids some freedom to find a shade that compliments their skin tone.  If you decide to do something like this, it’s a really smart idea to pick a blend of warm and cool colors and let your girls find the right match.  You can also coordinate makeup and mani-pedis with this same color palate in mind.  What a great excuse to spend the day before prepping at the spa!


    Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses
    Tuesday August 10, 2010 No comments yet
    Everyone wants a bridesmaid dress that makes them look great, so they can wear it again and again.  But picking out gowns that look good on all of your best friends isn't easy because they come in so many different shapes and sizes, too.  

    Find your inspiration in this video which showcases some of the most stylish bridesmaid dresses of the season and explains what styles flatter which figures.  You can find many similar dresses in our bridesmaid collection in just about any color you can imagine.  Browse  and shop our store directly, discover a style or styles you like, and surprise your bridesmaids with dress choices they'll love to add to their wardrobes.


    Homecoming 2010 Trends
    Thursday August 05, 2010 No comments yet
    Homecoming 2010 is just around the corner, and a new stock of homecoming dresses from our designers is already available or on pre-order status.  Brand new styles, a fresh color palate, and bold silhouettes have us buzzing with excitement.  Follow this year’s homecoming trends for an unforgettably fashionable event!

    The IT Fit

    While both the short and long dresses are looking amazing, the trend is definitely leaning toward shorter styles.  Compact, structured silhouettes are taking center stage, and dramatic ruche patterns provide just the right finishing touch for texture.  The bandage look remains chic, so expect a lot of strappy, wrapped-up short sheaths.  Super feminine a-line minis and ruffled party skirts float and flutter into view, and the long dresses are draped and flowing.

    Color Palate

    Subdued color with muted and metallic washes offer a distinctly fall mood this year.  Vibrant golden-yellow hues rush the scene and have us taking a deep, refreshing breath.  Gold and copper are a big hit and dominate in shiny sequins, foiled fabrics, and beading.  Floral prints get a gorgeous autumnal update, with rose patterns still lingering on from this spring.


    A lot of black, short dresses, and powerful curves give this year’s Homecoming a sophisticated cocktail-party feel.  And while other Fall 2010 trends are leaning on the subdued side, Homecoming dresses emerge decidedly edgy, allowing you to break up any wardrobe monotony you may be suffering from.    

    Finishing Touches

    This year’s dresses create a crowd-stopping hush on their own and cast accessories in an essential and playful supporting role.  Powerful heels, chic clutches, and minimal yet opulent jewelry complement this season’s hottest styles.  Say goodbye to summer’s breezy and messy hair styles and opt for a tight updo with pin curls or a voluminous pompadour instead.  And, just like in years past, confidence is by far the most attractive accessory.  Own it, ladies!  


    Behind the Scenes at Fame & Moda
    Tuesday August 03, 2010 No comments yet
    This week, we've been busy buzzing around at the Fame & Moda show here in Manhattan.  We visit these shows to stay on top of the hottest emerging labels, and we're always looking for new designers and dresses to add to our collection.  Keeping up with our customers' fashion needs and wants is a full time job that takes quite a bit of research and buying savvy.  But we get to see and meet some pretty cool people, who love fashion, and have a bit of fun, too.

    Quite possibly the best one-word intro.

    We want about 100 of these in every color.

    Shop, shop, shop till you drop.

    Greeted by some gorgeous smiling faces is always a perk.

    To see more of our latest fashion adventure, check out the full album here.
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